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May 03, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-03

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The Michigan Daily

Varsity Gets Beautiful Trimming 3=0
-Errors Lose Game Despite Mar=
tin's Good Pitching.
'th asitt didttl Clook notch like
iiiptnpossvesteday. After- gtving a
lt-iit beatintg lto two of the best col-
thaleed lutgersott tie lotcti aggre-
-u-sti were helpless before iin Oberlin
tit iwhsetontiy qualifict iont ts a
ither seemiedlto hi his aitlity to ptt
iding ott teipart of histesiamn nates,
'alor haitittle iiffieclty itt adiinis-
tilt Iaiteattiu otitoiithitewash to
the Chittttptswitlte titeeigitt errors ite-
itI iait ittienaitiedi the Conigregatioti-
iotstitaiass tittertatiiies.
i itwis thit ittorest exithititinif biase-
ball ittaNicigtiitteamtiitts affordedi
hi inr itid orrntbatses. lMcarti
--tuedaneffective gtatte, atdtd htcile
icii dthte kittdlof sutpptort thtitaty-
odid.lea siswotlid tare litdciashut-
,,i o its tcrtdit. althtotugh his tto errors
ithseethilthelped Oblerlitn to one of
Ot theioterItatid. 01berlitt feltied
at iiinli te ir tt iv errors ibeinigalott
tits byRuitptiwhlict wtas entirely ex-
titll anda tmttff hbyXWaters twhichi
the lanuky first batsemaniti aftertwardls
't'heiilig wa s allthe itreuark-
1-sinteepatl of thie-gtame iris playedl
s rainistosrmtiandilaihigh twindilmadte
Iit ltost itmpitissilelito juidge ftytails.
ice siattertutuditiotns itt-italso cii-
usc so ;(tunt of i te varsitys errors.
Rupscisredl Oberlin'ts first ruts inithe
ount innintg iwhlithit l mmietticiottt a
tit-biagger tiliitw ttit I l. eiwentt
sothrdona passedttlliandiilseoredl
whtet en ttilaenb huiiit siit tr escapiet
Lightnter lei tillwithiia single ini the
fith. Toddhilsacittficetilto tseetcid
but lieiwas rn nut besttw ttiensecondti
indtirdti iwh len Taylor copped otte
at iiiitti it ie t~vlrwenlt itosecosntt ton
1atnserrandilsctireidwiteti \Viisoit
lae atu tiwtiltagger tot left. Taylor alsti
ital heichtototrtof setoritng Oberlins last
rutni ttesevntthtweitlie reatcied
fir st ott SI it ii's errr. I Ie wettol
to ctch im ofttitir ltst ail scoredl ontti-


Nit. 151.

