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November 28, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-11-28

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Go H. Wild

The largest stock in
abe City of exclosive
styles in Woolens for
Gentlemen wear. Of
high-class fabrics and
special style for stu-
0. H. Wild Co.
311 S. ytate St.
We have just received a fine
lot of mottoes handsomely
printed in colors and mounted
on glass. In addition there
areseveral water colors, Gibson
and 'Christy heads and bits of
scenery, mounted with glass
front and passepartout edges.
Come in and see them.
25 and 75 CENTS

Etere-d as sncond cass nattnr nt the Ann
Arbor Postofice.
Publishsd doily (Mondays excepted) during
the olege year, at 11FstWshington
slreet. Bell phone892. lHone phone 76.
Managing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW
Business Manager, WALTER R. HANS
Athletics ..........laresnceI,. Eldridge
News ........ ouis D. Stickney
Exchanges...... Charles E. Winstead
.Music ............A. II. Orlnsyse
Woment........... Esfie5.Armtstroag
Iugh Allsn Franklin C. Parks
R. ClareO'Brien.
Gsorge A. Osbnrn Ilareld C. Snith
J. Earl Ogle, Jr. Geoge A. Barones
Ferols N. Sm~ith Frank J. Clark
11ober1 11. Clannny honey A. Monntgnomery
D. F. Steeosn n lter Metzenbaaum
Glsnn D0Brleiy John F. Wnu'n
Roy V. Loll Floyd IH. Jnon
RATES:t$2n5n per year, or $n.nn if paid in
Address: WALTER R. HANS' Business
Manager. 236 S. 12th S. Phone 849 L
'I. '.8$] I:\Y (lVE M1,11. 812, 1905.
Editor Today-D. F. STEVENSON.
Nv.281(10v 011111 1111111110y1\ 119r1-
\-1 30---y. NV-C.A. 111101at01 8011
0 11- h111 3 1to 7 o'clock.
.7(11111111" 1to 11011li1111011011111, ttllt
tisl issue11 The Daily will suspend1( 111011
1111iil 1111 i1011 ft1er1 11 e 0111l11o1l i (('1
\-'71on To 1those0W1111110'the1holi

punishmen1111t of s11011offedrs. We muttt
gt rid(ofth110ina11h01 a stdntttmaoy
hadtl beter lootve colleg i ho cannot
0r111111nwitout pr1107111u11011his felloss.
If ticket 60011100rs 00ar 11ot menabl 1o
the lal, we. touldttistggst tat all
ticket: orSo tthbig gttts ito1111110 t
in te ftture itheItofomofontllrats.
hI'k oti e'cht bilet a1 110101agremen
'dvance1over teoff11cial1 11010. a oitl1
cottpeitl 011011ptrchatroo sIl ignt his 1na1me
It has1lteo'ttrttttttha't Itome1100of tto
111n1 1whtt btttgtt teCiicago tickots
titd notIk'ttow thte 110p0s01ofte110erson1
wo htIiredltoemto tostand it lie. If
this i1s te0110,011c11m111011otuld 00010
ftowar111 withtsiged saens11111. The
Daily7' 10itobeglad to print1 brief otes
fromos1111010lholoesie Ito clear their
ame1 intis tmattner.
I It 1a0matterfor 0sincerest rejoiig
tha11tte'diretors ltoftthe cit 101gan1 Un1i01
hv tceddill removin11g all obtacle
oe proj1111ecc.'iletur11111fronth111011111-
111111 till probablllly100e1110 stbcripion
chmot trttally launchedtot, ado te 1ec0s-
stty 111 boghtI 111110 tt0(1011 111de0111of
111111g 0hat1 i 11itls o IIwer toaroits
(3 8 '(0 N T O C HIC A G O.
('ttttittttd 1011111pago oe.)
in t'e ga1mecagain1st1 111old frintt, Ci-
cag11 o, tt ill torkootothis olimit totsow
111 tistwol-e 0rival IoAl-Western
hono1r1s., 111H1g odek. Tottt Haonttd
tttttntotedctly MIiciga's greatest all-
t'rotttdplayer01. 1His 1111100kickig alility.
go11tod t gtound 11111110 attexcellent d-
10011Itt Ito o'tttstam i soeo te
C11m111rative10satitico of te atir-
'111s0for66e1t10011catttpioslip Ito111110
Oati F1111 'rtd S. Norroso, qarter-
ht'ck- WVctltt10;Ieight, 571/;111000
10,111on11 10.1;11 retredoolat Menominee110
hihscol;ecellentlil erlt01011atd
182; heigh, 6-t:lpreparedI at Klamtaoo
Iigh school; 111000 years111n 001am; 001-
siceretIbetotlie-plttngitg ftllak 01nd
11110111theeto oodefetsiv'eplayrs in te
011111101'; ttadlcAl-Wstert ottoyear.
T'otttS.Htttttontt, rightI halbatk.
W\eiglttil; Itight,. 611/; 111000 year
on1 Ilte ; prepared tlat IHyoe Park; lace
kickecr .and1 tefettsiteoquarter ; excellent
otffenstitvc 111y1r0and1110poIl taiotldefetse;
Jto' Cutstlelft tke We o~igt,.21t;
hegt5i~; tree years 011 10011;
preparedat Pteblo Coo.;betoltke
in1e Vto 111 t tsfttn use towhen 1short gaiso
.11 needed lon111ll-Wletritwo years.
1101116F1 Sohltelt, left gtard. Woeight,
roi heiht,5-i l; reparedl at Jeffersono
0et01ad n e tti 701a; good
Adolp1111ch11111, 0en11r. Weight, 205;
hegt,62 :pearedl at Fort Wayte

