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March 04, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-04

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,+Y y i
No. 112
Xow Going on at Lively Pace-Quar-
ter Mle Event Arousing
Much Interest
With the annual 'Varsity indoor
Sleet only three days off,. the large
squads of track -team candidates pt
in an earnet days work yesterday.
The sprinters were busy all afternoon
~.cept during the rief periods that
the floor was occupied y classes, and
the buncrhes of long distance men all
took hard workouts. Besides these the
'elay teams stil in the race were
practicing the pikups, which will fig
nso tuch in the result of th. inal
A diversion as created for some
tme by .o Maddck, the star tackle,
0flast years football team, givinga
few wrestling lessons to a couple of
ambitious freshmen. Maddok has
won the ifteof amanteur heavyweight
wrestlinig ela inion of the sate and
preseunnilly stands ready to meet all
corers in a friindly bout.
There are sure to le soniclroe
finishes in the long distance events
next Sturday andi cositeratle inter-
est is being imanifested ith ie result
of tihe qutarer mtle. iernstein. Reb-
stock, Norros s atd Ralston are allI
possible winners andl there are a nunt-
her of others whIo imay prove just is
good or better thit those naned.
It hs noit been genelly kowt
thntt seversl weks a-gofthe Miwuk
Athletic(lt wrote toEKeeelit-
ptrick requtesting thle loan of a nui-
br of prominttentitMicigitntrak mn
for tie ibig imtaer meet next Satur-
day night. flowerer, as we have an
improtant meetotlire it AnntsArbor
the retitest was refused, as it is con-
tary to ct the ly of the athletic
Management to alltw our athletes to
conpee nioder other colors when there
is a chance for them to compete at
Jim Nufer, whose leg is still sore
from the injuries received during the
final hett in the hutrdles at Cincinnati
last Thursday amt who was expecting
to compete for fts First Regiment in
the Milwaukee meet Saturday night,
is undecided as to whether he will go
or not If his leg improves rapidly
dluring the next two days in all prob-
ability he will carry out hie original
intention amndsiter the meet.
There are stilti number of badges
of the preliminary and Fresh-Soph
anets uncalled for in the hands of
Trainer Fizattrick. These badges
are awarded to fts winners of first,
second and thirdl places and it is
dlesired tht they e called for at once
by those entit led to them
Representatives at Chicago Commons
Miss Iii . ftWeeid, who is now rep-
xeting the s tutets of te Univr-
sity at the Chicago Commons, is tie
eighth persoot to enjoy this privilege.
Every year sitce 1897 at least one
student tis slitnt from tre weeks
to seveii miints at tes Commons,
workinig upon problems of a sociologi-
The -several prsots, their Univer-
ity standitig, tatd the problens they
htve workedtipntatre as follows:
1897 Jesse X. Mardin, M. 1., 189.
181W William B3. Harrison, Ph. B.,
18J9 Rioyal L. Sitli-tdy.literary su-
its-it, 198:-h)3. "Ethiecali ani
Soi-al Suilstittes for te Slooum
11incagottt.' Disniel E. lamne-
betrg, LI. .,.199.
100 Edli t L 'lare. literary stdetei,
19-1x);. ":Juvenile Dlin-
qutety ntlI Dedecy in Ci-
1901 WX. Lionetl H eap, IE. B., 1902,
'Ilie Bit) Probilemt in Chicago.''
1902 iGeritrutde iEsiPaiier, litrstry
stiuemt, 191-11, --'he Penny
Savings Baiks."
1903 Iis 5. Wed, iterary student,
18'699, 190103.
