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January 09, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-01-09

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The Michigan Daily

Former Star Negotiates for Thanks=
giving Game Between Eastern
and Western Stars.
If \Willie I testonts plans1 do nost lois-
carry, lovers of footbaitll may It latst
tialve an11oppolrtunlity Ito see tile s1111em1
acy of one section11(of tile coun~try 011e
the lottler tiefinitely settled. Th110pro-
plosedigamte is to be played a t 'New
York City tnext Tiltalksgil l0 d(15,11n(
tile 1111o11e11ms wi lbe co111111sedioIlltilt
olitar ot~~f tile elast 1)11theible 111111
o111 tileotiher.
Til e lie 'lston thas piclkeol II11111
;ecnt till westaceordingl tol '1Ch(10a1o
Callinl. Ciaeo, lend~s; haddloick and
CurIltis. Michigan; taekles; Fiynnl XiI-
iStrtiltertl 'Minneotl cet er: 01111Fekesall,
('icI. l ldIquartrb15kX; IsI0esto1 , I iliis
leeliek. Cicaolflliac1k.
I'eeaste rnlteam11ils lnlt ieseIlct-
alskedi Ill Iarti ille:Deitt Ill c 1
ilt], and1o0an oriGlss'XV'lie,'gualreis;


"i;iito" \W'lshi5 expteeted b11 ,1111.11 PROF. M'MURRICH
inciheeof rtlllloflellstudent1111s1 RECEIVES HIGH HONORS!

t11iftItSSi ltti ii''VE XX1' iii

opened. 11111ew sktinglin~k 011 IIV
n<:r steet Thi is rui ng in spiteI
ilf till wra1th ofIthtil august c11o1111cil o
lc l ivi s I i '11 l' etr'llllll
busyl and' toC a1v tgersloudIf20 rtload
sillr veo the ' se)n ronti ((licT 111
pan ha ll l . 11ffajlesofst ine, cmo is
Illth s udn t ls roflrlisft'oto tie llV, l

- - \~'Ied Ii XX'hit(-, Issistantprofsso
MedicalIinstructor Elected President of lechnolo"gy IllIll B (nn(r(i ,"A
of American Society of 1Natural- crotd'a (aper- ill 1111 1h1eC 11111111 C11111
fists and Affiiiated Societies. I ll 'ViiMonday lfterooJill y ,
(lt 111 t Ill t .I 'l ock 11111 e(lll dres01111i10tilesgienS
inur Soc11ty1f tillralistslilt <A fiIll
December 1111n1 o, P"ofi J.l1elsl~lillthe Chem ica lillnm toha eson((i
:\i_\l1111 of ((11aj , as cho en O11o11e'tiry (illutos in i entIl
lilt Iloce sIye111111houh 11101w
I'll It'lll'((((('11 '11111' (were'l'epr ''l'dents 1are 1Worked (to ltarne ih) Ithese(dk -
sentc d :ll ill Americn(Society o
cussu1 I sl l eft rlilt' ess1 they are usually
11111oloist(ls, te S ciey(o 1 1111 11crrid5o til eeln'('t's e ( inX tructors,"Ill

fu lelllsrletilgltb(11k1111TWO i'msa3 ets laedonthZc
'Mil~l Il f ledsac a lites thtl C ach ro ofthIl'e tl Iiis uli uil dig
oli)lf'th 01111s rpi estig the1k1111eCtn d C11 o lt55 II l d 1111 111 tl 11(1
smll iis approgva',l and. his rss dollthe 111th i f tee vi 0 e(11011)111 th1011 illssrl Il
de1termiing1he elative exce1llence1 of1 a(0Sa1r111 Caswe1lolliAinselli 11111 Those
sect110af lloIblit.1111(11were (1111nte eno 110 11witns
'itwti rX ithe ilanBOX's toI''iF -c t(((lhe (1sproduct 11 Iiono h Genee okt1
________ 0' bl ificlie a- stt t he'l' l ed lubl as 1(11 1tear ild'
taced F11 or~~ itanceC ri s wil~ l ell thll keeod leasureIt he1 111111(10ptina
laIlt w1' it i lil hl If tl 'gftsls 1110It o'hcag lclveress oftl" e plotill t111 I plen1(11id
w(11ill 1lay 1'w it hc gie nst1I' (Ille'ilssoll teal otaa o h hrces h
.-;Ili Ths gv i g. Thli s (f rove(11 s tin l ot -of the1 om1 dylis 01e1rl t a11 so11tar
fres o b ridorutllthee 1111 1111 l t 111( b1e111 n111'VIpt Xa p liltuId iseet, bu(If tilt
plla rgmut e lte d cf(llons~ ide a l e 11011 il(1probabls e i ven01 to1. the1 puis
11011elttl~t~ llil 111 rllil tll 01 IIl i lt Illore 111111roductio1n 111eheaistil
050101111t 110 tltl~ttt~l~l~g frott Iha vit 1e1Cr)nni Vs folthise tetksftil
err sg ati ttAbrged at ss) mleda is t ittils IIteI tttil e111 p11rfo t rmane Xills
tillby he asene oftil, fetiv rai-ra T eli Ko tts X'ilhs dNectier Xitso
spnd hitt 1010110)buliteoYpsTihLe'lr 11101 Tttunotey Lss pero rance rthi
laies l tr tseead ari a rc001n eelrl erit bugtXL U l 111p l r 0 ida iS trday11(
1110d tilc te Irs w1 rn10 ire ss~ i 111 o ilht triSaturdI'l afgel)tnoil ~on, Janu If
til sete i g l ior et I1 r-ora smile to the 12 an'ly1 111T 01st s lleol l ea
etent i no e f i'l h1 ' 11 idlinqet I Shclla' ks to Xeo lroe ens oll a
Sategm str settnthitoP o-p sppo rlrd by R alp R Kaillfina n la t

