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October 01, 1905 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1905-10-01

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The 1MicIigaItiDaily

No. 6.

First-Year Team Opens Season at
Ypsilanti With 30 to 0 Vicsory
Over State Normal.
Bt'IR. PH. Ctauiy.Staff' Correspodentf.
Ypsilnti, Mich., Sept. 30-09 has
madegod.Iow otldl they help it
after C ontire ssman 1401(10 non nipa
sisicil appeal andl"Spide" Coes ot-
iimrt lbeedicrtion ot 1Friay enig:
The Miuchga Uton's oproitesiinaedei
he.hitotri.townl ot Ypteayesterilay iani
tree ithe pedIagsoues lefore -a ot
si-ist auietce.T he tiugoltintofn
thecapu dar~ings to'-is stil nctosset
In thirty-fi leinsutss f play. il o +.
da adupn ats "I h eistwith slly
iriest' itersiooisis of pritie. "Ltttc
kiss r itarsity iiuidertstiei.s sorel30
po. Thlire tocksoutplis was variid
issnt ietie. Thleliiipe fitts Ihiumpeth te
islnd iiIskirteditetens'.witt great
seve, itwttilituteliak uns were as
Thepedagiogits itsd estly trei.
wstosf ipracuice attitwere ujotel as
ben :St adsiinitapy- ItBut te aes
wterr aster-- litos too fst at tittes
for rrsst tesistrite inw nthtet
"Dth Krupp li t ~tat qurterefotttilthe
hall it ituans wis tilt toblosy to take
it.I nutn sun5 o.asits le iwoutldl (i-
gis- a quarstrbuck rniarondth le
endifor sifteeiot twesnty syrdls. (Tue
Skliatiitrer a lhoiwisitoiicarry the all.
hurr tintihe ildls insi es
bi. Krup1p1tissed iell toimsinvere
serlhsadtindle csontitei otn is
it Itsr tisfntwari pass Referee
"Mlly" \Vendttila ist~rd itn aupeatsl
ofite yats s. Thuie fty teirhers e-
pete tsihe. blos otuids itusdttli ire in
the s lit1dh lfttiutte was stkettout
onli once fortheIts-FilIresl, irhile the
iedguesdeadetinlo eal
tt i atrd ts s to el ipartislly nwit,
ic.Kupatquiateire was aiwholus
hot; Cu(ithia ts n ileft Isaf madeise 'rce
Ienatn l ddigirtunts tsthrogi
brosketn ll itiand ion uon uuoccasintgo
great gristitinsters andtfineatogriel
lig orkeat. cl stronig on ditese;i.Car-
elliwh hs a Vi frismtitheC Uversti
of Wyoint.its tof realivastmtueal
iadllsr "Oty rIt"i atfaoridpiouth
sit deeps aindi broadtprupotisuus sit
Stolilestll onithe itt. hueniiote tiay Ie
lene htillesvily otti peiagoges atid tr
itvS w its his stels sensittsr
P"Lyser at guardl ws genia adt
dd'mid lbeit"jotslei asii.fo
lossi.s sit onesrtssiocceasiosSmiti
atnd WaS lkit madet inehitariaof iendst
and puut a tatiss tn all shirtitg slpera
ims "as" Lane distigusethismo
siltl itby a iset aIiikle itdi "l eat.snt"
Cade wautscissitniinteral at of ietery
play. IBtmllr, iie layi bltlet.i re
list 1e xi itsr utp andiranitheti.m ininemt
Soue of lthe big flloiwshoweda
iietsarhsitte asetce of figtig spirit ad
mst dsisereois a jawelike i"Ntikysssto
get ini Prof. Yusis setiniary.
CochTu"(rier is well pleased with his
msaterial as sitwhole. Thte tig fellw
mattsitisowhip itemtinitosae. "They
aill ate to get that 'hurry' thait sd-
tsatedt ly te staitof ilhe departent,
sr I'll eat the whlie greets ot"se-
lares "t,itttcle s.
Ypsilanti. Al-Fresh.
Wester L. . Soith, Ferris
(Coniitsiedtott page 4)

