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May 12, 1906 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-12

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HA F-TO0N E S ,,,;....;,...+,.:
and- We Have the Finest and Most Complete Showing of
and ~Shirts in the City. ON OA
ZINC ETCHINGS ___________ ____II
Loe nPieIjFyou haven't any particular sort of suit in mind, sup ' and,l iItcal'os cty
Better in Quity pose you drop around at yorliueadsesut .L UI
Bete i Qalt that have YOU in mind. If you're a YOUNGma R+:WJ.L VI
.r I you'll get " chummy'' right off the reel with I 4h AceOposiCort ooseU'
Ask . M SMIH To doosot f nwYM CA
As1.!.S IT Or (0 tc ons;:?:0 to 1130 to 5
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank ' CLOTHES AGSADN RS
ropitai stock, 40000. urpus, $200, 000 i C 11 v Just and justly for chaps around maturity. Made a great 1( . I co MnSloolmio e, I the(Wold
Rtesour ces $-4,00,000_
A eea akn uiesTnsacted deal etter, styled a mighty sight smarter, ut in price C [i(SIAh~tI
A orern Bokin Buines rns~cr 'riBseBall Lawn Tennis Foot Ball
lreIcaEOO'Clas. F. Hseock. pres., w. TI not at all higher than the ")almosts " of designers who;arhy RouGofQit
Harian veepes: J.nr~ .cahir ?t; E ( + -( try t make the e models do for old and young men c .,t. C.ricket Lacrosse Croquet
R~owe's Laundry 2 JUST RECEIYED-Another Lot of NEW SIFHATS. 4 inrtertantren en
Thomas Rowe, Proprietor { . f l.,.," l,, , n (b1dhe advanocementof (
32 N Ffh ve his palci olIc saw((r.
32 ,FthAee~STA EBLE R W UEyT R TH) c,( (Oreqitfo Lswn
Meo Phone 457 Ten1n oOCSri ndG'olf'r.-lt
SpldMin s rae Hark on
I) ' as yc a lot e s r l rm. leo. ats ogr
bbbn1c llel(dividendP payingfytstook.\S amd rIn-, c el]1. oon ,tct din [ )ticia11 6(l ieh~ligo cal; soli lly C1 Ocl +c --- .
aprI e ods(11oewo a adAA 0 AFli .1ChI)e ~i leoo adn o muooccliat1'e StdltSh11 op1 ,1(00 ilimo.oo PADi j'o c(og C, BOm S~,so
GEO. J. HALLER eU CO. jProfessor lFaoeohan, w(('11a1 bnc moo hie 11(1. Pro feor FOne ld oc loc 111 cellfcc- J. ie. one f
Campus Barber Shop 1 te l. a 1t,c0ofVermot, an(111
.A.MOE, 705 N. Uni erity Ave ae 11 cl, l rilcn to t ~ ' 1C) E n gra v e d
'liclg c l n nayoft Ne tot'c 0 110. Cand 1111111d t ____rs s_
THlE FARMERS AND MECHANICS BANK adt Inw nt abroad I I1,e1too1 ilia de- 111,1111lb cu lhe ) iee ot
MAIN AND HURON STREETS I C 1101. t (he ( li esi yoloof 1111 0C111ardsoe bgIt'1 clc
copitut. $50000, Surplus and Prfitis$650Ott 0.0(111 1110 (I (bIll (01(0sec- I,,)l ,11cc 1111d 0 lnleo ellO clc a'ttracob Plt ooo poce, adjustblel,m ti
IDoesotooco I I3alost uins dPa s, ilto07 10 l 110111111( l 11. e c1 liell c:1 pr c t c el h l,l 31 cbtI _______
'i prscetinteetonTepo a d 0Savings1i lo thi lnIo ta op it lt te 1 . the sock~os sgle, neaty e l-
at 1' 00 toOpwocds Iltiltl nI'o 1b 1III oso7( ..lllto'0 , Seniors, Leave Ytur
The Ceiebo-ated 01, )t re I11tl l'ocoidlion co'tI'(101I I .llotlo Stem ot Co., l (11'uc
111111 111.01 hul C stIOll 1Jo 11innal__ _ t (~"
1 1 II 1011i (l(.011 mo T/ SELEoCT FROM
TrAuNes t h Dl)vr U lght ORul1(111c11 1tcal 1ch1 1 Pioneer0SMi smripSiProosh riip,,Initials
and lasting.___________________ 1101.1 \\ cdo'cI d t). ceothRs ton, t ;tt5 Chuestht Olditss
Crwn, nltc e o he.ofl o ur o ol Scto r eseo 2O colscs 10. uper ., t , lo Srit S hated, d iRou ySes, crinpt,
phitdo. . Rumne, Gotti, with hir li '
S'J7IiseuathJ N> n llhitoic Fuller & 0O'Connor.________t£___shade.___
Italian, German, and of Anmerican I it11 eary dcolf t1hec (eec ilnguage - -o-- From $1.25 to $4.00
Manufacture . 1lifecipending'1 onle 10.11 il (.11.01.1 SENIORS-Ieav yro rd( 011es fcr ( N O 7wi fr10CrsadPae
FIOR ALL SIRING ED INST RIMENS1I Uamag, " tcot eeryesorodOd< helsa An dArlield'Cnl F 1+Y11 0 Cad ro lte 5t
It c llndo lt ood h at1111 1 lcsoI FaI II jwiy sloe-fF o
SCHAEBERLE & SON b lo. (l ion coy 11m t (ooC cal li>- V__ C mmece e
14 W. Liberty St. ANN ARBOR I"0-e (111nd 111101" 0 eel n i C yll1~tolo0', Ollielo 'c6snorineds arheoead oy foot W ee k IHOSV . H. S LATER +1
1 1 10m politl an I Itiquties rfesrd livry andliale $2.0. 1)10('t1pay moe.t Book s liar
E nvoch Dieterle le ala]si til l a .111 bm o l ll lceserc 1110beitcsend(01o0117 offic ioems RENTAL, - $.00an St io
Embalmer and Funeral Director ,l (lIas n Ic Vi0(111 1 lel saidcoool al l C11forordoercs (immeditly J 10,.-dor. ey tinrso. a nd Statlo r
Ambuance -Calla t eudel dy r nigth. 1be01a.m1an o hl i" 0ci pronc011'geni ppen nrec alicee. Ye Sudlet Shonp f A L V LL'' 116 South Main Street
,'i1 S. tih Ac©:e.sic s amoof's)' oor nisp IIIoilo(ing te101011r11(111a0- -_A "I_._O V E L
tPhsnysc404. Ano Aroc. i c 0,10 ea 1011nd Itetoe cr.I Snisfocct v tailoinclg oalsaisfao ry oocglo,,0foc
11w0' 01101111iII 00a 00l b cogra prces lller & OConnor. 6s9 1. Wil CX, SONS & VINNING, New York
011 e o scur11ing for (till posiioca lssesstreet. f FINELVyNCHES
$1.00 to $1.50 1YoE eoccytetuo c, ((sgel ltltan
Fvoiiy Gu-antand D etc& l1 0,0,0i ars 6A oit
or Dollar Clockls are bthe1 ettmade io o0 atsro h i 01 toae g x e
for the moety, Fn ~w epin Y D Lo orSA. KA O. ~o'
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main StXFORDSEOJOLLYSStatORSt
ATota',38.SttsBetter than ever this season. See our Window for the c~retn
newtr________________rondtpoou D. Y. A. A. J. RAILWAY
fle's xfods Ths pevntsallstetcingtsippngCndSroo~TANDARDTIMEo~ssI(c
pel ~ Cary o DII oltl-3a. n,.nd ver
League Baseball Reports the market with this reinforcenment. tohor ul i.o Ie osmi~o.t.
2I'Iu oc l e c o etrochoit .15, om., ss.
Received by inningQs tDaily 31wsoINou50. loa 10)rvce5.awkos7I Sol.n

