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April 28, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-28

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The Michigan Daily

vrOL. XVI.

NO.- 147.

Coach Is Undismayed by Reports of
Peonsy's Strength-Dunlap

Out of Discus.
200 1 ole vault.
':o-He'h I jump.
3;3- in l heal in 1huirdles.
1:_1_x-To-mile relay race. Entries-
C olmbitPnisylaiai. I)rmonih
4 o57- Hc bhundediiardidith1
111011-H '111001olcapsip1 r11)elay
rc.Etines-Hydei'Park (Chic101)
P1h11adellh10 Centa, Wsinitgto,
New YoitrkcCommericia1l, 1Ph1ilielpia
f 11a1nel 1raining1 Pitsburg. Br ook
lyii loys, chool
SyauePc 1111011111111Chicago
t:0fu-ilticcamip ~itoip. EnItritis
Pennsylvan0iaiii Michiigai, ac
ByClctii 1111I Iliit.
Phiiilcphia, bApri 27 loSpcil)-ln
th reo itc' gret el-ti'crnivl1al
oficheIMiciogan thleteicoreicinitheiibect
lo.tih~lc condtitioiiin.Uillrsityoilf Peitni
thatiti tutr-mitle tetmtavecragco 4:28
htit K nc Fzptici ic1k to undismtitayed
110 isaisthathc thinkslco Micignillii
cl ineltistooliniithe fotr-milte ac,
leavin 011nns lvan iial iae as iMich-
gaits onlyotpponetin IIthe lg race.
lie tro . 1icatotarriviedin it owni
today withiaIt 1crtng tileteameti.
Phi idlcphiaiPa.,t pil ii27.-after
itentltwo11hour1110cociiiiiiili pet onili
ai 11ur111 nIfalif the1ic ihign trckb
ta l iichre it) Directr Keete Fit-
110 cii iarrivedi cheQaker City t
y o'clock latd nigt.Ti hcy were hlltei
tohe N 11111 itiic ihrc 0theyalee 111a-
,upper, ct11 it lited. fie imeni ll
111111 111e tripi 1011110kably iwel,1a1nd1ht
ofi the hairdljouney.
Thi c mrning ilne itarick ctol:
t t libertoOitTh1 elter ftilheg ret
four ltilerteatowrcelehseti
arun ihetrc Oir lw qatrter
titlasbal ae t le Amtericnt
Ictaguie park.c Htecsitoitk '111v11ntge f
heinig hecec111111solctcitheicsht ttrds, atd
othieplnttots llih Iecofin tiereot 10
'Pit1'mentilliia11li ent ot110led erly
agintiht, 111d1the1 lill ib e allowed
t do notthlintomorrowit1111'b111tositottitd
tandrecst.Thelie newh111011Micigat will
litve to dfe-lISaturtd-aylbeanto iarrive
this orning,"adthtie differett aheeo
tre tinug oitppotuntity vtomet in iia
firindly- oiy tie men ag'aint womot
they will truggetonii tterly tomtorrow.
Thie trill wa10 01e11 largcly ii playing
wtio, at wichibill"thCo1a11d1Rowe
sc-it tolhavttcarriedciioff allithe latrel.
CaptiniRaiey uand tite ttheroemttler
of playrs at tilge wht~ oiowere 0111-
potoedlto hoecexpeIrt1lyr. The vic-
tory osemt to he gien the capait
and11itohillarne hid Iimipreooion that Ilhey
were inveiciblec 00 they boldly, chal-
letigetd any two iotembes ofo the party
to engttge itoI friendly and oe-sided
gameoi of dtplicate wlhit "Bill" Co
and11 "Roic" promptly accepted, 11111 the