Banjo Club practice Tuesday night
at seven o'clock. Everybody kindly
Communication FEW CO-EDS MARRY
If ft-ri- is isingis' tduty whicht-li Min-
igai can icosistenly*deimand of her Only 30 Per Cent of Women Who
studenit bodiy, it is thasither fsir isitme
shiotuld bei kept free fromisiin, nt Graduate Marry-Few Marry
only litre hti the sste, uoiu which tie Before Graduation
institumtiondiepetnds fort- her support, _____
but abirtisit. Evy tct of thneii- Acrigt aarcnl ruh
vidual tudttsent, initatsnre, is re- tugeter by the geneal cstaloguestnd
fletedi uponi the rpIutatintf theoUni-thett Altumii Association tf the Uiver-
versify.,siait if that act te one harmful ct,5:3(90 e et fte13
to the individual, it hurts his almat fwm graduted froiet) the iriCy
miater. iHere i Ann Arbor oe know pwiotoJanarys1.191,thave f rotti ivriy
thne fiicts attending all theiinitents sinceireceiinth~s.erdplhaIsirras-d
of stuident lift; we tie ourslves sable 6slien riceivisgtni dericemta: stu
to jtidge anidicriticize, but throiighi tim'tettrlumVbsriwetimina r ri-utprof
staieit an dsigiutp o tetr.tessvitus ft gradusatiot. litltelitrarysi
Unii-oiy ieseisi tltti lii'ii-tsdesparmni-ifttosewvho hatvi mari-d
largely ftoslitois-i- justie-s-.sits-i'levig ite Uivertisiy foriii
Duriing ft- ast yetri'rtilleis hiavei2.3 nailtils-i fte110 iuiie
appear'teidisiot oni~ly fit-heDetroitif1 p aiissi-ei sett ofithli tos- ot uiiss
hisr,lists fi t- Chicagos ta tititt heisrdutsedi scsssisste uati, lliirfesiriti
miestrplsin silts'ies-elcig mstd30.81 per's-s-t ii the ttiomeicahi-sl
seriously iupoiiihitg~eiral imora-tlssit sihisossscombineds.2173itt-rs-i-it i
iiie studes-it bdinilrAnntti Arbors. Aec- the law, pharmiaceutical antudentaIttl
satioisislotebits'isfri-ily made f that s-dspartienits cmbssisine,34.
gambitlinig niasi tefi, sit tiitiiitithat Oveir1 it-ierc--tt of the wsmei grai-
pluggerssfrontslit-litloip'nly sdriiiedossh d frot lt'e hmeothisiiic shsptst-
up stimdenit hatrniage ; thast AnnsiArborsinsit-itt rit-'s' rried pr giodrito
wnas t i--thy site tofa gamibliig eic i it; uf'isslqtuleliiifiitnt ti-
formtesito fle'ce the stusdseits that itro;i h a dprmn,65
gsamtbingcuponit tilhsic contsitsts peicest-itt ltthe dlna l4.54srtmi enit,;8
sit somisiosisthast nmony wtas dispayed andint'het ii litrayL7ttiPer.54ceit-nt
oii ftestsri-ts stnt navesh in thise it' ufacheetrayd71 i- -mt
(f piospescive betors. Iii additioin to While-4485Xlit-cctitof fi the iomeii
this, es-ryiiuestionasble icidet itihe gaduatsiedhave71-90e) mftriedtitheclie iraryofte400sunshabendprmgin
hit-s oifli- 4.1)0stmhiii liss h t-i losatibitif(.47ivermiseitrisoists- i'vsu
no twistedi'dtshgsrbled is tsimake itliresbhuth1.4piroremstss'gdepati
aippeair'itot ft'unfrtunasl-s-stite r -r fIhmegrehes beyote Irsfwiesi ihit
teididabitt 5universal elisr-itsislsris'-stetit-.
tielsitlhms.iThe percetaisge sifflhoe io isit-l
si-srsi i ii tihitss~. gsistittiimg ciasisttho hasve mariridi
' i' usocpitiiutistiooll n fisrt'e this altiseo- sisceeces-inlgfi--it-e dgm-its t-aries
sts'sss utii-s ieiiusst ii lii' -isiI -ot- tirstom s-sle ise s an 2 psiren,i for the cltsis
ditsiioof saffairs lies isrgely siths this til1901 K)p1181 o tecls
ll-stc-orespondittfs of theu'fouseignt f 1871. Ii 1882 fle percentafge tnas
press. I fthi-agerneiuss Lio sndsit Qmi )185nituthis y1-r hreiosu57.18.
