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February 11, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-02-11

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No. 94
BASE BALL AND TRACK Medical Society Meeting
'The itidiai Society wil celeorte
~ew Candidates Report for Practice FounerslDayv this Year on Saturday,
Feb 2.
-Preliminary Track Meet Prom- The eventwill be one of unusual in-
ises to be Interesting eest, partly on acontoft ehe social
features. The faculty hisdies will hold
Quite a ood sized crowd reportd a recepion in he parlors of Basrbour
for base ball lpr a(test the gyina- gyonasin, following the exercises
,sim yesterday afternoon, including in Sarah Caswell Angell Hall, where
sveral new candidates who disd not Dr. I-ertiisis will maske the priicipsl'
report on Monday. The cage wass up address. The subject of his address
.aid the practice tossistd in bamtnesg has not yet beiinsanninced, bt it
'Without fieldingkoin hari throwing, will le oi the life and iflence of
This sort of work will be continued one of tte founders f the depart-
eXclusisely for a fewvdsys in order nent. 1Following the reeltinli the
to limber tesmuen up gradtually. Cipt. students and u ests will le etertaisiei
'Utley took: the nouns of all the csandi- by dancing ii the gi nnasiuns
dates whlo didt not hand in their names
on Modays, siid will receive any adii- FEBRUARY EIGHTEENTH
tiontal nanies as the mcii report.
It is very desirable thist sll cieai-
sdates report to ('lip. 'tley st once, arland, the Banjo V irtoso, Has at
and that tiny join the susd sisd get Last Set a Definite Dae for
the beneit of the gymiiiasium work. His Recital Here
This brsinchs of itie traininug is often _____
-overlookeit by first yer studests who
intenii to iy fr the tesin, and who Mr. Afrei A. Fsrlnid hasisate lst
fail to see thseimpoiirtaince of beginning cosentei to thse setting of si ieinite
easrly Capt. Utley requests these dste for his apperince at Anus Arbor.
students particulsrly to report at tie Se will play lure oii the esenisgif
gynmnasitmind io get well "h im rmest the e igteenthi of this sioit. It wsi
tip'efore otitioor wiork beins. doubtful for sonic time whether M.
The prelimnausry indoor track nieet tFsrlind coulil so irrsiige his western
is aroissigismtchi eithiiisiism amiong tour as tilsuiie Anni Arbor, but ie
he imen t the gymsnasiumnnstd prom- fict thist le nyss iii 11y iii letroit
lees to te very well atteinieit by te on te Iuh ma nsde piossible Ii p
tiieent body. The' datis Satirdsav hearsisce here on he evenitg preced-
ni-lit, Febl. 1:,iisteiie of Fridsty, as n that dase.
Wassasnnounicediniitihe Dasilv of Tues- Mr. tarlatisi, it will te resmembstered,
day morning. A tnusiber of freshmen is thse tiost scoplsluel bsinji plsyer
arte entered and thiey will hve anl who ihs eser aperedthefore he
opportunity to shouw their aiity', to- publi-; it Is triiuih his wouderful
'ther ithi the oer mcii os the plsaying, ii fat. tist the tanjo hiis
track squads. IDirector Fitapstrick i hecoiie recgnizedl s a concert isstri-
arranging to makze thiisa succe.sfisi'Dint. le is everywhere iiiist entlii-
Ocet iiievery respect, and every sn-. siastieslly received asd his plsying
dent ini the 'University sould make it is well knowni fromis Rostoss to Sans
" petiSl poist to ittenid. t marks Frsncsco. Muical criteis sre as-
Ue openiisg of he t-ak season for totsided stIis sbility, for it seig
100, aisd all shsoul enideavo to nmake ipossibse to those who hasve not
titanaupiiou bginig.heard isi tht isisinstrmineit itterto
it a siupicosisbegssniig. cosidered cruie eacii be msade to ens-
dotNOES drsuch miusic. t seems impiossible
MICHIGA NOTES. that is mi with a bssijo cssi hold
-1alF tkte 0,lf atee people almost breathless for two
auF.teee,'1,1f'lsor hours,fohihoeiGrn Rads but this is what Farland hiss
Miug.for.hiStleeine Gandc Rpletedone in almost every city of the
hicollet.wteketandhailco'tpkethis tnited Stats. Isis fame has even
his ollge orkandWil kehisexteded to Europe, where h will
diploma in use, bgin iis tour nexe Mlay lby playig
The seniors laws held a class meet- bef ore Kisg Edward VI.
