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December 09, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-12-09

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Tu E mICjli6AN DAILY _

,G. H. Wild
The 1largest stock in
the City of eclusive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear. Of
highclass fabrics anti
special style for Stu-
G. H. Wild Co. o
0 311 S. ytate t. g
We carry in stock a large
variety of eimbossed writ-
iig papers-in the latest
popular sies and finishes
for all the leding frater
nitis and sororities'Come
in and see them the
prices re lowes than you
would expect from the
duaElity and style
Sbeehan & Co.,
Students' Bookstore
Money Loaned
On Watches Diamonds or other
personal property,
Watches and Jewelry repaired.
largains in Watches & Diamonds
(fface at residence 3105E. Liberty St
Ann Arbor.
iouras: 8t 11:30a. i., I t30and ;ts
5 P. m

tetudeasseod clss mtter at the An
Akinr Pstofe.
Pushebd diyI(Mondys excptd teing
the sollege eer, a 117(Fast tWasng toe
steet. Bell phn 892. lamie phess76.
Managing Edior, CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager. WALTER R. ANS
Abletis ........ClarenceIE. Eldridge
Nes_.... .....us1D. Stickey
l ca gc........ hrles 1;. IWisead
.lui . . .. . . .. . . .A. II. Ortmeye
WOsere....l... fitte J. Arstrog
Hug tAlhlies Franklin C. Park
_\cfss-IC. od
Gesorge A. Oborn tard C. Sith
I. Earl Oge, I. lGeorge A. Barei
t'erisN. Soit lrah J. Cark
Robert H. Clasy Htery A. Moeetgomerey
1. FStevenson (Puter lMezenbasse
Glenno DI Brdley obe F. Wre
Rev V. Lll 1F1oyditII. Joes
RATE:c$Isle per year, or $lase i paid is
Address: WALTER R. BANS Businessl
Manager, 236 S. 12iiiS. Phone 849 L
SATI( lIIY RIAV )L1C'tIBlEE 9. 10.
itolccr 'Icclscc 'Iecnry' N. Alosgstscsy.
)ce. o IIMr. I'Ftc''s cl" lrs oi l 111111,
a7 o''lck atelNeelere 1101.
lee s9.-OiolecC ltlb Soe ill Hll~
l over MIls IoretoncMainecSts.
Adelllpisciestis icel Minil-
730 p.I ImIl
hl l 6 ,3o11 . 111 sm'. leIill
C. I Itt n ChoalIUion eritesc.
lie('s 14- 1111he I cccstd ost'' icd "'''lb
Scho l :uic.c
1 ic'.ti-j - Me tifte EBcacd ofie
get s. I RgctIs 1s' ster, 1 arc Dcicitsc's
is's. c,-IFesshman etSrediocccharegc
ofl Sophomorse Gils tirboure
De. i;-- ccths Issuerlci.A hiC A. sect
11cc' at Isc. il n h l,7 3 .Il
l~ce. s, ohA olts cItret.~ le5 c
Edar H~a riggs/f _tt I'I
Ii) exi lnc tls il cccl ef A ici
()st1 ;a' isciIclsi ret siit
I e escct'li'tice ceticcsicc iti' ncs'ofc'sMich-ctc
011111sp ci iplayed c'ic.tc'cst ice'(escass
pIom an bece~tting 111cs'eten tstChccicecoi
Illts'hesifecciwsse cbest tiicg focr
pend. Surf'eitecd citiclisce as ofscc

