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May 24, 1906 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-24

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1 ,HALF-TONES _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _
ZINCETC ING r On Tathe I)Diaonds-,lice ry
and , lth lset httel
Lower in Price anid Cllatr security
Better in Quality I W. J. LOURIM
II104 4th Aret Op 'AeTitadBten ed~ldsad } aposite court C. oue
AraTitadBtee"RayMdsadTwo doors souh of new YM.CA
Ask A. M. SMITH TalrMds , FIOir ites to1:;O1tie5;
THIEYVE all the nap and "get-up and go" of 7 7 o t 1.
11 Ann Arbor Savings Bank Blork the smrtet New York utom hop without Bu+a Sttl C ldnta
its annoying try-on, and still more annoyingBuiesSvctyCndnia
overcharges. Fo. men who are and for men who -
wih to oeom young. Extreme al over except on the -
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank price ticket. The new Spring models tell al thio bet-A.G PLI &B TS
Capital stock, $:0,000. Snrplus, $200,000 JS !EV DA .SADN RS
JVST )ECEIED iaget MIlnufitue, in lthe WVrd
Resoures, $2,000,000sacBase oBail awthenisu FootiBal
A General s. .tng Banesis Tnsactr Another ig line of Whtite Negligee Shirto:; another Bs al anTni otBl
OrF~eRSe Chas. E. Oice, Pres.; W. D ig shipment of White TGies. Buy one while they'e > < Archery Rue(otQos
Buarrinust, Vice Pren.; M. J rite. Cashier hot-2$ Cents. Criket LRose Cr Qoqts
run ~~ee- impleentsafor allSpe eits ls
326 NF~ft Ate.8T A E L ~R i:-tsaldsc' rd.Mark
Thomas Rowe, Proprietor p0r' mrl niteanemenit of
~.W UERTH yIlittfrLw
New Phone 457 BellIPhiine 57-L co plaa' rad-Iark on
y o'Alhletic Isitleneiets
gies yiisass adsvantagecoer (le other playe,
MTF ] asys cave oaht elte sth-cotolonger,
Woptettan tmeDgleesndsh it~3tserKui, l i hofaeslilctic.
- o isueoeco.Ceep lfe:alo cnstc>« ohi lofs 11,11 liOOu li incpel ccni1
h1aindleiitct CIII I Ind LAUABE SUPPORT J. A. Rawlio-, C. ID, R . Aintos SNIORS-Leav yor orders foi atl'cicc-icet.
npprov ed onds, loconeio has haiiiFOR MICI-iGAN UNION G. Macol, F. 11i ' i(go, ,. i9o sins and oak shields at Artold' A GSPALDINYG !8L BRO.
somie expeecneii o t l tate iii-Ne Yok Ciao SlFrnsc
Bess. Buttierfiei, N. W iaiener, I. C Silil-, jewelry store. tf 5,ns
000. J. HALLER ef8. CO. (Cotiiiied ferom Pae One.) I. Log, T. L. Aliii 1' 1. Icielsl],
Thril e is ofllnews sriberes silt e C. It. Nlcr ii, C. XX c'eii K W. /iii- Official 'o6 Mihigan sols soIe( Sly
p intd tver- neck ill The Dail- fromll iiesciei. X. H. sc t , $ at Ye Sudet Stop, 6i1i1. Wiliam
Campus Barber Shop iiiiiint the edtio te year. 'rie, street. Seiior laws and iolaw cs L T BIUSJ
isllowg it a list of tie reeent Anlis \ANTED)-A blit, enegeiease all for J. M. pt)"ie. i .A O,75N nvriyAeAbribcics on-rtnwligt cr roeo h sV c t~