Grease P8..lnt
Ihe University of Chicago Cold rax
Thse Ullsicsty ycoe 1 divisdeobin(otor WeHveano EebocPnol
olotee sctcc. 'sbe. Slsig. S9u ,sI(cidsshbA- W aeCaps Senior RatesEYebo e cl
tumn. Adooiiss o ocos l teda01 be open'(ing of an Go sadote
eacou 015 losony~oIApr(1d 20,boo'161ll. and d Go n Giooentloc
Otohbet. Graduate instcoctiosI is offered to Fit atths
iss thse Graduate chOloools ofrAs'IandOitera-
tures and tase Ogdess (raduat(ebSolsof Studio TheatrilalSupples
llrecicse. srofesional i(struton ois olfre
in thse Iiinty Ss'Isunt Itie Io 5'M (1 . Iles
tas Mdio'oolColge (astIiOsot O(0 Ie
Scisoob of Rdus'oti,,s. tS e Quaoserec100. __
louse -IllSeptsb esrc1. lristteem: ,oune 111.'
July 20; Secood ITerm: July S;-Agust 31. . E. K N
Rtegstr tiosbn s isermcitted orteoint r ur - O~ mii f e rethelTTL isgvnfrwr oese clr('o5larc- E. ilajaf
oSfee rforiteach ,he P o eMar n rm teco,.ad ilress re36o7-Isit
I~ oouuis drs A D B O eni~Blk. 320 Sosth stat. street
The UNIVERSITY OF CiIiCA0, Chicgo 111.

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