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January 19, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-19

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The]AChI aI

placed Third in Percentage of i i
Ilembhers in "Who's Who"-itrsigct
First Among Western Colleges 1 a~cs(f ,jlii
.Wisconsin Second. tel-ii ii il emll
71 is'iigvii isecialil thu i
hl isii 'tuis i' - ibii olleg sa110mm Ci op orun
at 1to theif ember (I th ir almi 5 i''i( om :.i f rs
'il rtcl s y r fJseph mmi g areiThe l C lii
curl iiliittorough ind Ccmhesive sit f1the1 Ii's o s
1riiisioiiiiiiiilg ' o tabui on this ls e. of teioc
icing oly of t im l iii elog ryigiiiidi iiNa shliC .\l
siandi ofstes etetvriyiimustoter;dtdwit . 6;;ill miig, ofwhmliii isi al '
t2; have succeede it) brellng int
uai and sacrific
iii ili n iish te i verit
S mu h itrnom sim lvtn i. o ilihis eslms, mm153 i
liin g t heiio iii o aiit c a r iiisn i .i n - 6 1 1 Is \C
fiing:tpec ntge. is.7s is smsmlmm thmg iigia
"C fulltIex ten ifth ath orlwss i x ii'ihi iiniit-
iiiii sili. . . . 1 '1 997 i
;el a graduaeI of . . . . . \Iiniliis iii
all i i . . . . . iill illicc
ill. . . . . Ci 68 all is lng ii
lii ite 1. o . . . . .Ias i 4ll Clie'e
' ing' aluiis 36ii ariis -\Vtscm W hsoiis is i rtuli e' as
'mm siin, for 4.43.ld 'tieicalistot l icc si
<tiutonin meiill TR\C Iimmi I
( lin o foilase, acodi th us.issued ig o I
66 cisioii in. . . .. 441 cnais tis ClassrIaci
liii onisi
ill ...it .il......... i fltimgii
1lic ig~tt 655 An illis f . Ii
si us fte o tsr iles s oflcgthi
ninesi tonapei s ts isosil wtlies. iiiii ngsits
isiecenago' 44. slit fthe igeneral ihiid'ng
iiinipaltit sit iiio softheii iwe~st i onI Provl t
II i in sit s sls iic milm~shall."li ci "lt onic
Incliii N s'ucst..,Thatcglt . ifiii las s C. iii
Ilioi sl . itlit'.c... c.s'c if ti'ais tieiii ii U
Illl cl le .. .. .. .. ..he l il tiItiiciif
newcoihtgi' it i

Generali attteitioiiif tis stiietsiiworilit sof lisels.
isIiiti i s idrawn ts heNashtvills suit if iniwsi'irriigei
ietiiitiltslihiich sccu sliitiuary 28tobieniiisiiice'
M1archl 4. lThiii mecliiiithc gcc'atcst ciiicimet bymyti
thaittioccrs 'amoniig studencits iof Noitr its t ismiidil
Atmeicisiistbcingmhlditin Ithc intercists iiichliiapprciite
if wcirldt widec Chiiistiantnsion. css' swlice


Ni. go.

t :t ?
1 1f'71

arc 1() ('11p)}' j
i"t)12111'l'ii1 <l11C1
l'' st roil cst
1- to present
will h forty-

1n ill111. a 1 - 1an
)1t i 1) 11-111 i> t i l 11 '' Ills'
ii mii s:I c I I 11:<111c111,Ir
111:tl tc c11 t mli lii I
l o tt 1i'1tonsc~il iii" C' y v ";) chr
1c](1111t s (1:1 i tic (i)m mm1 'i' sil
ntll' 1'sriml 'mmmSo 57(1111
<1111-1 111i m ll c I I I s o -
itWi 1\. 11<> - I l i t C m it o eoaio. A ot
lard' 's cci I i n tIc I iiic New Nig ollht ai lllstll ntiang of~
zlii Iiegos Me tito Avidngero f 11c Firt ~ttl').tt

'cllr{c 4t1t ii°1 t ll l a 'l es1(11()- sdc
'e 'ia'tteisgill as Representative-
ie iof Western (lame Hinges on
'ymf Michigan and Chicago.

.6C7 L Ii SS

- t lt

thti Jtt>>ir 1- I
lle ()r calc
1]ttiti[l'j' Wl

li 111 t a t

11111 i's'iof' the 61itmimim~sIl a, a1 sls1:i'l 'lii i dea forl .i t
)f111msuaol iturest. In ighits o'ii helio nl aeo
strikig ili. 'aticuie- lloeeci l m-igt is t')
ii mliii ii unvesiyihi yar I' 'heSee tinifi
Ih m onhti c mmIliin urdumft
I'of i I l csii il Ililiuslilil hcs iuiim liiiht is liii 1111
illsning ii r i li liiier tronger ihanl theiiiiliiil
ill "Iiiit Isand mlat- henmm Iii element71115 dlal gerl in
oni AmricanI t hii ill fte liii cctae ofth

; . c
., r {
,z-. ;

a til n"i h cci a
Il, 7, i a statemenhit
) th n ieit111 f liir
KO II iba ii isof th
sk tc ofm thelis' lisimg oif
iseFce fmicmmmsisims
ni's n(I' 711be1i1es
dsusm ofemtheisrecfent
mmiit is gv mm e su
exced f'ormmerir.ecorfdsmi
POR isl mONi 1IUItiX1.
e1i11,i s mii1 e11 hmis mmcm
ifth regmentiis e ncle,
si e if so s'klis for suc
s il monalge'himimtol ro-
Is1 sasl thatioiilth e lc

