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March 28, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-03-28

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ti il Arbr Pttcile.
Published. daily (Mndays excepted drig
a7 i>r.+the colege year, at 1ty East Washngtn
" jil tr-eet. Belt phne 89z. Homce phone '76.
EADIG -Managng Editor. CLYDE L.DEW
Busines Manager. WALTER R. HANS
Tailors --TOCS
Athetis......... ClaeneE. Eldidge
Nets...........Loi ID. Stiiaey
Echange........Charles E. Wistead
Misic .........A. H. Ortmeye
Wmet...........tfite . Artstrng
Makers of Men's Clothes. EDITOItAL STAFF.
All the latest London styles Hgh Alnt Frali C. Park.
occasions. ASOCATES.
Gorgea A. Obrns Hrld C. Smith
-Ferit N. Smith Gerge A. Brnes.
Robehrt H. Clacy Frak J. Clark
FUL DRSSSUTS Hery F. Schulte -ihery A Mntgamery
fUL I1SSSLTS I. F. Stenetsn Joltn. Wr
~ PEIGlet~nD Beadley Floyd H. Joes
RATES:s$$asa preyear, or $ Sas t ipaid is
Addres: WALTER R. HANS' Business
311 S. State St. Manager. 236 S. 12th SU. Phone 849 L..
An: Arbor, 1M0,.
® VIIIINESlSAY. .\ARCII 28, 196.
1Mar. 28-Prof. l N. Scott before Phil-
gol "te Genesis ofComncte
season Signs,,, ~~ iRoom C, Uiest al
A ~~ S 1.1 11 7:30 tp. rrsy.al
~~ ~ lai-r. 2829-Sifonia tainstrel show at
is nearly here antd School of Mtsc,
l lt. -r Jtnior lit banquet, l ake I otse.
now is a good titne to Whitmore Lake.
overhaul yotr clitbs, Naar. 29--Sssios of te Classical Cot-
see what new otes frcce. Saral Cawell Atgell all,
you tneed, and cone :3 tp. ti. atd 8:45 p.tt.
itt avd pick thetn out. Sesiots of the Plsical attd Clme
A good tinme to re- icat Cotferetce. Cettical slaora-
paint oldigolf balls,
old golballs, Jinitt sessiolt of the Classical atti
too, lioderi Iatgage Cntfereces, at
A full ltte of stp- Sarah Cawel Angell hall, 8 a. t.
plies at Ahddrss by Prof. NN. B. Brrows,
of the M\icigatt Agricultral co-
leg, othte stbject, "Birds." Pys-
cat laoratory 8 p. I.
Sh eh n C y ilac.30--Sestisbatd, OttS. L. A.
I1 C1f & 1,'SJ ecottre. Iln'i versity all, 8 a. tt.
Stuent' BokscreGeeral sessinsi tf te Nlichigats
Studens' BoostoreSchooltsastrs' cttlanatttt ichigait
Academcyto of Scicac. tU'nis-ersit
all, 8:30t.i.
- Sssioi of the Physical attdl('het-
it onfrenc. Phevsical labora-
M oney Loaned tory.1:1511. il
April bIt-Associaioti baattqtet lc lilllats
On Watehes, Diamonds tr oher all. 8 . tt.
personal property._________
Watches and Jewelry repaired.
Bargains in Watehes & Diamonds NN'itot swisitg to express aty opit-
ottupotteattcdtiiistrationt of tetni-
Offce at resdencee 33tE. Liberty St s tletslit
Ann Arbr. rcrity. sbe, wic ee Iuttbly
Herst 8to 11:305 a. m., 1 to 3:30 ad y to sacnowledge to be far beyottlotr con-1
SEp m. prhentsiot, sie te only voicitg te set-
ALLBUSNEeSS COFIDENTIAL i fIt stlrsldstdtthsl
JOSEPH C. WATTS ietofteudiddsllntby
wrhecnsc e tprcss otr deet regret tat

