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April 03, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-03

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The Mil.chigan Daily

i %L. XVI.

No- 1 33.


Keene Fitzpatrick Discusses the
Indoor Track Season-Urges
Men Not to Get Overconfident.
The i indoor tacik seasont Just closed
was very encou raging and taking the
resul ts as 'a lasis for'a'gtintent, I tinktl
Mi ichigathtiis teartitti litta'e a teami
the twesternit champ~t titsit.Fveet'sitter
oile defeattl1ast June inl the con ferencee
tht ienIhave ben imtued witlh the
Sptnotoattiof ittt bititofi defettttig
Chicago. It they ottti keeti this sptirit
andtido ttot Ibecottettotvrconitdsenit, tee
Te itttltotrvse iltnaotetnedth iis yeart
iMucihtimorettuiious ly itthn il10'j.
Fastsiyetar 11a11lIsall of the itent ewho
ot oitsin itile wotitderfuli cotnfer-
eice itteeltviifiiie tiearee ewere i-
tliegette. Rosteil-Jahnlevlloigande tPerre
wereiot iof51chotel, wiltisChicagoe,otil
ieatrest riahdrcve the lbenetit
li te acictltiitilt atf eel istar traick
etten it Mcligaiiiliveganithe seasonelbor
itditvsevre ietlt ititigrea.tte
J ue 3.
reversedl.Cicavolisevcrithles1 by the
hiss if Catain11 Friendl I igitlitty, Blair,
IiogetiscitiCattin,Gromi ian thdtirobeably
iLyoni, ehilie Xichitg'ttthis lost but itle
poits-foin ithye hutrdlesathree ini the
twvo-imide andtwolie n ithe datshtes. We
yeentuefatvoriedl by itheaveysntoweftall
eef star athletes. hut the meltwhovidt li
tot imatle goodii ltst rearlitter imtproveed
andi 11111 these lieu'seveig tint tetpendts
Miichigtan's chatncees inilth est cotifer-
As tihe imeet lwihii \iu ntlinttwats un-
fortuinttely hut of neeessity canctelledl.
otir inidoor sceducltle miighitlie teittedi a
disaipoaitntet. Tiecotest weitih id-
mutt hardly gavee the icheligattnn a
chatntcete shtotw its tiroiress. Somtie of
lheeotiler imeets, hiowever, the etarsty
meet anit the Rtamiey-Carrels meect,
showed in titmeatireewhat thtieutmeitrate



le ti fatoir ii the contferetce.
twoi-muile antd iiotget illiithe tirditce
sholdtitatll sio iproemtentercthint
ltst year's iwork. andi if they tinthe
will le valutable acutiitios, Of liv
mieen liho hee'sowntitie mlitte tttrolc
mciii this year treMtriRtley ite l-
diecke iii '11ev'lttf-teile, e11 tittiey ]iliiih
uile, PinchliniithIe high ijumpi, Schekt i
the qutarier.adtutltl inittile vsies ittd
tiitcoiiisttnt efotiatll itt tile etnt
sholttd tmttke' good.
Poec-itaits btent ot ,'eree'blte srprise
ini the short dashi anid the qtiiotnocw
retmaittlng 1istehether r not 1101 litiile
tile to Ilatiltrtooasteeloetarynds iTt'
il tilehitrtleeBris111111iitie sprints,
West ii il t tlt tm ilad ae i the
eli ill all tie ito itrceItso. Iwas
v'eimorestliefaectirytle ani iI had ex-
vilr tprosec stre gotd. tinweci, ise
hatte t'letysteeraivii l h in ss coited
with.Firt ciof lliithe'is Cii'goitelio
till tevr e caughlt unapi gan 111111
whomiwetut e1111sitlisexeteeurpitse.
Next toilieetonideeaetiv i vavcitets-e
tite voi til thiigsteicthl11111ke tie reel
of a tkel' tso ncviterti, iad sec-e
itllywteni eteted sevesetlcioithttie iad-
etitce. TPnlet I tcpiiroabliy of ll
mos51t important, oveatiltieitee mailya
team his beeni defetedl by an olpotl
iferirtiistetgith, e elylectse the
litte tesitdiffernt, seure ii iteviewi
p rowessee ihilthe tilerisviht ig iii etil
We lice 'a goodvicantce toi defet Ciii
ctgo, ut11n111ilhstndiig the seemineigly
geniril iio.iti t111 -wailikwa y- If
-c e tiltinii, it mieasthatiiieere' mat
mtlaboitr Itaithfu tlly t prealre himutsef
for the ciiitest.tutd that we emust noht
cosidier it'e 'aion ushurlts befte
the teet ished
'hpitrelititiaie tr tie'gils' iter-
cltse"e-isteic meeliiin ror gyiti
nasittimi legiiiSatrda y nurnitng. Te
e'v'ntsiru1111111weyre tile hige jup.
seeill" jump,11trevel ig'rngs tutd bltncee
letms.Te scoetn owtstaids: Fresh-
itet, 31'seiirs, 17 ' sdom res.15
juir,4 ltheestvf tilt' ireliitries
iill le eeotkedv off tttday froiti4.-Ia(tv
yeeiy giileho linstent er te eet
imutst coettle1a1 t this titettand register
ler nie.ePrcicelihrs treTesay
tromut to Pt A X vil ci ty iandituany
tther tile leun lisiwrk os nt~
Ticketsefirtihel e il be givei 0u1
Iy DritirookseTietredyi Algrlln
teriing the meet will le alowede four
tickets titd lmembilers of the tleti aso-
ciatiouni nd girls reistered in te g yi-
nasitm ile iile aowed cie ticet Ui-t
ve-rsitey "ileeel1le adnittei ciitoti
'Teqciiitiniete fr smialica',e s e
miovecdlyeterday from itiXlliit Bxer
hosue335Calherinee street anithei