Michigan With Crippled'
Will Defend the Champia
Against Strong Illini Agg
tion--I'lcAllister Undism,
TistoIernooniit promply ti013
the bn w1lill1011ceasoe playinig, 1
"13111' iByrontill0)sot"p'lay hall
the homtie tbaseballseonotiof 19'
beton. bWith a1110'sort(if cdecenltm
the lrgest croowdit1111 eerovit
a libae tll gate tie'1Ferry fiel
west dcfcnthe l titlc againsot the
tie cham~lpionsa from litinolo.
'The iponing game of tile homte
fintideIlva1rs ily inia a elther
codtion rn agels ittect to lie the greatest college
ini the wIt,51 oill probab lly ntlble
slab1 todaly. ItoHisocd right 01
dieelotpcdt Iiba101case0 if sorenie
is bal i ttticed of ircot. 'T'h
althoulighl Citachi Ncitioter go,
tuth Sanger1's a1(ndtDcNeffe'o to,
the litee-up, it to altogethier trohal
the la11er n-ill go to the firinig liii
play11 is catiled. Tue souithpaw~
great tail on the southierit trill
ini grail fotim11111th cpr esenit tieo
11a1 aine111aslsortettof beautiful
swreeingi curves'0111d1al fair tI
0110e1d1101110 astee urc foutr or fS
handl~edl battersonottthe Itiniiois
solttd pove tory effective ifg
'The itotercripple to Maretint]
left fieldler anug1100r,00111o1has
leg 00hitohillpirottaily beephtdy Itsuneaiast) wl
takelr i I 01111001Saner,0wtoo
111adigttenic lit'ing0010hit
if lie doest 11100intoitheibio.
this mingiia"ndt if.1htis10fittuini
ther'e. i o doubht 111uitl that h illou

ayed. V.11thei ftttiritbse
o'clockh~ tttiluit cli cout hel d
Umupire Pprgtfed
tuuua d SC yteth, fir t hit-h.
tuiessedOHi the orBushtntell itcer
till to-
If theil eign
N Iatituu uic n er iior Sulhtuitu left fiehild.
Kellyccod bas .
seausonit (I, thi btutu
ritptled t Wndcell, cituter field.
eaIr ad-111111110 irot tist'..
titchuer Whee1 lot, ig hit fiel.
tut the IaIt, Etiuoiutuu oti tLowell, ct'tut-etr.
-ito too IeNeffe tr Suitger, itcI hir
erefore, coatchi. 'Theciruuuirk was10 cedinugly
ye out fattand11every mnllstutodu tilo11thelate11
tuituad lochuted the bitltut thltmoltost per-
bl htfect form t haitus ualdisitnishintg charl-
ie wenlcucristic of ttllinois teams.toaci~r h Iufi
pitchiedh .sec itteulto hue fueulinig Itunedodenthuhciandh
ouch is s tateid that, ini hits opitutont h1it a
ue. IHea- f ineuchcatuce to mitt. Ithtiuk thuttwe
, widie- -tue ctosidertubiystroutgor thtuniwe were
tirnt if lIt yea10,'"IheI retarked.
Co~h:1.lit vt heft- CitI fIhl Oitetheo much-hleratloud frcshmntt
lost, he pitcherot wull cottauitly start the gante
toe h a pae l ~i tlt' Wherohon1riht,11a10for the 1111li, 1s Itowas working 1111
111e tattr huts 11sk iledconsicerably in yesterday)'wththe ochltwatchuing hiso
tie star leatut1111.0C toilh\tc literots1)0 thutltihe eery movue. II.ecsl itohnoticoedup ilmuiuchi
; a sotenendtouus t out ithy tonett at ing tentdutalter a fewc hmiutestofswil wuatts
i otltetoaututhat toecall cotleoctnthi slakesi orderedtictot. o
htc witt it urobable tthaull anwotltlau 1111 yeighut IThuere uro uvo tew 111011 111the Iltitti
a0 beentatutuSatnger leftiniiicatoo.telatteritolhne-tu 'Pope, tarth11s010 Sntyder,
sprinug, litle t itIlcit ("ininguuua"nttiOi the Cartutheris 1a11stat
ga~rtdcnl Ihue I11to011it ot111111 110' ca, comaidIt fo ftbahilltand truck atlel tittuutnetve-
Sllti- Co1ac011IIHubfatiedscuyeterday11ap111ed inbaseba llifre.
d 1u1111 af~d terotinatndiafter doitngtt"truitsto I thtik thuat ltd haveo at hoelstlatevent
eligiblhe at tile Cotokico1111101rtt rcien111oIFIciy ic111at)n011e 0to i eetohetitg wourds
huube 1pu1tfiteld, Iwhtre thude lt lten t ogh a luveo tf Ctoll h :t lii tc Is Ito Icft tilefietld
ehy thtatIllachico 1de1thotlt at chtltetyeofut Ito lost nught.