hug yesterday at 5 p. m. and after Tickets will le on sale oiad after
flinch discussion it wis decided that the 1th at the Ani Aror Music Co.'s
they would wear ele asdemic cap aid sout ele canpus; the seats will
asse gown at coimnecemient. be 50 cets, aiset no extri charge
Coach Yost left Ansi Arbor yes er- wilt bsisade for reservisg thes.isie
say afternoons for a trip through will apperst the School f M iusic.
West Virgissias. Se has large coal ui- _________
hegilltlooktatere.ndwhie abentPros.-Asgel left ye.terdy moriing
'ire ilnotk afwn h e itegess.-tto spesd is week iiitheswnest. IBegis-
be noe nitheowltng prbbYsturllnaig toigtlie presides over the Re-
f oe tlshCo ill peet. etun igious Eduicatioss coventle ion iCli-
Amnosg the sew - uetestseitrsago Tomsorrw le takes part iss the
Amog te nw sudets nteingcomnesmoration exercises in Chicago
for the -seconds ilsemiester work is sne In memsory of Mars. Alice Freemanis
of t he beest high school footbSt pliy-PIne. Tuirsdsyle will Se it sD'
C"Iini he West. Se is Wolfe, of
Chicag~o, who pilayeidoii the Hye Psrk Mtoises, Sa.; Friday, its Chigo, where
clanmpionshsip tesusm of 1l902. t will he nwill speskst iiiasimisibisanquet.
lier uemieee ilatit asItilePsrkSaturday he will spend in Milwaukee
thatefesitieedthti wsIy s ak n eset Mondsy ie Madiison.
thtdfae hrooklyns Poytecisiic____________
Prep, testisby such a argsirc ote, NOTICE 'TO SEN7IORS.
S1h18tvInisg thes'Iiterschlolsstic chaims-
piioship. Wo ilfei'wis hlf bsckon Ins order to fsciiiitte the celletioni
this tiamia-isic igan sii tudesnts are of statistics froimi thii seiors f sall
htlassed to see h ismienter thi siver- sdepartmttii5 hei-1io;3 Dlicigigaueeusrs
sit,asishle nillhbhii-igiod candeidaste Boret reqest thast eeury siosir sigis
for Yists team-iineit-t f-ll. oe citthus"Seeior Reoert Blsnks'
'hesior lssit clst iIhnlediSanieetisg wnell-imtasy bi fiiudit hetGesera-sl
Yesitrday5 ftesrnent itt 5oclock is ndueSLssw libirssries andil ieosit it ii
ItOOMe C. 'Thei'questiiin of the senoli te oes ii the tuo lihsiries otes-Ie
s tocisl wn eonledisIby- fixintthei dste I ndit in he memibiter oft he boasr
for TIhursday-,vI-i-hi19),st Grsngers. I friim uhis einiclsss, asdtie his be ihuesu
' Gosed susint-ci-haseisecurredsndS he hy F'ibhx1. I198
committee isnius iohaisve ss good 1901C IhChthIAL~kESINSt~ OARI.
'ttendne. The socisals givn-si-ti
IlS ,Islways prsove einjoysablh' 'stes.sissilNOICE1.
the sic.t "Senior Siieial"will n50 doubht This'thrisls fr the s op hsuauore ri-hsy
he plasait icthise inens hereto- tesutniill le hel this saftrnooneu. All
fate by ele class. Ticket.ar $1 nset195) trsckuensiesphelsenist st gynisis-
may be ecurid from any of the fot- sim ast 4:30.
