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March 25, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-25

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The Michi anDa
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, FRID \\ S1I SRi.If 2y,110.No. 123.


B S BL MNins last nights ply a th Uionbrid
tournametit with a score of 2886. The
Coach Rickey Gives Men Hard iacers aditephienomenal score of
Conditioning Practice--Expects 1358 firsthlisniglt's lt. Towers and
Elitott te it secod sitaeesoils a total
to Select Nine Saturday. sf 2778 Pay was tttsutsally heay
- totstitmanse largeiacs eitg regis-
Inttsall155oite SouthsFerry felci ters ii Spang1le tand Lttnsshtodlsecoiss
diasmonditile asebalsctaud is maig place ithte nigts score wits 1192 tands
the hest possible tse of tie earls'warss Towes an Eliot were thirt wits 950.
weather. Btt twss weeks retstaiobefore Weeks td Byson5055ghgititg gatel, still
tile teaissletsves ssnsits southesncri tp atsdlretatntiesthold 0oniteiottoisspeg
a great eat of ptogress tmutst hbeisade The ssores: Wesles asd Stsssssoss
if anitte iso to bt sitseloped sshisstiscano286; Towers an Rillsott278isRost
equal list record of te 199 t team. To- sssd Nsrris, 260; Ligltssr tss Csssles,
isorrow, issachs Rickey wll iessnte2544;Sanssge aisdiLssss2508 1yers
tasksofosslsidssgsiesmtetialie his ~assdlTlorwsrs,2462; Ladsls'ft ansu
developed itnto a wsetl baancd team Jshsos, 236; lecer assd Greer "8
whicis cass pastogeherAfter SaturOrser aistiStstpsass,5193;Mselssass
da's tpactce a toam ssill be picitednidisi eigiarn, 1556; Lasher asssiI lssses
This will ot ie te hssntlselectisonssasss1778 ; Weeks asd 5Brsos 13-.
150 mats swssoisssnit tais e at allstret
toe Iis place. The coseisssill seett ~l
tios hosohave shoswsnstie bsts forms ~ up HI B T
to sie presest tisoeand swilsdril temissT ON M D
ont iside asehal and teasssptay. Tisse l TIf~
srho are ot givest places ots the iss
ine, will e givent amspe opportuntst to
siow their aiity however aiss if they Tit-i a e~ eodNm
develop msore rapidly thais te tiessat Tit-i ae~ eodNm
first pickesd they will e advsassee tot ber, Added to Honor Rol of the
the regulars. Thus a swelsdeeopesd Literary Department.
sie setl he reacty'to tmeet te Oioss
Northserts ttayers at Ada, Ohis,its tie Tit-i eir eeeetdys
first gatte of te seasoi,swhicis will trastiPiBtaKpp.e eneuetis'-
he placed twco seeks frots Saturday. eetdi oeo iestis ieas
But few' cotess ave ieens ptllesielcas.dist10%tostilsio etreithe
off betsveens the teamss of the squad sice eeto sfudi h atta wn
use costchsmoseeci isisrypupils frssisithe the etisisisfstesi entie fumtethatrsessm-
Pair grounss toPer fiels. Rickee ,ol hren e eevn h
has heenstohbusy ccachingIiissensst ehoniisr. iitettsssrciii h
thse floe pcintsouf the gamse ts 1ud tiie W'ilesitshe -laws sf he lcocacaiter
for gatmes. Speed is one of his preseissof Phii Beta Kappst proite tat tir
quests. He has ibeenstestinig tefletnss nme f ssnet eeece hl
f Iiscanidicates to' sendinisg temroundsi nt eered ersostohi erelcadsssas
the hases sitl tietimiers hlinslg te tellissts acredte oo
watch iisthesis Somisc isemarkabe imei sc theisalatasioofeslhtonoisr fri.
5i't5siastsosthe tprospeccts f isnsitettslt iy tMichtiigits
solens base's initilges t'sicomiletaeT eofhsnubrwe cbr f
good. Tosimorross Ritkey will list tiiie siiiteseeisises i
eisnd rsstofIisrstseiki 'sielset tte soietis; the tther iseil-
ttrnceofhismen le hs bensi ssretillsdepndntiss.
srgitig tist tanisdatets to trainiiarfulls le fotishisss i' is ' list of the suisessi
asid noselit intnsisto siteselipstesithistlIcted:
by senissng tile 'squadi fsssa lon lig sis ttiue isirsss
Fanni Bernce iggs.
'hercclarsit amoit ndis onis-isio'thnt I'errs' I cgat Vsoostbslisisis~ei.
fieistiss raidliyis being" slt ii'i ito sapeihe~iets Bi'ggs
grass s ttuisihisisiswisisliest itt LlydBysn
hines is bting.,rovscssitn'sthie "troutsit eltiltsCo rgit
teetest andsirotlld iAsewsiess cestof ap- iiii eu ci'Lesitsi
paratuis which ih'as rcentlyen tisbioightsiE'attcs isanis tClevelsets.
ts the tftel5d sig sedstoligetlthe KSusitreMay Iez
diamonisithehlst s sibi illlecniini (orgS aundter~iis I tIsiss.
'isois ass autitsombilt1lawnowetr aids Chries's ic'si'sFr assin
rolle'r. Isiss f teCs elt massksii ait I s ait pis. in sdsisale r( iit.
sweighs isstovr atoliss Ilsa HlI isa s.i
Asnie 1Mtarcelalilts's.
Yesterday a ftrnoosnsist5 ( 00 o'clin i H arry Gorontliles.
University halit Mr M1 A1. 51omssi de- ii Aliccisi I oll.
lisere'dt Iis iteic rass aer e-511111Keesar Itissis
seittici' stissliewhossigt"hterecd to ie WinitirospsDavidi Ianei'
huts at itlcliiir ticfiste lie Ilsitves for iDeans Isre 5Lckitg.
Albiioni liis afteriooniiPisf Ioliitste r Mars Illists.Lnich.
schssisilt itcompanyiss Mr Tomsis 'oiif tGlcuss Irscest IPalmier.
tthe opiinsiontstMichiganiiills a gsosd DoirstheaI riii
chancetouswillifirst 'tpace. Josepineisic' esank 'inis.
'Tse winnsesofliis cnt's si sst wil Ipr- einrichs iye.
ocnt 1the Site ofiischsliganin te Iite 'tMry M'rg'rtsSnford.
colegiait intsut 'ihscslistsreSite 2. The ' oliso Sha kfruts.
schososs ireiresetedicii itiicontst iarelthe SMalaret ltebccaShely.
l lives''sits f MichigaisiAlissns SiisA I ,slictiet elSct Sire.
C., Oliet, Ifilsl antic.iSilN (Coinsuued un Page 2.)
I 11