Nlo Parade Friday on Account of Prof.
Russell's Funeral-Seat Sale
Continues Today.
As a tiark of respect to Prof. Israel
C. Russell, twhose fineraltill le eli
Firidlay aftertnoontheicottititee ii
charge of the Uniontinttstiel catrtival
at the stiggestioti of the Utioti iirectors,
tat idecided to call off the prade sedti-
tled for l tha rdit. Thits decisioi tats
arrit-ed at s socntathle Itoutr of the
futteral was determinied, it it twts the
idlea f thte cotmttittettandlthe IUioi
direttrs thatitheisi tititis tttetdant
tpon the ptiae itoiudihIsarely te i
keepintgtwithi thttstirt iift ltay. I-ow-
ever, tit parade totiSaturdayi iiwill tke
placee is hIlinined.
The seatistle hits bien goitg ost
brisky, ut there are still ti ltrge ntutt-
ter of gototilseaslefi.Ysterday Ge-
eral M-anaer Poundil imatie a test oif the
cariotus serts of thet lhall whlile the re-
hietrsttl tatgo ig--oni tinifotitdihtt
there wtere tbout forttiseats ii the en-
tire hall ithere the sotwcutli ot hei
lietrdl tithi tirectc otifort. This
mieatis that everybiody who twtatts to see
the showat d ish vules to avid uc the i-
conivenisencee f itwitig ii lie ott the
ights of the perfomanmcs ae still
the oppoirltunity tot resectve god setts.
As list beenttediti heforetere istco
extrtt pricechclatgeid for resevitg setts.
Fifty cists bayis tanv seat ii the house.
H-owever,ITrastte Jp 1-elsell ia-
itoitteetlalst night thaIIticse who re-
serveid seats an it ditinot Ipat for ithet
tut ceal firthetirtody Seats till
b e ottstitle tdayit itVthrs frottit9 tt 1
ini the mtitrnitntg ntl from t to 6 in the
teitl te ctarinilare-urtgedl he those ii
chstrge tot scurei their tickets nowt-i
order ttitaivoid ittettruith attthe dors
Frida adlavtt itlturda eintgs.
CTe tonlyt iiof le shott-wvhict has
nott lu-nexplasineinul TheIliDatily- is the
roarinug faruce eititlid, liii Mercan
of B elig ii I Ti is a liurlesctue ton
linGret tollatortecilby tio n glish
itstrutotrs andtwotitioif te titeritys
brillitant litetirs lights wholii tre ot yet
sit the faultty. It iisibastdI tnti"-Tu
M51erehatofit Vetice" ut the sut tutd
iticitettstre ll lcabein-it'takets fromt
rdiliare -s twell -s the extcrardinary
htappleninigs ilotithliiicatmttpts. There
is nott a tutu lute itepitylet tand the
liciirusstuti tontsthich ae beeti
audiience-itisntocnutliosto flagtier.
$vteii if the lines in sitattiots were
tot tprovocatiseof humtiorIthe actors
thtemtselsesswithottit inhes wiottld
ritigidowntheiiihouse o see "Lilte
lw"T-s lur iressedcupas ti ladylike
Portit, CletitSmtoot cavortitg arottit
it agenitotfteshtmuantiand"Octy' Gra-
hamitsatinltg utigt tt represett a
itatll, sithi bothi ears andto e antIa
tonigue, tutd et(lthiitseve s ti arrier,
t ec-hole atd abt rck-these are
sights whitcht tiettorthlite fity cents
tidmtissiontiprice inthienseitves.
The etintetly pobae Johnnity Garrels
beamititgbeetvolentlyi urponth ie actors
aatt udittiececas ai mooti; Shltte atd
Lonigmatn cdresseid as oys ii knicer-
tockers; "Spider" Coe tatd "Slit" Cole
as lusty beef-eaters; "Dad Gntdry, the
lug trumttpeter twhotsnaakes a lite noise,
andi Bolt Sitctir s Ite good-lookig
Jetwess, Jessict-eachi or tll of these
wottltd redeem tity orditary pay and
gist- it a rnt of three hundttred atd
sixty-fee nigts ii any theatre.
ln hti le heay arts tre carridl by
light tmeti-Jack Neni-rker as Sylock

M-el Brooks as Bassanio, and Dick Moe-
gait as Atntonio. These men are till
expserientced actors, more or less, mostly
more.. Jack Neumtarker is the first actor
ini college; lie ocetupies that place ini the
hearts of the matinee hahitues formerly
(Continued onIPge Tan,)

tot -s i;i-i-c; t.s Si itNitti.

.i, I t iR.H .0
i s, c . .. .. .. 4 5
Siliti b. .. .. .. . 0 0t

: .