yj~IA ~

ntottig calectihe plit' ir tosnaing
so m larranigemnctt astcts ly IPcotf. Ansrews
C. MicI assghltinssaiigttbicrctainsedst 'a
ttettber of the faculty. iWc kinowisnstht
ing of the merits ants demoerits of the
proyosed plan, but whe do ktiow that thic
loss of Professor NMcLa ughltunwostld he
a severe blow to _tlurliterary departmet
anti, wousld addlimmienttsely to ite pres-
tige of our wsealthty rtitl. Ihsstutemet
itasde liyPresisdetsAngell, that-Mitch-
igati cattnot equtsl ite offer naidelay Clii-
cago, bittlerly retinitis its aigaitn of oast
taoverty. Wecwishiltit tiost sdistintlys
suiniersttosd that we. itt couttton twsithithe
rest of thle studtii b losdy, haste, sever
thoutght for attitnstantl of criticizintg Pro-
fessor MicLaughtliniif Ihe-should sacceptl
thic tetmptitng alderistfte Masroionischlt.
'rhe quetstioni tfslariesstof the liichi-
igssts fascslt issa gtsavc sne aidoes po
whlichi the tpeotlec of ther statc shosulsd
b~ecosmec arouisedl. It is noiisecret thast
tither lIticligsnintttstrusctosrs sre' seinig
tcmtedtt wi tllsasrgc salairics. It is coms-
susnigossipi slitthe camsit hasllst tisisaof
the titost dstsinsguishcsdtmembssrs ssf the
lass fsculty havsse reccciv-esd offers frost
Chsicsagoat asitit diioublc their trecit
salaric-. It is thc faculty sit thsc tiuser-
st t sli gives is its repiutatiion;, andi
we iwish istha stith iapeilc.ofthc statec
cosuldl be1ibrioughst Itoreaslize lthc dangse
thast thsrestents thecir univserstsitson ic-
ion f tic presellt miserlty tsolicy
whlichtshlistarc pus-using tosward it.
es'canntot cisic ime isitoo ighlsl the
slairsit if ltyalt swhichs cit Walter
Rtsciusctuit st. itcleift'orCsalifornisa
last nightto la elcars' thast hc wosul cc-
itrns ilto ichiigasnticxt fall. Smsartig
undsercit-isiatiheconii siders asitu usticc
sonc to timitibytthe lass'fsiciltyetec
Moaterisotimiished.tItt twasha pathi
etic picitre IthatIthe lig felliiwsmadetis I
ie biravlc t ricd to sile list emiootis
uitserhis-chasrsceristiecstmilseiind tolid
Iis fricends goosbyis iis usual sctseci
fist msannssr. It is l ts stpi tit loyls
ass te rtif tier sonis t ts givetn
Nilictigsu i iwsrlsd-idse repustatin. Out
hecarts ares isitth "Rteie"sas lie is sits
rinig wstiwant. Weuchive conitdencse its
tutm ittiIwsi-cli'sve th h aesii
wehichledlsilhimttosexpe'dithis lastsiune
of cenergy- towinsiic tort- fur lilicluigat
will itisduce tututo iretrn anin ttishlisi
college s -irk sitils hoansir. iWiththeIus
msisfortunies iswhichs titrsued humthroussghs-
out last semetetr slimtiitci, wec ksisos
thsat he -cast slutit. sMilchigsantis hostnireid
byt has-tng fsoriione of its stsident s atsa
wse o tiesly siittcause thtu to over-
losik a gries-antccschichi,niimtater swhast
tters tiat- thitik. is s-crt- reiltolirest.

P~rof. I-. tG. .M1ultonhisofi Chicssgos ti s-
versity is to delivesr the lastsseriesof
P~erry 'lectsures for tile tear 1)0' ots. ise
inst series. oiste "Religions of is ast.
was sdelis-eredt by I ir. I. i'. Paton1 ot
sHlatfiordt ic- olis aie inais r. The
seI n sle-rsie s is dlivi redis Isy sir.sIt.
inig ini ti- the isainia l sddrssOf1 te Stsl-
iletits'Chlistianitassoit ion, it C is iv -
silt s t slits ielctrspcm
~s Ihio gea vlu t5 al ntrete
taks5 up ae11 diferentiss o5 worsit a
al os ts irelst i th ths itray sts
oif Isis Bible.anins hes oiow sb
tests stilltou AthusisIsseil 11impt an t I?
siltsphases sf thessota-s boitsI
i. ITiei i-usr-s iStudy 4)f I is- i ' s
as itinguisiedira mII helo s-an
sisr ii tssiss is Iri ity itspis. s i .Is-Is
in It ertatis n of I I i I is5-y Si-
3. Thes Bsiisk Of Jsersei-ia-ti-sisish
,tic Autssbissgraphsys. Sutd.y- s:ri.
x: I .ill.,ssst\ it is sis tis hsaIls-
sit 'Suffert" ~~ing. S n ay.- 4 t.in. L-I I -
i.The list ofssl Ilesisasts : ss, tI
G s-lstof 'Sieiisl. \ l 9557 p. 15.
sle tu e b iktic 1 un1 ls ti l Isten miues ])'
will heiisipenisisse pslic
T011 TAIcPiiSiiM) tFiA 15 t-ss
it it hisJaplists wanti or Issli
5e5g11 Japansstudis en5t s ssiin t u ive-
that theyi ereindedl onoedsy is
0i7ii. tihS~it;tA s-vo.P.G. l .1~ ie
'oth-ntgieertiti.st . t .ls
It hiChilt I (Is ii ?SS

H4 a -,.


