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October 08, 1909 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-10-08

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Th Mc ign Dily

V,"l. XX.

Has Slipped Six Scores Over on
[Scrubs--Varsity Tramples. on
Second Team.
tere) its,1 10c1o1e tI' the 001111 n 1(lt, ip
one pOointI, 1110lt 1)1)1)111 to the1 usualt
to at ure in' e pa111 of theOIO1 '111 . 1113 111
and 11 tomnPtgill and11 XX 11 Ot'.is, whoI
hate been10 Xlin on 1 th1e1 s11 1(11010 Illtrl
Bis pefimac of11 the 1111 iu clay I X
setX'X' away se'alX~ pretty punts11, it wa
1110 n+ th' atIIX t1h1e 0 lack (1 of 1 pratic 1ha af
fecte his( offensive pla somewhat.XIX1111
P yhi ',ork at'~l~~ quarr-bac 1on1 111
111)00111iI'eam 1 11 Patte gill' 11o10 his way Ito
effective i1 running hack1 punts (('If(1 wh ih
the 1111 1 I11 t g 110103. o av be
nIfelt l' (1 1 013ll whoX Xis no o nly~iX pIfay-
1(1lg ) a l great XX foI'sivo gameIbu i the(1
11111 ongI 11h11m the1 1110r h1(111 comeX to1'
big 11111)' aXI (hil, that1 do X'sXnot0'X)X'Il 111
a11ll li (0111 111 1as Xinc'ed 1a0 t1(dde1 oIX
1lXi ll on 11 0t111 r 1egulars. 10 11II1
311111o1X was th11 mI'ostI' effective o X (Ih
varsit' n11 <m 1o ffens1111ive way1 lin ye'sterI-
1110111 sc 11(11111 He0100 still chage i gh,1111
bu'tXXI3 1111s getin away ' for (1 goo 1gans1re
4 lin lolly 111111 lit yrs ep ltv IX e
theI1IXl run 1. 1On1 the In e ((111 onl the''X' 101
youge of(1 the1( Roger brthr was bc-111) 1(111
0111cn i nt aIhXg ahe hvn
shke ofJf al I th Ithrsconta
nn nan it II l ooke' d as if' (1110 111g11 get(01(
11a11 o ,I n X IX''IIX il bu' Rogers'( made0 XII '11
to(1 1(IXc groun XXII heI midle of lthefed
1111'.d theIXlose of/ the practic and1 $151 y11(
11(t 01 W C ' 1,0n-c aX 1 13' 1311'0'uti t $
1111 a X (1 311 allwe asI another1 f 11h111 'var-'
sity (1110 w111 offi e I h scrub 111 had 311'
01)11r aI tocdon IXroXing m101 1101111 go(1
Siter' (11111 00011111 111110 t 1011nl 0hang1n
advet iigm. 1gils11.110111011Ic

-Prices. Whly 1(130 yo1111 pIatienceO anid
s1ta1n yo1111 fitngrs any1( lontger whenI 900.
will buy a $2 guaraneedI 14 1(1. P013?

FI/RSTl 1.1 Cl 'ptION OP 'I'III
la all 1n11. m111 e1111111 111 rs(131 1111111affaXir
Ih' St1uXl"t113 3C'r31tian Ass3oia11(11t a
pastors11, 3111d1(t11 astors11 and.XIX i XXX (l lI
11qPrfors,11S3alley1(\ 55ll''113JhnXI
he. reeion 'ove r tewhIhl
11a' riXX'itl0' with thel b strain1s 111)f1the
f11(11. 3wi11)'talks 110ProfesorsII le
olso, Capitin Allerdice, of theIfoohl
tea,1.Calptan M\aof theIn 111team
'resident W111t' ins, o f11 the,'XXII('on , III
ltan ofX)the GIlee' OloX 00an1d1101 (XX (1o(
hrIXhanld. The1evening1's1 progr3am Xwas
rivnineges AreExtel ndeto wll Till
()pen 1111111' 0at lb \ ichXian nI (('
'1/1111130 5has brtgla rwdowit-
Ws. Tre' iesaIlthyt hr 1115'110IIong0'd''
oom11 is1101c1nltt' l 1)5 XX i .1 place11( for1
10dti he c f, babel' sh11p a1nd Ili
iard 0 room''ar'e'II to XiXd t l 'ic st
ne ', v 0111 1 1111o1 no . 1111
)011111011 0''XIX 1' 01.11
131 XXXIII hesuces f h
-00Is (31(1toIerect larger X 11quarters. 1
1Pres1dent 111am1s13K.XA\) 'Xi, (ha11.
('1111130d1an active111pro31111 for1 0he11com-
in''yea111ocal1taInt willXX3311heX inIest
oaleon. ITheIIpopular0X1d))ners111fo1
011oo rof rof.aIis1(1' .lits
.51Co1r1110(11110b011ip11rol( l not beo
Union1hasblot hewn(Idefinit))lydaIed1)110
Thol. bo 011f11h ' new (1ooli1 opera1is
beingj 101n1301011olish(ed and 1ma11111 JIXll
IXXr'lrese111101i0011100)3 111 1111111re1 XII