Formr Mchign Sriner Wns ina
Heti tudedMtrRc
Foruter Mcts anrSupntfeMrWins1Fialurut
roeting Hcndred Meite eAtttc
chub, 101o11thtofill h1tiiithel undtred-
mloer race odhtayIII Ii utbiltsIOlympic
champuuuin. His tiw forthtietditnce,
at rifle 11001 1013y.ardho cos i1-5 se-
ond.s F, . I-loNtuultotutofiithe Kunsas
City Athlicttcltublta10ston01it, tnduliatr-
ker ofAtstraiathui turt.
minustrel soa' o uuiu s tt1 p 1ose o s-10
htively thilmt attroha11110100autdlthe utuni
est stuntto will hid tulledoutff at thurmin-t
srlsowutiettP'ritay aund ISatrdaut
ights 111a11wlucid0101roct11 byuy utui-
elite. Someiofitihec lttractuis ait
aurcttdy arive n r euc1t 1 1 110homcingu
acltimaitedtolithur 'utn ettArbor tmo
'hr hue clutey guarcdeud secret r-
gattdinug two uof thet' utud met huts leated
ou11 111111:.mltauthettic ocurce. 'Tiho
1wr tu b an .dil Ihtelttcdt al'the see
yearesuwithuouttutuing 1aciviized nit~se
n111 evlenla1wosridutulthishoweek.lo wNi
thetalkttatlhithtowhliiasif trying tut
maitkelull fr lsttush11110Catirman Ptt-
Iere 11a10bwri competilleohtdlevise one itt
his ingenioustooctions 111s11aIllid lto
kece'tuthese twitabohiin ~ues stilt.
'('le patrade commutitte alreaduy httlvt
thirty-otte corganieationso that wilt htuve
origoinl stutsiho'ihere will le fifteeni
butnds, .eery 11110 uiffertnt 11101evey oe
topt-noutcherso i tuer otupectie liecs.
TheICc'mittee 11reuow1110ptlaunnintg t
haveui llarr11 getel uotns itutde bettin
'T'uesdaty t wohic imuetltces for tie
teter tf umarchi withhe tussigneu.
toutis 1) Stickniey, chatirmauui of thec
tuuveertisinug commitittee, saidl yesteroday
"Wtit ill theteoplue see toe pel-
grains. I hope they wohe crazy huo
get one. 'Tey with certailty makea
peachitf a souvueir, ut I'll ell yout
what, tee tre goig to get eough itt
them onutsouthautt everybotiuy can gtt
There is every induicaionu at preseti
that the largest crowud evr tssemblei,
exceptitug the NWisconsii sett sale, will
he senbled at Wahrs next Monday
moninlg at 9 o'clock t get seat. The

entire houise will he sould for fifty cents
and all seats will be reserved.