K illlxluit\V)RK, I>


11111f lY nli i
111111 11 1111ch (Iiad
Ill1ir) Ii 11 sl lmn afQ }
Squad (If half-11111 ill's 11f 1 111'live 1 { I It' .
sila:ersh i I 's iiin ,fi q N
a (parte -trie 1(lip nd 1Ianlii (- 11i
them il nii i nmmm'"llil ndcshl olin' vs a,
much1,InliiiiiiIst themiseInd isNoits1\!"11i
stiartsesdil.m' o oms

'PP il ili e' c agommm toidiay.
ii 111 1 1 1111 5what li iscs'S
ti 1c (ii t e tronn th t it
,k ic i i's l 'aii conrovsyu I
1 1c 111 C'rle~ llt i il I''
is futt ll ' lof estrn oot al
tV 1(° imdc as isco si'is
l'::lli'hat sse'pofesiona ls
s I ,i lii he 11ab imiised smith
tt' s stem rc esabli es t
tvmedd tatthi sstmc
1 1"t" tis111chane. ils I
' jw-:;;'m {111 he qu stio
and'' i i i t ism iil-s
Is C' iir~~,i c 0 is s es iiv
llit'rre~t llc g ~ misgith
11 1:,c ' Im entirme.stu en
s i watchs lii romn fort'
Hit'1.)mtmmm ii'WON Si

George Hamlin Heard in Program
Consisting Chiefly of Strauss
-Miss Schade Assists.
Ge'osgceIHamilin, tenor, f Cticssos
appearec rc bitte ChIoal Uiosn writ:s
lsts ight in a songrecisal, ssitdl Is
It mii Schssde pm iists.
'Them'intrst (f list ights prgcoam
centerIdccearly inathie'Straui s nun:'
tiers,.lOf this compssmse's lsricms M.
Halin isoua'saow'edsap'stlemits'ntuh ei-
jills 11mm'uniimeticmsstincti'nm ofseif n mg'tlie
fis risttosig them iin ticoiuntry'i,
oast this monly arist muorssent mitime
Strauss programiits.
'Thiciumiibesrs heardmlalst night stregth-'
cueditheticfavorab leitsmprtessionis mails
heeun' mii rtcmis moccasons by this
musschestr a surks f te niotd tos:
phtosgrastpter. fiOne nmay welt qusc'
.el wirti hMrtHsamlin iso ime mftimm
terpretationis, nomtably thast omithte "Hien-
ishis lAtffsicmtccutg.' Tie 51051 peasis
iing siid successfusl artisticaly was tec
"SItndcthen,"whicth is lsos ttec mast
ticuarfte citire Strassiediuer Itim
SchtuanSchibetit ndtihuters tiadm
hein tgs ini this:recital, asdithIle Engishi
soinng-maikerssiee swelt rprsenesd
nmerniiic'allyf tarticula r smtsbig a
portii Iioof Smlihsns's sttig fTen''
FrtrusmLIoses Stsicss hum 117'of Psic-
sill, wicstosodmutfhrst i thouIsalfsrch-
oms 'doustswitts whichtheticprogramsublu-
Of1siencs71Mr Iamslisngacislytts
gave'c trecsincudinssg te favorite "bis
Kahne"ofsif eegte artislturelstitt;
ecstenscoren wits sitorslsIrogrmi no'teinls
gitig Is titlt.
This satistqmli ~ties of hrI'Issulis's
vouieare toseswicth arc ustI Iessentiail
hum atistic recital1wins.Ist ltis sigig'
last inightditscloseduncmiss onsitsiskill mu
troducinsssg roundsil istuidtolimis's hmcsli
ins ccartisticslly joinedtin um flawlessl
This"Stasndclt miis tits sld n dir-ti
ahle sesessofthir grauionulssmswhichi
muiniated stearly te dutsts geninesu
nuusictisthiipi ITt'heccwas eidenlsice, to,
of great strength, whischslietiscreetl
hecldt in restrait, yetIwisnssisg sloss
fronismthel resasut eithiusiauu s tauilt
mmmc.bytinCctoursisdesfusse i te"ar
riasgce Moringt"of tse Sulivs gromit.
Them sone stortcomisng consisted ii
foilhng timgaisn resl emomtsiit ffect te
emoustiosal qsltity bts hel.wshom emi
fasr oaway fcomsshiss iImehod- pcsttninv
for a display(f datcusims fervorcarsne sum
rthc SchsumasnsnstProeucualisctes ied
uthc sircisig lus of whichs ts steson
mevoked 's suistt f 1app1ases 'from the
Miss Schadies sf te locl Scool of
Muistitpresenstedsnm tudtmesnocturcne, ansI
thi sescossslIlasde of Chopin~, payug
as encosese vesr satlChoinspstuelues.
Ihs tim mbersssslsconsstuuted mue nf then
atstic featurecs ftecosncet
I This acmspanist"VMe.I'FdwinsSchie-
tsrccquittedlhinslf lly srmnounsting
thes comp1lxities in the Srsuss mnsslers
cwih admicable esess. Tiesnxt ciusse,t
it thiss sscies will loe a pianosrceital hr
Raoosl Psigiti.-
Leret usseest islbeisg smssnifstedl us
the special mseting for enss at McMillani
s alt, Sunayaenetintg, at 6 :30. "Nash-
s ville"s the themse, assnitanespecially
g mfmc programn is beisng prepared. Thee
smihwicbespeechues by lpruminisest univesty'
mens.XMrs ray,coslralto at te Met-
odilst churchsi,sandl te Unsiesity Malc
simquarttwill ftrnishs mussic.
Rcgents Babour asi White weme
vistors at Barsbosur gynmnasiunm Thr-

se lay afternon. Plants foe a running
-trssck intsh~e gallery ace isndee consist-


if thecvari'u'ssisstu'isslimls. s It spiiter','

is milt Coiunil,it

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