Gifted Lecturer and Scholar to Con=
dlude Series of Ferry Lectures
Nest Week.
migtlpr leparaionls fioi'the latsiseries
if Fiei'' lectutiesto lie (te'tet'lt-bIly
Irf itt I. 'Mittilt it. iof(tC'ic'tuittt'-
site' Sitdets is' lo theenot ss'ii'v' d-
them1 at11 eet e tile~ bc1-yhals
The lectures y611 lit'iideliveredt is folt-
Fritht, Aptril i, 7 P. mi., Newebterytail.
-'ThieLiteitaty Stuileofttetie11111'as
Distiiiguitshed frim 'Theolotgy tied 0-Ii-


elit, ath ithistswlveltext-booiks,"'ile
Litrai tudyttleoftile Bible"tittd s"A
Shot Intruc ilt 11icnte itletrlitlreof
tlfidle. I hav i eoenevdttanillttuely ten',
fa'il 11111' tiltintucttveueleethdof
11111 11111famiiwi tits coni itetihae
11111111a111111o11Jobhe1I veesiat ey Retel'-
111111' iiiiiwit nli- ceciati tls itt the
hcrlIty nd snn itlne iii thee imesstage,
reng- Of" iitil CltuCle av eeen cecletad
toi gee tlelsilililves iftpltasuitetanudi-
sp11irat in inl tit i tey hiadi teer'tim-

