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April 03, 1910 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-04-03

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t. yIi 1

OurSprririt : Sp.ccialF.
I ~ O IiNo50 is

IIvlanagiung Editor
(sARsiccs E. ELDIDGEs;
Btusilress 1lfasags
' CARsL H. 0. ADAM.
kddrcss : MICHIGAn N itsy, Press Bldg.,
Maynsard Street.
(Jfi Hours: Managing Editor, 8-11
p. ot. Bosiness Mattager, s-2, 7-8 p. is.
Exce~pt Suntday. Boils phonses.
Ne ws ............... Lee A White
Assistanti.......Harold Titss
Atlietics .....Wilbur D. Elliott.
\Vomsen ......... rieda Eleinstilels
M1usic an~d Dramsa ...Hollis S. Baker
C-eclsassgs......M. B. McHugh
Jameiss K. Wsakisns Morrisosn Shafroths
Charles Good G. S. Lashser
John T. Kennsy
\Vilier K. Towers i-arry Z. Pole
inssBirnsey D. A. Ilinckley
Arthur B. Moebltans Evade Oliver
hrid Lawston Harry G. Myser
sibrnkEoswel'. Charlcs 1-1. Mylastdcr
Mois is iouser M. Mack Eyass
1. J. Whclge'nssil Masurice T. Toulmste
1i'iaI Psosneli Franik W. -Murpyy
C'. A. cosmnss Normsan H bill
'A-alterr0. Wilgius Myer Eubsiss
KciretiiOsborns Normsans Wittet

Inst ii nal triouis.for the Adelphi
cip teami. I igli i. 9 ii, Irsis , i , .anid
Fior ihie tlirit uand lis-i cncestr t f ithe 91'i5 or cl cti~st+, s.piresenst ts'-
presesnt 'ssn wichii i tier 5 iii ii - societi ii the anuil cup sdebate.
SN~~~~~~~~ sin I i i istg sI i - i su a sicmber-of at year's
Ssioel PieriiLson U ksi ci i ciidiitotir, ? Tl ts eai i %i iiltl meet thie.AlpbasON
155s selectedsi nii trci vprgri m une 155055ii5 i cs (tiring tire sswrek sfier
shich is iof sufficientiidittt is i i ich to es n va ti. TIe stter socity i li
liie abiltiy oi the ori niatin. The supholdtit ei asitiriiastsive of use quest itn
worss of msoideris csosmioses aretic i sl;" s stha iiimission i forsit of
eside-swr antd istsitues ofiitheise cioncertss isigvrn etbeao t ie sialthetircities
1may5 expect somiseexcelleteiireaisss ofs i ir over."
Gasde's is spaing andiit smeloiis--
ltutl'e 'Isourtih Sysuit osis hi i1, 5latI\\I1I1,1 I-KNOWINN Cii I E CTER
;wichn ii is Isio open lith escoicit is o ie( ),1 S WsSiW RD
nawet aea m eit pel n-this numbeiiir, his. Irkwood proises Jois s it1. II ss. ors many yeiarsa
thi et w r htte cetra lhassI silis tief 5A li sio r saitdiweitlikneown
sts s r ci m hh& _i \rhslilWail a -5 5issediiaisayi earl
strit l slit. ery lI prtomi eng stoul' in-Saudat sihasa reu t of 150o
ist -snita stusent.asit h e u sc choss1isoI Mussic, lii N i r his tswas80 yarsof ige.
wiill itakielies firs-i p erneasslit
is Svendscifsi G mis orts ~Is isis isis is N I .
orcessri ciii s1 en5 . A1bar1er1shos illth is tyisis llttclosse
I. sillsaisa istu h--chesraigolusause tStisisi m. exceptisiM'' 'slu sist is n ds
Wanitsse isui ti n ndisisk1 ng, tit Is su dybeimigM ndy pi it5. .
eitiss.isc s i t atiegf sied Idyl"i i tteni and , is ___5
wsife.Couis ass ilii he bir1stshiof iisslS ii alig crs e a sit &
iwill certaisy 1justiyan aitemplttat ss sit I ii e iiuu S. Stie, 2nsui oot. IN -if
AIts Hoswlsand iswitl singt htei poular- Gen stismein:-- eh's asvse thse best ans
souit " Sernas. ad "alfo itold" eist co pleIs'linise itof o fords, this
frmi uo' ut" eprogramsssssipringii liiaIiswe huve esersowo .is If
closess swits Snitaillis illertosse iso te isiswts ithes I isbisest, lust fittisng,long-
litssiss I Miiitsis 'Ts'chsere l issseiits waigo frs for tse least miosne,
and brisitsncis. snm eradtheyo o e t o ouself io cosi tasis
siorhe ii is str a en w ring on- i i thsilts os.ki tshisioisr. Notisce particularly that
cossiat slts icrea si siic ii c ehae nitsd isnced iprices this seas-
sitelligs ne.'ii- - sitsy It isis ands $,.oo tics pair.
Cidrtleadieitriti is it ifsuch i atkpais-P R IITH, S,
takig atNaefulas ir 5 14i41, Ni. i zg .Fraisn Street.
sLcwioid, it is not ioismi chu tot iexpect ___________________________
ani excipsisnlly its rediitabls e iccrt to-


