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January 31, 1906 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-31

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Spring, 1906
Attractive Styles
New Colorings
Largest Line of Woolens
j Shown, all at
jPull Dress Suits a Specialty
G. H. Wild Co.
Leading t
311 S. State St. t
Girls' Heads, Poets' Heads; mounted
on glss with passepartout edges.
50c and 35c ones for
A ot of
broken sies; regular $1.00 Caps,
to close ot, each
Sheehan & Co.
Students' 'Bookstore
Money Loaned
On Watches, Diamonds or othotr
prsonal proprty.
Watched and Joidlry rpaird.
Bargaitis in Watohes & Diamondo
office at residence 931 E. Liberty St
Ann Arbor.
Hour: 8to11.:3 a mr., Iito3:30 and 7o

Entera od class111 mttr.atp thei An
te.oliege tar, ai 117 lassitoao
steot. D1lphone r89.i. oe phoe 7.
Managing Editor, CLYDE L DEW
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS
Athletics. ......Clarnoe E. Edridr
Noos........... LooisL. Sikny
E hnvO.... . C lelot . Wintead
Musnit........ . Ortoiyr
Woen.............tEffe J. Artstron
logt M \IloFakin isC. Park,
Arthur C. Pound.
GeoIor A. Osbon Harold C. Snit
J. tarl tOgle, t. GeorerA. Barnes
F-ooit N. Smithib DltakJ. Clark
Roerit. .Clacy Hery t. Mntonery
1). IF. Sevensoo (lain,' Metenaam
GlennDIBralely bon tF. Wr.',
Ro. 0. lll Floyd II.lJos
RATES:O$t.5o pee year, or $2an t pad in
Address: WALTER R. HANS' Business
Manager, 236 S. 12th S.. Phone 849 L.
JA1N11UARY0.1.101 hl 31. 11011
Lectue byProf1A. . C1nf1eld,
ciety 111m1 ?.\l Universitylll hll.l
1 7 :.31010 p.I 11110.
11111o"J'0hp11\11 m o N 1t 111 inn
Fel to Ge . t cnetooioll nv
ill tll.hall.lil
Feb 12-Seond>Cmst~ beins.1
It' ie t'n So ial club. ll 1111 1
IIh lb -1. 11 C. i A. 11111 1111
The D;1il 1 is h 11ti 111il 1111vor lof the
prop 111.111 n , fo tblll0r le- 1111 t0011 i1111
lcsscn lls 11 11n 0011o acci 1ets 'and'oo
at~av wth theCrv of1mit 1lt~v a ha
been 1ras 1d=t' l'1tt'et'goo111'l0101ga le

lhei rrt at''l''1'lll i lnof t' 'les11 hich
they 111 enact o tcll'lii'gl'1l'o
col1 lge lw~or. M\oreover,.100 bel1e0e
th lt'e prliml~inarlI'traI'iigi a011n11ac11-
ua11 1111101111110hlete' 111110t01010 1 '11111
111a11he11 liol iibIt'l ithout ill.01100 11 1110
Tis11 itespecilly tr11100ofI footbal111 .111
'he'110'ball play01 passtirlt 1lthillprle-O
1111inary 11stage 1of0trainin 1110a101a01111
1111 the 1100l0110'o111110001las1; 11110ifal 1110
game 1 is t'11111101 11111111111011100 Ilt
1is sless to 111110' 011100ea01.1 man1'could
't'110 11117imself.1 for the1 men 11w0o(('ll
had'an1pportunty1to peparetor111i11t.
beit ill1010 il Ot 11 ober. l il
advancel tglils etraining)111tab1e0'is
1111011111rses11111100' in10the011 tra 1i ll
01011011thel111n11b11111nofr111100o ma'ny0
c11oll.ge 11rof11ssorsl)oilal eti11110' m1111 er111.
0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 t1111' 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 a m 11 t a1 l e a d i el. o 1oc n a1an l g i l a e 1uo n t
11001110 orote up.on1111uchOlegislatinld
it'1 Asa0 ma1 er0 otactt'1i1l~l. ie011 10)100 110
alle is urelf aicolegeIfnft'iottionad
is101prac[icallounkowninprf sonla 111'tl
'a'110t1)11)7'The t'[ingtab101leiltnoting'
1o1111017' t whiio hsmale poica11
train11'i1g a10life- lIst'dy[litudenIlts
know 1100001 facu OOltebr lto nt'lthat 1

