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April 10, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-10

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The Michigan Da ily

tOh .XVI
talk of Finishing Medical Course in
Detroit Revived-Regent Dean
Scores Dean Vaughan.
\nother mo0vemnt is oo foot to move
,cdicat department ti Detroit. A
olerrin ed eftort has beo made by cer-
anosf tts mdicat facty to sectre
it rmoa of t least the clinicattde-
tiseol to the mietropois.
)r. Harri ssoninan 0 adtress before the
I a ord of medical examiners at
isiii statd that Deanaglans was
favoOf ttissmsoe, as was aso a
-rio f te medicat facoty. It has
1101(eanedttat ttis statement was
,ioad tsat Deao Vatglaohad called
mees tig of the oeical facilty for the
iups of dissssing the nmatter. Dr.
'ngas Isas establised himself its
ti cdward aseue offices its Detroit atd
de voting tree afternosons a seek to
slacice there
Regent Dean hosiever, is ot of te
;iisssstat the sisvemset swil develot
lko ses isiptroporios.Ie sadl
1 do sot believe ta the msedical
dprtmsent or assy prt of it wil ever
removedt to Deroit sr away frons
illArbor A tprecdentsi was estat-
iied osg agssvtens Reget Asstin
;iir drsw ip a resolstiosi asinisg for
Ow rsgnatoinof Professors rosling-
'ilil asd MLeanswhenis they attempted
susireoia'it]resiset Aigell ho-
-Olue civeredl tir grisissitiIsisrepies
ists ossandeargedstee sout so clearly that
anybodsy5oughlt to se tast it woib be
soswi5e to Isisevany cdisistegraions of
i uiversity. We ave ts scrimsp alog
ini o ksec thisgs rninssg swihsthe
isic one y at oir dispusasl. asiloe
<;M easioly imaigine iwhai t tddistinal
scs f iisrictirs atndleuimenrt its
hItoi tiud ens.'
O ccaussialy he outscomescof the ad-
min15stratioinif iiisisies itsthe lass se-
liarie ssesiprasctice cort isissase sscer-
tin byli le deveopmenss t f slm issfi-
oiii stacle.
Siosietisses asiase is roisiscsissly
trw irsin ut siln iuac si tSus. legsl
teshiicality, sr nsitdsntssbeifallsa
timer f he juryisistI'ridy te e-
ics lldielayedl ll tes aftersnoisss te-
cauisetiresntire jsits inadvissertenty
imp~risonisdcintirisltcetot s1f dselisration.
"Sheriff'lDighstonislocikid tir juy its
:' cr rvii sssss snleantdsitbeisomsiisewhats
of ai issvice ini the art of "foritsng a
list." isrki thss key t hour o'cck
caeao it suithstirjiry swere is igh
siris-theyswsrisisslit a 5fosisso'clock
sses suitand iwre stisisdtotisremin ini-
insertedstie15oiicloksisnd ten wsere
tilt safeisit tey were iwillig to sty
sainii imake i st whess the scampss
cilleissaolsiledsltire(stll of ditiartisg
day, andsth st illst it iioice1f sature
Isssterssl the fosisshedI word hunitiger,
lily wsiesbeg inisnsstot r tireioddikeys
in slestirpoktsrsi te stusbbort lock.
us six o'clock tirassiatesr jurists were
cslstierliiclasd sdrivni ossin sdesperatiosi
io sore strinigentmsisures. They con-
issssl their attacks ott three msassive
hinges andslgiinig their liberty ied
liesisetsesi Io their resectise rooms5,
iis'rjoyrsl foressnce tis see he smiliing
countetriance of a msoterly lssndlasy,asd
t, reflecitsntir joys cit free citizenss.
IDirector Basirdl annsonscdt yesterday
littir ossitdoor evarsitymetitrswill be

lietl this vear ontNXMay t2. This is tr
tIrsi Satusrdlay befiore she Chicago dal
mieet sant twooseeks after tir Pennisyl-
vansia relay mseet. On tir samei day the
tslirsity bassebsall tern will tilay Illinsois
is Chasmpaigin.


