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December 13, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-12-13

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G .HcW l cinerda iecnd case atc c it thei5Ann
C o. uis:.ddaly (Micndayscepcted) tra
t he cellege yer,at 117 liast \V5 ino
Leadin aaing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager. WALTER R. IhANS
4 551 cc ........Caece E. Eridee
Nie............ LouisD. Stckney
l xrco ncs ........les Frc . iVici ed
l iexc ........... \i~fi. OAr:eeter
Wlen ..........ffi. Armstrn
rise largest stock in lleeS Xlle Feenkin C. Parks
the City of exclusive A-1uies C. 'occi.
styles in Woolens for ASSOCIATES.
Gentlemen wear. Of George A. Osborn Halid C. Smith
J. ]ari Ogle, Jr. George.'A. Baenes
high-class fabrics and Ferris N. Smcithi ]Frank J. Clark
peilsyefor stii- Roet 1i. Caney Hexnr A. Montgomery
spcalsylD. F.RSteenson %Valter Metzensbaum
dents.Gl~mer Di Bradley John F.XWurz
l ov V. Lull lolyd 1-1. Jonees
RATES: $2.5n per yar, eore ooifpaid in

heidi not sav ori ii'do andi itunclade hieri'ee gli'.lcricSlihetorisciseari 111 lulve
suc'. icicce'. anid hitter.Leieisci'rcle 1p0om- li'scii 'ed i s'iicc ciacud . .u

0~ . H. Wild Co.
311 S. ytate St.
this year on point of beauty
of bindings and illustrations
exceed all previous efforts.
Christy and Gibson each have
a new book of drawings that

Address: WALTER R. BANS Business
1Manager, 236 S. 12th Si., Phone 849 L.
\c Ii \ Nl Sc 01 5 C?1(1 iii 13. Ilie.
is 4 lii-.,Te i\ Sorc lan Sit 'iind"Tlhe
Propcs ,al Udderii I ifieelliee," ccl
Scool of Sleeci
I iI )c.rI. -ll cice" of lee Bordl rf Re-
-(Ilts.lReges' cRoome, I,awe Beeiding'.
I )e 1 . -I reciceciil .Spread ill charge'
ofi Ecitlioliic c iels. 'Brieur,
DcI ,- '8 i S o cra :Nuicols chcll.
Iiec ci-', i m ker' at 11,i 1 me
IctiscnM isret.
I)c. r-- c~c ccc eeGi llecere iby

cie ce'.aseiesicmcisdinel iandecclthouge h
it is eyonde qucestion(11 ht lee le ii i c uea d
repred ctllse vie 1broueghteicreititio
A\iciice.lee l ie s rsemeer what c c isc
ThecDilycie rie eocece s ise cprice
icicwle icier ec ic fcttus a d n 'me'
of'se sth cirdieleiji 1,11tli C harci cci clie ~ilse
His eparstuirefrictehewest (iicls notlteir
rsl o ie Cce' e's f utclee aelaen ccciilice-
letd in thaleri tic 11cl it cdidii cc eve
beenioiiicicleser ices ieiahici
hi eifhis newii enteill ise.ii clcsi
1rfso Ba ciiiite lsleapp rves' h Col
e elide. fGuid ; hes 1probiabil kcciiis
moreiiabout ctheifresh'le awi '.iclas t icew
doi andii ice] lomie;cany' agecyseticat ucre
In dulsp iiteth fctethatterd ane
atcl wichl aroued ristuIves-' crathi
ccci il ite' c m n' mellc 1111 i. Eitorci
P u d s ilisistsetherd hisn eisno
lice'M ii ccii ccii I i)ily' hric iced an cc
cell-cceses''ii frcesiee otb ll eam
Cicagocu ilha s id itihicliesicciclci
loyclty to ive Mrc.\iC ate'clinicreiit for
ii ccii tics 'lccie isgig c cc c le' biy
cicecoeicecci l ibsdrkc ci. 'lie' I lel ccii
Niewe 'rilhie showsihe lic lie cci llsofc
the atemp b thee ir ii'i'clciiig analyscisel:
'Cicilicie dicedtcc I intuie. Th
fund ment l iestinctl ice footbll is toc
takl cal oppent whenI c hei iseicing'ie
thei hall ctoiardcii ccciii goal.i 'T11i1
is what 'clii Ca i id, ccniiiallitaher ei di.
ForitIlerecheieldc cclmns anccii ec icec
oef lauing, ihed hiesieeere 'runi' cand
'runi.' and d ciarams ce eof te le er
Sknowenc byieerchooebiy.icie re is
(mii'c ercighlci 1cc e coiunecrtmarin
lice spotisicveltito be ereced.
0.11 hics, ccct liii cre' wocrcd ofl tie
Al iichcr ciiga .en hree ofl theci. cclhi
thoucight qiclyandcccii cratccierelytoughl
inc e e at e oe f lice gaeici teicattiempte to
iacle lise ci ccw ccman ccciii eer i lii alcki
to scciiet yeni leegoa inci ee. ilhere
lae noc footbaenli icleeinstinct cinc iaght
buii aceilveibrainscet thedse'thees'heen.
Sechulte',Tomeee l.'cccccc andi C acerresI.
are leteucronedccc.''
Nil\ ~li'1l~ (ecSOCf.'TIY

