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March 13, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-03-13

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Sprinig, 1906
SAttractive Styles
jNew Colorings
ILargest Line of Woolens
Shown, all at
jFull Dress Suits a Specialty
G. 0.$. Wild Co.
311 S. State t.
For 60c Boxes of
To close ot a broken lot of
Fraternity and Sororiety Sta-
tionery, we offer te reglar
hoc box containing one qire
of gold embossed paper and
env-elopes to mat, for
A limited number only at
Sheeha~n & Co's
Students' Bookstore
Football Pillow
made u1p complete for
tis week at
224-226 S. State St


THE MICHIGAN. DAILY. echo ad bias i ltis acomlca-ojam. The
Esntered as seond sclasstmatter atithe Ann a1lii iaailiaaeei iii i
Arbo Potofice no cvn te slillllce otfie l i
n-itIncd lOur collferenlce repenlealta-
Publshed daily(,Mosilays eaaepted) duri intipte e a a i t o> oppe telit}to present
the college year, at 117 last N ashiiataon
seel. Bell -phone S92. liaie phaone 76. 3 etoi aei iitaitleTi
tile. wheitre-a'-slthetiher Chltagto ppera
Managing Editor, CLYDE L DEW leilltii dliitemient, from lii iiiiOii ihe
Rusiness Oanager. WALTER R. HANS Itteiiiiii 1.it applied its liieeato
- lciai'- lihe it te leeinatt tgal
EDITORS.ticntt thele teto at biitterneaa
rAthletics..- - -.....Clarense N- Eidridgea at-ttu aleli licltal t ieuna-llt all' lie
FNewss- - --.........Laais 1). Sticknse gaule.thadtl litet lii t-eif tii-'clttlie
Excshanges -......Chareles I1. Winsteadetieteea
S Masctt .............A. 11. Osrtieyer tetitt ae nt
1 Womien..-... l.. le J. Armstrong attiltt- Selitlt'it- th ii e lltc i aniti111

1 Hugh Allen Franklin C. Park.
r Aethar C. Paund.
rFeores A. Oabarn llHald C. Stmith
rFris N. Smith George A. Barses
r Roeret H. Classy lFsank J. Clark
rlHenry F. Schalte Ileasy A. Montgasmery
0 . F. Stevenssan talter Metzeesbausi
rOGeaii 0 Bradley Johin F. Wara
Ray V. bait loyde II. Janes
IRATESt $2.5a pee year, ar $aaa it paid is
r advasce.
rAddress: WALTER R. SiANS' Rosiness
rManager, 236S. 12th St.. Phone 849 L.
Nitir. 13-Addessa by Prof. W. P. Magie
ott "Applicationa of the 'Teory ci
Probiabilities," btefore the Sigmaa Xi
aociety;tsar enginesrinig butildingti
roomit309, S8P.I. t
Mair. 14-Tscbaikowaky recital bty Al-
bert Lockwoodtpiaisit. Prierithill.
4:;301. 01.
Mtair. 14-Concert lay Kneisel quartette,
it Choral tUiion series; iniv-ersity'
hail, 8 p. i.
Mar. i6-Uive-rsity oratorical coittest.
1906 litidaites.
flair. 2o-Meeting of Coaimtpolian clubi
-dlclitilait tail, 7:30 1. Ill.
Tliar. 22--Era benefi concert, lay Symt
pbiony orcesetra, asasised by XWillicam
Ilowland , baritone, snd Alliert
late. 23---Banqtlt of Engineering sit
ciety at Cootkfouise.
Tue idecisiooi of Profeaaor Cr ati\cldoi
oef Putrdute,tarbitrator of thte Schutlte
eligibiflity caae that stirred Cbicatgoas ire
to the ideptha last fall.,astould marcit-rr-
Micitigatnman rejice. Profeasor Waldli
foundc that Schuilte atas eligible to co-tu
ptisasi-oaly contests tast fatll andtisa
slilt eligilecthis spring, taut thatrhle cani-
tilt reptreasetMichtigaitnetyeaecr. A1-
1touighi atc twill mica tue grect gutitrd
tnexl fall, it is refreshing to lea-nth11a1
lisa platyng lastyeiraraona aislof
trite-amteiiauirismintispaite of lie tmtit
slting 10-Chicaigo tutu the ipressa getst
of thiat reinarkably entergetic uiniv-ersity.-
Notuat 111ihigan andilSchutlte ihace
teecofficitlly vindicated bly- the icves-
tigaitiont,The Daily awotitd lilac to setli
a feat scoresa twitthe Chilcagoit ''riiiiiie.
the aworat of the pack of mudi-slinigers
that1 opleinedltheir crluittit to loatltire-

Ioic "t 11111()1.111Cti ()11 tl1C11


"V -c-t it.oweer, ico grtutlteth-eii
ftrittitc o ihr is frsgto t
Ilil testelidai lien callceprfssor
ari, tltn'ng tit at-ivca tip g i' atl ic
ani a a calitin toatheli e trtal ruletia a t1-
that athletilt spiit isitreis-ontile. fr(ho ea
111111 Iof a rWyki andlaallh' diii-
Professor oolliai traind iob-seirveri.t
andwe rc nclnedto ape astilt ec-.
trt -is sae et ihatdatheis a
'Ill- ,,il- s ad to se a-til t-hitin-
ences with r. l n im: an arci agl in
disten ion Ia 1 ee tifa ltadsuet
tiecd auill-' Itiza ndc i na t a it rustfa nd

