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April 07, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-04-07

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The Michigan Day



Baseball Men to Go South While
Y Track Team Stays at Ann
Vacationi does not ipy rest for
Michigan's track and aseball athletes.
Instead of the relaxation f romn thensal
roling of college life the mnrwnho will
make upt Michigans srinsg athletic
tenns wi omit uonle the suding par,
spendinlg the major art of their hie
either on the track at Pers- iettd or on
the laseblnligrotnds o sothemn ist-
ttions .
It is true tat the bseal tain re-
gards its trip to the soth someithie in
the ntutire of a pleasre ecttrsiobu
sfter the ameimters oftiresid ich i
sake te trip hlits-cpayedeihtin-me
in test days they are apt~ to regril le
E ixir jaunit as sometig esise a sit-
seing trip.
At AntisAror the ascinssho ssillnkes
tilpte relay-seamis swhici isill gonto
hiladlphia for te sasnsuslIPeinsysl
vasia carnival, sihiciiisels liiieC
wreeks from ext Sauray, illssiholIn
long daily awri-s u thse tcisser pails
in order toi le ii te lbustossiblue-shps-
for te hard contets sthi atsait thems
Petiascre swill hl iedos iwitt oko
te trip ofiitiii issetsall tem to tie
sothl. Speciali entertinsiment is altaso
giventsthe smensat CaistleiHights ass
Nashvilletieishsme ofthis-Va-nduesrisit
Conmsmocdsres.Caske Iights atogs
regarded as te esecsigm-nitrsthe trips
solaffordl tiresiei sosmss-ings moiri itai
bassebltl The seiiolosssfist hiestie
hardly-morsithan ii tst mkeevydos
sie sressraciotoirsisve5rtiretiMicigni
invaer as injisabletielandsiniipist
years tiey-sali-icstceededsadirabsnyisi
nosst snlyaloiangithsit\lveoisisnto ins
by a lop- sidscorsesrblits sit sss sthe
timeiris of the suad isoue ahis le
ii inte seiine
Dulytodsi iisbieoi-dre e essm si-rsi
fsr lit-e ssthisoh isis eihks Blsti
uaislse to dsie on5 ll iits ieis is i l l i
msak the ssutherns tri. Ihis ino
trie iiintllcasisis insvesilsarc ow
onithsiesarsity- si s euae sreisof goilg
withithis Ieasits hIsisass its tain51 111i
zerosthc-rier; -ila irsthae,- ar
liii at sorstsopILbrop a t thirdsis
Ma sy-cs iliiiestutiedsan sisile
Campbeilsand Smi iithtceisle
'I'isilries seondsei ad tsi o
theigayrenspIsiiss till vacassscstliiiiis
pocsitios ws iill n ties dsut is i i l tsu h I si
minuiiitei th i i isieaitnoson utt iii
Csssch tick-rgrsiluse Iri is
4. in the light o riigwr hni
sristtets-si to ll gamepsi ts- slug
thinssilise stsmp~td. Iissoeecini
escc, wsoiltrad y Iasidnwn dests r sit
ss-ldsing teteami iisioshapesitsii s, in
pels anevni reki n d s si th ssinklssshatss
siths fairiiasalul luckektrssisi
cmii ouit to tsth'sss1iiinte-smajor~i-ty-o
ue cestis.s
'sihall 'exs-ct-iiesntishncesso l usii i
plainusts i ine-m iierllsy isni its
fsir chanceisto takEstesfousth-isleshals
nr Mischiganiitracisissltsts61 01
thinie activeisorkonIFerstis li allidI
iig-nt wa-is l11y this's men55 i
haveia good chanc to w sisiapacC
iitrrof tIetwo tisesamsiiseaiitiiisI
grther wtantis-i i-iswhso tiill h-sirast is
te sieciali eets.
'helinumbisier of itsst swho sill le issisi
t iliiaiispliiitfothue lls-ir cills
is sil dubiltful, i osis-p-silon's the
aor-sin tliill- nt tic'sessis-l tos iwht]

cr they xiiilpgosorinot. Ike isen iii
stand a goosd shuts oftmaing;uiheglie
(ContinaedontPage 2.)