I'ia . a l l' rt

ie Iilict' ftt Alito Ilt of tiele o oca

cctcd prc
<<t t )i trlt

b Play Occurs This Week

No. 71.
Michigan Coach in etter to Walter
Camp Gives His ideas as to
Proposed Changes.
Iii lghvaIcat1ionl.Coachl Yo't 1rot11
'111 t10'Vatlel' '111111Of Yale, 011(11-
(a. fthe foothaillI rles comitte,
, 1(00551,1(7 Ihis iewn'01tie iprpolse
'oltant iito (111 adebyofthe lincI
hle"t itance .1115Iten'ardsieut1011
'r itc ,IllS 1 1110 doublSe tackle.
Let tilrhis stand as t lpresent Ias
f arasroginllg 1s conceedel lut malke
ilt tfiilis enfochem1111
lietlhfiil~s n111(011Iby'a celhl
apting bard
X 1 11(11tte V11(1111110as5follows:
nII llngI1- can onl11st01e1111tlilat,11
1101escmmtteshouldihave1(1til eathl
11111ertion 1111)ryfriendllof 1111'
fina andsincrelyi i No gratle
,fhItersut llshouhlditI ldiferent stylI' tf
lit I ilt', t'tt'tt' i Igit ilhis 'cl-
1v1(-11 tha th1 tll ard ele swil 11e
a fIlls (Ititt 11th four lldIwnI' 1110 100011111
of'a ic'tIga'toptay'tOaXV'icliaKns,
on hritna. da bw-cllte Wh
linr1 nd lirtn tillu s oftha11111cit)'.
ende tit, ent-varl rle. Neiher site
tlllseIdow ln l III made du ingf'till nire
rule , tltIll 111 clb h d I felll
ilt' F(irn.11 i to 6. It Dr, John
i)11;1n oft'e nsvlar (''(I fet'((11
on tatth tllva s i the (down (s
Th ''ni fyl(;leBnj' ndMn
the nnul \acaiontou.1Te allo VIIl
ledo,1.Soult IedI, i'(. Wayne Chicago.
Granil Rpi 11111dSin((11. Thfit1p
Wa s Iasltccess 1ho111h 1(11(11 SIV 1111(1nd 1111-
It ut 0e1rl0110 wa clare , 111111ill
alilie lt cesvisiedhhO.1usicanswre
gyi IIan nthui~s t etcetionil. Paul
11(1111 (andIF11111ewonllllfaredi 011110'
aly % llin (1 rs ntil 10 loiccs.
(HAit V i ff 1 CNiYERSI'IX
"Pi oag ost (yldfaltinh lltill
second'game Iftital Irounld ofit'e
s thnithhltl 1(1Ip f the unliversity. 'lh1
to'Vl., ib11111 tt ane,10 dauhter11 'll
'I 3JudgefI victoill11, Ianelollf tlw1 d11' arit:ill

Igbati Brown.I et...
'S11 I-iillihh15 inBu
XX ili 11( 11. ..0
11111 Str(lhi ..:.
Blt'll'5hlhlC (100..
Bearic Carew....I

.....Cthali'5SlI Stke 1, oh)dy IB nn....l is
III))... XX 11100 t t'0ilh'Oj fGorgle'l'lChi.lll 'filss N
AlralUhAnet............'VM1snl i lnl iss
.JothnlN ewmi lkee IXlercuy .lie) .....C
Gere 11( horwar11 ld Carola11Chin.....lI 'VI Iss 1I
....P u i ckey i'llwe( Gil.....1101s

'titlded ornte
sNeil Cltc
IOIehli oit tc
1-3 eell c t t e
00I rtteSo~t

Comedy Club oUSIiL".. Jan. 12-13

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