Iltiso iioftO. %%. C' ua ll in
First Game of Season Is Elasy itu Iinss replah csidhis Smith. Suarsst
For Varsity-Score 65 to )- hkiclcd olilto Rikho whis (isownistedh on
Dunlap in Stellar Role. hlist issln.Srmpwstrw
the licigiantufootball season sopetosh fo- ls o yrs.ad l,
ysterdnay- withu (hit seisiyantas this' lusst ts Nrcro nssi-Io trtined lthin
tuisouens, nd ts h uighathur lhIckeye,!l!_ote4-ad in. A >-Yr rm
acre ntrlashy usheasy as Michoigani thur -rk a va h fai, fti
sr'ity-hattticstroublae in uroling ups5ia hd wr, w ic as m de b ''r
its's. Nutsissuer dis h ue visitors threat- ,;,o
en tssouse, nsu ite sltthuey sake first Psuitkucked off hto it- hitsr-
suits ouucs'itsthu tr iie gamue. tnli sit u t thie So --sudinlst- o lutstios-
D~untlap, thur husky shot luter andthuuusuu Ir i spritsd thi stisiof t sceiway iiu
rackuhs ulete, dem' nsratus esid rssuich sivey i cussml ie lstbsuti'ssedlthis-gist-ili- -
is sability ins fill the usacant halfbasck hitsosulhimitussift hie'amuTs- lshe-:.t
osusiisusuand doi credittsSW illie IHesht's 15 t si t us usof thisfirst hul sh madcisst s
'---''wa clld osrepeatsdlyy -1hut Skt ts andushthin soesusi ' ;
speits-th inushe i t h alt, to assy usee Startsi sched osuito open thi se'scsuud
inaulT su ch cttisse hr- respunueuhcu t hils ast lmi tuhd m tuuain k\W. I. tfunditi e!i
sati utnus ive tstwenty ypd ntis usla'ss's(tius us sutonisllan s fui--oit
may cssc arryimns-g ts. al sci cial s i Is Wor k'sm sutrei dtual O~ 1;
,rd wtit itth sti tre ruisoutcliii''it Ttu-yard i1, tuulinesitsricmiantack o it
Ors's arts of hut stildy. Ot ildeensiv pay xc be cedsblo s tsh I5hi0r
i-sui tnt heh "wiha utsm stcit5t itg 1fitus lhreecshluts heilss it
errings thrugu"i h Tibersak o ~i ll ops utulai II ususssion il tarush's ,
latg itsreence stins trowing"this al t4orii 55 titusiii nisit esri
sisisthu sll fuss shutss.Suur t I ssittk sd Iftut u in h tniri
Capssit Norcrouss "stuga 'i swd i utii o yard ts (.W U b li M1-1
lences'ousitsdangseros pencruhatutu fo us sut-''~ita d s i nt ed su Isu ittu'k. h a alsu
suitsloose listg"- sit-ti -nacis ru is iOns siuuuuuisois uus''uuu i this tosuchdsown, .thus
het hir tut. auy is ut te s nitial k i ssofIsuuuuuulings sto1 s cls iismst si s.si
:eto tutu sssball isndtopute tius an the -i ' iu ((iireel this iiorkman itd titu
ou h ow . In thus naiti' t iter o usbling.ii'' i ittii tushhiadii Ctoii tiithis ihall st is'
it: tta, - 'is it sowed rea tititit 10 I rd li St 'uir t ed 5555 i 5 t
over hi:t hu ot' ),tit a s 5n5ot use wi le a_5h uni I 'mii.i.hU.lists tt gai
:,e ws t qat er war 5 i it 5fuitsle made.itil situ rdi toii 5 tiiiisthis lutstA5 ti ards
the dis~payed all of his oldt-tue 'sed ri by 5N''cr lutpsted thin tiay foe
tiexcllet i mprths siln t is nilys on. thesifs str Ie liu (tnpi r.S o- tuartsit o d.(sui ts wo umss es'1Bar-t
(ict oss ut on theucousachi; i lstho uhsk u /tiil cho m-l t(ad"il T lhi frs5555l otaln stiy=w ll Sies replacedi
ush of hissic rk.I le ithuiiis lisht sut Pl's utoitislhi I~v.S\% itze t s-l tiltdifor hi, ui ti
se 'st ripve tinth. Baltsiuwias sight],' itt-n-uthis outomei. ") o rI ifau ied t h 3 ad lie n tintu--
ieroust ~ir mst suit uits ttubsirreu lhted itoschime isis oei- hea si-mitd. "f siturev, i bs i ns eit uiut is i'istrerne Ir o --
'rom uthis.'s theri. (5se hits wot: as u o hut-elowssushudi eetui i gthsu suu ins till's crois,- s ted 7iS-i yars- isf-usa s ni 5 susu
hum highe-si torder, iss hiesconutibt ed ,cT we-slithi s t s's emis-isthatsiI miii'isil i h ii'si sisisliiho-un -isass iuc'eIby
titist thismantituhussitthis Isall onsit vcirim ssusus 5' S an ceain it.s1 gret 'l i ck-lap,5oftta5futublt. (hissdlran
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ast. Johnnys Carrlsus p ut u thi s t as 5 (s itatbchoples, h o'll sI mlmsts iisim \icsi arr. O hss 5hio elyii
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sut thuati -s-t rut-u -S s f(5irsiattempti inu u ite.iNoricross , Ha ltw y. i fus sussu. Cam-i
it playing sitis-e suter Ind inispiutei ittthus (Tim 'sussitr iail Sts st kickeds siorust
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sonma, hooficate a >efre ys-a fmhe nd wa hldfoihvs-wn te, riuhrsso tistositasuit R 5, -si
'so~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~n tiu1ituis5itn ts mecss us5ttuTl usnsmt i ( tmms ti i