NO. 139

In spite oftir baitseaher yeserdasy
tir trackthsns iereoit its forergoing
through their stitis. "Wild Bill Co
msasdeIis frtotdssoor apearance ads
practiced botts wish tir shot sndtiresdis-
cus. It washIis firs attemspt at tring
iwhens troswing tir discus, litslie slut
well over iso fet French ad Clark
serreot,bulisthislerslutd-any jussipisg.
Bristol, uits suitC(trts racticedl
sprintinitg, assetRime, Ciei Ramesy, itag-
offini, Malonsysuit Dullsdis the sdis-
ance its about 3:6iiilistslnbey, Dull
sait Ransey sid tes (istsce its 5:0.
"Pa5t" avey,1 quartr-islrrats a lpi
sait a haslf its slowsittmes
liiwhtswsas to miasy the miost ejoy-
able lecture of te recest series. Prof.
Richasrdl G. MNosltoti adsressed a large
audsiiessce its Nesberry shlt last eveing.
His subject was "The [ook of Ecles-
iases: osr, The Gostel of Scepicismi."
Ptrofessor Moltontrt took spthe qes-
hinosftiresatorsitsof tir Book f
Ecclesiastes, swhichs is generally thought
so hasve beens writteni by Soloonos. Pro-
fessor Mioultons salthat alt cirusns-
tial evisdencee disproves Solsmions sste
asstsr. History aind tire sstomss asd
traiditisissn stfacint literature raller
pountstio Soomsoss as thes hero of this
T'he lierary formssosit clesases is
thast of ai series of tive essays, tireister-
vats betwreeinswhichtsliled ii sitlshsosie
proverbs. asdtir whole bontd isto a
unity tby a prologute anst epilogue. Solo-
mniswasssthe hero troughoutsthe boosk
si th simsaginary eperimietitwhlichth ~e
folowier of Solomns is desscribing.
Professor.Mosltist tossk itestivie
eossys andilthe prologue sait epilogue
spairaty saitsoswed hose they weer
rechted. IHIcgave as stir cssenceeof tir
tissok, "Devoust scepticismi as a iblet-
grouisistfor isaitsrathapiotnsess' Ied-
find sceptiissmssas tireisesriness f te
recettive fasculties.s Ihisgreat tpuiser of
the boishliss ini teiimassisr iisehichs the
austor emphassis ts gieatniss of ap-
pisess. IeIseseks to indsuthe stoaninssg
f thle uiverss isistIhis concepton
Ireaks osesita kisg fo gasuted tst
ifs'i ssisoundesontsylbyideth.
This is this lst sitftssisris of as-
sresses swhichs hsbeens i isoeuch sjoysid
byv hosh studsessts asd faclty.
Csalviin S. Lohmllster '07 egiieer, swhos
wass recesnly elected smasnasgre of tir
tgots varsity footbal tamt, has accettes
ats sffer frissm the Chiago & Northwsest-
ernsrailsay'andsil s'ltleae the itniversit
st otter, te swas reuctant to eae the
unsiversity before receivisgIis diplomia
issutiresoffer sas attractive ad a dstIsito
tsr acceptdl st thistie sue ot assll.
Lohmtiiller suswsaisstebre sitthe Psi lUt-
silots fratrntiy.
'Chic Gooseustill at its regular msetisg
last evesning its 'West hat, listesed o ass
inerestitig paper ott "Yelow' Journasul-
isnm," by George W. Barnumi.esitor sit
tirUnisiersity Ness-Letter. Mr ex-
lantd stir origini ansI deveoptsssttof
yelowv journsaisms. An origital humisor-
otts shoes story by George B. Deston,
wish a college girl aisd mian, a stouer ad
a daisnty stockisig inthti plot, convulsed
At he society finals Friday igh, lbs
folowing mieti were chosens to represent

s he jeffersonian society:Boowter, Carl-
son, Hoftman. Alt of she sort are ex-
perienced debaters ands are looked uspons
as a winninsg tramo. The judges were
Brasley, MeGiffen and Morris.

