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May 09, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-09

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TheMlichigan Dil
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, VD D\X, :i)\ r i gX o96.

t%L. XVI.

No. 156.


bilCHi-lit\, LNION tII Ic 1'i)N

WILL PLAY HERE TODAY Itte liffort i beigtiade byth

DeNeffe Will Pitch For Michigan
-Eckersall in Left Field For
h is fterlinoonatIi '0' le varsity
taei tillmimets till iteamifron thtti
itilsi0' o C hisago in tie secoid of
iese'sof 1four1 1o le playeitis sea-
so.It is likelitat tielpreset seasoit
lull Ibe tielasit othe initerollegiae
aildietic oestl"s btwen 1(1tiese tto great
Tt Chicag' o wiileve' te aeatithii
Ihelsifoitiilga"mite ts her credit is
noletan iii liithe iiidwaschool
wil liethe ti h iler branchelesif it-
lt iitss cltiii b11111alogeter pssi-
WiXtilthese c'oneitilostC atainttWXen-
(fel andiithis iteni till tryts setuat
iii go oes not quitialttsither. Te
fiest f thiii oes was :iniieasy vitoy
ltr'1tichigai ittaisoe of 7 ito 2. "Yet
1 itt llis lway iuner till,'aintthe
scoeemtigt easily le revlrsdi tosal.
'therefotre tieicapti ilttiges eet st
dentt gt'oilttn i ic'it the tlt lotal
'Te Clicg eami il iischttie s1111
aslat ea, ih onetills iliantit excepe-
ttn. \\ ltier I kt ll s tr iof the
gril iron, itwilieti ill theletal ia
mon frite irst ime'11111 hllsstieti
qar teir itwill htin ileft iifieuldiiirliii
visitors, ndtit ey ret ticinlg geae toet
oni his sieel Iiilrtuinig the bises A-
lie' testsile str iiof itie itins too,
metae looing Iforwiatditohis idefeti
litoa. Sid sint of thrilalst eeintg''
"Istilt would 1lik e to hle the imaniiwhit
brn, inihe sililillirunstiltmorrowls i
eseilyifi i sslinctolii hiiisirii
ito left hili."
Catain Plit(iii~' perhtils ile lhardiist
tileer CntheCilecago iseam. it'rier i-
ist'er"gtotumtituwitlltte stick. Wsal-
le as s e enthete Iast ear whiei le
11(11notiappearito1he litcinlg vesry godi
hal ie pist cd ile iaiud one'-tid
ininilithe lst "gtite iof le seasoni.
hi~ring tat time le allowedlsix its.
ismnstiui cago o t iilin tleetr
strus'etiltt inman.
liee'Mihigani ieiam sill le tiesm
as last Saturdayiii iiiwithte eseptioniioi
Sanigeriin the rigi"tiig"ardetautu Dc-
Net~ iitl ithe o '.iS"ne'r i-ll trsb-
tl e slie iii iIthle llnit tgamis'of
scsi Satiriaiy.
Yesterdaitastuncod ifr sawokuti
adas tieres it-ois ingiii"but a ligti
battingpsatce' \indaiytie emn till
goint tihi' game ith iilittlepraato
sire their lst 'game Ile gamte sill
le csled tprmputlytis i4:05.
'i'ie Pihiloltogical sotietystllt hitlsiits
regitlti meeting 't 7:30 toiigti in Rosit
C. UCniversshy tll 'ile paiersfits the
eveiin g twi lite ott"Vesiviis inidithe
Destrtuctinttof Potmpei in the ests 79"
twhichliwilile red itt Prof. F. X. Kel-
sey. Profe sot Keseys psper tes oni
the progatinfosr te itietitg lst tweek,
bttwtas poistoned i to the preset set'
'fTs' tarst' seals thitcht tere hoei
ity the senirs s their offiial svnirii
are having a lsarge sale. Noi only se-
insit, bit seior sitstutumaniy oter
stidenis are inesting ii themn. An e-
ira sipmneit has iei sett for aitilal
seniors' whio tesre our an get onie at
Ye Sudeeit Shp nt Williamt street,
ita isStair.

