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March 08, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-08

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W H ATN W I t(li I i IS O E Wekol h orilm1 ndvcti i i io l'tli li ii i t, n ilv inn 1 i to re-
p ac(,Ily tiN 1 ll a<fOTyI
C u-tti 'ng, Rey r.
G, J. BUSS, fltgr. 109111 EAST WASHINGTON ST.
LOVELL'S Cr. Main and Huron Ss. Phone 389, 3 rings. DIRECTOR
CORNER STORE. Oice 09 S 4th Ave. 'Phone 98. Resi
~n from 8 a. m. to 8. p. m. AMUSEMENTS CALENDAR deuce 302 S. 5th ave. 'Phone 314. Am-
Tea, Coffee, Chocolates, 10c ___ ___ uace on call.
~ I1~1 p 'Iii' T i U rIOhI iii'rd Stnlo .,'o I 'li uSiiday, 3tii'i'tiS rof. 1Pia tt 011l1 O c a
Burer, ititiii'vXVics, ti 1 i' 31,Ip.l lfili t . P1of. I I t at iitriian Spring 11an tu ertuImpoted and
BIttnd', hns, a il llil 1. 'A ithu S oli'hultii'i'l awnliii tilil Ii . Donetic Wooltn. 'The largest
Ihi cot ,iiliiid t,'l ii' 'oial isi - St .01013 laii')i -lin. NO m I. tck of piece go 'a in the city
GaS -'O'taves 0 .in i Jt0ion, . <00.l oe i lrv iii' N alofw' W ol" it'N t ilut to iiteulit'i'and1(1to it. Sack
Mtbtias ('iitt''a urPor ii"ioi tablesi'fa' i-. moty. iS-uii hirs, till .i'ii sl d uxPrnedos(sl
Iltn id I 6, vIipncI aannal Y 1aii,,: p t. Brt ul 00ntessiOa. it Tx eds atil
Mantle, Chi neys, urn- i i n I al a' t il' 111113 "aiieni - i M t jn'can'i \ il :lr iiiii for t ', li I li rs t faLORING-1.0PaRLORSp
tos,IStda gE&Lhrt . ad hol paperso" i li l t n ."Iri Oser First Natioal Hank.lAnnoomti,
To ar l sfE id Pat Y piie ofth'ite oxbillejw f' vilipi.'i l i'upFrshatlegretti1:5Clan alat a at ateial1uarntedla
gea w n t foysteruneis 3I l::i" a 11:arc h ;it-i't cot.00 1 1 li' lii's P arZna S tat
the i li ou'ac e ne i'iianie'l't oii. Iyi'thsmi'oa 'dpolieitl. rai n tiresatl li thaN eb
104 bacHOMEa SUPPALY SR E tir11ly oloo'i'p'iii"I: Init ltli'1rriii/ ttIt tt 0RII 'lU R W T A IRa IG PR LOC RaSha
PRCr.NOWte & LbrS ts~i. aOhty uevc ic.'le t he1. isTi s I li __________ I0H id . ii
____________________________i__________ lier iiilanATErerP A lls lcue mu Il wihi hy' Frs lertiCloaae tGa-
}cp nan gtOytrstoay tyean t n,een I torI'p.iili:'i', t"tiek ru'i' l ug oiii''s viracyi. S.V\ii' tt' 51
L nrche & Dinl ingdRoom 'fiiiiises011e3'li 'IIii' ihiiiityi'iiii ii i'''y ~DIRECTO IR,. an
X94 St E. 'oHi rotStt . M ak I ' :nt n vl9nti vn eatea. E e 1 )5) eare .ne ~S e ai t ,I CaI tal Poo 'h , Jo Vo, Shana F00
On lckfotthi tes. W l 1iid rfi d d iil ite 'ua iii'a iii ','iiii, ItiCS J W L i , S i-it. WastvAniiod iii r'ih' Ct'iVaughi a wn
PROCHO N OW SAMSN Propr ietors . I. vaIreiii iiiodtnilknownio.and11ediioxevadepoFit hayvMiidavs ig
S'T.,ATEiSWlilCElT Fo. rat P iilr hiip ian ap r ieiitian
111111111113' III liiie'h' ilaruttit i ate ' Cliarlvnmt \.at'ti'a hhme oe ou W.e
I to r111 a11.1d.'tngl lllie . 11.1ll l'l Ii ,'- . In h Ils Iar nitn Vit'bt r e; a lt,..Can k
ucy u eilS a,'5.Oe l iis titec "ll in allbill '. ion. A.deuntil 11:15 p esorc. m. The o urlyunti
n h indghtr.Lain a - --- et n +f ~ne od l dfOharzdudateGnrlBnigLw
WIXSON_&SAMSON,_ro_________ oflts1Stt.Fo siat on.at1:5 .