Profc . JohnllR. Alen, $ioo; Priif. W . obiinthii ie e ecanicalt exeice..lil it h 111 1,11)51 -ibboni atch o a nd i ic ilokt.c
THlE FARMIERS AND MEtIANICS BANK IP. Locmbard, $too; Prof. F. N. Sctt, ciiutcpretieshipl. Iechnical ri ri n- 111Reiric tic(27 S. 'Thae e wa115rcc. i6'-
MAIN AND HURON STREEBTS $to:J. XW. Malioiey, $50; George A. i scol iciaicesicilltcitesid ii. E ___________________
Capital, $0,000, Srptusand Profiti, $6,000 IIl ries, $2): . R. ik, $25; F. B. icicylicne iher iciril icciie cr terO u usnssitof sdyo osi
Oes aeserat taningh in ssl l s d toy XI cccii. $5; X. . Sihw, $2s ; 1H.V. hhrcneit i idesrecd. plyill peronorcii iceo * *iiyouo0to0 itthieaf
3 percent interest on lie- an0 Svinset Clda, $25 ; tDr. F. W. S ihe,$S ui aain tn. W ae11 eois aeyDpstBxst et.strle cie anc l Icl plclet clacis. [t s' e..oionoalos vrylnl
at 12.00 and upwardt 1gicIcAllein, $25; $o eaei-I-l J iEgiee Xocrks, tiutiinacc st Incl. 69ca)ci.n plce y n i 5i~ i
It. tKEsPF, Pres. W. C. On veso. Vie-Pres. -1 _ tretenfr i Mcia
F,H B. s, Cah. 1. A. V LAMO At.us den 1-B. . Mhacftfy, R XB. iey, _dOio,__terigtoechaical
3XcceIeiy Ii el C i Offieial 'o senior shields are ready for Fo yurco. i n a t
TleC le rt d K nyG .Hann .S o-, eseo u etotidc.'n
Ta C alabnt . I. iieii iiEIC Nic telivery ;iiitlare $2..oi't pay tmore. w a
c oIUF L Lovcs, C. XX'Sooniellen These are the best and oiity official ones. make a bg' hit 'itit lg men, i ea
o O I U~I U t arris, . _Sayiiickei iH. CStsvtii Call for orders insmediely J. M. Fat ass pn at ,aiiutletoetat COOK HOUSE
on.si Ec. J eM c innel, . Barnard, A. S pipes are all here. Ye SiudeitShop tf pataheavik suly n t liyiioBd
(______ ____ nitl: l,.J~vetsre yusee 'Brigton"onnibo ll5 0 at oan 0soS00ra
MANN'S DRUG STORE F .CiikIJ LanoslspiWshii___ ___--Sieial
213ASVMaiCSt sehicit, IF .IA lligon al i L IOST- ocstiicasteclubcpilli. Re- lhttos rpsl~n.Cr
213_____________s.__ - '' . oMaiXnX o scrl d riiicS.It. cie, ol PURE SILK25o A PAIR adtl t 0 -rwt s
ST L N S JI lieie, PI. R beryS its IcekictP571NATIONAL BROKERAGE CO
Italian, German, and of Amercan Focr J M. Pratt; C J IUllrichi $is Suits pressed, ae; trousers, o. -BcighGae PsitionBokte
Manufacture $cn eichi-X. J. Neeeni J Ali.(Grant. Fuller & O'Connor. tf Sq ,*58 Cadllac Suare
FOR ALL STRINGEID INS TRUMENS i 1RF.1). itHilebraniit, J. AI iiiicci IlA( G. DETROIT
REA5NAIIE PRCUS. J~cleyc. 1KO1. Hskle, B I CgshliiAtxiidee & Co., te iihiitigecrcapPioeer,
SCHAEBERLE & SON F J -Crigltouin,.F. X'Jichl 10 C ticrs'olle good thiics" ofl lie sicyt; and if_____________________
114 . Liert SO. ANN DS R I ,OcsRi . .Jeiicy, BN ie tiss C fresh ontsts. 'iTheey cho be pcseid Market St., susdr.