Famous Metropolitan Opera Baritone
Will Take Part in the May
Musical Event,
SignortiCututuisa utth le fatuoitusan
plsssiar Ititotntu ofithe ili- trotiitanu
oiperuthuse shita iss i-n stirers-ites
:Clat-tuusitulfetival 1this siteiing. lie
isutuusutusult iacknowtledcugid si osie of
tic- gretes-t ortiic stirs aust contuu c
ttruactionis tf ste prcettlitte, lit
alneofalrtsu e ars te distintctittn
ttf hayin-gti-eest- entag-ediltttthet-tic-lest
psuiituuu sitera ositufor-tutwitelveconec
ifs tat s'cutso irtluoso ittte catltyuistge
guiigciiicerts uun thelages- uop
cuties. St thec igce 1fssiventttn lit ac-
cpethet losittuittofsitu 'cellist ilth
grtandi srchecstri if LiS culat iii Mi
Vsctal rt, lutistveiii atutuactted hin
greatly ,tusuctt 5atutust thwishsislutofItls
famtiilyadt tejesitfits fricns
lie secrcettsiudiedtoice utlusture.t Dur-
lag Iis iareer as cloirut etusousieap-
seared witiltexti torslut rv success thse
leaditugcities sofIEuroesiaidst so aspi
tetared in cthambersitmuusic scunt ithii
masnt- ciiiehutticssuthi is soachsilt,5 iii-
iawskt, Saiut-Satens, itt.It is nost e--su
erally knowthatit Camlistii is asil-
liatpinits sl itws a5ge'cel cliit
Fhe twas bhught-' ito:Amutcaby1 tse
manuuagemuenst of the Bosstonusymttuphonsy
orchsestira whsereIte octupuidttechitri
if first solos'cellist, -tushosstshi Isis
fessorshsisip f thtecello si thtetNets hutg
tutu Coniservatoruy of NSiuit usn Rostin
lIhe re-siagnedtfrcntth ow e lvettr,-iaitt-nl
set-crut yeats, desritng'toidevte slairnstuscf
to hitsitocal it tir tutuandislit whlit
sspliedcri-stilts, adisth ilswhisiastiltitt
suiccess, thi-geliattst andis si cits
it thisNIcet tittitlitaiitut era huseiialisth
tire tinc tersit inttuit-c atushemuica
pbicin gener-al siecl Inotw.i tlisth
lutstv ute thad ~ihthegodfrtune it111eet asi
admutire titus by uvurtuec-of tisucgenial,
hiapspy tditpoithntigoodtierttxtremielys
modssesthdeeanc-or,-alwa-ys a I sussiword
for everyonseialways ecatyto issista
(ti-nuttnudrut hag'the.

Board of Control Authorizes Director
Baird to Open Negotiations With 1
Eastern University. ,
isit tChicuago!
kultsr -nCnIeli
Stuich is Icvery i i lkely o tieti- reu--tlt
of teatsi lle i f te 1 tialds of i thethic
wa -ra sfrm ihesenteofit i htsm'Vu-
sitofkCica--o, asinsittlit-insoardf cusn-
trsletosreleasett unuscusityfurauister
crcluI ts lyafobl aeo
Turry fltist t fatll. leIii masrsd fetii
tilshta t tie lts i t i t oit l it to lust ugu
lto gratictherequetst. lTOilltitt date.
iadeVacatIbyithe11 c tinu of ICi caglii
iluteaigi t scnci tsact Disector Lairduu
asi-crtel ith l o rneIf ll. iststst tll
den ti.-iece tiecncsufernme uect
still Ibe 1hlt it Nornthwstesn.
Th idigfreshmatun 1rsck its be
t i ait sii at-ttraslt-d lame\u mber h sk
oftisuer-stedl stadtilte, ost pec"u atec--
sillseoi ho sw tttsth r s lust silcture-
move stitstlttsuthes i n ht ttechanuces
src fis thir pltigit o it theucamptus.
Thet rock wI-lis a itle ye sun
Illillilpcut nds.ut I thiwas seturiedl iy tilt
frestiat l l i ulius, I ltiscit anth
Fi , and bearht is aloiick "Si snthetlt
itli lls liiig0) tilt t ttthe Idercass g nc-
iitithetic0Cmentarestu libeftto rus
tituy iturock uuutitse ttur clocI kc
iii lissudertictltss contest is alreasy coii-
sidelt e, nd ttu sies- tiieit cla Imee ing~s tic-
qu t lt lullrhe if thus-da-y-. S-Sthins
i h ok st11115te bjci ofI not itttle
Iattenu tu sitand crt situ etulsiastit siopit-
on s ae plannuuu-ingtssetcuiet-hue see-
vices of adttitue frosmutPiutkertonatnd
keet iite iect iiigrautite suder the chits-
et sarveillane.

