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March 19, 1910 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1910-03-19

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he Mach i ____'____


Experienced Methodists Expect to Uphold Hon-
or of the East Against Michigan--Leger Un-
able to Run--Bohnsack in Poor Condition.

Senior Law Speaks Eloquently
Before Small Audience--Snyder
Takes Second Honors.
"Our 9AfriCall loagnla. a discutssioni
of the race probltemt, tWat the subject
W it '110i11 'N1. 91. lT'homas 1W0111 lut
hattors tn tihe Itttwen i t tet a tual cett
othe o ra 1trcal e' eti tiiltie ve-
wit a ortin o "he rteo eac e
prtet tgist il1itismit1 ttt .
liw iit t1111the ne t o icalitc°t o \ 11111 the
,Sydr d tilcousortoyitarbeiltra-

ui I 11 f11 ]w ii l
!iota tit l t lii t''

a'dtt uhtt \
illtt l tt ml
ti 1 ti ii te I
99 I ia k 'It] th iI
\1(\i I Ic Ii,
1 a o x1 lli (1

it ,I,-
111 1 il)
itt' oil
11it 5])

raI tBearse 9ohsc, Reck, Saxtitt,
th e j ot-ut: it Siyrtiuse: Waite. Mielti-
gait : ornerArthuttr, Crtaig.
Iir- h igti :tt Syotracuste:hWisnter, Pitt
(tltlet-,JohntsonN99itcl, Kehote, W'elshi.
rcr? )I-valt: Srause; Keoei, Pres-
i>tol Alih on: r itt, o. rner, Kerns.
I zeav: iyrcue t L ith, Dit ittiit',
it iii'i
keitlt i lt F lg-,\ientiltoits Mittit

t,£ ow t f it ii c
'01': ill c tltriht

i ii


<t orsaRumors to That Effect-=Daily Re-
porters Kept Out.
i11lu cied 1-()11 as heldi t t G(rtttgtei's 'o ioj
1i I i \an e Aatis'utt itla tnight. .re'pott er ftit
, o iw te the t'icia 1111Da til i satile htdtlt fr.oim
I'a i ll l if teil flici t ot' tn downtit t he 11111 ii tt 1111e
111 iii 11111wtll lfro l tif lilfthe ills-e'tlt ittl.
5 l16 1),hp t t helfce lii itt'i' 'litapae e indt he i
Ii iaria'jluiletf "tictttihnod
A'. i w I aIt -'m a iil re o ter.ll 1iwa tt tilt
151 liii ,> ilheiit) tti ttiidtheItt'oItetiltglitn.ti
; t till kt'c inewstt hee etto t h ofc
liit it t i ip ia isiSally tas sert ii tt
s t c11(II t, the iii i liii titfittttt'iwIsif l' :ts ict
if c ndtin li f th tewindows1111111 ati ro intenlt ilt