111011 in Itis classs.A fc%%,'l0chang'es11'))'
he11m(t0 il1h lat edI' II ~ 011 (Iition). 'Ill)
chapttstrs 1111Jurisd~iction ad) l 011111 ~
Prof. R1(11111is31110eIII)ly 1authorX'onXXt111
subhjec1t and(11hisnhoo isis)cd11in ller
11(10 schools 011111c)1l1eges.

Famous Fxplorer 'Charges S L.
A. Over $3,000 for a Lecture
---Tickets Are on Sale.
)liht,\otd t ,lg> Igc r. CFrX')ick0'loA.
I XXXIII)for 'appearance(111)1 11e10 100
XIII) 15(1m 1(1is (1price s ing mer th'e'
,I'll)) 3''(' dXIX ( so \\W hie, Oat t 110firs
> lt c i ol d XXI) 1seem n 59.1 ill or the 10
il",'n Ie pc )1'~ b XmeXan' th
((XX' 'o','it0is ((XXXiX)hat1 it) 6113) 1 he1))
Fls XXo ic esfi the XXX i ) I his to
l'X l XX ellXX i t X I X S' .;o 3)11 it i, .t r''
I3(11)13 XIX oIsieig te pc;n o
IXIXII s l 1,10in 1. n esiX.olIhall,)0Ior30o'
,tnd~il soliitors
'01:t clr cMs e (X i)'1n 3(101)10i. th
Cllied : rcs f tlc ulgoi XXle 1f(th
oe ui rttcl I I))te S.I_,' A.,)X' andXX)t1h 3
1 1 XXceoft o ichio. uc ord
XX (XX .XXi XXX''an I tl a e s r
Co 1k1an ""1111 0)1(aclI ( )11su 5331))')
th h pe hld by il ( mot oXiX i) iX c10
Iii ' ('escn (('101 XXX 110 to XXIX))) it
;wdincc th tiodcns' ctre Is 101-
11)11 3ra t ndrso1 XthatX ito 3akes
r a s lt lt (1)1sid ))s)in 1the )c IX Xlm)'1
that has arien o Xir.the i(X)) 10)0 X ('11)th )
H iXm) bXcausXI 3(1(1 lon theI oll' XII'
ofI a1)a1(1 1a(3of X)he 111o ('II
Th)e)) (14 so s))oXX Irets1thatit a
beenII (((1)11)e53 1(11)to 311(11t)X)Xn'rease
ill,, cost ofI tIeXXXIX)) 3 11 (1(31 e1l11 t)a)
in gi1(1inn the pu31(13 XXX itdsirsX i
trill 1(3met Ihlf «a v )3e XXXi the X'Nis-
i [orb1of3theIII aXii )1111) Ims (5 a1co11'r1e
of suli po por1t1 Xi (I'll's'r 5511111))en
'mlan t is 011'f)lXif (s IS I'' 1has
e(XX (111(1311 IX) 1(1 inXXa''yItI XXIII)
ioisI XI I X)''l'OX 3111 011
ThXang metXi ls to1)a11 at-
(113) 11(1e,1ctt )t3te ealng ca
( 14)1)1 (1)31103l i XXX Xl Xightly
Is ((((1111)1)31hunred.1T1re0ar
[03 ltios'thousand1 Ilst1ude n in 1) 313111
ecrsil, not o n c tio te It o u -