Combination Track and Gymnastic
Meet to be Held Saturday-Coe
Have Anther Chance.
Siiice the fresh-interschoastic inet he
aandtiiedee it hils bcern deided to etb-
stitute aniiiiivittioienmeet to flliotet tie
schiedulie anth thesvuhitet will le held
Satiurdaty niglt intterrmanti gymnauts
trill le issuud.thevtutu betweenieftculty
miember's aditiudntisti No admtuiuissioni
unil he chaige.
'hue iee-ti ucill cnth ofc 01venofthit ie
regular rac vnsicu ig thur sot
tilt tithieve-lh ae t40-yitchclash 40-
teet highthurlyshigh nunp, ioeiaheeiut
tutu reltay ric.The inalftc ioaienut
fer thurfen'in g chiaimpionshiphcof tier uiii-
tiescilhe a featre of themetr, antl
thur gymouas si tit e nwll consiist of cdli
swingingtua paralllibariicontesetutud t
hoeruizotaitlar vonteis.
T1ev conutestants ittthe rtcrerents
usil he CapltaiteRaieyLueIRowe, Gtu-
tee I Dunla, GtoodcwiI f loge,inech,
CuteCutits rt,i ii iHut, iBishope~,
Maic I' ullLomti ltaut ttii(trk, iBristol,
Pot u tXi heutesent Fyirris autnd IHetpihit.
'hue reltiy race ctill bhu we cnetwteo
tesr'chosehy "Ony" GtahetiundiiJoe
Citrus. Wesley W. Cue, celia ts 00
his three formter trials failed teesnipas
RalheRosesindore cor, will be
giren his ash opporuniity this year 1o
mattke ti record. It is probabily largely
fete this thaet the meet was arratged.
Rowe, Cuoe, D~ulliandciWadec began
n-rk ati Ferry hield yeserdaty, aed al-
thougitig h ie frost is noeteirely out of
ithe oldltrack, tie ernceappreciate the
chenige to autidoor work. Thur ten
jogged a mile itabouoit52,aftler ehich
thevy rantoh the gymena-situme. If the
weatther coniuteftvorablev Raney, M-
Kituney, Maliouney aitdlMgoffi, the other
loeng-istiince meni will get otntodeay,
anerfromee tow ait the lach will e kept
btuy uteil the tryotts Aprlrt.
D~irectrrFitzpatrieksidl yesterday
thati e e wuulget tve wigt mto e
wirktchtdaiy ifposasible.r Pierhanmer-
throuwers a eaItcwil1beginiea work-
teut eticheaten uoont, an if hard work
will accomtepishetanyting, Micigan will
hatue a good aieeieer-trwer when the
timten comtes fr the conferee.
'The ilenteeler erein has aceptedl
-the invitatioin at the Ilanieoniesoit
a f Detroit ha pesent teir play, "Din
1 Journaisten," ttndrer the aspice of thi
organizationu. The performance will be
I iventehMondaly eveig, April 0. Man-
eager Johnt G. Nsenmarher is completing
e arrantgemntis for tier evente.
'IThe iiviaion front Harnmonie came
-soont after te successful preeniation
gof thee popular Freytag coneedy at the
- ta neu an4 th Vrehve ince
I had it under consideation. Faculty con-
fscull for ate appearaince itt Detroit was
I givete a feet days ago.
k Promteienit Germeaiis of Sagitaw hae
halsoe aced fan ti(tile tier ater part of
's There will he btt one chatge in the
e ast of chitraces, Carl Schrieber taing
tier part of "Seneru" itsteat of Mr.
it Loeereg.
S, R. A. Parher, of Parer & Burton, the
'I well-hutown Dtroi patent attorneys.
al will appear before tier Engineering so-
ciety a I oclock, Friday eening of thin
t week. His leture will be one "The Pa-
eteut Systenm of U. S." Mr. Parer grad-
e, stated from Michigan ie '71 and in one
d. of tier forenost speciaiste itt in line.

a-TheLEtegineeriteg society are expectiteg
us a very interestineg talk and will torn out
in a body tn greet the npeaker.

Of tst c-ncr's hi titweehave Catp-
taintRainey' ioeen 1 es, Car,tDuit-
hap, Freh. With LIgththeady ucuuf of the
hunc hiueyenIRaiety sndCute sheotul
hen esilhy hletole tk e hue eeltheir ec-
spectivecevtethilt Rowe is cithouit a
dutthue test eolhveeute two-mteter in
then counuutry. iDunlapandutelFrecehiave
tilt hlia runestloetpattuntity theis year to
showeu whtth hecy'cant theebut iDunultap