flie toi liccice ali l i ici cc. i flcell c e
inc e li teay lfeo h'liaA i
ilileel .1 cr1t1 tei lans.cec wi ich it- a
ber helditlice a l'it. iiprs ,ill i)e
icre ic and cclitrr ici lo psc Of c ure ntci
inees ill f111 1 'i' It i lsol anne
kel ct itrry crce, s i l IrCol-
I'ia ih ei or i wilh d
hasave hed, hicc 1vcny-lr, ic
ci iiin st. iOi i ccc I isihi c
c icld e hs peaedaleccl ci)u
,FIR, Ic cclasis icicil liiil iii 1.i.i L gg
ille sid icc r1 oo1.1t fcc m
muc al seil e ciosp bol h ii ii icc ll
cciii l d o Ic' ic' cc 1r' lice 10, eve -111,111
Ofte cas i A clii dt c he5 preli enit.
icle'fr ' clssiec.lliet iogethir.
I'Rcirce I r N O\ i iIi il1' 1'_
toa 1p relicascc 11crau : cc
is \(> liii 'c iit)v
". 111 cii ii ii cliieli li."1
icier' cc' ;Macei streetc clii lcrc 07i
is 1115clhe'r.l.i ' s .
Ilis lii c 11.1vest111c 1"
See iReiisceer'c .ad cccn page 4. r

U.of NI.
Art Calendar
of Events
Sitric]van ccrt _caleniri'.each
circt. le 'icl cedriesricecs b lee' ed
so nableuciceb e nc'ct taiken lerin cccii
l -elife'. Iillsaionsec ari n c
t c'cclor, ",ic'cvd fromeic drtnw-
icle madiec'c'eails forecacl-
ecedr,'acid presietan fcithe st.i
cal inkcitacud articlic...Screcnd
rea. c Pr.iei oinly~
E c a c'crlendair on dislayr act
either' ofour liibooktores,' c Strte
The Bookstore thai's never Un-
Thick Lather
creamiy and lasting, is the kind
you need. You'll find it in the
old reliable
\Scl > 11 111cr Ica ii ist 1 ii l ull.
li'n 1iil' 1 ~c cacci .2c. 2)ilc 1.110
lii )t 11 ~ St <tild f I i111 w 11
1- e, S t idie 11 l11- li
Ctr 's tc cc111c c c \)..llcc .0
1. ,lc r \ lt~cl? c cccTn l 'i
11 > 1 1c' c (1c l ar -
p ralc clitt, 1 ",(J .... .... .... 2.,;
(C h c 1, 1-I1 Cc clim I w

