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October 25, 1905 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1905-10-25

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The Michigan Daily

No. 26.

Vol,. XVI.


Little Likelihood of Union and
Memorial Committee Com-
ing to Terms--More Faculty

it an ostce n thta
s- ice. W ie lu ots

uld slut
()f ally
rat>i ni
e Nvollld
it ccll

MhI odist School Conies Today to
Oppose Varsity Albion Strong
Among State Colleges.
Tllc la st lidwselgste )ftl 1w arn
11 ts All i m tcois-s. 's. in. Uitllodlists
cst )t rtc tat o~ic"" s tyll os- ttsssttt 0~c

Sl o siustlii ty ofte diretosrs IofteI

mgto ot1 ti t etstrsusorisinotessnear future
ott tgss s ttttsit ithes tits et s uund
Ow enesntaiv m lit s oft hesi fattt
lh 1 er hs wO it regrt. Th
;etlt osiths.:tctttpttsis forsimmedss-
It sthesfttosdia tsttor- ann r ino twhi tthi
xvh~e materhasbee coduted.It tt
te s tttvtttud itdoubt tht sstent aIt
it m sith aitmpr i sghe fetitngt
tsssossiivmalth t te tbilditng.iuuisi
e~r it I sitse \itttttthe 1ich asss
TO s116, sdsts bi isustion rtt
the w ole atte by pintig aitsb'


Proie;oss 1rw tr ia s
inl Iitenei o ci'c'tf
no fo i tilt 16 s e. t'"'ttst:
ithre inede hett a; it a
-at ttrctivepiciss(tsslmsssd
its'y m:o nctd wttte mi
WO~ldfeeldraws hc~rtle he is
Its r atits i heb aue e i o
Nftit oitt ttt ra iato u
ceite heiid cm asa \ (
s11 it In~'tohrM rhgn

w ill aIS() I)c )ttt t)f
arl I\v \v il) he iVcit
lircct the t('attt' )Iay
Ic -atlle.
(hat thc° carp- elen-i
alvc; if the atrle i
2r r1 wk, the Ix);ir(I
ec1 fn)i)I their- (111
H,: al tcrm)()11 S O<llile
a half h( )iir e<<rlier-
t her°lt ilcciclec) ill)<)t).
............. ]';101)

''>I UIIto I N till >R'>01 i's VI'll h.Definite Announcement Ex-
Pln nDetail.
lltrt akot ~ r petod in a Few ays-
Consside-rasl intserest has been takens
itst tttsi e r. T c ol ed tei t astt t it t rgantizatiotn oas omson rt of a
epce to playitictt ith lit ganstssssst sslboyto tsassume cnrlo
iie ]il th suit oile when trictly stttlett affairs, since teh ue
ttcdopsieIda"Scuste Smeclanngof potlitical ansd varsity social
ci he hasarotrsake i its functiosnsas indlgedcr1in lay the Senate
thit-ti its-littsc to gt of misttteeits ofit nste-atleitic control last
1tttst< 5 i t ito 5 sping.i Tlissbuoardi, popuilarly known
as5-tiet"anis-'raft committee,'"nesi
St ated'ithei 'busiss metihossof all ctst-
it n)tn ithts ist s! It-ti irlge-tsntiossand inaposedt a rigid susp-
esi o n oilthtieir actions-. Asa result of
lwccl ha~rs. "h5guss tit>ttgg I tese Inrestigatmons, several students
nc:h ,w o tal ;aeani tdy wer~e forced to leave college, and the
'Cha stden boy fet tat heyshonid hare
tatsvoittt in theiisoition of stuch cases.
llisr~i~~isc tu tu ttttoiphtCui Withtts tendl itsview, the o]Michigan
t is Untiitnttok testatlerStp ansd have
sti' s-it -i ttttitt ~t pracotsscsiiy tperetaiplns for a ecstuncil
ootedsaf seniosofrotn. all depart-
useuits isitihici lhave isltissate jssris-
sit stssss -si 5,stro sitsctio iallsses of graft isn the meth-
t t0tttitttssktt. sttiiiiti i iy d id pp s f esionosansd tte mansagemnt iof
sta i unitissossgivens iy stssdesnts os
Th plt isis stot shavetsscosncil coss-
potseds of seosrs ass foilsows t Literary
Sit t tttt tdepaortmets lit-c} ssgissserintg, fsasr;
si;~tct tn al( t t t at s tiitow.r-hesaded s-o. stsi ssc esii
i ittth~ka t ifsits smay, I s froms ttomotaseoastic,sdesstal asnd
yotr 5 ssti e irt ists.T heii lse wtill t
<ii t itnossatot lysihitictgss
Il r t e S t i s;-s , t t - - I2 3-sit Kitig ts t ft het pl(s tcstg ist thesr idds lei oft t h e-
"j1t' 15 th t ctet lit le fOi l ttti )t y'-st - tearta second-tei rots i so w i berscs-itos