"Deacon" Parka and Harry Cough.
lin Out for Presdecy of Senior
Lis-Parks Ticket Out.
'hetsrumbullitgs of plitical ativity
whiichhalses- disturbedutthis'amsti tm hos-
phsersesinoe' teseintuusg-of scollege luavse
begunu ts hrermtssuto u ts ino teiopen.Ther
stsst outbt~reaks -sucs fromuithur stior
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thast Frankltsint CPsrks andtHaIsrep- I1.
Cotughlint us. ts litthitsnitvalcandiats'
tsor this'hosn r itt seiosr prsidet.u
ittmen.reopularin itte slass
'iDemscous" IPrks tis uone osf te hust
isis-suts sienusit colege His'wis-suiesit
theis- oisrs sitftshe fspticanhru, athfuse
he tshttuoye-rstututhureditria tasff
f this'Michiigaus TDaip. Itary ('tuigllit
husss bee-uactireitsclass ativities tush
5555 played otutuhis class fotbuhal tets,
.Iis scotne'stest tithsthe iGoodthCfwent-
stunt cishb. sBot timentlusts-sronaug sp~-
suit tush at,'oodutight uis iprospet.o
'itc-Parkssticket s thus-fist istuppear
Is rust'ms' s sr'folos:5Prersiett, Fankiin
'sarks;viss-pire'sidenut,PMaie 'i'Winsr;
ecroiss, Louiuse'ss Ptit ireasures. Chi-
'-)d Steson;suus foosthsall manasge,liat-
us, J, IDownssen; trsaek umanatigr, Cemetti
?. Smoosust;5 basktballusi manassgeAlics'1".
Ifop-iiiolihisioint, Fffics-J's'Armstntg;
poit s, -ssAutism irhnsuthll ; potseuss',
Iohs-s J. Cmiiierie; muembiler Orato sril
board uHiry G.Hosiugtnu;uorator, K
S. lutis toausust str itrsetu1K .ssegg
F,'ittlSi S SCORNfIS
Michiganits;h Oioesl seyan,o.
Shisk 511-'tests 3' Suts- Normal, o.
Wsositu 43;Napesriile, o.
Illinss 6;sKux, so
Iowat 40;t St uuts o
Purldues36;u, t o.
tikittetthtirg, s; Oberlin, .
Non treuDat, 4S; North IDisisionu, o
!Mtinntesota, 3t3; Sttiuck 'Scademuy us-
Cornsel, 1; C'ssgate.1.
Pesnns, 34;I Lhigh, o.
Itrvsit , itu ill its ii,
Prineto, \2; si.sitdIJef., o
,Vest luint 18;Tufts o
I Isrunutslt it';Mss ushusuts, o.
hrowi-n, 1itsHItphirutS.
tt 3 , m.itsdIt PresietutAntgel
ill Is-is.r uhis salopnuigsaddsusui
touivsest studentusthis programitfo-
oing si ngghuus.'istive uderethe anspies
sif tie Studets' ''Cturistion sassoiatiion:
Oregan Phretle--'.. rust A AStatnley
Iyn ..y-t"OnwarduhChristiti Stdier"
ituleseading-...JmtgeN'.IIi. Lane
F'emyer- --....Rvs CrliS. Ptton
kMisic- - - - -eeted
Ihymnu, "]helsst lifs'thur 'is''hatindiuus"
Beiton.... ...Rec, A W. tiaSilker
''thitsit.y nght s thindstairset for
te firsh faculty counsert whichl will tians.
thinsformausl ohenintg sit thin tusi seasonu
in 'SuitsArtist eshis snumbuthers y thur
respecitive headus sit ther cicai, 1pino andi
iiilin udepatumnutsMissShade, pin-
sir, tusenew asssitatoiMSer. ockwoodsh
tsill mkehuue tutuiia apercteibetufore
sit AnnutiAStbisueaudiencen The pngrm
includsson.sssuatas for visoli oustdpitnto
by Ps-hssrsIErut tusdILockwooduu, vca
sshiliy Ps-rIolustnItuutandhpsaonumbeutrs
by MtissSitais.
Profsor Pam 1tit eson isuitS of the cip'
-stnd will nmtrerturtn util Mondusay night.