arle W. Gardner, '08 Law, Struck
by Fast Train-Home Is at
Harbor Springs.
1uint- eW . Ga-inerssn tll St-i isv esti
tut-i ilt spinsg .was s stiitru shand it-
tuntu kiled by tills \Suic put -
cir suin te SiebliuiCesntIl iat ut-ni
'escryaferoo. hilftautlity uc-
it Yplsianti, t a sptllsuigestivesly
tow ust"Ded ulls Cisc...Thet
stilt wa s frighul-lytit Mangiledith e his itads
suc-tsevere frott hei ttuk, iand the
it ung sti oth i i sionuustet.
Gardnerti i s w ingis nearll Yp isilntti
thi DadMals CIts ."Ialists h
itrin tirch N------------ast. giTh
slut compaions tcrossed hul vtet to te
ililsietriaicki ii h ra f lih t
pasig -rig t sclleith seadohe ii (
i~asengetberi tg d iwsbeindtiustI btt
stltsntic usthotnthgh ins heua-
lilo t fthe s it o stwll.sushi heil adii
and situlIteus twerusie iitit sde sl ut
wich. rtllediuthio bsiliiethtrasits.
takn t Ysillanitand laced in tye
morue, La ilthe injuredl itt111 its a stil-
sill suiDtroit-lie islutowl i thDe-s
.ir tat hes I itltiuslive l Moltoit ts inthe tn
listnhutsitchensitueslush iftitdIlnd
huts arriv i l ts11city o a.Theu o'
fahe isai mit tpt'hi ii ii i l l la t i-u
oft the declutist u ctt sit ithytitlg '05.
lit ls Gad tus nIniteeillesnit-
Iants deah bing itoligt oelo
those lill storiiesl tttih thet devlus l
ur ils ofatitg 5111 h ll l Siisoioten
lkfr, ud w ic h prs tiilellunfailis
lw tilat lIst il ve lstillrythiltg.usAt
tills himstlfil nahcl l dIiiitie s lur.
leidd tlevec lige.ttNt5 wisng-
'o let ill 11paren iiitit w thesta tentoft
I hit l rrngd ith tfrienill tohugoni
Itsd liltmiland entltt Ypsianti
ta e millts . sit ll twe t iwe tll:e paGureites
-'sotuiguh u tl l t uatnepctdenansten ityis
'l h ut utiu Its l I tit bles eail huo1n -th it
ltch e lis.tAps ht-i icAl l-tgtsite
'rtilg ifi i iso f teda till tti- ing-isott
is e termeinat ion toilmakei tsmIanutyf
titts- uf, uwa founin on1tilt ltisi i stl
vsm us-illng oftNiutlal l uthemanger utfid-
ertlathshibasebasli tll lm t itllibe. he t i-
thseatutuetithe.oci tion ofi.ce att7:3
'lok the entssing. Alluthimangesustn
Cyostnfme isenti ntf.hsese ls.sRuss-
hei.eliileitfiplayeithhisss clsluie Theuu
gaumys lilbginuy uft rItlusu:Maytu7,eifnhil
Cothallilsr-tt etitm. ~TiiCr awu

howsieerdothu tifail is touhaeyuut
stutuinitilue fusethe Saturdauy paurade.
whlichs sill utke plact- initaccordh witls
[ausntcetents itt Fridauyts Daily.
Fredt C. Straits,
Chsairanu Paradhe Comsmittee.

AhiB itR. I1 h-s-i. S. i-.
;iau ec , If. . . .. . . 3 0 o
hiunneilt .... ...... 4 0 50 14 5 3
Patterso, s....d
athelr .. ..t. . 0 1 t 00
T utv e ut isc............i3 i0 ai 6il 0
itiutup S1...lid....hit0,0iz t
't ted forPttescut itt tinsh at.
us-tonn...... .......e 0 hoe0 1 a1i0e, tutu -se
1ichia ..t....u ...a ..u o 0e0i0ioidi 0i o S -itte
Tot ase hint s -l- u thisonlieit 'Briena
Wheelter. ofuekeoteyi artnc 6 ;egby
Taylohue, te9n. utas us Sba sh-uOf Taysmtsor,5
sak-Ty ayloit rc D oe p bus--Pahersogm e sta
fistDunil muNS YouiIe lst- spTod igStlen
coties fteCsenl Ortuatial letue g
amithOhio Wuesleyn untiv ersities

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