Morrison Shiafroth Replies to HI. L.
Rotzel's Communication.
(ThsAs' itil rss'tii lli c 11i/i s p555 ii sit i
'f'r sel'RsticI sc i ll s seI'cslls It) sit':l
sessisse cla's'se'sitae salreadvigivensshiri
siltl i al s i to is hel1i 11ssissi ansit his'article
could doisno goodI. Isis tinislN1 ts.

hsappens to be iseimber's of thei 9 isiui
are amiionsgthio'se iwhoiishsio ihaivl 'our
classsemorial sswhere sic cusieeitiswill
bse isftile greatcsiesseefttoi teStilier
sity aissithe cii's's.5eaecitsatethss
isffer of the Memorial buiildiingtisbus's rasit
e desote 0osr ensergies o itt 'suhiti s
wshichs sill blit re i nfit it to i teuii
sersits'. Thste issisesriil itng'l Iisno
forstudntis.Is t was list detisined for
theis. Itit s nit suieilo hirii i lr-
psos's. ItihIss reo teaisphr
if as liltbre vtuan's clIts
'Ele Uion haisi Isiisisis' i ' 'fa te'sit(
pleasssetf the osite titus tissandoflt'e
uisiersity itself atlie-srit issndiwe li-
ieee that use 'Alumnsii will recosgniz'e this
whleni tskedi toicosntriute iss tse stein"
clubshsio sand illesl itfatr smorse liklys
to tin thtutuif lte tiistuet sutodslitsq
its owsniusterest'sy' itself i'ingiis ;
fessismte Untsin1tthe Mi eoial isuilsd-
ili g.
Youssit rish,
MORRSO'S hiss is, so0
T n IT In uvNTn' r Tl 1

Ilateri s ll tsh's
to tonicderlthIs
II h irst1place
lie55e i a isse


sssls importnt
lke a lits'e Spate.