Ind; two years oteamntttqtalled by
any cooer int the cotrty; first Mich-
iga te01100o0make 0 tochdowtt good
at passing hall attd bloking olpoets
Walter Graham, right guard. W\eight,
223; Ieight, 5-8; two years on 10e1;
fast with ball antt power 011 tefetse;
has totbeenitotlayed1 this year; tre-
pared 01 North tDiision, Ciaott.
JohnttGarrels, left etd. Weight, 187;
height. 6-2; prepared at Detot; oeo
year011n1te11m; 11un1100roatd sustitte
place kicker; tao deelopedooln11e010of
the best ends in the West; 1100d tackler.
Walter Rleintschild, rigt tackle.
Weight,. 186; height,. f-y; 1preparedl at
Los Asngeles, Cal.; otto year oi tear;
valoable in recoering fumbtlles ; strong
tackler; goott grountd gainer.
Harry Hatonotd, right end. Weigh:,.
184; height, 5-t1%; two years on enm;
prepared at Hyde Park; good offetsive
player antd ard tackler; fair pnter.
1D01111 Clark, halbtack. Weight, ti8;
hteightI. 5-9; twoo years ot ean;110-
ptred at lDetroit ; gotdbhon11111otffttse
attd defettse.
Tool '. Sttart etdlattdlhalbatck.
Weightl, 6o; eight 5-t; twot 7000rs1on
teattt; preparetd at Denvtrunvrtity01;
good punt1eratttlotfettsive pyr.
1P0u1 Magoffi, Ialback. Voeigt
165; height, 5-8; prepared at Wahig-
totn, 1D. C. ; eoceptiotally fast.
Al 'Barlow.,tquarterack. Weigt,.
145; h eight, 5712a; prepared at Orharo
Lake; r1111010ea11ospeedily attolis great
011 qutttelrback01111.
W. J. Eoths, ftullback. Weight, 172;
height, -i: gotdlite btttekr atttd te-
Mlarc Catlit, captain ad rigt ettd.
Weight,. 16; Ieight, 6-3; fottr 70100s111
10eam:; atstrontgtefettsiv'eatt otffetsise
A. H. Batlenoch, right tackle. Weigt,
194 heitght, 6-; two years on 10011.
Claree Rtssell, rigt gtard. 'Weigt,
187; hetght, 6 feet;two yson7115 team11.
Butt Gal te, collter. WoeigtI 110
totght, 6 fot; tree 0ear 011 0t111.
M. C'Slotslletgtard. Wigt,. 202;
hetght, 6-4; otte 7010r11110011.
M. A.lHll, lft 1ackeWeigt,. 2111;
hetght'10011wo0000r1111 teamt
Ed C1P0r0y, lft etto. Weigt, 2011;
tetght,t 1 /,_ three 70110s on otm.
Vs HI kersall. qarterback. Woeigt,
145 ; height, 5-; three years ontte1a1m.
F. . Walker, right halfback. Wigt.
182; Iheight, 5-8; 1two0years 1o11 01111.
Carl IHitchcock, sbsitutetolft alf.
Weight, 153; Ieight,. 5-7; foutr 70001s111
Hutgo ieolek, ftllback. Weight, 15;
height. 5-7:; fottr yaon t011eam1.
Retrns of te Mihiga-Cicago
gamte will be rec'et at M\cSillan htal
Thttrsday afternoont 0000 special 1wir0
diect fromtt Marshall fild. Message
sil ito read inth110aud~itoimlldown0101
stairs, atttd te mttlovements of te gattb
will Ito shtotwnt0n1a callsIomtarket sith
a gritdirott tiagrattm. Nttdmtisontt will
be charged. Thte gamle commenttcs att