b - itc

- i.Isl
E .1T 1) . .. ... .. ..I{. E .. .. . 1 sttt tit

1 titri. thintom of t wicket btt t eesliis Nst)) be ttosststt sstsit
1 tsittttt tt 5 t s i111 ftsit0l itistito Ifi-u
-itt I r oi ast the 'li- ossity o 5555'' ho ar- er.sW atttttrie 0lia
I cllwI hplussi s ssstar t sof tI I ttst'
11:111, ill which are the. sbi iliard oms ( oniueiniae
stl n h mit hoeth tu ets mettt'si-
Si a, c i- i h5or.Sit si ot tssi
l3)ctitis'1 isu} t ott lteitsseeithst sit,'
t1sl. ltr a)e ashc)s tsioieths-a rr n e ettr o
atlsoul sittiill,.stiintsi t'of-the'p'aiest'. ii
btncit' iii )t (be i m st S Iotlsts asii t 5 t t~s iss I s --'tss s
lii ir c plc frtsablertsiat i mrs nit Sso ( r ssssissf t sssss{ s is
st sits 5 sitlc sis in islsissr\ ut h re tsst ls-'rss Ytr iis"tisr F tl
ut Iss tcllsi rt sss ir 'N>st usus "r 1 s '.;i. is i~
t rei no riot its"r illsassingsir fsit y ists ss i r
asilt1 ida (ifss thuis r osissl nl sestl e nuite arssg'usuis lss o its

I c NAot
\N its-i

111 I -,

1-mi -t thetCs i
sl it ll ,5 i~ t 3
fi e , , ()-;: \I{
dc - it a't
SlFl lt .

s-il i ; c ttl
s-sUi ' tl
'I t-st
t -iti-

V. WN.IC. -A. iiIK U.

'sit \N'rststoss'ssot
stiv -ill ait)

ss'tisg sof tl(' . I'. N.
Ntris> wllssiits'r Istrlc 5
k to girlt; sis i'.at fit-so-

- I 'sitttts tstit l. Thesis stocs'> ,v 11it Is,' l i
It is exesed th lat bt'sttiseit still
ibe comsedsso'i sf stihelwhowill ibe in
touchs ithilscollege sentimssensts andticasn
betsterpr iate the is'mstives Ibackisof
sitIinmoeuuenits thnuau sstltyntsettilwir
wlt viuth e Issi t sters freom lfts
S liipaint. ithe oetso woul posst ssi-
Isis its-isisthslistabislliosmset.if satshon-
o 'stea otoou itsill tdepatmtentso, saitths
extend te couni's pouuwer Ibeyoassdte
unlt oiinaislly prsopoisedi. 'lisswsould
'.t sights dsiralli'if Sitsrodutedstiso
othe sis titttis, hltmeers'oif sts'
sic~t livsts'xpre-ssed titeits-elvesas
lTittnesoftsomst so rtofstudentrsor-
uitito sct iuetween' thsli etsslss
its siaclty Ihoisrd'swIsissevidiesst oilthe
ltisteiif sitctuisng as Nietigstsisosiilibordl
lsot osspints-At tlistithue sts-'whlpl anil
wais ichangedi isitsshort tiutiss'atnture--
adutdto isis dissastisfsietionssofa arisge'
sissisrits- if st'eiterestedssi tudtents. A
tilt'senttiveiu sbuuiss- wousiilittaesail
iiets inusestigatie theconuudsitios and
C snvss Ste sen'timensst itt sll itterestied
listii' lsI''sibefor smakig aiselisaise settle-
S. miuherosthis isxicleasrly-itssil
It is Ihosiedi tatthe fascssty wsethru-
braesi he IsplatsalotsIgive the couithe la
g-reatest ranigespssibsile. 'Thlisois a sial-
Iter witoscalesso fr te test te college
ihis. ItsouidhIrieeiee s-iossoesid-
c) rationsitositevery ostesst andstcall ifarts
Atiressistibility andu highest stasndardl of
e uhuuuur whirls liarstusdents can furntishi.
riii issirk of the Uniions conmmittee will
Its b e i uissiwithin the text few days.
1 DIllsVi's 5HIURTZ OUT (IN T111E
- tShelbtyA. Scihurtzette11r knwns as
s- 'Dirty,"his cesi out for left gitarnd
siOntshte'07 lit footbsall teamis.lHe weighs
c' S70t tiundts stripphedi std is rrmarkably
r"fast. hreis aas'ember sitthe hBrtsa 'heit
Pi fratrty.

rnpleted For Special Performance of "Strongheart."
sosit Nisus Nsl plattss a 5rb 555oy 55 e iv us'astseat ti usnor ofti lits gir.
sit ss I usIisIjtst-isis sfrietnd s uutsunardiT'hirttemlitssat
I "Sr)I'dc~rt"is a pla of515050bi stis]),iheir endavo s ti ssov ite
he da ab ila .D its lesit itsmsits sit ests and5 the i ti5tempits t makt heoi
)c-'55 5is 555o55asit O tto is telistsi id ncssf tt srncrimtit'atig ti'ure.
bc ( i1 f ts se rti t t I ndiitti sit sitl Iis liste furni5sit Si lt list o r t t of fist
5055or a tt'(tSMMI) 114toili h ss'issrace 'oshere is r. I',sit ' rc, s'oss;styihs bets Cre-
s; tsi uan st-is t t 's-rlutssve stse rim)ts hils elecisisiS'Nteby I-. I laos-is wills us iots
nd s-ss elsi-ss S N11h iss t ssus so-suss ltato 5 pre55sen i-ti col'-g-e sith i s thets- asit
Ta iet dersived by tit he'list l t;st iof i ii s-si-iep tuisodsss he Ian r onti ngns rpe{ n clcelf. T e fis c sli[it sltd b n l stly atstctive- qaris
05 slt th otttof51totclassmti is. iThey' sru ~tes ofss feinsiity.

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