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December 10, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-12-10

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G. H. Wild
The largest stock in
the City of exclusive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear. Of
I highclass farics and
special style for stu-
C.G H. Wild Co.
311 S. ytate St.
We carry in stock a large
variety of embossed writ
ing papers--in the latest
popular sies and finishes
for all the leading frater
iities and 'ororitiesCome
in and see them, the
prices are loes thain you
would expect from the
quality and style.
Sbeehan & Co.
Students' Bookstore
Get Your Room
Bth Phnes. 224-226 S. State St

THE MICHIGAN DAILY. ie 6-t> . ;sifc l~ils xiii have
Gllet lshe natal day of the Cools-
Ened a co ened clas tse it she Anti Q7tlub
5Aor xisostoline" Tou-1icinlg in yearn (pse-iaps axe
uhi itoisa(Idays), thin luiiilng orgsl-
Penblis',ed daily' liii a ps e5.eryterll darig s iis I,;no httisi l a mbaiiiii. Ity1per-
tish enlegee yesr, ast 1 7 SE sit 55'asiieto
anrest. Bell puses392. Mieee phces-6 pti-mois ha e such enthesiascm that
thes let smitofit oo es'utl ofitheir
Managing Eiiir, CLYDE L. DEW ifouiiiainiint' len liheyiswrule duoan
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS thirisilemtaspurss e, "the unnreling
-_._ -- - __ - -- - - f sf d e tica o iy of law." Tiis a

F'15ITO iS.
.'nsi~etiiea.......Ciseence E . Eidridgs
News.... Les.......Iois 1). Stickiiey
. . . . . ..~ e ........samles.V. "isteadi
Mania ............A5. ii. Mu eyer
Ni'oen..... s..fis)J. Armsatrsng
iigh AMien Franklin C. P'arks
GsereA.Otbnine aolid C. Smith
J. Earl Ogie, Jr. Geore A. Barntes
FerisaN. iSmitia Feank J. Clark
Rioiert 1H. Cianey Henry A. 1hinegesuery
ii. F. Sievesnn Vasr Metzsnbaunm
Glenn i) Briiey Joihn F. SWtirz
ROcy V. buiiii FilsydiII. Joes
RATES:s$25o e pryeons, o lana ifpaid is
Address: WALTER R. HANS' Business
Manager, 2365S. 12th Si., Piine 849 L
()fi i liii lii im c-i . . A l-n
1)c iiiliet y u o lemai
ic olhtlcs aire iorl 17l1*iiiil Sci E
D Cri.ii ilii ni ftebado et.Rgnt'Ro.IiwBilli
lii' 7 . I. Ii S'iii eadu i n chiii rge
phomoreii Girls.iii1 boi
1)cc >>-\in siana Y isiiiiiii .ii li
is txs. o. , cn ic ic listiresi
D 'Ci1i n'.iiiii iuid Ii tutu iby
Iii l ar iii lii G ii -, of \i \\-
l'li tn ln iiiul x iisinowisi hand.i N
frshri 'iiii useis.i Ii; toi th I ' m le
iiis ] Wewihtobra isl iinews
ias eoriiii/e atooeny"cluhus tsrt ee
'I'ic all- h s I ds ireitoi in t i tihe