somse starftligitem, .omiealculste'd i to e exact lpercuntasge fsr iebhchss
ctatchm this sysetand hlsd the atteinitonIsiingirt- ith e folowing bble:
-of this readers', they -siu aititfy, dis-
tort animlrecotntruct this ru-il comdi- Year. Perenmtae
-tiomns thatinumssead of beimg saents 171- - - - - -1.......... .10
itemm of Unive-rsity- life it becomeis 1872- - - - -000
tiers tnwsddsl, orthty of mithimg bit 1873:1-------.........26.61
usbelief orfthe vtaste btsket. 'STs1874- - - - - - -:......... 5,13-
core.spond-nt shoumlslretlizecwhtn alltnit1875- - - - --............185
impsortatimielsatuion le hlois tonvsrds 18741- - - - - --..........4000
the Umiversiy. Ift isotis of trust 1877- - - - - --...........47
amdiomor. She diipends upn ill for 1.78- - - - - --.......... 1100
justice, sandu if its is so forgetful of 1979- - - - - --...........I31
his duty to her as to nit.represemt tie 1880- - - - - --...........47051
real facts by exaggeratiton and this us 1881- - - - - --............ 7
of an ela.stic immginaton, trammsformimng 1882- - - - - -.i85
an evemt or comdition of io inpor- 1881- - - - - --...........4.65
tance itotu1mmpublicstandal, heitsfliicts 184- - -............ 09
a lasting wound upomi his umiver.ity, 188:..................41.5
and ones which s shetanmnot resdily for- 1881 """ - "- - --"""" ""--0 3"r18
give. 1887- - - - - --...........4181
OBSEtRVER. 1888- - - - - --...........4.3
1889- - - - - - -:1......... 971
190- - - - 46.6ti6
Students to Rescue 1891- - - - - --...........42.85
Yesterdaty mornimg at ome o'clock 1892-------------------------.13.4
the 81i11m11 house with lll board st- 19t-"""-"--."- - -..27.88
tachmnen upper S.Uiersity ate- 1814- - - - 21.83
nus too lir, amd tas partislly omn- 1895------------18.861
sunsed by the flames before the i1r 189..........................20.00
departmentt wvas able to comquer fts 1897-----------------------...22.41
blaze. 1898---------------21.64
W. B. Smisit, w-Io lived alonemini this 18.49 ----------10.85
house, u-is pulls-diout of 'bedin it 1 1 - -1(0.............1.65
semti-mtteoissits soniioniymtioudents 1101- - - - - --..........1.28
litimig ini tie tiigibosrhiod timd cat-- The sibovue figuries io mo take itut
ried out into the opt-miaii. lie tnill saceountit hislrensumbr of somumi
recover frostite effet sithlbsstmtue thmwuho ttended himUnit-eriy ut did
in ai fits- day~s. ft Is supplosedt that mot grdluatte, asmithtnio ltier tbesme
as ltiity stam-ted fthecontlaugrathin, atd sies. Veri sumstmhmIluedtein le per-
thoughtlie sis-iem' is to be sympsiathizedl s-untgcttouldhitprobbtly-be sissomwhat
st-it, still thits:remuoval of fle bill different.
bosususwosusulmuot b tue harshliphtto
Tsvo Students Quarantined
hi11e quaratiediis-si slsua st 4S1
'lt shssui t '-. hivssbeeits-tduuluging
is seve-ral joki.duruiig thieir iprison-
mn-t. They ~had a iisignm (ut te Oter
slty wnhic-hin itlg prnit initedhefb
psserbim tohithe '-'iutigtil im-Af
Mtarshasl Wasrrenu lits li-u-nistiomplell
to u-stu liii'e tnui fthast tey canuunof
tuder sianyt-circumtstaniucs u-itleiiou ttun-
til this boardtitissuess ins fiial releiase.
hea lt ltii s-i'IIllsdatle-saduht t ft
quaranitinefi ouldi-inthu lsltprotbilityt3bIs
School of Music Record
Thus-f11sft p hhsulsubl ittion sitsl- 7Visitr-
siy Si-hootutu tu usit- Recordl apphear
this usussmtt tuund itwiudubteduls-hy 1e
watrtrmy -ulcusid, elstecitlly by th
miusicis-sl utu tturnsitlfsthe sommunity.
M1 ihsiganis prosutosiheliisi shal sbl-
h-tsity and ilpapr ofithis si. besies
lu-lug boilsiti-esitigtatu isructive.
tiill Ittostei-aivasluasble assttllusii
sloiwinig outsideshrs thaut ties desereiti
plltc-s amongsthe liii'tn.
Other Colleges
C'olhumbia is eneahtvoringtohisrran-ug-
fufoutbalgsumus nith Stnfodt tutuCal-
iforiaineuxt susasonu.
A hhbil p iropritinig $G.51i4 itt hie
Univstyl of Minnmesoasi lsteiisnmin-
trodiuced inte li M tuesstilegissaur.
Aii ffort is lbigsmade,' st Olo
Stits-l(.niersity- ts gusi nsi n td
adore coms-istei-sly eistuuis-ti tiathltc
'liii' Sle' 1Drsmaticl-Assoitionths a
sele-ctediGoldstnth'stt- uissit-sy 'The
Goodsu-Nlau ri-l lat,' for its proucsstions
this sprintg.