The lcures gives y nesiI uus ofs'ssthe
h m ptsiiiu' iisisc fsueuluy us ts' e acitioiners''s'
cousrse swillus' scontinueid lllthis iweek.
This muorninga' Ius)'clock, Dt.e. anssi
TI. Ssmithuwisll lc usse iuonssurgery.
Othierletres iwsill lic give ussu rig he
wseeklbyus Its Copeilandsul Ir. l uey asuit
Si. Ksinsoeusss hess si ss ofiitiecourse
will usesusncluitd01n Iridaiy.s
Statistics Just Compiled Show 3,513
Booke Were Used by Students
in One Week in March.
Staisicus sI lss s" teuecofithercd
15ing ro u i is'he ue 'sral libra'r'u'of. thsut
iviesi sisy s lbeeusepars' estbythes
lirar' authites.ui Tluis as omsos
foliowed cst 5h uer forhe isuepose sit
compatiiring"lhe ciculacioo f iuthe s'liray
usl sucsccesdinugs-ses I) sieig a su()isi
sii55alsprsii ussusing boosilso us slu
dierysskIsis rus nisl toiregise
ills d1epartmilenItit u whih stsy blosngsi'.
ore ift iIsituns oidicastes sthit ifuss
hIt is nau ras i n uchsisil tabeistht s t
figuressfusstheliteIsarsidipartment hss ould
fars exscsel thosessofianyuothers departu
men, f slue rofuuel ss ialliaiesar
usonalul sush lus dthe useliof these ii
555555 555olls'win'g saleso.sueci24:
hisslugy........13220 0.3
Eng nee ing ... ... ... ... 74 2.0)i
L aw .. ..... ...... ..... 195 .50
-l aliui I...... 2, .
Ica .......sils........ ..5.us
hiss Iuisesil... ... . 353.10s
Schuss's Isit hsic...... ....
High sool.....s .... 22 6t2
Ct .....................sto .8
Towusi..it.........51 10000
This shores' s airisses' iiitheseslurlitof
.1i5vum ises frte iws eeklosr uerly
boo us's slay. Ishotusslul be' 1sssnss'isnsmids
in5 comparlinlg thesscfig'usseoswils tose
sit ast yersi'thalusasutsui ,oooosithelu
mstbs ussd rsstsr'er Iuhoks ser Isse%
shuehd iliiie'reainhsg romss,uwherer
shersre asuessihluctoissudentss; usndiithiss
thus'perioduical erosom i' sis us' openssfotus'el-
eit uss. Nosrecrdshis keptusosthe stius
oeisthr rubies' rens'ce hossks orus'bosundsss
uprioicaesls. Nueitus's' sbuseisf igures
incueuthue l of' boosub semii oinays
studsens, terso1115s ahsites o slur stcks,
issue thosse hells'raw bsfortueutsl-
oudetshe liraur.
hurvetrs ago abutss0 7 ter cent o1f
tun eai'ngdonesinuusi tir lirtry wssbylu
uiversity ostuesss. This tblesh ose
tshat t heysnowso bsoere 99 upecrutsit
ibs'eeordts uedhrkithelss irsr.
t lsarry Atkinsoni, '07 egineer, wsu
eleteid captsainsosithuesarsity gymsitesms
for nxsyar ystrday aftensoo.