stupendusiiii , almosiit 'a supefyipg,tak
If ilii'se lr'shmen a ke' lsetselv se cr-
iouy iii he)la'will isa':gr'ay'-leered a susile
Jiii, of tcrisis fiame,iinsihe year.
.1 mi by wayi, ofileiitig tieieeriiiis-
uinedyoug e lliiligraceifully
Slum'romtheighmperch tii shiicih
ilisy iin ionithe wisii ofixtciisrunewsa-
si's' prcoiiity, 'Isi.5)'aily ss'otld pint;s
ao'r' isoithe bisssing atissisneys a fisa of
the diffilies hatles es tihemi. Judige
Cooiley hiimseclf hail sossiairs' ied athe
enss of iii sc searcisc itocostniitiosnal
iaw sis nlie miian taknIawai sy, niirhave
hs sccei''nnssrs snidtli e le astxi ordii an
thi a idsubtilsn..\,li's, gtay of i r
youthfulIpan t; woa',u lataislvein ili l is'
formalansnoyiibl lcil ingii s hat
Atth is loseing cillsd ii diia,
I i//Is Isv hasundertaken t ssdlie
ths ftel ice oihe ion ine
w ioas alouticy idazzlete sitpsssite-
hebiliancienl of illi'''itheirsnetg tolit-
Ow an<led meses f te l"% t sl
ATiiseratcbefoegyou jmp.iTh i"Csit,
&i lub n s lt leis ofi figgl i' stati nli
isv ail hasiit ii lt' t wilb tn o
the fisssl ielinxa s. ihe sictaleofcthes
spetaled frshscias ii lhi iiiiiii's-
saiti ss of wesiisyi 5n i 'ion ea tngle
lega knoti silsas'iterstinegsisifltis
profession. sessis ii n toepec.'h
hresh lii ;to lila lish an'lsictsolde-
appenix, nshefshien inees Ato
51Dai gatir to edinstlesswiearslieppitg
ac.Ilifoifrshen55 no551 flightixaitsll
is preferili' to llln 55wfnul nidrso ti.
iii slit n'SsNs'C' AIistlissO
'l Hiii isi i, n D'siERi. APP5 I ii crS
Duringmathe istluf w years theil Is-
out nuberof secil eixtisiievotis
toi smtspi tc ulari tlint au t college.
rents edittion sisicapysedigs
te intestisiofstxetiiio'ml Wsitherui-

sory isclev er, lie intierei sit ig illie
isact itsat lie sorsissutiofithe genera! ' fM
isis oii sticles. U o M
tn eteit'slt es'ss, "Giirlxs at Mich'ligasst,'
hiss IFlue Ariscrsatipostrs te4,f
ofte pemi iofrIthe univstynn he Art Calendar
truessesnristocusrelushe i
isrti eos-impressionsts.hichmy. hlto of Events
usissu coitiributses ani artiieoptesrg
gele or siri ur gyit. sir-"'iv heC..
legr Womenri Smpastizentswits heMiss Stsieslc an art calendar, each
se t- Cttsiittttti" smonthtiinsg repsesented on sep-
itate decks edgesheets hy ase
One sicfthle liessarticlesofihe ui-issi se'isonahle erect taken fram col-
leries l"Frenzaiedl Fooitilall," itsl hc I etelife.,Illnistrations are in
therpstints ofiMihligans atleis ixs5rtked tiler, engraxved frissedrain
usier st'e s iI t mannaser lthtiut to ngs mnsde especially foi' tue cal-
ensdar, and present an effect mset
sh iethe resents articelsn Colirsl.t p5lecasing and artistic. Second
flamsstiirln '. istne Satre 1brousghsstitus ihis edition, sevised for l1900, elit
litielight. T'eierfts ily of Gsrres iansit ready. Price only
exed5n5, asctushsicsilhe ts''uituuiira ofi25e
A sssyigsit usersirices re ascsssi Sec the calendar on display at
te Footlaightsx." Gutrsiasn oelais sty either of our hookstisres, Stats'
ilsie.' "SieccisscConducsstors isa stree't tsrMSlin strett
'ieisi. 'si tu ssssros s chrttries

The variiius cl'iatt estsosit Iomist-
sis r si l ts'ing tos nttosge'th'r'oiu
So eIsr i a jitimsemrialst. 'lusts
~ ight. Cshiatientitins lit. Maslcoslmi
«ithl ii the \1losiui cilass 555identlea andii
55 555'(naitive; fn omi t heSite e etis's s t' 5

The Bookstore that's never Un-

n' t <- . \ ig1smut ensasn' i'i 1ij iiiii Sp tse t or sc i Sllsu c 'ia
grelr i O li'potmist 'Vltais ian' l'iiiini Stt's Iantiltuits
schesi t h ave eenshut c amingsCon'V "aiiilnn ass ......
Ide o ittn() tp rom n he Mchlisa lsa -Wiialnm a of
sale' dc us. J. t'. NS'um, 3311 i ber~sits Soliass s M drnJ rytia
caret . 01-02' 5 1 l . . . . . . . . . . . .
_ ________________ ".555 55 l lien eata
- ____________ Fuhsiia'' Notaled i'F'ench'rial
Glessex repaired, a mmml_
Eyes carefuslly filled anteseted. lirseuhds ubcrptonahessa
GLORE 'HALILER, Main St. I (a is' litoreiansisa iial, 1ao
lari in siit u i ssn any. a sai
I 'itisilis Sc iene fJuiii -
Rntsleri'la'offer ax inrgatin. St-c hisc miim-c o.......
asts', enat lae a. tf lii shut' I muss 5 ~tliiiiii 1-m-u


