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April 30, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-04-30

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NT N RBOR, MIICHIGAN, iS \TU AAI'k t f ;o,111. i0)rno.

Vol-. XX.

No. 144.

OUT BY ENZENROT 'lc cInlre ccrtr teJ1-crtr

Western Reserve Offers Sma!
Difficulty to Rickey's
Ball Tossers
Micehigain gathered motler , iet~
uinto herself oil the Fsen field1 In F
dar afternonon, \1Vesierii Reserve (ins
ing on)i the short eind of< 301 o c
The Clesvelanlers mntch tintsed pistc
heldl the 44lvsittnses to six lilts isis1i
cointrol wa's toelfsit, liut his supttl w
wohbbly in te etrem andti suit ills
players hit -, lie lists wr cd
Miechigan' s stir twirler gv nt
-4 greatt eltilbitit tf isox Nv: th sti
ingta sebe sit the 5 tsb of Sithl hsis
lutg his opiiinests is tiv is sf l
sies fildstin Iis teost ii ini stilla sty-i
CAPTAIN KNl' K o'esss'sv hush
lee ini the fift ssississ Its coui ;I
salt ovr the Isf i le' hids
cosmpletisng the circuit tss sue it \ iasr
turisnId. The eire is e pi upai p
feet exhibtioni il thes sieldil en
'Three tiiiies smisltspae vs ti
wtere iseaslt isir lists suit I~oo si
Marilin pillest lift stients t stli
itrossis. ll, sit the niea i le s its -I'i
thsemtselvs sit hveymcalivei
sdestite the esyeleltst sti;rk f h '
trs severa l chill's \viii ad it,
th is w ir h nc. I)a1C sei ls i l ses, afe los i t
ssen ('baitsman sa sh ts ac
~' let Setill) list isir tit11 ilill( sli t l,;
fieldedi still. I'lie coac is el Isis tn
1tsse tii the eightht, seninsgt;s liii' .1st i
ensginser showedt ithimsisf aIichll
lby slasingi"ii ot a'i otis''t
upt he l t' sk ill 5555 riii riglii tiii li
gist itt lte tussle: ini titu to sult dto
Isa lo ddists ito Iis crtr
lT'e 44ss-sssims v- ithe it tcs
5.seodinni 55155 n tits re saf dii
Wtt'o stslnbssadtlC'err ~
ontheo~l lestfrait ce hti
silts the' ceerii Helders-i list scit
wic a 1n 1 sa Itd fosit r's n-- t
tsp its.r m d' n t e liv' use,\
%dlich ~ isi is crd h et sees'

te in tire tpreliminaryi' cull 4 lelit I'
lc l L is ight t. le' r it e
tured sliest, f? o .Thte ill(li
I)I- vios t thedebae, he ti s ttle
Lierr sssstss ty edS hir I-ntt
41 Xii: riii tent s . A o
Y r c re tsiet A .55 1 L . i k v s~c e a v
It ll~a et illllsi 'ils 55
silsllies-5 i
iIsit tsslss'ssn

Reports from Philadelphia Are
All Favorable--Pennsy is
lute. Pl-ik, i11'1is r al s 1 ecilid ow

ist' Irpt st "'h iss sirt
<< lli " t be i sltir'
ihe I), lia i l. I c
itsr. . 0. Ttc'Ci ,


tesasts Ise
W. Ii..
111(I111 isls

0, iil
Planoed to inspect Power Plants at


"Le Malade" Takes its Place on
the History of Dramatic
iSsseeess crowvdedsthte efforts of the
ecrces' I theis ini its pus entatiost of
"Ife .41 sdeIt aiare tthe Whlitniey
itseastre Iast eveninsssg. Thsestajority of
tile setcas eicd srdtabule toni-
sin(] If lviii Isasuithlisnes were tde-
live rest itelligenitly.To the sanalage-
lntgret crisesit is lise frecatrefitl al-
1C1ti stto etails un stagsig the coediy.
Th sies wr riin ais drdedl
maeily tsatmo spslheireof lihe

Niagara Falls
>il l p ( iXl

1r~ F Il

is ,i l ilt'
WC ri lhad

i thiattir' plate-s
,"1 ieor, tesir ap

'Illc5'aI t f he h'l:rlt'l wais,15 a
iplc-t))i ne ( 5155511555 )\ iCrl .tll-
555 mot'1 lsI rs I cii . h iss 5111le pk -
i:. ills l clc t n te intcrills ils i
f tir 1k-5c l ii I s and Ov sitr s wasli ihe.i
i' F T i'~'us I sI' ts s' s Itsit
40 ed atnih.\ sswIll Itt 'dd
trit ; n m rhi- utl )f alsn

tha hi, rrhr h
I lst c i n I
Th gavitt

m-r th


17 a r;
ftl C1il'i)

l i.