its Iiss thts bcit-
v Is I.iTssst g I be-
s~t wlitwersit s
It l~t lb r tlt'
isshd, it tlot 15b
si h exssteit.hus a t
stillit rit is V ' tush ise
ist 'sitirounds an

tasi, suit' tiapae tat li'ssomehin to Lr IYHII APN
isoe is not awmrems so it
tha itis ot rolestalttthetelime? Severe Loss to University=-Re-
Thstue is ltsissiis o rointhere1toii Ottarundsui signs to Enter Partnership with
andtak;itheeis alaciti p euptcars: Prominent Detroit Attorneys.
cuf poolsfcoosse andsievc/\i. Slaesesef siteests
aIcaes hrc'a''us listsf uns Poesr er .Btso h a
bordrgtaryan vtwrdo' s"'(teptetwxiii seser his connectol'ues
list it sthe 1ig t sits sidot ho tsusanssstnil
-i thw~h 1111sii s itu itshlteuiversity 51alteclsesof this
ingat ll No srer ifth Unoncollege seasr litescullsienstethefrussofi
uswits all theise trcio sfistoda ,.Robssons tush Gciigetprominensst Dititt su
thus Mem ria s bu u li ng wal ispraslttil ttorses.'s The is rmssnamsit iwilthenislit
no e fthise'ssanisI wits theli t ~lI is Roibtsssi hises & (G5thgec
hh'sis''sss -st e sst1osl s's 1 sibonse is's sills FoP s~r omse tuiePurofeossor- Hatssu hs
tests forss tudits 'ati fr a tMe shil sent cosstempsasin g thus movesat' t i
bsuuiding tand art ugalleris hiveh sbeni suits-sit's rumores d c thlat hei
a ntci smllers I .un1 'fslot li ta s i t'w s is to Sie. lust hiss11sis1deisi onan
Mr.Rotcl on~~linstha ev ar ssIttdusafternososs.
Ishrsusinsg' si'sy' usalspunus i'. Aisssop- iProfessor Bates cause hisMichuiganislit
usruseissss f'oue wh Sat' 501 a l oppor- ts903, lis ng lug asrge prasctice us Chicsag'o.
isusils'fsirerooms andstuut huse et allthits I Beshuts taught sales, swill std n sutief-
us's surest slreestspal ctrsastct's te us generasslyecosiidereds
'heillStic'tig.'suis'Piious s t nd for155 at a's stiltof thsesmcos salsusblemsnsuitsissthes
tnniie nivesit s's.r it. t i's uofI thes law facultt.
studsesnts, ytss' el' suiets u andsus orlu tths tuh r Pk .Rosonsss andsuss I sosi t.
studns.ls's It v ii s eLm nthatstarstes d lleorge c iet us i s te irst 'title of
ths tutuntys firus, h o i eathus Dtro sit attornses.
ma~tsi's ntislls,sthe tIIlil ibantiltsix thus 'Iheutnsilvesity Seads feel thur lo sl
st ie t cs il andI sit uisuthills i suits thuus Ptrofessor Bati s k sity. is s'st sq
scull useepssion sillart iting st's, tunztu ihiousghst hs beens guscutohishiss succsser.
snug antssul sthi schemis 5 wh1i c uh ilsh
sith stu'snt us s loer tlts 9151 EMuGisL I TNENLI55 19/
admkeahis nfe , 10- vtl 1IKS INSPIECiTIN TOUR.
siters t s ill thil i sue'csts' hss''sudsesnt
bodyi' bltit'svus illthess'pulsoust's 'andt'isis Unsu alssiniiterest us Scings" asitsufe'sted
ofS theus i ls It reo n e Itht is lby thi se sshesmical eninuecer s tve thiru
pres 'l ullses are i Iii u at bis hut utll s a pring-ttspwhsuch iswibi n U
tcalise o511 cko1 aciltI to raw thus cst-s Apcut S. siAbottwhentyi slest xill
'studets stbodule u in s sugeatiit blse's to leave suitthat ciasic foer IBstile Creet,
stse cltbhouse.lIt 1de'sires'aiplaceswhsere where uses'wout visit te I tstuiuCeretl
thus IUin--thes Stuhutits Union-thus suitasits Irousthuser hey i l si o"u thi
c ub of ise tntiuire sudh t lsos -can Kalsass z st ~o o o ttee thu r yans t Pape1
lul stf l s nt d I isst ul tuss iSst's e ushs.G In itna, ssthisnsit t litce
talze ticoster ts'soiuessuIsitile siritof outlste sicdsuant hire thiseenginees
thus sentir ts sude ods he sunitor susilhisser assopporunisty to se suite usf
Itss s Issy i thei ilatmsunious x'otes' hlst estsct esirs plasut'ssitn issesrita
tougiv'tuesusciuu'ltost cLtistno rthrFrmhute ret prty withl"us to Whuting
than us e lii 'is uuusts lusilig shssws tsha t tnd sia Stoinuspect te Situsharscs i li
thuts rco'sgnuis'ethe tter5futlitsisofufIurus- iso.' siterest's at ts hhat usace. Chicato
siu a"t sill'' I u' ccii -ult eth froush the u's thus isst phacsitlo bt sr i oted tdshelust
sitdilen stslst-e'sea hupathosfthur fiveidhis 'tos hu
1 1 rlactsd )fbin i ' u u iseut "sitsen tforthi etsp still us speinht. IPrust
tius'sainst' SM mius lus t I tuusttug tusl teat- isW site if this engineer sitgs destiut t
tug it as sa t r siva l m seii Ifeusof u u s ssuwil accmpanythis parset