Georsge' J.H 1aletitas iiceit 5lster
from "us stch"hs I' stsex-svarstyIhaf
sucks whol s 5 i rsentsinus"Alitr rel:nsA
Febcts eter"'gies 'a gosdties'ssi
hi shssmoeoiebits uAk-hska, scorecting
soimiiof 5hesspopulid ces cusscerinsg
TRlmiuuiuli'fue. te sys heis usihesgsing 0
a twlve-ounssce cshcksets, ashisoghstslur
thsemomsusetee regstsers so2sdegreshbeow i
zeuh. H slushesumsnsi s osty'ofsited duei
loosh i shhdgmsesalhouusgho iithurd
'spri iou-sylug set'ables tre esaised. (h -
seies thaitom nyus isi skleterris gross' ip
season slushhatssshiroossscansescu
pickeuiby tughissbsushe. His letrierusts
sit'ian'apologyss usr slur use' sit putci,F
as theinksutwas sphel ini frezing.p
Chse lus arneys.s 'o hoisswssschosnu
lug thess ct sl~ytistdiy ssoesieciale
qustisthuoufssoioogy iisconetious with
university isdsuity ifi ie, wiltnmaske i
sulit reptlsof ithiss wsork st ani suenf
meue'ingu of tun Socolougy cubs iiNes-
berry' sll,\'W'ednesday eening
Po use hpss i velutmsonts Mrh. Csreyt
hass hissnsenggisd 555liiirsoniailivesi
gatiiionsisthess'CausesosiTrStnysissy t
hass iioisiitt sit thisuestiousntsspecalh
rega~srdutohiedhs choouls of Cicago. irle.
Carneyi isi iaus udtio hbusmnetlfittedus
lulfl l tis appsountment, fuss bus hss
Ituiist is work ini sesea.l utuning
campius. A fuslrth insistofsofhiss omsp-
tenes ohis abiluiy asaspeaker.uHiute st
t rcsenti sudyings. for the inssisty ands
s' smore stIhus usualbly irsted i re-b
ssssc u I h lng thsrbinss.He ws
app isdto ,aliiesumionts essiideny iii
Chiag usy'sis comimisittee osistig 5of
Proes sors Coosulsy 'usaysueruandAdaoms,
sit Iisusreprtis nows pritsarut s asre-
sushiofiti sfiveloss hs'sssuosocitsl st-
Ca rnesy isis slecedstIo consoidser
thasti thes truancytquestionsi sas ourelit
sth mosusti ssusos slush clis siofsthes isisse
sisgisinl"sowit iquency, beginnis tngsi
wsihcilhood s ruancyssss~. Issudsysg
thises atstsihetss' tus i sp i cose se-
sonassl susyofsitomesrthiryir ort
Tesoiolo'uhsg lus haisiputsosthibsot'
endevoreito ayhes'liisgexenss
sit thus iansiappouintedifor th iiisiors. Is
hastcin phannedsto spltihe unts ivietr-
oiltyirepresentative witshsibi $oo hissrsrossm
hissbo rut k-Itosit hise ussu itsee etfuse
the s' : 's smontuhs orkusunsioslshbiens
ste an asuficintsurIls sisedssytu
guarntesuithersilltipoil tmasn wsilhehi
appointedisforshnea5t'year Thesacosultyhu
comiteeii i l sntisakethisappoinit-y
smsesssthsustille rset usesirIbs workis-
fosund sushiethucs isfsul.hI use r.
Ciir555yss eporis acceptedhe ilsltbin
guesi our sss ussut silo ittu fuse Iis
W-A. . k-' sOFS ATtJktO'S'
F rushayathisrioont he folingsis'i'slmi-
ina tillssnsese madesfos fuesfirs sitthur
Wsomenis 'Atlticassoiationfor toe si
rusen s~ r'hsuinya:Fre ~sdent, k-ises
Jat, iCareyiSo'htsk;for itsprs isdint,
.is- sss TiruebloodIsot hn s uItes; for
secr e sis s lishstBuksMunosWal-
keusr; fus es usersi fsses tBker Rus-
sill, WihlsurLtslorfistnstrsrspei-
scth ivssMis '- ses Mosher, hRizerk-5'sh
Fleig 'saut" eo; sosshomorsseMisses
Tayorsue Iregea ndoutForsncss}fakr
'1, 15D 11 k-I t(NDI 'TS 1E15 k-I kttt

f Carsul atre sluh sannoucinsg thur tmus-
rusage of Miss Visilai Morano of Detrsoit
iso "TeC"il" iasunmos, thor well-knoswns
sAnnssArbuseorstudent who srecentsly lent.
1college. Frauscis F. Palnis, osne of Teid's
D. K. E. brothers, with be best mns.