Towing memtber. of the conssssett
n- MacDutyf, It. K irk, J. E. NItcAfee, All caindsiidates for traeck tecen should
'-Thorlow Coons, Kig Beatty. report diliy for gym. prsactice ini prep-
saationi fosr prelinminasry nieet.
"an to Bsau," Athieus, tonight. ROlIlNSON, Caiptsain.
Following is an Interview With Our1
Coach, Published in the Kala-
mazso Gazette-News '
Coach Yost San been visiting vai-
otis cities of the stte. A recesnt issue
of ele KsalamaooiGaett-Nenwsos-
tsained stlong interienwiths hie is
Fielding R. Yost, coschi of the fam-
ous Michigans foobal tesimehich
startled theo West by its victories snd
opesed he eyes of easterers o he
fact that football csn attsainsprfec-
tou hss the West, arrived in the city
yesterday afterstooss and is sopping at
the Burdick house,tHe cssne here
frosm Basttle Creek std is ons a tour of
the cities of te stste
The football trsining season does
not opes until Septemuer, buC "tIurry
Up" is aslredy lookisg out for good
material std is ready to help the boys
who are iii doubt as to te university
they nwill attenduSnext fsll.
Coach Yost is doisg something now
thast hasnsever beus trid by Michgans
efore-visitinig the dififeret cities of
the state-anad expects to gsin soni-
thing for Iis 190 sqessd hby so doisg.
"I doniC wsant peotple to think," said
Yost to the Gaszete-Nenws, "thast S ann
goisng sout trying to hire boys to
comse to Michigsian sd handeing over
mnesy right stid eft. We don'st wnat
ansyosne to cosme to Msicigianstand e.-
pect o mize kthe tesi uinless lis comsc
ins the right spirit ad thast spirit msst
he a good ose."
Mr. Yost is a modest young ahleite
andS a perfect gentlemuas.Se is not
Ins thelest afflhictd withi egotisms asse
no one hears him tell whatiC"Iis Mich-
Igan" wil do. Whe n asked what the
prospects were for this ysrle said:
"No university ever developed a
football esathat nonus casmpiosship
for three consecutive years. We hope
to bresik this record by thorough and
hard work on Pe part of the men and
the earnest support of the student
"We have three hard gamese to play,
one with Minnesota at Minneapolis,
one with Chicago at Chicago on
Thanksgiving day, and one with Wis-
consin at Amis Arbor.
"Every team iss the West will look
upon the Mihigan game as its hard-
est and wll trains esecially for it,
Michigans must, therefore, trmi for
-every gamse
"We will have si. of the regular
men withs issandS eight of the 't' men
Captains Redden, eft end; Gregory,
renter; Crter, ight guari; Maddock,
right tscke; IReston, left half, Jonse,
funl back; Lawrence, tscke or ack;
Graver, haf, ed or back-all these
fellowsnwill le on hand asse still there
are ive or six other places to e
filled. ttcrsstein, si six-year medic,
Cole timd MeGisgiu, six-year laws, will
he ins school this year, but all lars
payed theair limit and that's ard
luck for usu."
Yost tsllied freely of the prospect.