That's the Stuff of Which Corn+
mencemert "Bids" Will be Made
tilt cop~y for te rsniorilitesiari
casis initationstihas goneto tii he en-
gravers andi it was flle todi~~aiy yia
order for 200. Aipril 4iihad lesi set
as theisst say- of gracelit ys rterdasiy
assd todasy brutisims alts dliqueti
setnisr 5sitli- all ssorsit ecses,5an15
theircrsers stiregue in iii Siielite
"somthiin etsosmsetisguigtc" ias
heensthe imoitoiof the ititatin comsh-
miittee of sshichei Ftautk iKapptis cairmanis.
The rsult is a boikletitsit iiese of
the fieset pie s is worsutatshssects
ued fmr slit pset55S. Its esirisa
specessof iseatetIksnuivisas elcsham-
pasgntreoozes te citampaisgerrefersito
si ctheehu ooizieitit/e hi leste er ,ani d
is cwh til illsnotseeipsin, sys tie esio-
mititee (lithliiicCIIe is a hntdipintei
ionseists altut sig-lssisstrhie teitrsintis
iese, whicht is nlsos hiassideoediesp-e
resensia.1camspssview. Three ohe
clliswilitle foundi sisnte fishlotig
T'Ip roof is t le rtusrtesorsletyi
sfter vasainssand swordi has eetsre
Senied iiitit nthiitittintianitateratios
sr adiltions stay11heiitaise itesiesvsit
ioslosillhitsrserhiTlistswit-sigil-c an
optun515itty fis thoisetiih ut its"elees-
i-s to psit clss ihes t osi re
thatiltheir tnates imas beintcledi ii
the cass list indsitithliiisauteC tite ill
istiteat~ion istss. oettill senio i rs et
tilsaitswh isvIotpaitircitdues andi
uste isev iarassdclaeiistrasureir xs
lilies ttat thsitsp551i iltsy lintholse
iso riiem taini
Wonmen's League Will Have Nine on
t Their List Next Year
The Auntitietisg of te esetier
nutordf this 'soitet's Lesg'etrs--is
hi dns st aftternoonst iil-itarsour ym-i
; isistsiBesileth e gu c-lrroutinett ou
worksveral isortanslitstles caise
sirhe presideni ts1sstepowrelthisp
Ipistisa5 comtteetoi akcilit f
tthree girls forseaecsh ficiii assis tsc
s-iBors ini tmskingp-its nointionst 5515at
tile hiay minhsg ' Te risietwast
i sp1c-inspower Ito ippoistsaI i intitt uc
_ito arrnge foiliii- ttl i Mcay lawns
hllis ink ihit iltrepor1teldifor the lost
m11icttee appointell illFesiulily toi ths-
iae- iihe isitistg q11111n1 nd11 til1 rie--
portlonitheiaisiail tity feoitiniitssg
stils yas is p l f approtvedihouses1.
;Shissrttposttelltatthe -lts--e 1ndliessts
-I s iguaantlis eyhis atdil ithdstisti
sier taatlat sixi sauh itriwo slit
it proieditile-girl-sssgnsacostractelthi
itrfrlt ificlftietoti e II o
t of isssless isilig Inosins- thi- ees-
sar cile ical wIoi irk done1 by'her celitis
,f surngi'theii- 5 ttt5Itanr thast itie ctlg
situ asoicoitasills ntiice 1f lihe houses.
'leiireport I isisailsetediaftriacie-
sfilii scuitsssin 'i le iDeait iif isWomenl
si-s iuthoizedato hse1lit a commtteeIists
in asist listtse cistlitttoIt C avslii polwe
l i_ oslect lthehoss ansdsimtak ll r-
r. sris i i 5555 . If a stfilciniit ititimber isf
is nlyone up itse a pved itsminc
is-shose list.
At atmesinhg oifte Syrscuse Ail-
iic reo'vs-rnmisetiBoasrd, M. . Ilitre
isit s sis w swrdedte gold-itcustitofferi-i
sit iy thiss-Syracsue tslfciuI toss h t hsli-iis

Is- is-Is attinilin tel igiihse-st. 51r-ntasge itl
ho SC 1i-ilsii. his-grssshtuits-si firsiti th
p i~wSu csihis stspssrillgisisswits sn i ss-rssgs
of 8i sir cs-st lssr thie-coursei.

'Ipanishi Blood Precipitated Re-
suits - in Formal Challenge--
Ends in Idle Words.
i I:<< (I~cIin " all n; s ihdelts isn ots
I r ll' ilcd c's*llsi cly to Ge mantsisi r-ss
-us Ii - ns" ici li lls sesus thsil ue
is- t ius i( i its u sl- iity s ta h
ilw ~ pp(iiltd plce Aterhingtehali
j l°Il',ccl, \\iti a icr\ asi on(i'-'us isis n isi
tiii~ te iriivs f lilpinitanostr-
1':) 'lisus h's ash suss isis trieel and
.a e ilsa)li t a heo tr . The hetisse
i'l. Al al us lus l-shsweislucrae, iv
- t)t- I la-ci l lof p ysiclians.
isoalI oli acoun o shel lemnthi
( 1 iial he s)~iuhuusus l i metus ndslu htse
ism_ of seon s s inhor, etc., siere
I is a idshat the iii sns-sgparity
svill notush turi t o isschitol sne5st-siar.
11)iMhs iIN\ COh\ I ht I 'll
(_ 'iiI IS i' 11 ,C'PORY.

lsssf. ,'. l'sesion, Z"o lia sieeniconinssinsedlby- she CartiielsInustitution
of 'ii ulion, is spendulthes'liuer iiI sussisin Lndo- cging owr Ilillsl
urh~s nscorch of adiionaiisl detail isisn(ised Slame sinhisic
-A [.1ITLF, TiPhG iii)Y ' l esicWEc censcistzs xsiusDIis sillIWCilS (15