tug 'Sichigant ;.prospects. I thin'ItSluh-sitnts-5 aitdushlhes mulsh retutued tus 0.
iganis proistiects are-vi-ri-fistte'ruts" h-- lush us mmm IWMusfor sM. kmush- sum
sad Its ent-ytmuchs siurprised l- iii N ms s ;,Ii uttttistil tushIIamssmmmi
theshdisosee Mihhigant tuk.' ther' shointtig urepetdTurtuheitsirusI u>uulto suchow.IIs'
they thud consiudneringthisfat SthaI (hisskicd goam.Scos i2-.O
was (hairtsteuguise.Ye~sI thusk 'Sluh 'Nomutts.iiituned ike' piust So hemSt
iganiiswit Yost as a factorscull go 's0-yameshlintse. i's --ri rustsby -C u's
throughi itanthertlsesonsuswithomut Saits-tunh shorStisIinbPti ckNutscuoss,
feat-HItonuuor tutuH'seston."Tuunlpa( rlsts cariedmshtheblll
CasptinsuKeneduuy, sithethinoPlsmWSes-tOPlo's lusts tush SV sum itsetts ussr,
leyants eamst aso'meuuswhuat disscouragedm fotutu elm hissdmtucuhdownsit

Ihm fir stsmectsfus in fthelm-Choissue-s i onuis
()'sisti s lmiup toatssu i7 P. Ill,
whletnhiali teos mit berths e nsexpecstedT
t he i a t shn misc-s. Es'smit ioSt n stf
mulians'.fussadmssionsutoustiss- Chosral
Unonsuhisisehldits heist Stanlhey sit
kMismithm fists r iso's tnsh4 ts ::30
p. m.,usits hi s cintshSurSshosmih si
kl sus sh andat htsasmestsSitseesery Isis
throsusghousttthis tsss.

Order, Ihe DaiiyTo-Daiy.
$2.00 Cash with Order DE~LIVERY STARTS IMMEDIATELY No BL~ak Nxxnrrbrsae i be P'urntlahed

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