Lake Douglass Station will Offer
Chances for Original Work U...
der Direction of Experts.
'flue Biolotgicali statiosn which the re-
gcnutis s'tarted-ut the Borgardus camp in
Cheboysusgasnicunst' wilt e contisued this
year swtsit t snitcieae umber of in-
5cstuoss howell as several new courses.
Prosf. Rciu'rd xwiii continue to act as
direcutor sunt suprviethe camp.
'Theisru'sctionsits zoology will be
underute i mmedisushae direction of Dr.
Peaseowhoiill i nst ot only erve as as-
siossntuestuorut also offer courses
onu "'hut usatur'sl history of invertebrate
aims"and"Zoology for teachers."
Sic. NormaitusH Stexwar, who has spent
less summuuiers as a guide and teacher in
slur wooduts of Ontaro with offer a field
eucor s is whchsthe hshes, amphibians,
rcelilci, sis and mammals of the
regions ssiltsr studied Miss Lucie ar-
sonuitscll 'sti as womens advisor and
assist lDrt Pearse usthe teachers' course.
The stationss has ets particularly for-
tunsae iuisocurinssg a very strong man
his takle charsge of the instruction in
botanhhy. flits s Ast Prof. Raymond J.
Polosf use Universty of Nebraska,
xkhso is dirtor of he Neraska State
isoutanical Surveyand has conducted
hieistsartis for several years in the
testrier hndi mounuutans regions of the
west. Heis assactness and enthusiastic
letee,tush with offer courses in plant
ecoloug,'tmycolsogy and the identification
of sptematophts. Prof. Fred A.
Losewo f Centrta College Indiana, will
acttt astslsist s i otany
Advaciedii courses are offered in both
btanlssy tush zooog. These will be open
10 grstutesi studetst and others who
hasseeqssusie preelimssnary training.
Thur statison offers a fine opportunity
t tomit nett studsyxwith outdoor life in
ahesalthfusimaut teStudents taking the
cuses stffeted at Douglas Lake may re-
ceivecte saimsecrednit, eight hours, which
canu he obtalissed y a summer's work at
te Unsstiles its Ants Arbor. At the
stme tisse they witlhave opportunity to
carontueisudies without the dis-
traciusehich go withs city life; for
slur sustiont is situated in the midst of
asoedhs coutry, several miles from
civilization. Ahunidant opportunity is
offieredifue fishiog, oating and swim-
msing urtiig leisure ours. Through the
generhosit of a friend of the university,
twscshoilastships of fifty dollars each are
saesilstble fusete summer. .These will
''"citred to students who have had
censi'sdestable experience in biological
SertarsuyN/ass of the summer school
hias just issued a special uletin for the
Biologcsal Station. Those iterested can
sltatut copies of this announcement at
teolis sitrsf the susmer school. Regis-
istratincoses Junse i, ipso, for all cour-
'a's offerd at te station.
Aiszs ie of one thousand dollars has
bettnsofferetd through Professor C. F.
Iosige of Clack University for the
findtinug' of a scud pigeon nest.
Aftier slur first cut hut the Harvard
freshmanutusbasseballh squad, 48 men were


s. L. a.

rr.'IIS' 1

Gerald Stanley Lee

8 O'clock

Editor, Author, Lecturer

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