Auto Girl
A Souvenir of the
Great Michigan-Wis-
consin Game; the finest
at the price offered on
State Street.
t Oc each
The Bookstore that's never Un-

List of Late Publecations
Hiolt's Diseases of Children
Osler Practice of Medicine.
Butler's Diagnosis.
Williams' Obstetrices.
Bryant's Operative Surgery.
Sahli's Diagnosis.
Nancrede's Principles of Sur-
Oppenheim's Nervous Diseases.
Lippincott's Medical Diction.
ary, 1905.
Cunningham's Anatomy, 1905.
Gray's Anatomy, 1905.
Rockwell's Dissectors Guide.
Evans' Crown & Bridge,7th ed.
Johnson's Principles and Prac-
tice of Filling Teeth.
Black's Dental Anatomy.
Burchard's Dental Pathology
and Therapeutics.
C. E. Barthell
326 S. STATE ST.
Telephone 761

011111111 11111ma0 to' footIvt it

of1 thto

I' 110ne ' c c toko't ottoctlt-
S h e e a n C o b e t e r or' tco e r n e d . I t S 1 1 0 0 1 5 'i 1 1 1 1 1
Studs' ~neBookstore nj '1)1f.011111met x'ln t0'le1 tad-
Get Your 111(1m t s ow toolt.to' litp1111111tte
PILLOWS, BANNERS, FISHNET .111111. titon be111htatlf otta ind11117CiIy
WASTEPAPER BASKETS, 00see.1tht ttirctos stollnerbe--
SOUJVENIRS~, ETC. etd w imnt y 1411 1111111. Th1ito'y1117rg1e0
at. ujc
DARLING & f1I1AI.LE.AIUX toy0111erve losta'ndardioth ttthoole
Both phones. 224-226 5. State St tttlorat' t lllltlt0 111111o'.11 1 tht it 1tatke


The Only Soap
that won't smart or dry on the
face. The only soap that
makes shaving easy.


Announcement of the
Students' Lectuire Ass:iati on
1905 Ffifty-second Season 1906
Jerome K. Jerome
Chas. Battell Loomis - Dec. 1
Jacob A. Riffs - Jan. 16.
F. Hopkinson Smith..............
Lorado Taft . , Jan. 31
Frederick Warde - - Mar. 12
Pres. Alderman liar. --
SOUSA'S BAND . Mar. 30
Leland T. Powers = May 2
Oratorical Contest - -----
Open Number - ---_-
Tiacets for the Entire Course - $2.00
May be obtained at S. L. A. Office ar troms Student Sellers
Seats reserved-'50 Cents Extra..at S. L. A. Box
Office, Main Corridor, University Hall, beginning October 30
SINOLE~ ADMISSIONS $1.00 S. L. A. phon~e 552
Office Hours: 4-6 Daily (Saturday eaceptec


Are you prepared for the trip out of tow
you have Shirts ready, Collars, Ties, ant
We have them here ready for you-and in1
be sure are absolutely correct.
Br3mashes, Combs ak nd
at prices new to Ann Arbor, are also read,
price them.
We buay books, we sell books. We a.l
statoenoery, novelties at prices cost
At the Co-O]

Ai 10 to $1.50
F'ssiiy Gsaaetsd
Our Dollar Clookqarae the best made
fsr the nmoney. tine watch renpairing
a speialty.
vn? Are you sure J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main St.
d Hosiery ready? ________ _______
Capitl, $50,0s0, Surpluss and Profits, $65,000
Does a Genearls Basting Busineas and Pay
3 psine nt interest on Time sod Savings
S ponges Deposits. Safety Deposit Boxes tn reel
R.EMPFsrFes. W. C. nSEENeSTice-Pres.
F. a. BELSR. Cash. 11. A. WILLIAMS Asst.
ly. Come In and
"The Ninaara Falls Raste"
X11 furnssh~rngs, Chicago Buffalo Boston New York
slstently low. Through Trains East-Ill8 a. m., 2.40 p. no..
4.55 p. m., 1.30 p. m.11.05 p. m.
Locals East-6hea a. mo., 001.10 a. rn., *4.05 pFm..
08.30 p. m
Through Trains West-tot7 a no,,7.58 u.m.
9i.18n.o., 233p. no. 10.10 p. nm.
~Locals West-224a.sm., *8.28 a no., *1.40p.
p * nm.,u610 p, nm.
*CErcept Sunayci.)
Connaetions at Chicago for St. Louis,
Kansas City and the Went.
W. W. CASE. Agent, Ann Arbor


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