'liestate u'li-gislaure- sitInduhuianahan
prse-inted nd ianhisa Utlciuty tilth
twio hmudrd aurns f 1p15ti-esiuelant
whihi uill be tconvertedl 111tioam-hrk
By its ftvo isuessive- sefests over
Ysale iniNess York, Hasrsard's thocke
team w n tt inasl oumd fisthfe-inter-
colle-gisate championship mid fiised
its seasominithout havingxuerienced
a defeat.
This jumnior laws at towa have tken
its outs of their mock trial csases, ftse
convictionmof tinnietfr fstmurder.
They are diligently digging at thenm
Shakepeares, and hope to ru-thee lit-
erary critics of much hard stuk and
Michigan nmen and womenso uill be'
intferested in knowing t two memi-
ters of Otis Skinier't comupamny, to be-
tiers Satuirdaty, tre the produtrs of col-
lege drimatics. iBoh Miss fuff and
Walthoni Fry, the stag masnger, we-
active its the drauumtic ognuiztios
at tie University of Wsconusin ai few
yearcs ago.
ConchsODea,osithte Wisctusinitcress-
is vt-ymuchs exurised on-s-rlt-elak
Of canmddsates furthuu 'Vsrsiy this
spriig. Although i tu'suir- six Of fi-
oldi cut-ntlustsk ouly four tim-e- tfts-u
seats us this shll this y-eatr. O'Deas
fs-srs ftshis'liinill hivtsutsuiie poi-
isimg fti-uiisn fr hl- 'Strsity toni,
smiththus ripphles'iliii-yungsters'
shutsmi-is foru-a5 nisuliifs-suns st ftse
'tu-etiiorph hicasl Scis-hrofI lti-
mmore- is sssgsuiisg 5a ut snit-u-euit-.
ditionsutost hshams uddu rtss-teledu-
ieiship511of IProfessor t,. 1.Slisttutels,
sit thinsstislpis lniisirsily. Thus
patitu-lbill sailt from s hhsli it' -iii a
saihiostsitute sti o5, st-iltisiill cusses
sll u'isesss. Pro's'tt'su'sor situck
twIiss toanst,' ssassisnsison hisi
;:ooi nstst. andsmentintuseisit-
tirsisy sito 5 ist rwishiisiito g sOnthis
hi1.- irnr 5triisuui
s-is-si lls' 'S te 7tursiun t's10,1Ivtnill
'hios'luuss'sshsui,1 ii sclsck.
KE1i-I:i;FITZP'A-l Ihii.
TShe lilrir sto it' he tit' l-'t'su isi
iii Russi I, Uniinirsity- iall, siill bt-
open to ifsu musu'm s -sev-ery-afutirsooni. ex-
ceutfSturdaty. tfromusus to4.
South Vitrirsi~tirtavsltse. I iihest Enrollment in Country
Getting Up an Appetite li--lu hsunudiedsl-i.Ni-seveni -studes't
Soute itfis: oyotnitoea ata tsu istsavei been ienrolledill te lawsr detpart-
Som ofth bos ho atat Sate sseish ofithis f uisus-sis liss ss'sssstu''.
streent boarisdinig touse, havue organiizsdIad l hit sin:tshe us' thsri'a-eus' itr l-
a clots, ft:epurpsose of sn-icsles nto get it-e 555 s's--sr studuensts" stiltS sre taki-
aboiuut tswo hsour's of hsealhfulh exe~rcise is-' the ciolisedslittu-csi-hsncouruisse.
eve-ry tmsornsig beforetbreaklftast. 'She , tus rin--gs et' oftalsalnmosttothss
btoy-s Stes-c talwaysipossessest of usmsrnel- nliehiudired tmtrl;, andti5515 itts itthss
outs atitts, but 1now5'this nmanner i higheust illthefisto ntri'osith1.1wtite-i
wthsichs they usakse way swithm Batttle hiss risuss-Isi nd imhss'highs-st Enllmenioit
Cree:ealhusuth tfoods and beefsteatk sit aiy isNivschool ii ints: contruiy.
crsuses the landladty to gasp wnith hor-_________
ror. The boys muake it a point to walk
several miles between the hours of $100 DAILY $1.00
5:30 and 7 o'clock every morimng, no The U. of M. Daily will be de-
mnatter what fhe weather is. If they livered for balance of school year
keep up the practice tiers is no felling
what wil haippen, as the landltady liae for $1.00. Leave orders at office
already had to mortgage tier home. 320 S. Mlain St. Phone 13.

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