Pritfessor Cliiileo Iitutoolyis ailt-
liy Mr. 'AllenT. Bulirns'of Chictagtil.
"I Nat t o li atll ite atnin o t
dents of soetilogi ititciticto ite
hlli Stilax etenitnig t al 91'0M. Barns
htts beeni a leadintg oganizietr i hit
populaitr ttovetmet tihltasltto 5 ifor
tile regnterati of te ct.
fir. Alois voil ~ittiof ities Yoik
FiaMarc'h z,5, i ittroomi11, I wi
Te tPrestti Ctlubittoiallyiii vtits llti
thtioettwtottre itterested.
Eminent Australian Violinist tot
Appear at Next Choral Union
I ed Chotrtl C Utnu onet-Fr~it
Kreiteitr it 11 ioli eiteul. CTe'fttmt
tilts tvitiol 11liiinistwasto aveapgt -1 1
bl ante 2, slt toa presetedtiti llnhe1
frotm ttintlg ati tatte.
Frizeiertisrgenttratiy onttIeeie
toi lit'tite' of te motti nls i nttt iet i iti
tiiie poitio in ii ti' tmuitital wt l d i't, It
is ants ttrof the higihest t .Itleist
fran andsinere' i his t ojtteoit iand
'lulle iSaimi ietaqutinititle relit t
99l tle' ut' itatnd tt 9grace oile nt ic
tha t. the littler wot ie.oil
l\it' tltt hellta lted oi ti 1etiut no
faditstinlhste usulevolinist
wa att t oy lidir lue I o i to 0h111(1hent
liideisulh joyulo trae's from if
ilte' ~ylitttt b x tht is at herii lil oon i
hout h~imialighetil 11111 (tentuen t
It wi f tocIriteillSrkmaitiiptbileo
hihyiozefelt 11111ratuuwars b-l\t'ile
evtotingerig10.11li ifextiS/lin a
lital tiltzed 1 11111 t h it tif ' iii' i
admir0r111on ti en1trac o 911t
Vienai tutu' tatth ae f i ht
li' tmt littoto thee gld ii(tug t
11111ns 1vaor it o him aiilso
g~ifof hisfrens , h l ittoIon Iyite ,
Kretiioiserfltt q ittihti ht e wasii otitttt
tutufewilleats blit tim teitis dsire (in 0
Thetile ofllti15hit ttler iudit. 1111
isa was1'ittnoittilftheiihst, and'ii ii i Silt
uusttd oiistvlstoiuboathtiltui-
iprie iwtuuieaI 10 llwiStolwd 0151,ttl

e t t t t U re oisiiiig. I ohleul IIot -

Unique Advertising Posters At-
tract Widespread Attention on
T'hs ctust0has fir a long time
oatedt ifim111111 ooudtpets, play-
trig1 totndouthtter artfists. Now it can
bos, ysbag f a avertising
etnius. Aiayt h ie atitsory sytem, per-
h110 St Iatick'els tday atd possihly the
spig wtathit 1 thitscause of this
'onuts'debuit. 'hitsiowevetrt we will
ni ot toocuss. e're too glad he is here
adttat i s heretofore uitdiscovered
aiito iaseeni brotgtto light.
Ifi itsIrst irouicittions which are pla-
tordsanni oninthle soph-lt reception
to their advisors, have created a sen-
sao aroundh the campius. The audacity
if tile sttlretts, rytitit of te poetry
tn clrillg of the tlacards las at-
ractedl he atihtioniiof e erg pasery.
1 mtitiyt'otuhtr yesterday oie could
Oct seertal "011sf Eriti' gathered
aruda huge greent poster in Whest
Baltlt wichieappiearehd1o amost shot
oth tehee twords--"H et You soph-
it ! Cniutoie uthe uttlisors dance sd
oee ihemti'withliibells tilttheir les.' Poo-
tcl lItheir firsitttapperace! IDon't
u hditretmiss ill It is needless to say
hat thutI riohlt tile well represeited
99etricsof tie orantge fotod delight
in lo lintg heart' a1 ltrge yellow' sigh ii
'raptilHltffering tis ibalad, which
Itoa especillyt attracise to a numer
of gilno liitere titrtitig very con-
spou y 10telowut neckies:
Come tutu' all, bthuitfat tatu sit,
\uu 1r lt io dantce twith Barbour Jimt.
Ohur idear advisors toilie helre
To, lutce' t itsoph-litii maidenis air.
Bittcot (the poet).
Th'isi botldu tutvertiser does notoheven
hucsitate itoetaliswit the powers that
hii. ii ittilthtuore iihaniierters the mai
eri r ofIUCiviersithal efore le is
tatohtitletritiedt ot Iinetg confronted
kith apacha1hearitig this message:I
"litan Reiedtiosays'tutufreshman anquet,'
but htecat Istep htite soph-its front
ringt their itdisors datce." When
uitcirocuted abtuth i e imater the cean
laughedandtdelaetredt le wouldn't worry
ibot thiie iii tetisertdeiatce.
Tain thtie fo(rill of a wat at., a
placar inithelirtry corridor pro-
clis: ' Stlit lit imaidens are all
, 111111 at tetutvislr'stdatce. Price
int iceI uu-uir iecents. Garateed ino
cheaper tieuthod uofhpassitg your school
Ti C imtjorily of the class have tx-
ii etiis,, no t ees its beitg desirous of
ateing the ihfuction int hopes of get-
ino acuaited 0 it the yountg artist.
Beatseofua sercity of tnuers, the
itua baqe it1ittitIofthe Whester Society
o it tult fr itast tightas psspoied
uil ne t onth.i
,a t ashhrtnmtichg of Itie society ield
iath cicetuitig tenttive ilts were atopted
thd tttthe banutitFiridtay, Airil . A
iistofallthotse iwhoutcant positiely at-
letd ii ilituitttl b rtj pthtisomtitg week
an ai t tiC next regulalr teetig of the
oraizioniiiitit wil tbe deeiedl shether
irt ititt wilte possibileitohold the
Tiw IUileruit litaid is ii need of
more tmusoic'ians, ptarticltrly altos,
fruitbtutus ,andiiiritlit. The band is try-
it'igto eeltiin osttitefr ti series of
sin it c teeo antuull histrueta-
tit o i ubsiluteiyinecesstry Ayoe
tilt ite tot o trs-otlthouldtiti etunti-