it will pay you to consider. I i ald le ecu CGrigs, of Nece
But why tell you of them- Jer . 15. . churlchi, .10 F.Ic'.
come in and see for yourself.
Mlad to show you. !o <Se)IcRll1. iRosce icicicroule
cc.in "ei c' l i ai c ii ic ill i7
ctli e cllslell ii ier. pocloisi onei
Sh ehcrhmicilii.and ieelnme cicer
Students' lookstore cr-il .iis celoiyiccto cil'aveeccrned ric
head of ac 1 ic .1, 11 c mo e icif'cciseetta
om l-e l rm Cii f icciteilIleit\\" rice
XMAS SUGGESTIONS ic Y Ile 1ii'1ctheilie'lce'liglltcccii
A PILLOW TOP " ' l1d fe v eci eIhedev ccliiceicl eeic
of the ill (1,et iithat ii liilni nfluciie5iioi f col-
le e i rdteine cc Iicle aloes could
Foo bal T am. "ev blane c'11liudestandceiinge. lie
Fuuiuuii lea n 1 eelrew t fei cilites cpcroel-r1.ticic'-
We alsn have a Nice Line ot Noveties ch~l ipiy ii his c loivstcelseancdrtellc
DARL~cING j & IAI.LfLEAU)( ii iil ;'.ic ln11(1c i iicigrie eltileil shouild
Bath Phases. 224-226 S. StaiemSt (lc'. '['Iingsiic ccere.ascibedi icc1I1111incciccl

Stutrees' leremis a el
ii ccci the lc sicefeew crs therie thleS. Maine sireet,$c.po a
a cre'literary scietyis. c raii' - - -.uist emd i) rnial f Tw tlrdad
advan',cedstud centseaic aciiileetyll'meersii hooksllliicecelved Sticday I
inc e d 'reprte ntsc Oflc cii l islc ancciii eet- die illi'11i15'i.
oric. Te lsuhairs for tcs'aimee lceos-
teringilccl lierairy' edfoceicelihe cci'ee- Sieics presced, tSe;
ditu. Secveral ofithei' ircfeccorc ice ic utider & O'Connoir.

cece & Co.e's,2i.I
I $.5o. Best
ftc "\I" ecrap-
V. 111111 ., tii



Announcement of the
Students' Lecture Association
1905 Fifty-second, Season 1906
Jerome K. Jerome
Chas. Battell Loomis - Dec. I
Jacob A. Riffs - - - Jan. 16
F. Hopkinaon Smith- -
Lorado Taft =- - Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman - - - liar. _-
SOUSA'S BAND - - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers, May 2
Oratorical Contest ~~~cc
Open Number
Tickets for the Lrntlre Couzrse - $2.00
May be obtined at S. L. A. Office or fronm Siudant Sellers
Seats reserved-SO Cerm*ts Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLE ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. PhoiM. 552
Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday excepiec


The Underwear at the Co-Op is dependable. You
can rely on Glastenbury Underwear at $1.50 per garment.
You can rely on our other Underwear, Union Suits and
Flannel Nightwear. Fleece lined Underwear at 50c.
Fleece Lined Hose, Cashmere Hose. Flannel Pajamas
at $1.00.
At the Co-Op.

I I , It- ( tciii_ . . 8 V 1 , . ,
T '1ucul 1(.ceulc1cl ia id\ c.r
\ Irr l' i edue t 1c. Suta Seccm Sc
:D.Y . ..A .. .. . A... .W.. .7
F. <ti)l dc.I d Iii \iii () i. ci . c.c.. lic.. 'ied
ru odes t cicle, u ri ic.ciii Sup1>itcc. c
lu i c Iii ;11c(1ii dical'd c
320ui dudst ce Seiet.eec11dcPseOM-,
STco BfAo DAIotos New Yor
P.hIa.: hie aIt s1 East I .l4 a.euI.,For41kjeer.,
]antie cu. .ii 101c1 . Ii.lanili . cu -Il. o
nJae csn. err dat5:la.m oal rn
6:1ham.to th :I.in.s ten '.':5 .ft n.lsa
WAIcT c, ING ROe. lIO~ n1.W TONA\
Lacoish We s aaEart--8.1 a. cu., 2.4 . .
ri. . n. 3.0p. n 10 .m
Thenses TracidnrceWeti.0am~75a.r,
9.8. 1W .?CASEtn 1.-Agot s M. a

.. Ii

Douglas Shoes WA =HTheZShoe ma 218 So. Main St.
Gym Shoes rIIxkI

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