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May 13, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-13

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Falk MCIidAR bAtLY
THE MICHIGAN DAILY. I'lB MidCH NFNSIAN IS OUTsot the carly sities wherein several pop-
ular andsells i-known professors are
~i l W Il C En~tered atstciad clas matter at theAnn Te lse itchio,ensian I1906 is rot- mntittied. Aotli' ec tion contains SE TfR I
u I I I.Abor Psteffle. ablyt the most artistic andi attractivean int s wit x h scts celtbritis as Clemns----..
aal ever issued at the unierity. Thee Smoot RR Bolt and "Fssr Clark,
Pubtshed datly (Macdays ecepted) dricg
T Ethe cllege yea, at 117 Eas Washigon are two bindngs. ose in te conve oth te -dastages of college life. The XWe will print I0o cards,
street Bell phone 82. Hace phe 7.rosat hble, assite oter ins a dark sctions coscluses sit-il skethes ad pie- either ladies or gentle-
LEADING hinp lteather.The lsetetsrbook makes titres of tsertins eigilsecbaceors among mnsszi n tl
Masaging Editor, ARTHUR C. POUND as sarticslary sattractiveadi strikitg at-tte sniosotsbly Nocross, Cart Kis- SrpBOlo l
Duina. Masager. WALTER R. HANSerisse . Anthtter insnsovations carried tir is Dssslp Clesssi-olderssansd isist" Scit Blko Od
sil -- ot Iy te lbsaies is ithle iuse of coot'Sawitsandst p i elsell. English types as fol-
Hes .......... . F. Steensn ings ilsustrating setiors, juniors ~s-it' its lalyte ssit tat hsatyet
Echatltn ....... lrneE lrdeges........charles E. Winstead ft is f- e coo p e T he ree isatstsiformsity of 1' "an'7 / / ein fou coor appare.
Wctce..t ......... . Effie J. Artstrngn a "is nc t at e s .Thc tese swere drawnsx 't yps iansts Iist isio(f arrangemett tsat MR, hoWILLI AM tW. R USSE LL
FriadB gusts ofue Ceeancos a o aeit atirtstclass pistlies- ~ AIU tdi'milrcs
Louis D. Sticney FrankinoC. Parka carac-tterTheis ano sthoier color sraw-TseIbook-wsspirissedcthle Gesige frol
gege A. Oshr Harold c.Sih Mtso \s islth sgsxtg vr ttc1
RahertH. ciecy ecis N.Smith Istctsctlls ll sitfte ilustsratissnssare she Eltic teCityEsgraig coapany
GnHenry F.Brde Hny Schle Wiliam A.ogmr Muhernotme bhmefBual.Teokhsteuul
Oten Badly icry. Mcianeryli Iitettb ut ile took is ftir if i siossxtl sit Other sizes of ty pe if de-
Jo .Lol Ih lF. war rn o(uithIsisingth e.appietrttnceeofsiatatess "cieossupttply of asdvertsitg swhih sre
Flcyd H. Jnes is.Onthie xwholsetie drawing aIhsisciharcteiedci it sit late years, asi
RATES:t$2.5n per year, ar $2"00 it paid in stly isspitote caracter of aty itlthers testsmntosss i the etergy of its
A SECALYadanc.151past d hsaie ie aitditoalaattsagebustisitess tmaasger, R. C. Mc'iltens Mr
~ S[CI[IY___ --_______of___hvin stsig mtor tapipropriateness and .Aletnte etiosr tanichisisstaff Leaerrdesta
AdareasiWALTER . HANSBusine stsirelktes1 setctdtoi iss i ssgttttti istetsoot ocet
Masager. 286S. 12th St.. Phone 849 L hr iknitoloa odtin hn i ecrtultdoiteigrt. oce
she past. 'Tle rittcial loctil artists are lal ok
311 S. State at. axao seinc G(ttelt. J. iR. iesndry, W. H. Ohlsatd, BRILLIANT PERFORMANCEW A R
Annu Arbor, McK. ___ __ Roger Atgsttttis, titni Miss Ethel Matc OF "AIDA" ENDS FESTIVAL The Bookstore That's Never
tSUNDAY, MAY 13 s1906. Ieisantsnd Margtret Taylor. Artsur _ Undersold.
..'. .It sgg, 0, tits cotsributei twIox srais- Ciontiid castsPage Oe.
Editor today-FLOYD H. JONES. . cclo esedsyasetocs.Agusssa
Tthue oo:us iste usulsituesesoit te listsesr coincsseduosithtosse supiueb
WihFreshmsasn Cap Night only fois thesieneliorsandtutheir college recrsscllececs ushichinvriabssisly isars the
w itks oits i spcaly dsio shtt e sory itt te yer in atletis atdutu iiine of ue 'homsas uorcses . 'ihe-
allckirst itar xmenseoultydssows t t eitx tsclaues i uusetss s econdui hf ittthu reiroa ssuutt ies--re-
II~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~l( siuompeisusssuse iosiissi ieeuust eicrsser ofclus ansd
0sititud cass loyalty 113 -appearing a tttei iis. lsniuhul eti citittitt cnsissting f 'isctssisoxxskys ' e
hsccliss h dger. iieistoussi raerites si t bal acou t wa "P tctur s ymphointitiy. 'he twarv tgf
wisnno"esegewr citess hi Clyde L. ess. std Ete tak hises uxce cncutsssciseut sits pesetest-
sitti a lass capi, thishse x sstsrtei
us sies esuec s xst e torcbu- Artsur 'i. 1Hug nh tuha-ig claress, tandiin teihandsio f i.
isy testie stse. hiS ttock mn hicae sea xveritblteiorgy
Ten isensss-snot eens followed to its na- Newereatsttusres itt tebooksis i t uttchte.sihusst usussfe
extsi deesig is ltis 3 se I se s-at list of facusity msembters ascitse' picture s e r iss the sundtiss itudtfriost i maxitiies
aces mgs of a5tyi cslesaisis tutuof te list ot tieissore tprominusenth ansdtpotupur onssisisgoftsutiigNseeeussue