victorsy', tie reioIes cad geoss carseless
crocindcifferent 'creelsethsig was ed-
eel tee awakenthtmctote a cstscisless
that somte'effort osthtieir pcreelwose-
essary In suppl~oemsent tie swork of tie
teases. 'lie ceeig 'anssroting whiht
st timces treasttted to rise te roof of
Lttie erily chciisowedcwhas ic hligat
111515coltw11hen1 5tey really try. It
mo11r wa1ys thastseerhs tettsdefetr-
garded as ott assfuticalamity' at tite timer
proena ibesin~g i isgis. It has
heiele o esseeatcrmestal otd fe-
1ioallitrs sesuiete thetlwhosltesstdet
test in iorcie great ewhoi. It leesenaled
its teesh11115tieswthsoiesord tatalAllel-
igliante sdefet giceellie'
IDirectorseChariles ifairdt is tdesering
ofi greati credit useriis srompotoationtiens
ageng t 5'arrty' cret tie istttme ice-
iosed 'biy' 'rie'Dily' rf sceistittitg as
merstirclgs lilIFerry fiid forsmidewei
gam105eseduring tics footalsesnt next
frll. T'scad'santgegs'sorf sesuh atln
rae eet oiteetedcret. It sill ie tp
toc tie sudeiet broynext IfallIcc sosws
Msl. P iscthat h iis misgiigsIas lo tics
I ciailt f tie cs s e rc cun c-
T cii's' cpei wsas ,metter'notiting
as comred tost heIsii'is-s'uremfr'ct'ig
lis uon t'e'ecung seetsf tiecsp
lir v ls. T 'sy lit's'tic st ii
h irtfeintinellss'is lesi h'sueefter, see
ts seitrldie us cil1put1a.quietutcs
toc all soecicevils ice tie lss. Usitg
ac slams phrsleCtie c-ees lesse ted tie
studenttts eteso heticn icast.
lice existn teealtref sffais is dIsestoc
ties Iacctieht tie sphi isom res sha'selben
plii"cee iteldl a 1e'epttionce sftet Citerist-
cas 'crestur lso'panios sfee thiis
setsiconststieswret Itoler tietnatmes
ccl tich e I l tsies i toIhtilandisis lec t ite
But re slet isanyform'cisnstiltpotsslar
citihtihels'esnditholdisg ottittdigat-
tion emeIier' tiry es'iedsito efuse titri
ats'ndaceiss.Thes tesneormaion ws on-05
seveld ice tie clssst It smeetig yestee-
rise' aft e''soonscancditesopomorses'ei'
eeakiinge retir pasisfrs setheir cdansce.
Thslittle-mtres esig~tig bie dedleds
frrmte s'situatcion:eCon'I'ssult secret lies
besforee fillinig outiitic'eogea,ot,'rr the
warnecing, ."~Thes'esesises seerolngtera
il i t n ltlly.
DFPll I'll\'E TE AlS SlECTED1.
Ice rc's'tcc'AliMicigsas's honosst rities' Usi-
csifClhisagoe leas besn sletedi iy
Prfise essreilosssItis isleft tee it
to disv ie tie sixslmen whohaies seers nesss
seaer ' peelaesl ft's lie it'e it'-dsit- c
mentebtites cinto liststemst
']hoes'whoislitse bree sletedi frs'tics
Chiiss'si'iicl ae'. whlihs tskes pracer''Jas-
uss l r' c.'ee orige .A. Aslciseits.ass
hoo man.ee esctJsttes A. Ris and osi 1.
Kf. Legg. Milhigans sill hlist c ftirmilet-
01501' rf te qestiont."Resolved, Th'iat
ascommiccssons'h totcl e'gvess pwesrto
fix reaileoadciretes."
'lichose steleci foe tie Wssconsint te-
baste asee Haslliay assel icseeotste botc
honorsdearstsassde TI- A. Siss.

HOtN. sA. Al. '111)1)OrFFERS
(Constinutedi froestpags cres.)
reputab1115e cllege oci' rst'y.candi iy
unsoeierrute stuetes of ary'deiart-
meto whslosesreod itdicts 111111they'
ssl probabliyisi gaduaessicfromselislece
pa~rtmettin 55 1911'sr o 10.
z.A prieowill besawardedsto o
essa eywshitleis nstel dcegesiby tireocre--
eItteeso ar otti rct1ccthy nof scsrecc-
3 Nocstuensst is sallcsweltIcmees
for mor tlithticnione515ositietri/cs.
4 liees 5ssithould stit lee iliduly'
exandssed. tEc r-i iter shsocrld sigs iis
essay ithosi nscsuced eelmeetosr mttlo
ondssh iouslss irs sithcit, icc a selei
envelicoehis realinaseeesnsd Iis htose
addrless. plaingitht'ieasssuised ttiscs e
mcetocon rest u tsidieiof atie envlope.
IHs stoulddesituhIis essay' willstie
liesidet rf tsuniesityono cefosrie
MasoI. 907.
'.lTe foloin'sg tpersoso stitultei
the' c'ommistte ccf osard: ' Prfessore
Adaomes Pofessore A. C. M'cTaglin,
Proessrs ha'reis 1. Cooly Pclessr
tirieiansdsiPrsofessore ates.
Jostsso . AglPeeiset.
Pressidiet Antgslin stesds tsrhIces'ac
numbsclierf pamph~clt-s prined eimbodying'
the tters f lt'hertest, asd these tesy'
ie obitined' cat iis oie.
ituss. A. . hiT'sddc, whio sttkess this
sffer, is a welsl-knowssn fgr ittMi-
ignpoiial cdin sdstriali affsiris
Hle hlsusties'distinctiosnt sf bineg tie
lar esries''ofpipprm'cint ice ties'wiorss-
A few e ry' .'ares'~l tepu'iecaiiss gisl-
withclt' aow e urpotrieiis'of def'atig
AMs. 'Toddi lcercngress s h1st'5 a5
canidateouteis's emtc ci 'sratsri.ipiopulist
an ro'sibitionict ets, andthceeltis'ass
prvdsucesssfusl. AlMr.T'lud is at pres-
et trsavsllisng'sbrad
FACE (110 EEE hI
Ansae''nst fiestile dieri''ocf CEncrl
Ystss.i; sfooetalernes, resediris J ecisy'
Garreiliss t'rittn-thesins' winnsisg sntr
fcoe ties' eiisatiosesnf goodssnicAli'ric
Wsiths CurtisI W sees arnelNseededss slet.
'tercs dsinet little sows
Fee they' sees tie testsfro tics I'eelA.
svthictics'ge, gee ge.
Vortig Garsce'icis a slarcebout
As genteelas yuswis'tfind
Wh' iLongmainttlt. iHamsmsodtc elite' snds
I Filintitg AYos ! 13 Filing YAsct
Yo' seeds'noI tltfeel see mumsec aussrs'Cii-
They ned ticshonrs '.yo'esesas' ieol'tets
'Tis julst ia little' lssone tissell a
Errs'tie lstssifetr es' ss'ris'lie'.
lies sten hice'all binest sities.
'The greastest ment'laivs'.
lie lists te caioarnishsipithiss yer
'1 jus1t5o15 sd msistake;s
Ao.' ned nsot cci sec to ishsiedsa terre
NAext yearie'llshtake te ssake.

