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March 30, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-03-30

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The Mkichigan Daily


No. 13('.



Interesting Meetings of Schools
master's Club and Academy of
Science Today-Opening Ses=
sions Yesterday.
YesterdayIornin0111g 1alag 1111101 r of
professolrs and11schoolmaste01r wee11
hand at1 10thefrt 00es1011 of tie clasical
con ference il Sa1rah1Cswe1 l A11e11 1a1ff
ThLaiscashdheeir11 1011 1(111 1 iig at
11110 meeting1 andi many-011ntretinot1110ines-
11000 of 11101111011 10011)Alleno (f 1C111
cin)nati,1Cl1r111f Ripon1c1ll1g(,11n)
sidesi Professocr(01011 of the Uni150100y
of Moichi igawwas1111te reiding11111f151-
cer.i ath1100 titiiCnipal101111 inf
Ray C'iy, XIiac] 11/to f Ietoi, iclaailo
khelrwoodl of 1Criniif 1(11.Iatnd 1Prof.
f" Iii'Oge f Ysilntitook impor1j11-
11111 11ar110il the1 1r10111.
lii the afternoon111n 1511ry'itrestig
tuisin the1preparaion or ftbhesttfy
of the priofessiioswais .iutsd. Deans
re1p1ctiedetosments.oNext yealot tis
intne i ocontini t he1110 s11m0p11s iumfcois-
cussingthe 1ahe of thse t 011111 11i1
Dr1ke sandl I fillonof the 1111 silit 10
the speaeo. loficers f theiSooltmas- i
i)call ram1(i 01,fst XotiI i
Theaofractionsginl i l here1111 (11ring
10111111tingo theiiittl ts tcrsliiiil
remindone f a1thre1ring 0ciritcis 'aitoo
1111i 00almo 1t ip ibIt e to 1 o(Ifalc 0111011
ielAg al l , Pro11f i 1113. 1Boss
1111101010 chi 0111Agric1ultural111115cllge
was1gisingclitck o 111irdoilsinthill
Inelcture i" oil 1he3physical1ttlai ((-
torlThelecue a vn yto I (111 uheol
101oosn :o o'clciiin31111n iriy\hailo
Thi pi~sroram I 1011111da 1110geonsrci
iiti . ' 1 -itc'tiol ispoit ofsiMod-
ernihouhot.Pof.Xohnui'l. 1 1111 11111
_. (IsltinadMrl ~uain
D. iiT111e odore de LagnatUnivrity ofn
3.l heo'ktoiX ill e Cil.IPes
ident-. G.Lanca11111riilickClic"".is
ftern~loon,114(1.(Pock, U1(iv01rsitohll.o
P~tliiti W.io. Th1101111 . 111 hllirityl