P1)11 F'RI'1011511'N ELIE'EN
Preti~ss 1. Ioss 1331111h133 (lon 3)
ial n I 0, 11 I IInaot h a~upa~cnI
1a)10of thllarIX Xlot'Ci''e past'1two .1)1)1
sides1irisX x po11) i'.nce 3111 lb ost1)0 (1131
'I'll, lus1t-y1ear men'sXXXne) 51(31 is)1) 0
IhenewXXcoach)(\%ill h('In) handl1.11)))
blax when pract)'ie will11hegira. lan' of
lbnsus and3111)1 any') X more havXsignified1
IThe 1yo ))n 1101' 3)13)1(1 (((1(1)31with1 a
theX Uh1ill (1(11 111(warrio I1rs 1
'111 'rV i1't N 111)1 o (X Il X X IX) 13 ii.
Tlc i rsXX i nfoo 1 orml har) or al ollege1
(01)1 Xo)all Xlh) womenXXXofItinle X~li ilivo
Prof. Trueblood Is (iuest at Many
C. Trueobo~lol, mow cnj11)iXXg Xa 00a's
Irav of b~cme1 i' opilloomaking
lecture XItear- 1 of 1the ('ast. H111 rgra
bin, thlomslo 'nesol ollegs hlt
leae lredy head1he1(' ,Iilligau pbrl-
III IXIXof I (I')' '11nd atXall of IXse'oiii-
31111)111(113his bob hs5)3 ntti
XXialyrc iv IX)))n II Pl 131)
Sincnail ofXXRooheseLok- 'i)X''Osaid:01(
branch ofXXI wort: 1in 1113is )1)1)11'), No
'1 l I cmsvvbi XXXI II XXXII, ('orell
andIINIw lb rk XX i eri ty111131 st1)1ill ')remainXto
he(viited nd tenIPr(33111Trublood XXI
mni )ersi (XXs. Ie 1will leave for '3' XIS'
tIncm11,(14St lb( 1111 15)s pimay br
\Io)rl31124 1S)11)) Xwll it o I'
lyIII mg s lXoX'r'nt.'o)ilX' good (1.'pc
wiilollorny1e1111er sI )0010)l)f
A 1g1at 5)1)11ni)1)1toX X) 5'hsboo
1)101)13 atal. 4')onl. owprc
Typwroor 1Co)1in0the'XXCoob House 511
ple rooss. ThvYare 1sho ig 1 lift Xa
10'' e' X3XIXI.)X XISl I XiO
smokX Fr'not ibday)even))ng1,1Oct1101. fll'
I P SIIIX)) IX0)1')1l E O T(1IC) , I

Several Prominent Speakers will
Talk---Freshimen Are Urged to
Turn Out.
'T(h (is OXcingX 1at17:15 XX'c1)1c11tho frs
MS (meetng ,f X seon',3wil1011le 601)1
t 111)111 r it (ll.1)0 F 11or n ibornihe11
'(XXsiX(0I forXl the110'gamlith 1111Case 111
on 1aIX 511rshm bn orergedIIto t11111
t~'iatio1n X in' e(11of0 (11e4110)'ofn11Rel=s
songs am ( d110sor 111e110111001the 00111-
(Xittcin 110harge' has1 arran1ged) a1pogram1
\s3has 1e(nlthe ctom ill othe11111110year1s
hefotbll 1 1011) am1] s)111011 wil1100119
hIXr row310(o1f Seats10II in rontlIo(f Ihe lal'
Ir ls ld ho' Stllivao.'IIX, 5g with1
b 'e -Ioco))XXiXeo and)1the "P . of SI"
'Sllby" has0 IpromXie o0)II gob hils famoon
1000))) ho Booal,leader bof th11e110Musical
\\ I coo InFt'oesh111e1' i h b-011
rison 'S)af ltoo I s Isore'to'XI1hav1e
S-ftl oreo cells,1l,1 51,Chek il
be XX 1111'o S divedll rom ' b1111i111 1a
The cowdled by Be1c)11n1 wilg'he
retake 1n1addres rTravis,whotois
Unvrst inX(0311 11 1)(and1111whil' in1sch1)1l
was3 at (t)e1headI Xf t111Comley clttb.
5Albho'g 10th 1 isoe 031r111110e1hehas
31poke') n here sinc 1)1)111ngschool, his
"Fis oflMc~inSWo Sitg" will he
SngI ate wich "Sully"1 13ill (0le~aiome~l
Teming )11w10501 (close bthe' 11row
\tMoFolnk s 110 to b 011111rthe
ofIXh oveing and w ( ill 0 in~tiroducet the
sogs 131))))) 111011 1qad311dIhei
No 11child Sn ill)be ated inhe-"1
1110'(No't01k.10F.01 11011 gail the
Xrlnn 1 1to)hae1t11 3achonptheir10
on'oour(fr'I'll'anXcap's1)at 11119pIr
their i.Our))1model isl ttetrealtile,
other,0 'areI 111 1 1)11 iII--t 11011gicn11 tWary
br ol( or-t 11111( 1)1 hel10.1to maIll.

1-1RN R ' & CO.,
(XIitbes o Anwo K050) 131Rnn'.
We'ostill (ale a few of t11102.50
IDwbarf 1)k penills lollt0a1t0r yesterday'.
nisei.0)Stle1p1i0e150). St skittner's., 4

S ((XXIXg's IPals, ''NIX)))'etter madel," atl l('XIIIX''toIClotes 11for sblog 5101) (lb
:11an's CbIbbo'oslshop, Sboill Sb. 2-7 lber s ClotheX'0slop, 1510ain t. I--l

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