fcettus of thseftst yer its coulegeu ilstpslsu .ta sgosfy snthussiaiuNoswsettervsthet
ade '~~istis consvestioss isakes it ipossibuic fos A ok sddcae oAmaMtroR ROuetainbttrmre
inde hy ITryon and tWright tiefreshssmessto get acituaitedix ltsitfits-ugwi ss ittrho i sodthn itus cunt .ing , datesofelsest llu
their class sisses. Ii s sa sosi s whisci uiect s rasi .Kess
Look and yo'i agree with uniitversitsysuyt xxincisiB.seKhursesitC L UPE CO S H R U NK mksfrtebs et ftefrt r tc' e ihalv ono
as hat [hay are the hest vat' yartie, fur tue his tresofns it oaui essoshioueelidg eeisss itstuithutoubloometforth xittll te C L
uea oeed in town. ses uu fr Ii ess i o f i ttile ots is thiteuartseut its Cul- ucs uhetsgcse u it sitt
tuefolo ed x-ttoss eusiput ot ou tselege [as,'awhichtakses the pacee offulnsis hch x i Is i s y he suu sii t ie t. aesmttogcw ti ios iui ut
Glenwood, full size frame, $2.00 ipart of uppercassmsien. The Cap Ngt shIe usuxual sectionuoittgrindsxand iroassts c tss ai il ueietuueo u ppreeite-ethe dipesis pesss irikst
Wynciffe - - - $2.50 eecss wsessee s tcest T h5 isissetill is consceivedt its a essstyu ut ytsutos.ets a isusstsg ei the atit c b so cl [iii sritkitg is tisuit
yer n ilb f h rsmngtqetoigLongwood, new shape - $3.50 ya- isusulhesetetnadesi iss iicotms-ueseto supulinitg soneof osit testoi estparTe itcocluiniig wars.Yea'lhaynd tues tles adths et
Campbell, new sodel - $5.00 buyuandssxihueifthep ftpesisritefiometihelocal color whchel is oftls t tsight a aio o ncis.uene ttoutsoitglsiismsiotlyacecratocatscer Sie itArrows
osiy uu stis ue lrue letfiit f. 'Tle sections isiheased hby the Fris'Coldisti.
Pnn, the old favorite -$7.00 towte ssithtie tisse osithsie cx es t is usageDas, semhelttusutnshy iwischtatllte tuttes- ' 15c each; 2 fr 25c
slg "nCleeDyu"witnb .tilities itt aeoniedt eutressiousssesee at ya aedthrt
AntayOhr hi iepodo us sueattai ocsas.90 tsls icsg-es haused it studs. Cluett, Peabody (bCo.
tedeetxisistey suffered ait hue opiSisaunbei tue uthe tutu" ussLargest tmakxrsite 'oltush
AT handsus ofItt inius. T heluy aresale to s 'aitissetionsincudsses ue ariousscass spel" otisete of Smsetaa hc w sadSitsintue ws'or'd.ie
sitisuit. Theie]itx resudultsisatretur'cordedii
G, holsd their oponusentsusotissue to Is stsuetTeliheut s eose to ssedutf su it le.Stcs tutuhisismsens
SheehsanusssgtufresiioueCrosd ite sape of anutAlt Seior ean, te st-sssseitt sfs use
Sh e a tis is godi eourgemsent to bsciexe 5 sts iss i ieilaustsp iatus iiof ue slliy tutu tigistuess whchsietn FUNERAL
Students' Bookstore t xtitswema x iiithe itwo remsaninug ise of a jly i itstchsariouss ele 0rvde M. Martill DIECTOR
gasmeswsthIlltinittts.'The teaitshis r-uties are cles-trl-roasted. The msesi tssiTeGe ian-c DIRa pr
greceushoswnuxtasigeest imuirovemtent istitis are usnlte tfoisof a fare.tstiltedhy itsehms s-its dens Beg in Office 209 S. 4th Ave. Phone 98.
'Teiletate fr sandc against o-Edoueiec 0 . t v.Poe3
______________________________ f orm,astithtis gamuie psies tsat tsilcre tite mainnse tutd silthitrie feel- Rsdne32S t v.Poe3
do sot easily lose their sletveussder usry ttiatio,"swiths Iictres of te "o-edsac fits the weirdt harmonssies of the ABULACE Ott CALL
tug cosudiuiuusss s seenssyhter friends adbyh ee foe, Nsxets tite lss altsu
M oney Loaned m odiin.isaohretreniteetnNreiaatr.GenHalmd
5,, _____________________ susotter ealsre. '[us asireubug ithisit l upea sancee here its a recitative-
On Wtchs, Damodo o oter the results of yeserdays varsty spssiumu is "Annt Art-oe rons Othe
personal property suet sake IMichigan's track iprospects.Stnidioit," iiwthici suds ceeiriti suis-'uen inuu espo'dingktth era.-
Watches and Jewelry repaired. appear lbrighteilthanseser Theday wa s 'l"ip" iBal,"Pa" Skisinser Jue Par- co eusisionttof.Dvre 'siisog is.use t-
Bargains inWatches & Diamonds nout cnduivee t te est sork, buut er. ue typialandliacy, sand Ile uti -ll app eeth iAsiM ercifultseterMuit
tsuamy eents discosedi ileasantstite-sicalfreshmnai.express lteirsviews o Smrcflt isfc. H
Office at residence 381 E. Liberty St vaIntttagi xslieithtiese numbsuers sthanusilthle i ecflt i ae
Ann Aicir and7 to peise cuusternce uits ilse is is a eatesier proigramusof 'risev ieitg keeps it smooth and free from.
Herst to 11t80a. in., Io39 n o send itoie dChicago ofeecebds Tefaculty isrepresented inrriatonsyeuin
en> Haraesoorsn~ren fair tiiossucilass every testisithue wes. oss where te notes of a history ir
JOSEPH C. WATTS fesso are tascsribed, also iteretitg Saitin pressed. aiC; trosers, toe 'AIIIIIA MLC9 SHAVING
Tist liiclsiascusisuat ast! eerpts frost the Usiersity Magaziue Fater & 0'Conor. f VV~51 A S T I C K