If tolo u s 7r ils ymt 1v( s
call on vil os 50m
Track Supplies
We carry ony thing vols tay
oeed froiss a pass of Chamois
Pushers sworthb25c ito ai10 Pound
Shot srorth $1.75,sir 'a psairsit
Spike Shoes
University Bookstore


Te': a-Ms':
s. 'i lf
d -tN _2 j
(1 lVI


DIING ,iN s' ATi 115r 15Jts5e.
'Tshe nosith i-sltis ui t andloni-t-'litc-
cdi sct iknousas .'Theii' Ii n" I's-u si
will r ieiakesi'hi t orfvo t ti'helis
tic' tileis-s I iissiiisii i IIttii. 'Thes act is
a W lt- cissis snsional ssssdst i esi ts-i

will be worn longer this I
season than others-
that is, otlier gloves.


Cfif .1 1E'IZ[I. 3. logo.

Eittsr 's si!- -l TAisaY'Z. FL Z.

traictioniansuit itisill be pr-
locl Vit'V illsets1 111111i
thesis-is. Aniastiracisvei p
atrdin a maner w
illsislit lesfeetistsi tihe
advantageswillisitrt hlers
tlytContasinsig iss s itiii
lislwaescrnete'si lithei

┬░seltel It 51the
csietis the
tae irkl-e sit,-
aunt55 lilies.
liiv slit he

W eth r ill a'iri .iiiit 'i's'i~ii

s .lI ksN e
tii ii I ti"
ii \ ,ti it

1 >sit 4 II~ S tl ~ t a Dtig INnloss at

5 s-i i 4- N-slil p. Il. Ihig-h Sch ohls isli.
of (i-ity15 Symphontliy OI essra.
-lait--Alhit daistsie-attGrsangers.
\pst hlaol-s S arahtsss si'.iicll llel
11 y Iii Wo asis', t~e iieDance.
1I>1ei y r- sis is. Its.. Itighs Setol tHasll.
Mr am%. -sutliM s. lurs s iinsrt.
1, i(iS I-i'hali ft ilLS se of \l(.
tilt ti')iInIrt.P
Hiss iiit I s lurtihie I 1sfated t
"' cis ill u it suints it cotiu
,li h i 11c i le ittleasedi iatl til
i << iMis ,Iofii\ y11r
i 1sh--. s;"1Co e iii)th iii ils ils
" I i i~ k p sil o blev " I
- S_[i ii i ag ins o nc~oltsiiiir Itsit
-w fist(,ri-u~a i:S i 1 ii iiitsiii
I-lc ln~;ois li t 'ii5( isit i s ;i-s 5ii
~r .- C h ill it arc t fi ll as ii i l
i w s i-sire psit in e I knows that
W i stic t ma e ]fa jo fo

hIajestsic theates. liih Ibackwaisdi and
mini sttsilils eshonian thiac
is u sit i l e of1thesiniitdingis nd
silractiie Ifeatures C Tloneied fo
thati is 1 iiiiiitoiicomiii aiidii t tesntion wiit
quaret o 5excedin l iii yi ls t hoi
sty iemst Iesi-TheB'tiing iii 'is

' ilte-Jais Cltesitc fur Citiege msess.
,Spinsi- tyles nowready
tf hlMainiStreet.
Siii's-sc "'-gravse-dtno-gift" earsr
Ioscsu-siithiyour 11illsitationss. Zessases-
k~i & ,N il310iiS. Sittsuit tlios.
Jit p asis alt OperaisMsic for
sate sit Sliseiserie & Sosis's Musts House,
it zoS. 'Aetis St. gitf.



Yes this is He.
No I won't be around
to get a suit made this
Spring. .
I bought a Clever
{Clothes Suit at ad-
hams& Co. last fall
and am going back.
It cured me of Tailor
Spring Hats and Caps. Always
the eight thing at the right time.
Wadhams & Co.



C. [. DAII[L
Largest Stock stn Michsigasn
Second-Hand Law Books
Law as-ittMedical Dictioniaries
QizssBooks, etc.
Complete tine New asse Sec-
Old books takes ins Exchanige
Seond FlorD Tel. 76t
Pins, Fobs and. Spoons
optical0 ~Dept,
Fine-Watch oasd JeseleryIRepirisng
216 snouth Mauir, St.
Good pure materials,
in clean glasses mixed
so that it tastes good
and is good at our
soda fountain.
E. E, CALKINS, Druggist
324 . .State St.



ACK Photographo

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