Intercollegiate Notes.
met t t Picetoni 1 ro i t liN11t
I~ coreiof/ itctfor
if of Ot Iaedn - e f isit h 'm-r,
lot KAmsterdlalit c fth f il-l i hit-
aaseritic oftllcli-i-liree lii i ila t he1 a a 1
lert oftafS.a
'Flat itlte so h'111 ~ity 7of
acreslaofalandt tahe111edlis I lollii
fo tile enta s I andtill aill iiiof a e 1,1 ltY
aylfh s1fe ts0ned (i1mvi11 111 t fo
the patat rt tit ()v g to ainl.O
K titi lin t Seal t mbii ri Prat .l I ,(-
the - 'asticgishdl occl<is -vI a keci
lagai-(fs attic a rdit itO t ganleo
Columia leltitriti thelii at prlidenIt
af h, S cl lii t - al a ieta d h sb e1
paenooit i i i1,)Ie states Coco
and i- et efr tils racialIt i 1 lic it~l

$2nn00 $1 5 an d $1reely00l
hi Lawed aand.Teol
Meal.credt ics anal oos n
$2 . l15 n dS$ET.00


la iricildi v

actile-tle-it after li iii11

cnilly n

come? he mutnylittl ave1 ad it
gttic1effects, hut Wae agladtioIteatit
LlTltld 'aldt IN \'a 'aXl
MlIIdl. s[I'lP SiPILL,INIr
Pro. eogeI ellp i f the F- ii c-
cu1 taf alichig. i s a ,- tieiti au if lthe

'aea'r 0 ilute ( 1Ct I'
-irel Ytill ii ilpo

itaujlilietIStit-littHa, no r-an yardiand uie-e(tota Kiltn

fills til fI ccihe t alc- tl-a t icling;111
niiall pl i lilatitrary Inestlili facthe
con atnictary.
pif theiwoad ao theEit h al~ e
Andle a tilli tillfunih hefud
and ithe resutofatis1 li'' talik a -
'aitilimaidKtitehapsit he iia ia ti ao
1nan eaftali i l aecliaiti eslof he l
Toorw Ilgtcill tatitli309ane
ofi Pritilctiali 1111ilaliver a lectre lilt
of te ''heoy o tilt ailities.' hiro.
phyics at Prliince-till and ha hate ex-
tn ie resachacl i itt-la thista uh-
ilel'.lahe 1nieting aisto li e-a it eight
tail atdevryoutie intereatedill is
itt oti worklis cordiually imautiedl Io 1-

Niac I ha vti l fttil: 11111 at it I 1 11 itc
tooi siera c dat a il h s '1mof he
litlilt-- Itis Ia rl o ~ u no clum-1
p aion i tro i liie u i t ela n(at
that-a tel eet wil he lua - i al-i L
tha iiit hastala or liiYko
11.1i 11111 mm ncain1 n l o t aistl
11111o krwn i I rsi t factl
hi ia a tannuned halfehmn,,r
uat1 nd all 1td tsll alail coliti ns
pr11atiatica ainthe 11 t athleticsl a
thaat if tililitfc a thlti tam \\, i
noutliie permittedto a bI etat n ide
from a te uivlersa ity ail irta t h e
selvs ae ie l ayrm issontoa formutate
nlie je ll 1cr.the 1a laoint et of a It i -

of S. L. A. Tickets
About 200 Reserved Seat Tickets, good for the remain-
ing numbers of the Course, will be offered for sale on
SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 9 a. in., at S. L. A. office,
University Hall. The price will be
$ 2.00, Including Reserve
The price of seats (unreserved) for Sousa's Band is
$1.00, and there is always an insatiable demand for
seats on that occasion. Those who purchase the course
tickets on Saturday, may have them reserved for the
Sousa Concert as well as for the remaining five num-
bers, including Frederick Warde, on March 12.
S. L. A. Office, 9* University Hall

p xi Seolece winter goods must be closed
out immediately.
N 1igh grade medium weight Saweaters
selling at cost.
Medium weight, natural wool, ribbed
and fleece lined undergarments
at unnatural prices.
Regular 25c Cashmere Hose, solid col-
ors, .3 pairs for 50c.
P~ajamas and Night Robes discounted
25 per cent.
Edxamline the quality and
gradually consider the price"
lhe CoOMWp

Casth ar Exchange for pour sld hooks.
3255S. State Street. 3d IFteas
Ann Arbor, hiatt.
Aman's Face
hias a rio fit to htealth and
comlifort. It cannot tave these
111less hIte IllSt> 111(31'1
oinig Nasrth0a. in. anuda4:a5p. at.
Kinig Sutth7:20 a. in., 11:35ia. . atid7:51 p.in
J. J1. l-thly. IF. T. SWILLS,
le' ata. Aguetr Agent,
Toleo, hio AnnitArbor. s sh
Belit phonei It1351It aite tactic til
.3Tho lapara ahA uata'
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
'T'hrtugh TraisittEast- 518a. to., ::.40 p. It..
Locals East -ra-0a. at.,*11.10 a.tim., s4.5 p~.m.
If Ii p. m
Throagh TraisWest-2.o7 a m~,,7a.a.m.,
9i1a a.in., 2.33 p. m. 10.20p. m.
Locals west-tat a. ta., *sg25 a. in., *1.40p.
m., * 0 1p, m.
I (ExepitSuay.)le
onneutions at Chicageotat' St. teals
Kna it'iy anda the Watt.
W. W. CASE. Agent, An,, Arbor




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