Kllev, XX. . I-bee, H I3. Clblert- Fter's art socee orc t teir stilPild.AN (
Mimoch Dieterle ocfF.Ncge, XI.. Fisher N. 1R. lDo'tIailto secticim. 6611( CAPS AND GOWNS
Embalmer and Funeral Director lacielici1i. 5.tRipley, A. Younig, S. __________ INYE LUNCHE.S
Amulac-alststended fday ornigt.hi 1] Allici, H. S. Welr 1.B ilhl,(Try Phelps' Perfetotichoolae puffsDlMeSTcarryItPeTaE ICofigrtts a0 Co m nce- n
21l S. 4th Ate.:c tesidece se ~I N igeiocit, WXFWar P. X alow and chips at Cushing's pharmaey. Domestic & tmnpiorted Cgr.A ompe W e
______________ line of ai smoktsnfartils.5Wa are get
Ptiose 414. As Aror. icJ. i. K. L~ymihii,. F. :lKneip, CI. foe DEMUTn & 0o.,LNKMA & 00. anod8 B
ca XX'.W Tet, F. J. C oher, (. . Hildeth's genuine vetvet kisses at PPES, also for StACY's & S00A FFEE' 1O
fine chocolae BN-BONSS.RENTAL, 10
-.e.ee.ec.,,se,.r"''Sci-.cci, X. S. Hacll, L. 1). Stikiiey, Cuhing'. R. E. JOLLY. Stt t. 5Or0.der aytimet.
$1.00 to $1.50 A F. LO EL
Ful.aly (rsan-eead A
Oar tollar Clickissae the est smade 332 S ate St.
fospte mony. WEiEeEwaEtch*repairing Ageso nt & Ne
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main St. ACUX, SUA UNSD&OX INNN, Ne TYrk I
-a o e Ohio Centrail Lines
on lltransbetee T lidond1111Colosiius
SE l t eodesi Pailo i tas. whfirilis-lass
CaeSemvie etweioledo, Colmiiiius and
AtTtl'.38S tt etrthan ever this season. See our Window for the Ch aeston
____________________ new Strap Reinforcemrent around top of our
- D. Y. A. A. J. RAILWAY
llen's Oxfords. This prevents all stretching, slipping and SADDTME
enlagin arond he akle Theonlspedial as totiDetroit 0 ain., and eery
elrigaonthanl.Teonly $4.oo ow shIoe on tcoowutiousolitSp m.
LegeBsbl eot Speial Cars to hks ocSO:3as., and every
Lau BaealRprs the market with this reinforcement,n t ous servceilihp a
lour oal serie to Utreleit 01 . n.,to
9:1pn .,thess11:ti
Tw-Htoortoal s eieto Jacsconc5 i .
Received by Innings Dailyto1:5pi.
At Walk- Over Shoe Compally
IILJ.STONBROTHERS'111 South Main Street.iKo k

The University of Chicago 1906
T te niversity yearn ein i it oi f ouiiis Po o I . IA r o
quarters, Wiste Spriniig. Smmer1 5aiid Au-Ar he .
issmin. ec, Admission uis geauteddLatthe cpniin aof
ecn inrOctoer s.Orsduats isisiuc tie onde * u h tgdp e s r ee
iso thsr radnate Schools oh vAssad titesr- We have opened a Developing and Printing Department. Aptre yours h gdn(r adae choolo
ces ncte tessIiastirucstionioifered Work Handed us today, delivered to you tomorrow.Ineet?
in te Divinity Stiool, the Law Sihol the
Rustil MEdel Colee hs id , asd teSol f
col ofEduraijo. Snuie ~ ris'lua TR Y U
June .ti-Sept meet1. irst ins m:Juiieno 16i- T Y
July illi; Second Teris c uty 2, ugust i3i
te Rfoetetrn alaieg alo ~tE~itaration is permittedl fos the estire har- ". E CALKINS
ts n orworherdorn. OpoanrglrcirtALsocNDERI
is iforto wokidnti Spcrs. cora s ae ofeed or eALersAPt oa hER.893J CO.iforaton ddrss a= Bik. eni3224othrt-t 8*0t

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