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November 22, 1905 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1905-11-22

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for Art aind Skill in lTiloring MONEY [OANED Student Room Decorations
CallOn il W tchs. .iamndsJewlry A Fine Collection of-
Calond WacHhe Diass Chtte tis mk St
and aollateigh Caschtit Stl/ mongSt, V. of M. Souavenirs Ira Pyro-
odM B UlCateral se& C O 1( r a p h l W o r k , P o t nlx e , p o s te r s , p h o to
W. J. IrOVRZM1Nets, Ja.panes a Umbrel las,
Clooks, Chaflig
SA U C FE D & C . 104 4th Ave. Opposite Court House Dishes
Two doors south orne* Y. N. CA.
The Recognized First Tailoring Trade of the City OFrICE HOURS; to3 to it:a Now on display in our Basement Bazaar
106 EAST HURON STREET Business Strictly Conidential M A CK Q~ COO
Rsdvnoed Rats to all Points for
Nio. 247
by Hrry . Fih.."I -~ Train.. Lee'r. Aerta Arbor
Cotains new 4oficoal role, tovoero al oil-T eCoh -.ad45pin
ten est s ptereaso of si iers tillege 1~ Cl thi Goi Gig nuhNorth 7 9:90,- a . in. aol~ tm. nt-: . m
teasantheeasosseeotis Exclusive styles and extra values, in lien's Suits and Over- Ttigtoi tOasti ~.m sic!pm
PtRICle by CENT BYaeaes Mpriggos,.eiradeatAILsors coats at the above Price is our specialty. MANS I J.1 iltilY, W. T. WILLS,
Spoitdtrg'e Cotlsogoe tf ttttlette Spot Am) Tootedot Ohio Ansn Arttor, Mielh.
to Offi yout imp eosto fu t . ott Atett sll tot itell phone I3'tor htooe ttooe'Itt
A,_e_._______ft______ FIRST NATIONAL BANK
Now~ok CICAO D VOO A~hAtecocoCa \ 1 IN DETROI'T '1'ONI(;ilT. gjrands tepert ista well as Frcench, Sctch Try Phelps' Perfectiotn chocolate putffstAaAroEc
A I') r~~~~~~ ~~ tool~an is-iss fttik sontgs. Shs will be. sop- anot chips at Coshings pharmsacy., . s o e s. ls to at
I{uriJ j~ j ~ leic letter tire to isate ani 0po- S.esttttt itW0.et~iit ttti~ty Clartons Cashier
-- -- * I tuttty to tear the great Fretneh so citding Moois. llttttlsilt ite greatest
ii U TON BROT ER i te A lie Cttitts Cils . Atsoite -tenet tattoo of the ilay ;Bertelo Va LOST (Otol bracelet, Ot Ferry ield. Capital, $1i0.a00. Surplus andi trofits $40,S0
Successors to JA . REED, 312 S. State tlcu stseteltt ie ot pre t oreis, 1.ewsor rge ree irtiot nd C saro-
ltI Litht Lu d Irmoiry its Iletroitt is iose LusFesr fsit otlC4i5
-n adiltroad liageetsae i eceets, pianisit. ''he scatic of Rowe' Laundry
Ping-Poisaieingeriy el rut listo o i cers is $1.00 ies $3,0 lls one hal f Satisfactory tailoritng at satisfasctory
in-Pn b ┬▒engmpl heeotloso ti ct prices. Fuller H O'Cotntor. 619 E. Wit- Thomas Rowe, Proprietor
wo tttosit to aetttid te petformaiet wa tweleot o ha C le a
36 PHOTOS FOR yws n euntesm iht it Aertttlitani ete w tot k S-Ltea-t liais street.- tf 326 N, Filth Ave.
o ,$ 4 Positions ,! Caki , ~ t mot fa o ttoan flsn tire nte ots sale oil Seitssaikeovsky' New Phone 4i7 Itll thiise45-IL
OLD MORRIS STVDIO stit otf till te gratnot opera singers, ismuistrDro. ArR Jw SOI MnS.
in1s So. Main St. Ann Arbor - to toTiheoter ii eorfr-________ college jewelers.INSURANCE
U, of l.lARBlER SHOP tue lit ltte Never iefore his there Loxpedt Jewelry hood Watch Repairs. (RHO.tt~ J.H858. t i
I enrchanc lotha her n Ameorica Arntoli's Jewelry Store. -' eGns Halr hO. werngapae
Trojonowski State St. toc is '-oo metotber of the M\etropsoiotnt Thse Ann Arhor Press (formerly Fir. anfutu10j~~r ooh, aeg lle
Grand_____________________ O poi )terta eiompan i of i Nesw Yoirk, Piano atnsd office desk foe sate chseap. heR ty.rpitesa h ci s lotsms 14 .ii S. Maine
HA FT i ier ogr itohos Clrn soeo 2 efro.4 Daily, The Alumnsos, Inlander, Post'
dh0 clssis tel tile opiertic stooge, osillgrahoknfotlteTcncSN
and oi ly sioog seleetiotns froetm the opera 1L0ST'Goldi fob. Flonter retourn, 327 R A 1~ \ DI
ZIN E CH NG rnhWhchhe fmeismot loel SDiison Rwad.IntilsR.G.YC. A. handhook, etc., etc, are prinitersI*.*
Z ~ a as ooiti. tbut tlso excerpit fromotsther 49-50 -to thte strident hoody 117 E. Washing-__________________________
to tet fLower in Price __ ~ - PH OTO GR AP HE R
Better in Quality h^V^V^MM ┬░4r 1^1^1 yey..yy. ~ Alarm clocks at IIALsLETR'S, Main -
Ask A. M. SMITH LA M P S sttretele.ksesa
it Asn Arbor Saving. Bank Block Nocmiaini ap.No-advance in, price. Csishiig's. 0 6H~ RA AE
'lion Serum Stodent Lamp, Nichleplated. wish White Shadeo, mests $.50. _________
'I_________________ Sloe Perfection Studio Lamp, ' " " ', : 2.50. 'R g Q
__________________m ' "'- 7.Mchgas pills, fohs and spoosns.QEP4At
B I L A D ho11.25. i
D.C' T1u:N -' rItsitn's JEwri I S S ano, Main St. c j1 10
L JDicorosed Lamps Camplet 'infrm 00S tot $4.5t elh ______l____ lassLLr mssrm ct 5 ec..1PI
AN esl h etLmsmade and for less money than any other Fo l;oyuca o bya1'gwA
house in this market. fOiitissas 'lC olootlosi ~N'
B 0 A/1. I N . j 21Sou th DEAN & CO. Ann Arbor Osool aplpreeiate osue for 'hianksgiring. -
S. ROTTIENSTEIN, 707 N. Univ. AAO. 4 4-51 PlI RI YUB 0
fik "f i / A H M -~ C O p~fE A
Cotr magnifheont display of PtA C/a/fCISLANri
Suits, Overcoats and CravenettesM/HGYSMMREOTS
Ali the eweat and up-to-d'ate Styles TIHGA'M f RESORTS.
t -J i7 Don't faul to see 0011 fine lone aoDTOIfCEVLN
NewEDE FalWasEnECp Leave DETROIT, daily : 10.30 P.M.
u . The greatest vasiety in the City Arrive CLEVELANID 5.30 A. M.
t'$mkigcnDcin wall a lloads
ALWAS I SESONFuri~ingsLease CLEVELAND, daily 10.15 P. M.
IPlose wha essjoy to the to il f. New thtngs coming in daily. New fall Shirts, Neckwear, (lioves and Arrive DETROIT ". 5.30 A. M.
extent the sports and recces- t}~ Underwear. The largest and finest showing of Men's and Young Men's -cuonectng wills I. & C. STEAMERS for
-Ni t -Makinac,""Soo," Marqtuete, Dsluth, Mino"
iens of outdoor life realize tl rousers. Also a fOne variety of fancy rests. A large assortmtent oh apolis, St Pauste, Miwaukee, CbS-
toe importance of proper tSuit Cases at PaeadG orinaaloso wt a, Wet
toodi. The appetite is teen, ro itsforolitts o Michttano tut e wer 5s
au idte need foe fotds that SEE OUR SHOW WINDOWS
tatsy soul strerngthen its fll. _____________________________________________ DAY TRIPS (inluing Sunday) hoiweon