Atiteiinto les00111110f t1e1classicli
helid at I 1:0 in SaitaitCaonelli Antgll
hall the foulowin o gramO w0ittsill I ' gis-n.
Presiigoffic.of.Pt1stdin -1iCap11110
Univesityi of Chica(o0
TheicAuoiograp11 hica01110 lement( in11
I'ti i terCatur 0111d ]ac iio(in.. PofIii
andtssai Iciitss 11Pinin.Dr1 Sm
1111 1.iitlfers, 11Cal if 311111111t 11N11mal
ThiiiTe1eth Sieof i Coirlll([isfro
11oh1son'slo ni y f(111iscs
Nrank ii.Potter.Geneva igh110111o f
the( P it ot XX 111ofaICoititeg111Proes-
s o . Pr f.i o cl.i ole. nierit
C l es B.100uiNewi lcomiiiiPolsfiverit 0111
11111 01111110 a ltiili eth iso1n,111 iver- c1
siyo 'eiga t (t i 1(1 cli
Ostciii10 i ( [loxic lprsnittndn
tel cof.(nllsao invidco handcitoo
1he11residing1 oicrolnit i da afeo on
anyquesioisswhichthy oliiiitiiton
ha iscusseIdo te lassicali ci oer-
enc 11f 100fliiid toimakeisugst10
the cpleased to ussi11heParoi
istr tso it elInt r (n, o o ck1 111i Lec-i
t.XXtureo m F, physialiaotiiiiorytio
1. illIypro. ciatn nTermllCon-1
dluci itiity. 11. 1,. 1Curt 1s. M ihi Pits 01(
cultra l otege. I I 1 X
_. ThisUe sof he tuaongCur-
rtintale1 tNi c hol~. 11 tII.iNiii rttolco
111 toi i1iiI ciiootc- 111 coti
Meetig, ifthe1Bitish A bocain lfor
thl ci osmo ic SotfSc ienco(llstate
by stuereotco.of. HtIenroy ItoCNo
.Toilh(onto'ncI Reiremtienlotti
I'sc 1011Xd"tRelatotoNthe1Physics
Sith lvt college:(oPr-of rCifAv
Car XXe111111 XX lolla n iti c Normal o-
The pIoguramsiorthel iifoi iiomeetongho
olockin ti mmlue 1111 11111rfTpoomis11
Chairiman. Po f. XX'.-NTXV. linsait.Anma
Alc (ConSttiedonralolge.)

Law Professor Selected by President
-Angell to Fill Vacancy Caused by
Professor Pattengill's Death.
Prof. I-leery N]i. Itatos. if 1111elkoi idl-
parlllti 10iottent,(h(11een 11pp intida itetiberii
if thelto iihisic hoard of control by Prs-
I)\ the dealit ofltriof. Albert II(. Patton-
gill. The p1es0de1t111iteid Profososo
Rat111 to flli te oitionils011110ti1111ago.
lost n1g1t.
"I have ccptcctheisosoition temtpor-
iiiieved of it1later." siio'e.101