Ihbert Lockwood Will Give Recital on
Wednesday Afternoon- Final Con-
cert in Historical Series.
Thur tinaltconcet usthinhistorica see-
eso withlhe givsen bigAteshockwsood
Yesunssay afterenoons st 4:30 ococek;
usi' Freehaoll Clihisprogra isowill be
hsve to sissil t d'Lsz the bs iilIbt hI-at-
el Vauruiatos Iterhezi ,Ballades,
-HnsgareianiiDances suit asRha~psodicnre-
us entins" hrasit ilI ILirstso-
It iuus tisiIsSolitudesfsiiiiisnigr,-
Fmnor C oncerhtLEtudesuithIbisRskocy
k-lthougiihi His s usommsonsly recog-
snidthe greatsthcomupose sithe pos-
classeiod, hiss sorks havinevertie-
less undergon a sighhtsnegeisand an
opposrunitiy tohessr.a gsroup sit hiss piano
ompoussitiossis arsidedThicusne'
of tile egect, whiusho i o wise reflecs
oii shun excellencesosit heuswok, aies-
from thibe foridaiblue dilfficlty of per-
formsingihiemsssusdifromtshessdesmasnd hiy
maksle for suderssstdig isisthis pars of
thur herer. TIo manusy locl los'es of the
tlu arst sesthu r Ilesulupstrograsuithas bns
thi st' ssineesing us hinseries and-
the os5uedits bes awiedl iish the
1T1s conshscludig numberstoneso Wednes-
das prisgramsareeaiseries of ger pi-
tures us musicausl frescoing, by the
iscii t-so rmig Liszt. These worki
toou riequire apriodsigiousotechntical ma-
ey anditfahesill iushhnsisof. ayone
bu savituoso 'O luar Wneussdays
pi roustatesrussaisartissieho commusads
oll tir technical' resoursces suitdseho pocs-
w5ss beis tis esurnsisless imupoetant
hsset of tiroitund mt usssical iselignce
is sll opossrtunihg fuse whichiAnisisArbor
cannotsi le hiss graefutl.
Th ' iceesihsofcutthin hosissasure ion'
awistsiedlwiuh consieressin iteest every
sassbyhug"Shoerty" Lonugmanso, the vaniy -
fushllback. Seldomsssd1100 lhe gray-uni-
fusnuseubemuissary sitUnscle Samus make'
Iis trip along South Ingaslls street withi-
outu laineg a' Ie'ter for themokl-Wsernu
slur O htousisethesesclriers ap-
[cin centsusssesnsough, ho e nveloehpbe-
111ngt plaisaidtieardies s naty type-
writtens. Bt shecnenssits, wriitnin redh
suds sitriris's i'lbskosull and odmss-bones.
bti n ussliasughsre stuubdesrucion,.
woul btonsugnh to apal t he soutes
Jeasy seyons o Ie' thur umoive which
hiss ispis~redhthur authossr of theseonaony-
mus commsssuictions. It is whisperesd
shat thuerer is ai tle ist love, intrigue ansI
biller essyunelyingthis affair which
wossul eqiuiirertenof sta D~umas ts
worthily sdescribe
Lonsgmasns, irish chitseistichumuoid-
esty, refuses o dissuss thor affair excep.
toadi sutsishtshet ladrectivend anony-
mouuusseterstiusrpiiirte o btsignemd by
ccmmiite sitfi isahis tls iniuals wbso
treastesnd inswith uaidriodflfchfate if
hr slid sot cosnformssto theiseus of the
writer. Howevir, theiiielsongsed oe
seemss to conssiethis usatrea huge
jokeasdtuhier s amspe reasons o be-
lieve that lie does sot intniss to pusur
thur ourseelsuet siswnsfoe himiusby hi'
ok-s tun-ftutu tryousstun Alpha Nus
society sit thin lieary dpasrtmsenthselect-
ni tshhessamwhichs is to mset ue Web-
stern idiebaesfter vacation. The mess
chosen weren Freybsusger. Hosey and
Wambshold, wits Barkdushh as alternate.

tCounsidherable interesh has been shown its
thur fights this year, as is evinced by the
ntumbher oftuiniout.

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