ShreddedvA w w A ~ DILY osnop Mooda, JULY and AUGUST
Whoet. ~ o LvT0LEDO, Mondays & *Saturdays 9.30A.M.
Whevet 00C,~h The Newest Clties. LvDToday &Sturdays 6.0 PM.
B13C~l *Wdnsdays & Pridas 9.30 A.M,
precisely fills thense require- l 2 1 A N D 1 2 3 S . M A I N S T. ForrlpPon~nek nComncnine lith
mnts, toe the reas that it is Troghconnotonoadttocl;KI sCSN
made of the entire wheat herry, wi S. &l s .eaes to oia oru an d W-Y. and
wicihcotainssmoreestreogthen-D.S S.o nd iSooein~e aS. I'Nan ts.
tog asd spher fod. propets - - Addess AA9ANtTZ,(a~.&P.T.Mt.,iistoit,Mtsh.
thansanyother food. Q I s coNoCEEAN-AY O
witos the chemical elemenssce- " 2 ab"",3:.ww. ,..g .. Yy p j ............ DETROIT ADCEEADNY O
qusired tar strength, eoegy cc "
masle, honead issus. Itis PANORAMIC__HOTOG_________
always timely beca t can bes
PANORAMIC PHTGRP (jdeswys- O4 et Your Room
witha mikcram, trails, vege-TH
tables, e. Qt Atways take i -O H -
with yoa, and prepareIt acord-
ingtteayeoet 2. Decorations
to th Qarec ipCes in" Ik ht
sf bread sse Triocuit. th 'e a s,.
wshole wkeat cracker, whho is10 InchsWd-b36ices Ln
Incae byte 36a Longortost WASTEPAPER BASKETS,
It is compactand eastly tarrnd For A/'
Qt Ten 'Toasted Tciscitii" aid F r $2.00 OVNREC
Chteese. SOVNREC
;+ at-
NAVA ODA LEXANDER t18. CO'S STVDI.O, HennIngt sik., Cor. Hturoft et 4thE. DALN &1'A EA

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