JOH11107tO'lilO OtSO.
BIRDS BY 101S1081lRI3OX'.S

1111L 11% I1 I st lI oh ln d t tl11,((1.oil ootot.' lll'
Ilse bard wll pioably e1101l (01 ery 11teresin ecure woo- 1(iiYici
ia rtot l-t 1a1new1chit t 0001 r1lot e eninfhO iXctheinew11physc-
Prof Ilnry I Bats gaduaedro llot eorXX 1hebitc100m0 (f Sli
liiiliteciary de1111t11n(1 ofii th01 l ii 1111111y Prs.1. 1.B rrws f h
I ((heaccpteoaninitatitocofilesltiwas"Fa-to mcilt Fa1ciyu;niird I
a large 111d1IteraitoI ine lwipac(ce n Peiet ;arw a ceceade
Chilcagos toidiis o. 1 Ic'hts ai ys t0aken ii steesly (f birtd(s 1a(1(1111eir cus tos (1111 iie.
aMichias legalrepreisenittis itheiti was tc fth.geaetimot
cli s issiig fro the iiccolap (so fi the1 itakse nup sithi expla 11tiininthe hbitsofi
till Xl s as. lol son sini maniy commonil b iirdho, 0 wa stuplemnt ed'til
iiito seakuig iof 311'lixotngiplaces of ifeo
BIG LIST OF ENTRIES hs iiiitil ikilflrs.sPtorai OeoI(1(Barro
F OR TOMVORRO'S' MEET groatst titttiloot fill inllithe summers
________ ciais in .North'ussericateroe1beoig coti-
Glraham and Curtis in Shot Put-Low so raivo ciifew\ of theopermannt resi00idet
Hurdle Event Open to All Classes X 110sfypcel hoesreii.((s it
-The List of Entries. slsoo lcsitgiiioI100(t~
wssith thso fsttil'e 10isitiucli to" objects.
YtoeIdaiyi iaf tinon XX 1101101011 - Itappes toi b istit i ve tscfssr ustintoug
of111e(1on1 thecflootriidue tc 1he lrge' - iniclor 10N>Illuc 0 10he i l ey cutriosit
inumberiIof e1nt1101s0forthe(itg t istrcias l oin111coiceruisn iso heciuckois (hat111it
meet1 iiwsilhtakes 10plhce tomorr1 00 ow litn-oir10esdainthesn1111 ti1111theults al-
ine. 1Tito oseceofsothc Xl"1(men1ftr1(11oisngiie000r111 iist o 110ltialned cler-
temciit maloss iheIoutc1m0(11xc1001nolyut it igrssl o1101at111isoais.
doist fish situneily)-e"ery classonoilliie 1PresietsBarrow(10s soke espeia~lly
ca ps hs enltered. Althtoutghi hes n t h e111 01iing' of birds(ho riithirt plum-'
frehma sui haet (11 11 (11 heil vnall'1 1ge, te Iag atush owetos'-i h0 ios' great 1(1n extent
((ii o 10 s ill Ic divididia- ongiso m tanys thiuoso i s o stositn'" thc 1tosid.I Toe-lgrotto
clse htamntssosf classs0111cauesmoeiehsino net ii(ki((0 nd 111 osf birds11
doped a 10s r i nnerlusuits 10 th11111 111p- i tha -sio-in(ote. s itcantioIyXc slita(til c
11111ers. frost thc fcemale 111011 suri(110thssperiosd
Thei siloycevcut u;insich tsc "MI'' mcntof feeincliii" touolo" It wa si-uerlst ig
"i1ii cli(ompt tc he re'005la adiwesoi the to l sintu hei manner( of10(0 isili-oi((0sf 5(o(t(50
(011 ctemsof hdistanice 1(111 itake 11(0i)he iirbhummsingu" lstirdswo sticklien ic
appeiiaranti'c isi-sidci a11 sprinhters t1111 lois il anh situcuire Iheadi ito the thrttl
.101 0111r (0to ake a liii. Cach ds is 10 f1thlii'huit"r00 loungster andusolt nt i
considentuandotsiillso promtises to beli en1(11guvs 1uscthesssoi.
osf thcutistoInutcrestinsg osoiuis if thoc Prid0eiln t tills cluded hiilis cc-
sost cirlwii ti lt ideistossitg usetrobist say-

Popular Bandmaster Will (jive
Additional Attractions in To.
night's Entertainnment- house
Entirely Sold Out.
Ssiosassnd iis bandsh sf ityillay(lels
isill gtoo It coc rt a t U ivrsc--ity ihl
this eveniigssonills'Stuodents Lectur
asocsiatuinccsusi. 'This o ('I as' band-
uilastot eis si-its adinsg to Iis linst'i
ms cians - tsosshat is (wI lltlo 111lll ill' 5 tlin
Xuss til 11111W1ealil.
Ofth s ooss ils esonisiot :Ai-
bioo Ims 1ilversit,.itch ear1 11 'sl't(111
oilare (11111 vriteticohnti sissis isis ((li
fabeth iuit ~l ll osor tIrsosii '1511)' yen-
Clri s weitllt'knownil hiie' as til'rnsss t
wof'gr uat Isislisss.ibut(lithe 11 11ug ii women
swislc oesouther 11(0 vo. Sat
for (Ishei eotti i isi s old ra id10yti s-i
hedy n oda totnditgXioom1alo52
,,o tatable. ii sii1 i li t
It is re ak bl o lisc lY i ii iiil
mitisis oldss uspos teaisirass ios
aind il~l enth tsi s iof is ii o(((5.( ori
manii'.yItorssith(1Illstaos bandsl yet
thue Postowriitts 5(110s ppeasanSitherec
isn s Ocheta hc-i siluusso ii-Stnsisits g
he weoresslls newtomerlswhsillbr(illi01nce
gloxing wods n isu softMashs12:tis
_, b'teaStls Js .is silleds Orsuchsista
'llaII yesteday.ssssstile lsicho
bad ma s'co odsi i th Ils" bton0ois'
in(ti(, a o.(Tc rcioc s marched out0011
anh lt.eiedsith i el ti insl'tumentscst
the to allery.oh ']'hen, iike a1 grea
tht echaStll hub sillThisi (s. sic ll lciss
have calt orhssitum mois.A
thk Nfiststril S ta irsrt tie
SoevrCte iS wihibroi-htI3Cai'