NE) hl)OC,'si, h ilIE'A'lIl)N.

lT eshilsss is lieaill
Till suiht lightsn its \vaY usV lily
thsrosughslte slirt smear-d isuitsit
yellowtrays fal il tilsI sush. hss st
eolt er sis blihtcrai t h issifl eedsignps
ini this 1or155nditoru c 15 ~h e-
ehan use wihichilittr thisbaterdt ab l sse
siar tsiiii si>id t g adt he inkis u
faded.s Iuse lbrokensshes nlie stpes on
te udesksushtsstsmiithir unplse
surfasse g'rmiiug l ,rec ly
Iasteis thei paste55 )101 hss itrushi lie-s
bsd th L iss arits bitle s shillfsand
o m o e d es It e il-cltshids ei tor
suxlus 'ui li WsitthWon l h t iiii usilte
e n d n i h thNumr e d o s " h es i yits l u r
coaed pun.Th 1eI i ibok n. Th
isk bts s hi ty, \ il() o i-sie
Is lutse ni l u iii y fll f r tsse
slors the r n 1 delsopis thes doour.
stitek i d heas ad- ell w

opisinaissuhveenis-rt ldt-dringtil thus- iso
is-ii-isandh thinlasstsof thesVsun's-coO
thea-~tricsiiis grsadualliy resssisup isgis''
sha tle.huhH of she- sts issue ii c- -
si n lhug ie r ntytcpc telks usaseredlntuh ie' finishisis's-
ma lll insoe Issuethurflest patoth
pr515arationus isiot comptiei
Isll s ashis remasusin cths-eliliti illsc°
slhtsicaitsilions andslthus-rus t ion ofsi u
thss Ci ele' iss pay usi>;tsatiimtal liii
filnihig touhei5stwill his phacd us t
work shndthurelchousis otsndedti ilt(15
nodet mi ues-is-il omdy l-s uh l
slutstino, ndisasuchr uis is sismlic
inthIe list act.

k heeittonofAle t .Dilley nas
busiessm~angcrand shbet h. LIs
heraseitorusthssI Wriniilsiohntsrsolis1
hStuulis sIt suhucols s ss ssinalized e thus es-
i ii 51of the Slushnt:i i re h ctotry fronst
thei hasi n s f us i uuuhindsvsus inst
dirctcotr l by lii tuens
slawntis thes 111re luts Iissliest. issuesh
I - thlVi Al Ci .,w ih ppintsedite
Cungc anill ditor1 it-hetBtard inu
isnroIy/isictonbru tits esooy
Rcgistrr Arthr A Hal of hue hit
dcpartmint, ani eilny- -at 'sun1 at
and h.i-csl us" Isto lissyeirus sar-
ila s Illg ilst-udels mslit osl ut these
ii~srucms il r-ar 5 to exainaistionts
at rmuthr tiays tsfre the ismuse set.

tietiure- sill hue

seo c](liii is' 1hat111

ratl s ill th

il~s 155 lii 1,51(' ltl r s
li a cr- n it s this
(rant lis sln lus w- i-u 1:thi
t<ris Ii u-s h

Somersa iting Nympth Thinks Michig Men Are
ust Too Grand for .Anyt °ng.
us 'sue stood l ilisth ugil Fs a'dit hlilssli Iic 1h Ie) u1rce'te ls hss t.i siy
list hishftoir -i g ing isn lusr I' skc{.d il, y h \do
hush ight es
tills hum of 1)11w st usg
I like thue till hi s-iai- Ca1 v ti ssshuilie tile
liio . u sl, d it s, isir~v ul lithe sift
I like:it. It' nt tuice p use. I 151st ise iilull-i < s'it I I i'ii1' isill i sl0 1 of tll tllstls-
clohs andiu this iua I u1 o ld clpth I ntsil i ld 1 lito theap iiisian
h~ail suh iga tsusiYolIII-,~ ,1'il )v]I_, .;eh l iheIilst-
ills. . II en i- -I -ike5he,55 -- - lnt:. is--ItsjI~

's1)11 h i
trluuersi ss ec-
iac lt tils t tliii
thut s is , 1
Dean t i l
f ilt s ll
dringm te itos-piii- hu

tii> ei im il )sssiuuel
cpim a lsills c t tei
Mii isisi sison. Fi le
iii it isis susicil
A Ii "ilt ac sl ip- t
1Ir S ~ c r clxiIe uferi

c- tlDr yes A thes the is i gup Quset c c isi as I s- isis il it bailiniss t
sil(s555s5ii eui ~ahuresi" sssandsWell(is i--1,-A( mhrat 1 ril n
Acl-~trily "i its itshi tise sitiirtsitiiii I~is ill1c_
Faul ills is tall i ss smoe 1tuisstichigahin s's isth mis hs Im cr ~atiht.c1ohr ieuiest mrcOd hilsve i si

11 ii riitsl-
a 111i '-p, alon us ith ud11
- \h' uutuuli s en!-lu'
1 ;m' sollwr 5shill skshift

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