cati wituh 11(inutur Pischer' tt onice,
titter ittcot tilts ''r user the Bell
hnte 97.4

II .' 5,
11111 c

<ill i t

SiN;\fMR INI' I SEIf 99l' IiTI
iifI1A I 9f C Ef til 91USIC.
anotuher capu s ecompuosert'has chhtte
t hut iiiiiii'eupersonouuttf FrediS.
Makr9 zoL.H hats swrilttna pou-
ilatr h tit watzs ih cledl 'Itsa Taxicabt
forMic. Vc tuisic is tuieftiltindu
ihi wtuoe icathu.T 'he tree comutes
frttom ii he utu suic houise'ofiKretmer &f
I.o, of Cliiiiut itandis intirouedlill
l cit, the wriitotisr's huoite'htiwn, hit
Ititho hbandl 1 ilt gottsgug I itt'uty
hhpsoluish. 'Tih' musit' hatsprohvetd
'Irre let' ingu aledislfour eve'ry tilt'it

JIt' ilIsS ItoJRis
1tilt , ti tutu I tuti
J )a''c" IndiGeorge'Packard hot' slit'
inl01 uu Ili ag in t t u i therm a tu ottutuicai-
ties1 whtih hindr h a mnitrtono
Thl i rs on cnitohetdtuf thei
hoautuman tesioil lof 1cItnde
Th teo oort as the C K1111 , nanttu hei-
its osui pizettu }futu Ite l larto roth
th I(orhern Oraoia t tiltc on
Hont . 99 . 9 9uuiutuuuuutuwao this
presiditng thu of he c nI. 'hts
udugesuture IPuhf. J.'AILiathes n
Pro'if. 5. 1)..9Mayerto fi Ypsitau t ii. tntd
Ptrof. A.H99 sPo. AItColcur
and11 StL. i. Slason th nn urbo.
0itito'tii'i theii contoes tt sontutu fit het
livelit evr hldatilt'ortinsier
unuifr l I excelit l~iienif. iHardtlythreehun
drd scat wref91e, N~'howvr. i h

;c ; Itct l tlt
it id All,
hi< 9t ch,
I. u, ck
'ire . 9 ilt.

lI Ic

otller pieces uto heilit'sies t isiontetunali thitgi'ttti ait ii .9 ahtuiu 9Iointgton
hula est1 effort. 'hut'hust e'puo'rts 11 uchocoultesIt o rliii' ateri. (lveI no
gdstilt' uevery tti o t Ihats be ) h one youuuittit urll' tutu urlyu'. itarge'ln
duedaniittholuita dot tithu w iill met ofii(filtbert'sii hut o inotb wk. Tiles
with much favor h' elre. I iDrug Sttre, 1tuSao. \hlainu t. IIuS"9-Wi

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