Theicshot11(11ill1boc onothsci featutre
evnt foii-sthieosies Cosi's lattemspttohbreaik
till IGrahamii il comtutueants oh aChai
ill ai (ttmptto il11bac1k tse laureoshsle
The fori tc-lardil dasillwills losot Sone0
bIcause01fsitnieligibitlit), ntuh plalices
souhvib co seolycontuesteid '(s11(-e- haves
beccin tiliihe ist . Sev100lntimenvill
tile, result.
111Th lls ulettieiven'Ittwoill 1(e1repeatedi
ito this mtliwoitlieveyone etoligilet. As
onitunderticlssmenttwos-oo bll ot-cdcito
omupete ini tIis eventt last wee-k, the
fnscorierosoill pobaly- be tchanlugedl.
I [Bistuul atdsH odlgenishave en'utereditromt
use uupcer classes loud ibotiha-relreportecd
Ias o stolover (1010lowst oicko.
'Thec'fulllhot 'of eies as o (0handeid ill
to DlirectsorPitzisatoickla 10 st osvenig is
110s fols :
(Continued on page Z.)

iug that it opecbils it hacs clinic souls its
toi sillv this year,0 iolugogclsoc seton its
tralspi. rintg
The bafiitenon s ion0'51(0sioftheso caiI-

liii) of Ssucirce 01101t1011111lrsgely j XX sts - odkewasth 1cneof otis
00 iii th i scuss5l5ion of0lroutine and11 tec11111 fsthscKll-ohclasboi t1ittsn0 i((5 h i stooy
oha quesions. ITodayis programuiis ls it os-c-sng, when(1 the1( Juiorhhll hts as-
foltlCows t: l ttsembt"ledhisalhmst nne undred c IstIrogsot
Is a. Ill.-C oun citto o lotheIosiswteI sown-ishe(Ls- eHouse.
itisosui1 1111 li s of/setiio onituasuti ('0 ilibiic t s liii eI t lll sulcceii 11 s n
uose r o toil ssui0 01(l cu 'roso, it'smery ussway. u XXo 1th irsItime lsitce toc
Sphtsicl 0l0bills'oXX-.151oloy- IRossmso2,sreturnd tsthuivhrssiyso teCr
tiivsru (ot 11111, suthic i ng eo rphseg isittt losuii (1(, 5 11111o ('.1Prof. lAi
thr loor, huhew me 01icliillihs (( i icii hl(0ohuuic lit builas mo t excelleth talk
2 p.il m01ccoitntile~l l biofthe iol00og ita11151titsariusitudett ativitiesliaoilshis
tush till 511 he ScIhoolmasterscilub reiltIio It its'dentiaid uivltssity ie
1111 XIesdcti uoosuciliseachsit 1(0001yr.i opsuki thesoother1facuStysssi os
3 p. i Jsit sessoofili thieii 11sect its olsissho cei hi t ere1 st ill situ knosi -
of "eoo' py an eloy dof t 11 "tis- -ti i ts'eoedgie (51thic studt.i l sisitof it i i
seo n 111( sit iiut 'as' sc'ui ce' ii it 0110oii11disus afis 'I diio ts o (s(tereu larih oasst-
miiicipai 'l iiatr osupieso tWest lectured "Xrtie" Pouusdsai tih Ilauk"Schlti' 0"ao
ro m Oltihthird 010t0- 101000wtmedicatl buisldis in. ipromui tatlls



Tonight. So usa's Band Hniall Ht


n ii

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