c ,,lr i 11 5

1<i t't i'
1: )t



I' r >>>

I <Iitltts 'siits ~ I;
sits w cll he Itsrcl
. = G cre 1 . S. Jlie-

Tis'enre sithelissg part throtigh
tl ii act, io erpiesvenly bialaineed,
andprpe l tihepict the csaniges iin
thei cnc etit is 5ofiitire sirtI, reqires ex-
co,,tio l sill. -1r R elt 1. Tost
accetittcr'l sit sets iof tisdifficunslt task
in5 a5 liniiie r higly- pleaising to tse
Tit tierole sosi lRtlisletir secotndlwife
If Argssss -MissHeinas 3I. j-Mltitniagaisn
,ci istit itht she ' has considrteable
'i is imsilityushas si eli 'is fitte French
rlistisei tsiisI . rkinithe sortiewstll
s1oiitelsess en rsis feigintsdeasth, ws
secilynt not. Itwill Ibe ee-
sei l l ii(- 'sissy 'iss sin play-ed a
55siri t ispsit ini"f,' Avtee" two seares
.his MrvI,".tLynch is Toinette, Ite
sit, i leIsvr'sand seesatile. Site
s it I listote est .advsanstage as the
vistst tir nth see wstl"ls e
siesee islls inerrtiinfthse losw-comte-
ivchrateThos s~ Disfotrits,-Mte
ils ll Pilieaiivosnsi real appaste.
\1is\riis;.I[lid sisse scoredsla5tic-
lire excelheist scete II inttict
'N sir t ls ie iriusnhast atleitioss
ensm rg isleorrefussintos1ltrke lis
hu~crpills s reneredl vttsitdlasthe
("tT-(,l c acingof r.ecit S.IBiker,
111111 ssook.thleliarst f'?rea' otr
\Is liv'nhMciadrenis .5 geliqsleA
.Air. on ii.Dartillsisl1et atrie \Atr.
41<t sisirsi (Ie a Ce'iite, 'Me1
ii itsi lias MosiereDiafoiruls,
1 .l (drc . 41Pautll is 'iosietir
notatry, pessrmed these liles ace
lispt tiel rsiltsin ttastlshellltytte
tiii vi sit Symphony15555oreehestteindasee
th is rectus itofSatusltPleersoss Lock-
N\))Icnribtedissitn111o51smaili lmesee
o)sth i p iiasu it lsteesessissg.Tile
arist'is si'sssnis w er ls linovt ionlltill
AIM is.'Adam-, t'aving eeleieSgnledlafter
ths5Ii se .at tiheX'iseltetee iniNete
=AI . lolls E~l~e, mnairslesere
muh reitf1rth st cs f L
41lld I'tii'l'iii'l'i

55 lt.t'ii'i157


.!!.1 t ltl \t"111 i;;lt'.lcl'
; r11 ;tt t1Ic > nil))I clul)l
:I t1:l1 feed. 111 SS h()
r I-tt al1 (1 t111
C I'IIi ::catinl :u'
' V,'11t, <I 1-c t( ) 1)c 1)r"
tiv (rf t1,c ( )11tsltlc
lit. At thl-, IIllic t11(,
I I c 1 i<) Ow -, t;lil.

,. 1). t
'i i:i
t l'

,cr, 17 )~ yard \Val].(')-'
tt vards c()m crtlilt,
}<'tl s{ft it'il ail(1 t-ll:-
ic{ri i sc c ral l:u is s
it 1I a V ic\4 t ,ar

lftis lst .1.
-us .'ieesss

st5 is.

A It-1INAI", W-1 If, I".1\Ql-
SE'N1(W ( <IIZI'S )I)'
The AIIII Arl'or branch " t1w Va
t.ional Associa6m ri
111e :;iVC their Annual rec(I)tio>n to th
seni(w girls A the C )M t'r h iii t
lkulnwr g"tililtt4imn I)arh)rs this afta
MAM. Over t {) hu=.lclro'd 11.( t,
it) P1, 01A
F()rmer R, ,;ent l;;trlx ttr will
the -1hot nua Canal S A i m I h
I arknir rowmak vkh"I A- [sti;; unt

1 W C:Orlicd 11t 11 t
i?1 itti rc tI kr 111tOiI
1 i11 t11e : 31>1I \21 rt)t n
t f11(' ck.
t 11t ( I11ct ('rittclldc
i Twall), racc I -clo,
1 Gc r ;; :Ancccltitc s, llri

.N:ATIO\.i1, CONV1
"1 t> clclc< rtes Will r"pi-csct
haptcr I)f sitlfcmirt <tt its <m
c'I tii>n :tl Ith w+ t. N. Y., ~-]tit
r1d lT [ ;, 4, <!lld 6. '1'11
11.tttcr ()f 1.'111 M-ti ilphl t, as

Ii mTlist
iny Curein



6:30 p. m.


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