Students' Lecture
Sir Choiltiug Liafig Cheng
Wednesday, May 16
Single Admission,= 50 Cents

Trade Mark Registered


The latest wrinkle in the collar world is
the high douhle soft collar, worn with a Ir~sLa.eA, ro
soft shirt and held together with a gold Going North 9:05 a. mn. and 4:3l p. mn.
safety pin crossing under the fonr-ill-haiid. Going Southt7:i0 a. m.,ll1:35a. m. and 7:3:3p.nm.tcnbwonihaykndfatead J.. RB, WT.ILS
Goali Pane. Agent. Agent,
is hoth comfortable anid snmart. The idea Toledo, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich
has met with great approval. Our first Bell phone 135-1r Home phoeo698
shipment was soon exhausted anld we were IHI NCE T A
compelled to re-order. VLHG NC~ i~
This second shipmnit is now ready for "The Niagara Fails Rout."
our customiers. We have then i inhoth the Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
hlue and white. 45 p . 0p . m. 1 .05 . ..21pm
Locals East-6.05 a. in.,*11.10 a. m., *4.05 p.m.
*8.36 p. m.
ThrughTrains West-. m. a m~,7.58 a. in.,
Oi18 a.in., i.3p. m. 10.20 p. m.
Locals West-i24 am., 8.28 a. in., 1.40 p.
The Stare of the Students by the Stadents and a*t(Exempt Sunday.)
for the Stadents.Kansa City and the WestL -
W. W. CASE. Agent, Ano Arbor


r ,

Newi Oxfords
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WAHRZ-The Shoeman 218 So. Main Ste

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