'The ettries for the twesteni ecitfer-
eince meet to e htstelid st Evantson, Il.,
tills 2 sre to e closedin iite ests
future. Up io the tireseti time, tesi
frioti sesenteen diffternticolileges ate'
bieten lterdi. A totl of 427 iteit are
itositdotn-inttthe thiioks of the cofe-
ine s prospietite compietirs Miih-
iauiuleas in idieuetiilr rof entries Xii
Fitzpatrik haintg' sett ini a list of iiiy-
itle namte".hutwa hus fifty-two, WXi-
consin liiity-itsanitChicagifeityte
'Tess entriess itcluie l me tntwhthaitie
sliy' sitaties of comptet ig. ITe ituttbe
ofi aitutalisutstatsill tpriinoably be
ciii dowttcisidrab1 ily uesore the iday
f the neet
The list sitftiensetiniiby' Xr. istz-
pticrk is sfolos: 11itPt Rimey
J. U. Garets)lI.tLimDunlap F A
Roties 14L1 Cisc J 1.lGoosiR .Gif.
Siteart, i. .1Day, T. I Sltitwman
L. C. hull C.iH.iBritot, JXW. lii,
J. H. iHosiceit XX T lutst .UO0
tbiggs U.V Essery, N I.ClUark ii
J. "lhaw',3.S-Ciuts CA.CosA. i.
Uhl r tit.ic RI.s Moffet f.'A.iDuil, I'
X. est, C. J.Schenuk11X.iuintgo ii is
X a,1.i,Sis T. 11.iRetd ,S_
MiiikeitiH XX lu'Bisop,1itF. iXXthe's
I. M X litekIT XXW. iMloiey I. B
FreicIUL1 C.iWdrile Mi C ichard- i
suit C. 0.itchif.iB. Leete C. XX
F.C alJi., .N Rkestriw, '
t.Shuu; XX XXCe Jr I P. P.Mag
sftun J. . Uoton 11.ist Ji.,3. 11
I lopitiltiFI'tit Doddis I.UC.etrit"i
C'. SmilesXX' I.IKersitJ. J.CLisigstoii
Theiientriecs wtri sentinitbeftier lit
coniifereslce hadii teitdedi upion tthe eli"-
ibiliti sit"till" Cot. he declratint
ofi hisieigiiiiityt parttiites sill re
dlite 'siuchigami's ttlof enurissto fifty-
eighst t even tttthe slistislage
thansthatof anylithe r college.f ICI
The 'MiyitFestil i iiiiiiei iofthe I-!
lardiriii11le stit tdai. t cotintll
severali articles of ntt '1h 'et
Xlayt'esitialit'bt Prf. AlbertA. Sian-
ley, a comllpriehie'nsive' articeisnlthe
coiigi MaiyitFIstivlideters m
han mileesmentiln.Ts hle twriter' s sense
ofI hunitsris shwinitu iihis rfrenc ser ts
a cirtooinisi ithis C ounltyir iCiiiroil
Li disussig"the t''riousii prducitionts
schetlileilftilthe itit esivXio
gromt the trofessot'ptysiarciese
the tvarisiswortks; u iispeakitg of
lilt ownticomlpositon, the mucth-pratisedl
"iPsaitti sf Victoity'te says with char-
actertisitiosdesty Of the 'Psalm of
Vitorys to e performted n Thrsday
eve'ingitig idoes otlbeoovse te to
spells othterthaniitto sty'that te men-
ters of thuelihotis semt to be udeter-
cine lu'stheir ethuitsiasmtotemtake
amndinus their performtatte for ay
short-coiumis nilte lutsosf the cor-
"TwosisNames itta title," a short
story by Chatrlet P. Cushing, is entirey
readiable. 'fTse tttmor wicthltpermeates
the twhole sory overretaches itself at
timtes, tossever.
A short story that for its tweirdness
aintetsesly isterestitgtattre deserves
mntioni is, "The Stulen Brain." Thisi
story, as sell as "The Vial of Hea" itt
the ltast Inltander, by the satte author,
proves himti of a daritg atd sartlitg
imagittatiot. His plots, however, as au
stle strike otie as eitg too large for
their treatmiet. The climax cones
rapidly, atn after tat the stories ave
a tetidettcy to weaken mtore rapidly lihit
this best sor sories sottld.
'Te oiler portions of the Inlatder
are interestitg antp to their -tsual

tiltor outsthue'such1ian' uissitoItsavs.
thise elecionulasluopentasposbeti
rear. I'ast i's--ti-tly1 thoses whito i hd at-
tendedcilthuranuaui 1tltalit weretsntitiled
to a tite tis year, howieverte
ftrancise has libesettihr sils open iand
ailyoutilehithrhlil t endedil iisiit htban-
(plu r ttsitots aybeoe me r bssuiu htIhy
paysiig aa it's'osit ii'su iilive 5 trill s
extra tice~itswillh e its ii sathe ath a
uteels beforet'he ills ecuuutihy 'Setary
'Steven lsonl iiin tsie h11i ro m,
Anote h angesi titoit he listituted is
usa i llii heihattii earuh depr teti l i ll
site foris tis situ liparitmt al repre-
sentative11onlt h board. Itis ihoptedthai t
this itilli insiure5 this sleetion osf theteist
tilt ineasuhidetitu mnt and obviatl
teiuecessuitysof uty potialu man uvesi
ii Iin Ts'e tuprobabiltuies sre Isat in i s
lattei itslust ts he eciosillathecin-
ductsediositths suhe siltmusplan sht'sushn
Cucisih1 thi rduiishangtoi' be' itaitt
is that or h an1 one tilsaniate tssill b
niamiedlfitsechiplosition51. 'hheeletio
thus y'e'rui' s sc'hduledh fosr 'si'-(i.
tt'\NC'Ii h'hS'ih'hhi'-