byP c-t t 111ii'ittlivii'y it.. $~j1.00 moDALY 1d er.0 nRei.vsld 12 t amuFora cksonlls hourlyg
Phoy nec81h2. Y 215 5l. Mai St . o t- The s Calti7-4 at:'ttitt Is'nth f rom 005 a. i. fteUn ll 7:1 tap. s. Te
1>_1_._A._A.______Waiting _________Dats111 p. m pn 1:proe metiiato
1 aeatt~I h'ot'v-t 1)'Iia'i' lY lt. The U. of sM. Daaly wtsil e -ft a iting rtoom r on St.. W.Fr o, Mas in,
peCia ate M'YEvScidduo afly-tlii:ttanittaIo1i-1'sliered ofal n stfsc ear ANAROsAIR A
afo a][or turerSovltu a t sl-, efarte for $100.c eavle rder of fice ., , & . R . S LZdrdI~M
xM od r Jo nen igut e1otemt 310 pt oalprp S . Main5 St.consret. P Traenor eri arn fnnArour layCeralStanda
tsr dy pt iuihorieei l110itt tity bltd atives,-t Din-18 E nt l teelp.iv.en ou1l. 1 n01.
h0~cIIt iir it iri t he ir- o a te .novds, Jewlry ai- fyiprso a dI245aO inUTH acsn or
-hoedy ?r I anSt bt logi . sSatc) Terms reo$1.0 Asoa L . 00erhours:95tm"No. 0 .- a 1 1 p. :Nam. t. T10A.M
I'B1 aeafia eaewlltk lc A& 1:30t a1 T e . oin.. tDaiytill bto S ep. Wa.in.g4.- om 15 r n S tM.,W.-of4Man,
spci lady UnxpertsiI'tie oomf ate oveilsItt vCredlortiltnress ofV. scool ye Ran' N R OR R IR A
o e temin 3AL10 S.VEIY TOIE , Mael in Sloc. Phone 1. ra3 sleveAn A bi-tweentaltSarbo
Ovcrpod Browninga 80 TermgrStore.e.Offce our'9 giNoo'o 7:2 Att. n.t1-d900o'.M
___________Exprt________ofewel707t Nll Unidersity.v. AXICHOAN CNRoom
o e er Sun t Should I'FR SOR. en ing b11 loc kiigon e ci l151T raof inNosad6rubewnAn
ever Brown'"s -Du te . rzsgiAnnh a . 7 7 ,U ier 9A e
ierg.StuelisntiiSo linate reetti'stcl-i ii Otii'till ii l t h Nee ill theibgescal iiisaofdS getiouy rT igraBU FAL o.
Vfl ent aivee. ae o-s it 1101110 ma011glalspecianyy os',ttcEtS-ORTLINE
ensryfornthegomn tio nn \eatie ocllatnto-t h BOSTONqir t h ows igrs
ArtborDailArgust.eore rgusven- J gihirliDepatent, whfchwen aviato l soifyoj hveanJbokWitdh HICAOnncin nC ug r
ing T e-bstpaler inth rchit)tlt ttatedinetour tockw iltorul ed reinin, cl n ndeteou uls, Ban FF Lt O ian h
3ffie, 310 801111or teopi c tet. egaraInformationtandonhriaghoti-betdcapricasr
-T f 10 cY nt H eek Teae o- inlocs . S olof S Pushae. 34n5.STAEaSTwrie-t N EV W Y OA eaR A nArK
S. L. A. 13th Annual Oratorical
Course Contest
CorsTckt$ 1; Single 50c UniY6P i1U BdII, [ri~dv9 Nov. 13
MI LVARZD'.Sprn of '03Woln have arrived, contin

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