U. of N~.
Art Calendar
of Events
Stritltiyas ait calendaci, sach
111011thitng' prepresented onsfe..
,erate deekie edge sheets by somse
setasnable event taken from col-
lege life. tllustratioso are in
tricor','engraved 'freon draw-.
legs taendsespcially for tbe cal-
endar', and piresent antslfest mast
itleasiel' and artistic. Seconld
edititon, revised for 19111, ness
seedy. Pt'ice only
See lbs calendar on display' at
either ofiorebookstore's, Stints'
stteet ens' Aain sreet.
The Bookstore that's never Un-

Announcement of the
Stud!. a t L.;-tcure Association
19 Fitcy-scoal Season 1906]
Jerome K. Jerome
Chat. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Iis . - Jan. 16
F. Hiopkinson Smith _
Lorado Taft - - - Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pros. Alderman =-_. -rliar. -
SOUSA'S BAND =- Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers - May 2
Oratorical Contest - -_---
Open Number - - -----
Tickets for the Enitire Cou~rse - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office or fromt Student Sellers
Seats reserved-50 Cen~ts Extra-at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINGLE ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. Phoe a52
Office Hours: '4.6 Daily (Saturday exceptec

The Set of a Collar
Depends on the shirt. A soft summer shirt will not
take a winter collar, such as a wing collar, nor a medium
high turn-over collar. Our Flexible Bosom Shirts are
not "tin armor", they allow comfort with snug fit.
Under the winter shirt should be winter underwear.
It is here, as you may see in the window, in all wei'ghts
sizes and prices, 50 to $3.50. Remarkable values, goods

A Merciful Man
is merciful to his face. He
keeps is smooth and free from
irritation by using
sein. Arnold Dl.sV. C. Vaughran
less.P1. SWadse IE F. ill,
N. J.Rysr Johnsllarer
Jnce. Koch Prof. H S. Carhaert
Frank P. Glazier Christian Mlartin
$1.00 to. $1.50
F~aiiy CG%&aerante d
Oar Dollar Clocksan re the best inade
fortice mney. Fine watch repairint"
a secialty.
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main St.
Capital, $50,000, Surplui and Prof i, $65,00
Doss a General tBanking Bsilness and Pay
3 ieer sent interest on Tins and Savings
Deposits. Safety Deposit BoxsstI rent
at $2.00 and upwards
R. Ranier, Prens. W. C. STEVENS, Tice-Pes.
F'. a. nELoSR. Cask. H. A. WILLIAMS ABet.
iihe77p ara Falls Roof"
Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
Through Ti'iins East-8.18ta. in., 2.40 p. in.,
4.55 p. im., 9.30 p. in. 11.e5 p. in.
Locais East-IlS5 a. in., *11.1e a. mn., *4.05 p.nm.,
*8.36llp. in.
Through Trains West-let7 a. m~, 7.58 a. in.,
9.18 a. in., 2.33p. ms. 10.10 p. m.
Locais West-224 a. mn., *8.28 a. m., *1.4e p.
ms., *6l5 p.,in.
*1(Exceipt Sundbap.)
Connisosn at Chilcago for St. Louts,
Kansas City and tie Wont.
W. W. CASE, Agent, Ann Arbor


Douglas Shoes WA H R= h S oe a 218 So. Main St.
Gym Shoes 'I ii

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