We or' eqippelld Chits spring
iswith absoltely thse highe, t
ret-lscline osAlMitts eser ulani-
M uitts and Pricesi Foliosw
Spalding's Perfection, $6.00
Spaldhang's League, $4.00
Spalding's 0. A. Mitt, $2.01)
Spalding'.s Amateur, $1.50
Others at
$1.00, 50c, 25c and 10c
The Bookstore That's Never

Sisisi sit Apl . 1, s-l l i ls m il silIl
Ihrirc, ksithlin C 1). 'Iisiht<l 5 t

B~ aigatsinininug the hisssetisallchaii- ss - Rsv. hr.-A\'iiiisstu has lits
piutshlips, the upo6 irus Issue douse imuchs cs-ltit-left thesetsipTsitys
10 resdesm this' athlestic replutaitionilof theiirthchisis evi. lands'.iith555 mIll iisilssdI
clasis, iwhichipohssesstes te uniueresutasus- lt'hI: icttigssss sissa s-I-oftill ltticsi -
tiots ifIsas-ingueser itoti a fsssitbalt l isrhurh i.te is nt5 s rlgrt o s.c.55-c1:it
basebislltgame.tlrto-au d itsisienices. i-i-uav inssseard unls:
slt-hasis-of lthe \\cslis uigld soi
PROFPISSOR PArTTERSONV'S thueliethissiist cistires.Ile aso Ilce-isle{
- LCTEIS P.POSTPONETD asithle recent ortcal ne at st t:1i
scisit hlli.
Die lectsure swhichi 51555to hue gisncIi listussilia.-sti s Ialsosto gtieh
hay- Parofessor Patlersontuhtis afternoiiiniesveningtermconitit 5hue Eicplcuc
isill he giveni two.us-eeks fromsstoday~. Siundasit-. :i07 O'clst k.sIcts. eti s
Poremsati Daltonu, of thse WXest iigiotiu sprlicsihsirltos tluisis c ie asest Mei
%conapanyt,swill sieaik siweek fruitoducay.. Mlian lls



aire suti iisnsiw <tiiiisomethingyon'l
apprciat thus'('h.ustis-ietrocss shinks
t~l arcs ll Ithe slurtuuhsut is donie
teireyuubitethlesscoillas--snot safter--
si-sruts. Ysu*i'ttsfindutosesttylet andthei
snlisacesrte (bhi-lee Shzll in Arruow
15c eachi; 2 for 25c
sit ti'haedshrs
Cluett, Peabody ft, Co.
0. MV. Martinll ECO
Olilice20Stilth sAre. tahone 158.
1'ssidt-c 11102 S thlisAve. I'hone 114.
A Merciful Man
is mnercifuil to his face. He
keeps is smooth and free from
irritation by using
Tran.Ir.s'L,a-srs -Ann Arbor
Guog forth95issl iat. m.and 4:35p. m.
GoinigSout 720a. mo., 1:5a. m. atidl7:51p. in.
Gen'] Pass. Agent, Agent,
Toledos, Ohio Ann ArbarSlick
Bell phonte it5-hr iHome phone d55
X M0,,hgar'l F41b RCeesg"
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Thrsugh Trains Haul-8.181 a. nn., 2.40 p. at.,
4.a5 p. mt., 9.301p. mi.11.05p. m.
Locals East It .at., 011.10 a. at., *4.05 p.m.
*8.36 p.m
Through Trains West-2.01 a at,,7.58 a. at.,
9.18 a.m., 2.33ap. ro. 10.20 p. mt.
Locals West-2,S4 am., *8.28 a. am., *1.40 p.
at., t610p, am.
SEn-cpt Sunduay.)
Connuectons at Chicago for St. Louis
Kansas City and tie West.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor

Sousa's Band,-
Single Admission, , . $1.00 (reserved)-
Season rickets may be reserved for remaining five num-
bers of Course for 50 Cents.
S. L. A. OFFICE HOURS, 5 to 6 P. M.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
The S. L. A. Treasurer will be in his office every day
this week from 4 to 6 P. M.

_ tOcr New Department is
We purpose carrying a line of choice and nobby
woolens, and are now ready to take your orders for
-,,.Spring and Summer outfits. Styles the latest.
-Workmanship guaranteed. Prices right.
--We have secured the services of G. LE. Mitchell,
cutter, of Detroit, who will be here every Tuesday
and Friday from 1 to 8 p. in., to take charge of the
measuring, cutting and fitting.
Call and see us. We will consider it a pleasure to
-show our goods.


Douglas Shoes WAAHDE.The Shoema 218 So. Main St.
Gym Shoes"'"X"-

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