(1111100111)01to1e0 0tl1111111 gelert1al Spa1lding
S( hlll y1"1flll.Sw eaters
stincts to of .'if-pii' vt'0t'1 l ) an11 d.1 po1intedl~i
11o1u1t 1 tha lClifori ras te C iee
11 i~l'11711 11' 111 OFF
811111 11011cdt l ~la1 s11 a.11ainti. S111111 $6.00 Sweater vests,
uprs wI[ll as111 maillfesedl-ell 01111 ton1110 buttons, . . . . .. $4.50
01100 statitic 11tol11110 111111Witle 1111 $5.00 Sweaters .,. . . 37
11101 111r1101' ll m 1i 11111r0mor e
"011 11thn 1witemen Mary n r $4.00 Sweaters... $..3.00
'T'l just)' i lyte s rt'1'11)11io of whites0
and111lak 111,01. ) 101111011110 an1111scho1o111, Michiganrosians. $1.00
he taethtilo 1110.lit 0ld fi' tionil 11 heB ostrata'snvedn
was 1the 0r1sult1o111lillsentiment. io-0 esl
lence had11 een111 used by1 the il'1ii' ll 11 lit ll ____________________________________
ofI 1)1110'1.Ind ii t es'I.11 :\ t1agedyl' in'0tlI'lllRil
110111l7 111 0111111 1111101' ll 100o lt . public
(,o aclics. while ano~ttertragyi hal11010okto011110s eve7Un
history to 111111 hos intereted,1an
1001.1 1000 1( A R R O
oTh ileulelrl l ) ooifl ' 1110 PIthe O-
and gave hlim a lllibrl roundCofLL A K
Ibe fihoti' to tall<t ocsmeranloing isedrly
e I a teitt 11111l70510117'01a1collarasothlbt.
trsi. 0oc1ty.1011 iof t.he iA R R OWYul 111 10 i'i' sn ii
Pennsylvaia univereach;or2te prrpos
oftr~tlall rls o'e-111011 0110ll u t, ea odl(l-o
Illml p'ttt con'est between theovatt'usttilLA R S
itoleittte.011111 , ofitursettottttit o t o btt t he f011 c 2111alltheA so hrig done
bef 111 toIoyouce bu2y5 tOelr .nta fter114
.trcepte(1 I 111w 1 1v1,1it is l opd tt war A.MYu'lAfn o re tyeOsO a ndth

'i 11.1 S 01.10 1F11R A1 07 '101''1'17\.01
W0a0101, joovoiry 01n11e070glasstrepir-ie
in~g by skilledl iworktmen.
HI IERl'S j:.VLo'o,1'cSTORE, Main St.

Safety and Ease
and comfort ini shaving are
found only in the soothing
lather of the old reliahle


Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Association
1905 Fifty-second Season 1906

Jerome K. Jerome
IChan. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riis . - . Jan. 16
F. Hiopkinson Smith
Lorado Taft . - .Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman -. -. -[rlar. _
SOUSA'S BAND - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers May 2
Oratorical Contest
Open Number
Tickets for the Eriire Couzrse

While they last, navy blue and white
Sweaters for $1.00. These are not
$6.00 Sweaters, but they are excellent
value and just the thing for skating or
trampinge--or camping. Buy now be-
fore they go.
Only a~t the Co-p

Tx aimsLeaveaAna Arbor-
Going North 9000a. ml. and 401000. im.
Got~ing South .710a. m0 1:3I a.tm. andtt:5tp.5m.
.I,. 10111107'. NV. T. ILLSJ,
lenosI- 'ast. Agent, Agent,
r'otio io111 AtnArbor 011011
tell phlone t35-Isr PHoine 1111000615
.r., -Niagara FnllePntsf
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Through Trais East-8.18 a. i. 4o.i.
4.55 p. nm., l3.30 p. en. lie5 p. nm.
Locals East--6.05 Lan ., *li.ti a. m., *4.05 p.51.,
*8.36 p. m.
Through Trains Wean-107 a. m~, 7.58 a. in.,
9t.18n.m, 2.000p. m. 10.10 p. mo.
Locals West-224 a. mo., *8.28 a. ms., *1.40 p.
ms., n6.1 p, nm.
a (Eept Sums"0.1
Cionnections at Ckicago for S. Louis
tKansas City and tke Wost.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor


May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or loom Student Sellers
Seats reserved-SO Cenxts Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLUE ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phone* 552
Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday exceptec



UDouglas Shoes SWAH R Te homa 218 So. Main St.
Gym Shoes 1~1 XI~

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