Captain Joe Curtis Has His Eyes on Every Department in the University
the Pennsy Game---All Aspir- Joins in Movement-Plan Elab-
ants Are Invited. orated For Presentation.
Lastsight Jose Curtis. cauptaiii if this 'hue idheat of ait9tinS tiorisul giveti
'o6~ sait th foo'thalt eamtut. issiued a ctll hYty'tie se-tisiii ti f ll detartmnts has
t ll fotbaihssl lsi ts. the .teiti piry' eitaIsi ucess . Ait a m ins's ofu iithe

i tllsk tuon t th c ule s, tash im r s
lihm ihtesi "it hiiy isfutwinnutig
ilhe schamp~sinsip sof 's uuuuu texst fall,
"ud it", yi tei foist- gslIstsui" e muuuuuuuucsul'uu
t from th" tutur", t h usehand ulcthuig to
11511 tius e illed )viu suensussci
ar l)- i s l ule. i hitcmiiiithei itluw
rilt: inti urud teisi usili lihungs- thus
tiltl i as suistthe hii ttlnew.utsui
hut viewi ofiths fist sthat \usehaveia
'''usc sith iiusyl 11111ia nest:fill.,itis
ligt'' il hs-a t very ratan its hs evueiiri
lye oobalbeori rhospes lto in
teftrshittildti 'sItld'tushyi'forua
plc osft the u tum. i :M1 ithe tm it'whot

-itend tousg'''' t'fori'fots ballth nhurt faull
Thut I ittSiociii clsubslis iospiosedss Iarci'reque~ted 'l tilmts-liiintue tophy
its paytr o11111 1 'I' st-s si' ist hut it' sto . susroom iof tse suuuuussisuuu atsit 7 sschsc
tits tcsIh i tswe Seial mus itc till b I -tt igtsA hils mueeling sll this nrii-
sigd.T hts i tlii''wi eisn a"tuu':l5s i hes t hlsisyes assmuwillhue lire-etril
an il o tn e ni sa . Te 'tisand sma'ter'stof iteresi t sill iwill t'
iat iltk lc tC(angrs'.' d iusciussed. Cututis, Catainlu."

hulls rsit's' temlutitai euuulcm iterlast
u-s-htelu e515) lipartmenist rprtsedh i
ftators sftthis memoilAul underitti eht
plan adopsedruathsenmir gvsuonsue lii-
sum 'andi tuetu iy-firsemens iihis cass
us ar tuuth imemoruiuil, a~prox simastelys
hue tihusandol lallrs wtill le hundel
1scrtthis' Xi cigatUt itutuat thus std
,f lt-e ear. OfhutIis stiuull.ihe portiohnu
)th l'sitandulthusdentsuistthe.usd
It thesatuatl buitldling" f this-cbhutse;
:hsmn' giutiven ' by' h's this sremauin 'its d-
iiunetiiis is for ltistpurpouuse osf i t~o6
hute t e placeshiniithes cli huts.
I'l(ttwoidas av ibenfund pruh attl-
'i anuisnotilntagonisic.
At ther miseing 'ChluirmauutnIMalclmt
also elborteits planh iifort thu rtueset-
ti of thismemrial.uuuiThus leaduinmg fea-
tire's if thitsstrutauseuiorchnvoucationm
he ut in commii' 'uuenucmen'u Iteek, this
1emo iatthe prtesentedh h's'it mtemb ier5
if thuesse-tutr clhss athaccepttedt h's'a
'rersenittiv esoftheXMihiganiondiltu,
ahroinnt ieiii ituiu tu t preside, tutu
anothlie'radsuateul of IMiiihilntotgis'e
ali atudurests; uscandthis n htal rehersal
'f Miicihigasontgs sitdyells.Theidsea
tess fastsirahbly sttosi-ecu by'thus turi-
o r'al couuu usc tuand as it hs lusousbeen
commn ies's le iecsuhii 'igan Uinath
htesisieut Angll, h it usill undubiuutedy
hue' realized.It hiis tsaces ri st-
1 inerd it imueaniiaittitevent illi
uluruscnet weekiwiltdtoI dri iihats
al eaeth'15'is's tgetheus-s-itu Iitlitlidi-
cat sudntsentimetuulin fiavsor oh
CdlO i II NCXi I'NT' sWhuIK
veenngs f Jue 1, and u6, he lets
Grst companhyhofuuE'glish-itlayersihilwills
it-lulls' ibl shun uaiftssioonhopenhut'
C'rformcehvwill Irs egve.Po
f1 if lionamomc s ta ttnetof
whil us the islesrstill rbalu's-A ei
hut Itcii IGri useformer~us tutu'salways
his-i im- voittve1111 s" hutrus. Rseneed
lnorst-si babsuit willihheuenuhs i tilt
okayssechutstsulof hitclerless iusssuuu
tutu iemtGdeetivtell hy theis- outn mii-
sslsst itetub Xireover e, thus itgishi
platyeswilliiaddtt mtrsihutthus farewelh
festivities f thus senios
'hetanualuuu"rItite itait tf te Mih-
igsnua usocsuietyswll tke pac 'huts-
sit's evrening t 6 30 d On this day trim
unioru s fromi thus literary anthegignee-
ig departmnits silthe tkenu ito this
istr mi ldtiters'esi-s'as geast iteres
aroutund thus campuusus nsetmg wshaltbl
he thus fortuniatietudrls stmen.
'The cuistoitu s full thus outd memer-s
t aupear us full Itianhsticostumne ath
circle tabtoult ppatn Oak,wsee thilt
expesctanit jumnios te Iating, an ars's
uth uff to thus Xicuhugsuuuta 5001s
uhers- thus fialceremnies take uttce.
XIIA 'si' lt. hEJOUNA,
Chicg's canucliniug Mihiigni's fott-
balliigamuue loosks lsisf '-i. Sagg hadu
heardut of thus carefulh hreprationts tuatu
sre beinug matosuei avenge that fluke M
t o score-Detroit Journal.