of its-t yesar, sndsasid5 ht he fesred
thast titer confidiesce nnoud get hold
of the boys. Ins spesaking o the Ceam
he ssid:
"Msaddiock nnil undubntely be the
star out the '0i3teuss. Se is sa fie fel-
low aud i hard wosrkr. Se is nowt
spending sll his spsre tme training in
the gyminasiumssanduhniillpiobsbly he
hic stir shot putter at Mician this
"Seed, or Buck' heed as the fellow
esallimn, of Ksalanmszo, is ai good cn-
didate saut insfsct the moC promissig
freshmaiis n-ce ssue. With a little
mosure neeight suitS:peed Ihiesill msse
a winnter, asset slthougtshi le msy not
sakete 'Varsity thisi.ffllle hls
nevertlcess good chances for le is
yosugsnse has ots of time to de-
"Flurry Sp," ne-Io aways has his
eyes open for busiess, seemed par-
icularly anxious about a certiin fel-
low, "ewho playd last year with the
Kalsiaaoo high school and held the
positions of full buck downus o creuit-
ably." The Csienes of Frsank Lognan
nee not he-surprised if thiey ear that
he has decided So take a few years at
the University of Mtichiganu. Is speak-
ing of him as a player Yost remarked:
"tie neas a wn-dser and despite the
fact that he was short winded I think
he neounld make a good payer Thor-
ough training would develop him into
a handy 1S5 pounder"
Today Coach Yost wilt visit Kala-
mazoo college and may address the
students. Last evening le was enter-
taissed at the Richmonsd by sevemal of
the local students and Michigans alum-
ni. tHe wilt return to Ansi Aror this
(e'ontiuedSon tl-g-thre.
Members of the Team and Reervet
Were Entertained Last Night in
Detroit by the Alumni
Lsst night ltseietroit Alumni As-
sos-iatitonsentsrtainie Iic-iigssn's cham-
piosshi foottal team w nithsa a tsnuet
st he University chit. esiues the
muembuhers of the teamndnsthCie reserves,
the memcbehsrs of thuile Board of Control,
Msanager tBsird asse Trainer Fitpat-
rik nwure hprescnt.
Thus Anus Arbo deslegtions went to
IDetroit tins 5 special ear, nte the bn-
shneCue-sinsservesh itat p. sa. The enen-
tug ne-s the occa-ssionssfor the pre-
senitaitin of smastll goldshfootballs, te
gift of the Dtroit saluni, to Cle
"It' muens smit silverstoes to the re-
sures. Msayo Masybiury usade the
preentautioni speechs smutgae out the
sounveni,. 'Shutbanquet newasn ela-
orsatesisse, the sttendanssce of tDetroit
alumsni beinug quite Isisge. See-ral
amsusinug asuitSnteresting teasts were
restiondsedh to by different ones, and the
wehole asfair hasd about it much
"Michsigan-s spirit ansd enthusism. The
evenuinugewas an enjyable one for all
prtesentsnse wilt long be remembered
by the members of the 'Varsity and
of the reserves, who were so royally
entertained by the alumni of Detroit.
'The Liberty Belles"
On Thursday evening of this week
"Thne Liberty Btele," Sarry B.
Smith's new musical comedy, will be
presented at the Athens Theatre by
Fmank Rennessy's company. The
piece is said o be one of the real
noneties of the season in the way of
munsicasl coumedy, asse ins fact to be
utterly unlike any other musical
comsedy hat was ever costsucted.
Considerable notoriety is attached to
the 'hiss pajama girl," who makes
tier auppearansce ins the first act, and
salso to hic twenty-one other young
woevnus who ne-ear night robes in the
samue act, but the reat novelty of the
act is, of course, the scene and not
the costumes The dormitory of a
young neomen's seminary, when peo-
pled by stage struck girls, allows of
ass easy introduction of songs amd
spescialties, asn heCluenisical comedy
gels fsiry insder way niths the girls
still ins their Sedst. Ins this act, as
ins evry other one ins Cle piece, each
csharacte is ginen lien to speak In
fsact tesdialsgue is furious.ly fuiouss
untilostist incomptrehnsible sie Mts.
Smuith's idea nwss to fit his charcters
euiris Cle nmsatiee idol adoring char-
acteristics (f teording school girl
fiction. The cast incudes Gertrude
Millinigton, Netada Hefron, Rita
Ktnight, Marie Twoenoy, Maybele
Adams, Psrcy Leach, SHaty Stuast,
T. A. Mairlone, liar Lyons and
All seissiwhneIo intnti to hand in
old photographhs for the Michiganen-
sians instead of having spial sittings
at tRandall's or Rentschluer's this year,
should mail their photographs, to-
bether with 71 cents, to the Managing
Editor, 1443 Washtonaw avenue, city,
by Feb. 14, 18

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