resulh t s that the defeenodersof tile NENV teiIX''iNIN ST't' 'EI. udehuuting" conitestsotrganizueuan outo
sel I-tusumdcu chamuipionshlipu tere hueatent ottietotsnauthtis bodyh itis touiucipatdc,
thre gtun.; uo'011t it foure by the soureito f TletGreek'htlotter on ciety to hut-wnll hut' incorprauu teud intoutIhe na~tionalt
2-0, t-0,0-1, tutnut3-0. 'Ieuc' nuqlerors :uorganuize'tinutuhis ou11 n tite DltaIc 11 Ntchaptr. uh ostrofheIto Nichuigan
havte lnot eet cetusetdtotilowto u tith teir SigmtoaRhouttilliiaic rcoll hegituthonout 'onortuisoc~iety a t resetsoistofotttV.
aclwnetutaul the tdefeateud tienthatue l etagute 01111lposedof Metnttu o-ttuhavtue-noC. Xtiuhict0111C.IIR.hBitchiaitN . R
nt tmu'nttiontedth ohist since. presenoetiiu heu ivestiuiesofit \istctiosin, C tI "-roetuoc I' . NIallil to C'.NI-Ifoldl-
'h-ill"NI thoutey nas the tictimthott uaIutinosXI ututuc Micign,1ow. oriutaut IaS. 111111E1 J.harennyHI. K.
pratcichtuitand attier cruteh jotke at the Neraka. Ihica"gt tandNort hietenin II egg . C X.A.I lcutliutJ. A.Rtuwlinuo
conuclhusonofcthteuctril. Ithis atu radlitiontutu ercoltI litebte tntd itatory. A- T.;>.11111nd ,0goSonnietnochiein.
tumtttng the trttckctuenuth11a1t entthey thontl")hithe.iltaof u h anit organiiza tleution IofiT. IC. 11utoodcioftl bichtigaun
arc ciii trIiplthuelatutith ie crowol whouimautie husaidt ticveoigi"natced -t Mutt-hul opresie t heilorutanitzuetu conferenice
hatttunsco huthra1ftrshtais eo lecteud it out t uuno definite actitonwtakePultitl ini Chiucug u oat wmeklontuPuol uf.C ..
qutietly Ito corr' the shot 1an1dutois. pit 13, tul 0111o1111renctcuosoting" XicIlniutt of MIinnuesoutau 0015 ap-
There hbei"tutu freshmanIitiltheto5011udtof Puoftsotts 1111 uh utloo ItoNIMcigan, pIio itdchi hrmanutof thle commt~ittee
an autl huouuuyhbeintthe now lmani utntthur Ni)cutint toflMnnsotatutut rInch 01ucwhitcItpuncuteuntilh to'nutstituhittionuan hob-
teamti Io oiauochluoeth torthlaubIouiucs Nebrasao, Xth 110 tfuIllinosuKellogglaoo'.
11110 disoogreeoaule look.XWhenoithe pickedof ittNotlust cttiiittld ClIttkhoif Chuicaugot,
li isit 111assle1to1 got uohatthe Wooe 11t uuhme tt aretou t hut tdctuil ofthe XXII' olRS XVI N HI),A'l'E
PhladelpthiautotoulieItohtouightt lthto lplanhItotutunt tiit X outuuuuwtr also
was carry inug aIbIt urilr1oath troll 111retpresenitedulttis ontufterencethutlute
his stilt rase, odutu wat~s tilt unttil he hitchbit a studeto and1theht tenrhby 011 The uirtrofttthe semti-fhita up ldeobnutte
hadtrau rse hiubco ohutt hf ohther eigh lu .ius111 ntu inC hutagoOct10iosonus won byht'the Webter society
blhocktso wlk tutthur hotel thatI toe is- h enrlai ufthisuo111anidathounitt the Iaw' uetptrtmuetit iut compietitionu
covteredh slat lie waseturryuiug.Thte isto hoencourge oratoriandouuduebatinug, withthre/Alpoaitu Nttetuttofitthe litertury
idea of te little and tppareittly slight uttdleulible memert u s lily bhiraw01n pturtmuenot.'Te debute was hld in hu
I3o-lotutoler etarrying a sttit ctuoutcoti- ftiuuu lthaumniauueluuuuheuner-R'm , latuiltdintg, hefore ularge
taining Iamtong othoen thtings a u1i-pbondlg"atuattesoittthue'affiliuated institutionts.tudtuieticue anchit wasotuhuarudfouaghut0011-
shohtuu lughatule, hut te sight ions eenTNhe niv1110DelItt S 'uig liiRh o Itchsei tlest triuttstturt loufiutish. 'lue Webeior
moutre luduirous.as theselethuts ohehe cittottt tursoof uitm ishowedup iestuecitlly stronlg anut
____________________ GreCteklquttat11111 meontingu"Ortoiry, the thtcir ciutunces tout'winntingtgh110chpinllthe
N~icttiI 10tory elO~ o k y o on ht n finah conutest are excephtitully tooth
Wiscnsi hasthity en ot'rk-Te seondld tebuate of thun semifinal
ing for the varsity crew. The aspirantts Theoe eiutunituteohities ute charter
to he resrnu eghtaremakng gnolutuutuueiit of t oely orgiztueul tatitnal series wiltlbe hueld toutighit, the chillest-
sotwintg otht itt Inumbers antI ability. s01101010theitnsutittuuts wso'e St-111 uitthAohuiutuJeerutat
Prof.NX. D. Penue, who 11a0 Ield the Iu thhc01.0101 o iuulb tctte
chair of civil engineering at Pundue' 1)per ttlu i uuuoto uhumothap t oo andapli-
university, has jnst been appointhed to 1 catiosIfortmemersthip have .alreahoy TeAoleo olg ael en
the same positiont at Wiconsin. Pro- tru oct0h t110li truu uuto uuIctich will play here next 1m0n110o0 its
fessor Pence is a graduate of the Illin- vetoito ov esternu tour, wai defeated aut Cornell
ois department of engineering and was Last layI terve0)011wothauve re- on Wednesday. The score mao 7 too-.
formerly on the faculty there. proseted Nichiuganin 1 oraoruical and Recenttly Amherst defeated YaleI to o.

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