In irecenit seassfe-usislges-u'sisse coessul'nsdih he' contrlled in-t pera for' I tut' oi
tyOres deservedsitu ttupophulllity tii hain1tills withlievr-I'ncusrea'sinugsuiccess.
coumiunug i-hut-een anunced. 't'ui Ihougsshutlsu'shrpona esoncert s ini hondonuu
of Dyutcuh tescet eIloes.ii i an tafttuoseston5stidlr ing shihise
Ameisucaniib1ornuand'utirediuhlist uuiomehue-s stie irhpronuncii estfavorite, he le etu
thug itlITennessee, uhereucsu ofii it to ueicafr unthier season11 f o1;
sunarl hsuy 1m tr u" r ii us-ay ulobtaes. Illhisecondussi ersies usf Londosnuttintu
'ustiequenihhtl ly tdt itlwee isuplet- bsanin ' us siltsrusheis eae
metirmted liiEuIo115 tith e s shue platetheu it iit etvl ihsc
himmself iii thus limis shutthushurst iieas- uisiss isInumsuxtu us ichters , XVV
hers an dvuedserl earssmttoithei-sitdI AuuustuII a1111. XXiithusheexcel)
mohust camuetful phepshin 1 for ttheiicn- ofustyeritn uPaIris, VanIilottuse liss
seth ut diopsutsi' s'e.Iis muics' lu-s te imtle sills'e'theis-i ihus native I
behi-si sty-is-ut ]itire 1yule enruusinug-humInhsj'thus- h stun 1Syutullhly ioanu
iii mit sithman futnfauil ingturt y' mutd mthd a seasoni (f XWigue-ucocetsis
usrmh Aeutt 'lthouu'hlienis'esss'uumiynt i trsilt I VnXi S ad admettuums.'l's
temtperatmtetal singerti'eht'hias learndciisolosists.mundlthisseurst''elt-ith
tilt art hutselfctrlanmdttsing"'swithu ttus uuuc upporhitpsi . iForufuruu
amrhstlcIresstraiii.Itwos ioptutuaaamutwthins iiconice-r-
Xii VanIiiI loses fir sItpubhliu mille'ar- Iloss'hums tenh smssnsitlwsith
amuce wst-situstenorumsolistihDrI letter dIontilts lba.h
Neweton'is churcsh Newr 'ot rmndthrlt Thoise wuhitshue-sethihus masterly it
schursci posituios uofuprominuuence. us-ee hiss-trtI'i{'uI ttis' tushlatsh itt esi
Flledifor severaml 'years.huIn187,Xtsss.sutill usehcesus"tile oppourtunmitys'of 1I
0 uumusmscit mmiii tits eng'aged'sitmuiutfor iliim aguu in h i in a ivois like "A
theme seasoni tf grand ioptsrt it Germuan, muhutshillgive hius m hmuumuusuitiip
1Frenushtstnt Italianmithue leadnhug ptimantaunity11formthus dsisly mof hutshurstc
ionnuashiemig sMmuse s elbia antd Cadsbiinseistsies,

shu as

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