uisiutth h nlfnyeslitccarty iiof thur
Sauttti eday i itr i i p It. ee \ eeu Ii ' ih e l i' I eeagtee' tas held test Stuttrt-
teeth St. Jouhn'sRevseltionueuTh1e Chi si-euay lli'ig at heel tuu 'ymnuasitimu.
cue Inteii tterpreta I tio ' itr. wwohe undereted cdtheti)iee col-lege
Suitidasy iiiiApr ilt . ewer vwmnt iendtied so ehiat
itall.-The hFooel:. eelJetrem ieh, liii tut smlsuet than it t yar b toee tinge
etclu -kteutobirpynuhfretlestitl o i ut eeueeuu an11th comufort.
Suundy,--krilt8, 4 P. i., Late l'it ud V.1'. Jolre t and 11( tis. C. Ali Baesr
itl.Th Boo Ti ofut e Job, oeeltile'Msteryivil th culeron;,s whot, toegethert wills
eel Sutetrtug. l a emaeup uutthen receptionutlintu
chnate y' Api i P.en1.ittNewtey lie elienI uttrchit sartedlit I8:30,let
hell.-h Pitt oktiof eelIelemtesc iiorites b cSitayi'ueiek ha ttirmanteoeelthe
Presioni.' Eglandi, elofI tttlfamil fpeach-itectuer-spteetie-ely as hi Titus-
tic. iftediitishichs tilnic:ty lnth andetetoeale dsteel nyt, tumakineg atrkingkut
she'llatt- heelhu tuo the yturetiede coupulte.NttuhMiss Reni'tk ini a broad-
hue the Uihersnities of eLtellntilldICanlull rimedteuee ttha ti-cnt-clakvevt boerouant
trudge, hreeterci uponee Iits ilet wit:hill nsshrn ise els Cathey illiaugownetil
ocf brining promeneeeutie hefr lethe:M vlow moeted itspaeetgts, loaeduut
try~n tie stuituethure valeo itvuersitt cx- tei ethe1111lues andibrIlenets, an aulat utck
teutsionus a peulicedhuctioteetheaIecy'eeeini ltteeMatitlla drae ite trute Spattish
1890-91.chstsle lim e rlieuatie e Lcties 'iitch 'Itty-
Sitter 1892hhehaeerisnnctetht r e l na a,]Ifasioenedi speister',
lienCtiuercisity eel Chicagot asunitfessortecths tu eethnd S ic IcRuthe Ricer us
cii iEngliushlerai'uture.'v'ndutslnow hileditil renche teasatll m suiecoynhtdh
eel the dupten tiufee e11111111teeny-ute 'el( ee:;rand 1marchias ptu atediclit
itt Ftihyiu- uo s O ivreileedcuptioneus frout
Whiile iehuetas euaitnet -tueniaeuhhr epee-teeanu nationts 'atnd itfrtet eeaty tuges
tationutasuantinterptetiieelofthi n-ecienteTh eewee he-hit, lt ow n suIndituns
cltussic ndie ofelSitketspearve ellet tilemost tusotethi lithme's, Ic1thu thu lii tes, Pets
maedtu nlsucycess hl eenett it the ei el t illas, i t u e lstuturlieu midts,teures
bilicaetl literautur- e, lieuy hue hits tdtne lullescate-littlef tututhee X-uW intlrittfOz,'
moetre thutnt aeuy etre m1 ar iiltiisnlye se. t'luteyeolthi setumIe; etre originet
the Bibe lloedseulitertutti tithestidshut-a-lieclln
hIoletuheuisuunot tutly' 'ug'uted ltectueri I, stills temuicwuas furiu'ishuedhiy teat
hut a scholareft luluusut ii thty atutu s'Gan e'eorc'stra. StussMaltri,
tfuuuuecuis. 'tie is lteuetoeelfthin'Tdel 55eisetiad hiaelei-eegelfhue diutintgeronm
erie Readhers' Bilth res fteuty-e eel hltoftteIe adtutrutullehicwere sent-ru
oevoeaututes in nwtuththileyIcit re-The title itas tieor-tiedti-tiltreilcarnae
printedhin iteiurary feetmuiiso ta ty leuerthens and sia, ulewol ffair we
soneofettlture caneni ujoy it s a litrarytu greatuceceesse

slthulrdefetuat y'sheet puttyer inthue et huouse hastuenuetihoerouughly' fumtigtated,
ewithe the extceptitnetieel~sley Cite.Of Tier boardl eel healthlhas givete certificates
Gairrels nwetay' exietedsoee at iee-ttr-itt huelthi toellthi ~e iventtaes andthed ey
fotinctutes.-is wornklatsphetingin the hae ce suttedutheir iiniv'tiual evorkras
uiscus tlttes lhuet at te hied intthiethutghenoting had happtened. 'Te
evetlwhtile huts wirkene the' Ion' hueutus smaelpox petetietus ath today' ler thee
is taluetas otusewoueerthey. WhtViithecwiii f fret timiu.
he tutle to t1e ini the high iettirdietisattic
a teettter for conjecture. NO'TICE TO ISASFtSALL MEN.
'heis nutcleuisof 'hi." mitsestregth-
enedl by' thur acdditionutof Ray Stwart, 1f theeerathter cattihnues ftuvoralethee
wholiiintttierdleuis andcspritswottneheteasttall teateewill tractice ou thlen ftir
"A"uevtiefraltheaetrcs ago. i ciiWttiteGa srels ciuundsthi attetn. itisveyleai-th
"a-i"g severleas ago.writhlGpro]le-gatusiheareprteontitiserryisae-
tblyhehytcsauedu foe thinstprintisetutd cs le to briteg a sweerc. Practice begins at
rante ie t o fiat tewo years ago lie shotul t p. tn. Wendell, Capt.

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