Satisfasctory tiliat as xssxfeury
prics. Fuller & O'Connotr. 61ag F. Wit-
liiam streeti If
If yotu are act particular, go Snoaanv
9hltttigrelcher;mast if yosuwxntathis icre
coeas toSumAlexader & Ce., iHennsinag
ilcks. end-ti
See Rentscxheler'. sh atonpage 4. 51
Time Attn Arhor Prexe (fermerly Per-
her & Snyder), printers of tile Michigsan
Daily, 'lie Alumnsae, Inlansder, Yosts
erect hookonafotalsl, thuIesiecsnic, S.
C. A. haandbooek, etc., etc., are prntter
te thisstundent bodty 117 E.Wahiuig-
tell atrest. If
Expert Jewelry and Watch Repatirs.
Araold's Jewelry fSsure.
Try Phlcps' Perfections shoeolate tuffsf
ansi sis at Cnshiing'xstphartacay.
Sute pressed, 25c; treusxers, see
Fuller & O'Ceonnor. tf

id n s, ua vls~ . lo thi. ..' .
;lesa sit S mu I Ism s of th le ines
usuaa t vl s.taleusal'e. . .
hum hhsalni (tauV nt r, sisa ct
Pollock andtlet isltl s isussV
''s i ss Co sta ansailtca
I 5'nt miifSth inn S aint ('s...
Way-ren ss ''sn TlIs asasi~i

1>. j(

C'. F.0S~l i
s~wass I =\lu'uis'al It ash,.
H- la1 hitsaOs:. y6u. ha am l a, a Ie1
Forst. Imiiio is, it ssfro,6'55.'a. . Snis' ':pi-
pumit mtn. ,,n 15 1) ~. am., . s as.ulistu I -o Y si
.iacstetaiLimited ax lu5l a.sDm. tisuocalsmo
a:.) as. m ot:15as. as. tten 1:::5 u.a.

Announcement of the
Sud ents' Lecture Association
1905 :'1It ;11.5)1 1906
Jerome K. Jerome
IChas. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. R~ils - =. = Jan, 16-
F. Hiopkinson Smith
LoradoDTaft = _ = Jan. 31
Fredlerick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman - . far. __-
SOUSA'S BAND - - Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers = May 2
Oratorical Contest
Open Number
Tickets for the Enutre Course - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or from Stuident Sellers
Seats reserved-50 Cenkts Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLE~ ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phone 552
Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday exceptac

If you can answer "yes" it means that you
can obtain your goods practically at cost. Not
in all cases do you get a cash discount on goods,
but at the end of the year, or a month, as the
case may be decided by our directors, you get
whatever profit is made on such sales. The
elimination of the Retail Profit-Tax to re-
duce the cost of living at the University, is the
object at the Co=Op. It is a great success in
other places, and it is making strides here.
Buy at the Co=Op whether you are a member or
not, and see for yourself. GJNow is the time you
buy Underwear and hose==if you once come here
to price goods=-you will buy here all the time.
At the Co-Op.

Be Fair
to your face and your face will
be fair and shaving a pleasure.
Always use
s575., aoisra Follo Route "
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Thraugh Trains East-8.18 a. a, 21.40 p. a.,
4.55 p. m., 9.31 p. a. 11.05 p. a.
Locais East-isa5 a. a., *111,10 a.m., *4.05p.et.,
*8.36 p:ma
Through Trains Wont-2.07 a. a,,7.58 a,.as.,
9.18. a.m, 2.33 p. m. 1020p. m.
Lscaii West-224 a. m., *8:28 a. a., *1.40 p.
M., *61l p, a.
*l(Exept Suonday.)
Connetins at Ckicago far St. Louis,
Kansas City and the West.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbsr


.. r


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