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November 12, 1909 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1909-11-12

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_he 11tichigan Daily
\ N ARBiOiR, MICHIGAN, i2RtIDAY. NOVEMBHkR 12, 109. No. .

Vol-. XX.




Team Takes Light Workout at
Wayne-Allerdice is in Fair
Shape and Will Play.
f'wbal ttttliit and t coce. Iw n
in lilt e sw~ i t tired ii n th i
iig trill and11 i t ill t In ai Aw111
21il to hel a th r l i , i () 1111an
io 1 of th '211111 iii l it ne iniyiin
T ih t ii t i sitit ()t h niii w s
led to itt 11211e111 m \%s uc
liitt tt iti appear t()i be.i but111,12 i
fo~r- : ichigan alit i iid t c ti t' -
tln :) s Ittti fa t ay t(t) pred i t ille
itm iha talt 211111
i hra t ill it~ la it O r ii lit iiia
the 1 111tttr111 atutut 112 t1111 lar t
ttn e o atnn wh+ ll ittiti 111111
Ne Vwki \Vah tilt l )lc its
11f 1 the 1 111111rs The crew willt'' In 1n
aIl , ter-bi ] wh ih has setil tlte
1la t fc a s r c ii i 2p iiiivi it ii
In ~ ~ ti pratic 111111nocn ih n
!1iknst" tirnl ati te center1 powtii 1

Clusicians to Tackle Classics=-Min-
neapolis "Trip a Possibility:
c12 hand wil ,- 'e c et i l '
iei ty h l o h tit titli "'1111-2 1111
iii 111is 211) s ip \ h IeI tth e Imn 2
is11 hl ) l~a ii i ice (tittri thani
tt itiii teadltititii t--iit MIt es amlii' 1
Blass 111 tils.T he1a11 ca1 ply < c i
nu 1re 11 iiid 112n tic Th ncti ~ n it~
makile 112 i~ti te ctti' "-mirey tre t i tis
Chi st a and ill he l iie112 1 _ it tl


I IUC Jackies Will Be There and Rnot,
CLARK'S LECTURE Htowetve1r01 '2t.r i1tiiiili'
Originality and Hunmor Marked I 2all 1 1 tl ecasthei' liiiit'ttlttOfi1ap-
Address of Famous States- plca1tOfr beths in tteSpeiatl ftelliib-
man, Lawyer and Scholar. I iii tilt, lutilliri- ti uuuuuir ibynthin' 111111
---- 1 hal tIa 111112' lii- l ist de t. iitt -
('lt is l' (cti 1112 it ilci' iiti 'a P c~r tc (i , ak h ri lcc
list tttet 'Ills ia lit 111111lit Iiic' 1 i iii- f I i -c1 t ite ut' Pi i' i tl
upr(Kr las 11i.;ht ,V 1 I1 I m iintcd e- >t tit,11111t 1111111iI1 \ 11 b
tutu1 \it i I li t i ii til t(\ I sr iier rxtl c(
Pu lc d l. I"-i-t' en tit, t i rt iai 1 2th n crb~c~c l ti tt ii
;tuli'''12111 tti -ti 1 ii tttliihit, ls ia itititi' ut iet nm ll liibat tl ip
1 tartcscf pec 111rc-alda1 ~c (Iiitutfolithe iii 2iiic 111111,ii1 lrs,
i1 r l i it r s i l lt it- i l ml i tu Ii i Maer 111 i lii 2itt' ft ithit of-fittrsit 11)d
lillnc1hs t lt, iI' t'tt' lc n c I 1i)fth lr tilt'li t - - a t () ts~h r sc ti1
lifth id m]rit buihs sdeiiihs1111be n es rv d ,)- lii Iit11 at1 lii'
Iu t i l ciii it ii i s pt it,1 'ii liii 2. 1 heret ti it I ti c, lttl
t+ is i a c s tn tiit u rco~ iic (f re r i \i i "iti i iii' liii i~t
"ii iiil n W iiiiic~ t it,"t i (11 dlr.i 1111itt- t'i tit* iit i lt-i- 'liti li(,t- liii li lt,

liii litsi
Ilt Iai
- tit~trt' 2la

riii ii i- t ,( tt
>it-ill ac I
- tlt-rI'tie

Ilractiec iI!
tll lt hen tllt
vvI hay e ill
c <1 +>ll l ernlit
i"k'tiOd z?11 tilk,
lll'l'1"t which i
prlll \vIll I
(llai]5 l<r 5;1vx'

if i 1,1 1Si if Ili"(i ,:1-.If i

2 l rtilt /Ii i '. 1-p 1 ti. ii

iiict I ttIll
I t u i l
cc <-tt i it

M* t lc' l

111'21 t i i lii]w 111

:1"aiti-sTafifiritiet-omnat 'tillTheo
dare iQi''" ueft 'ills a ti i te M n
nnrvthng tanani thh ug an'11b'eing
to tallttiri22 it.it
to l ir teret of is ti Wet uI eaei I ,
tilt 1 imakeit' in cogrilt hisfac
liesto soe tha al1MP1en ar
ii 1. tiii.a"the a e oten i d l totis.
"1lt i i i wis ith t r siiet a t w m fr
al th\eIAi'si if ioin s ( ic u de
him. hat t o Ni ake sfingeir(N'i'-

C lit li t ( - (kI sc w ie ilil -

c~a~c li i (,f 11111c r' ti
iii ul all i-i-t t i tti si fr

a - Ni _< ih 1k J,1iii I iiti'2Ci-;I:fS
WAfN'lT-i.' . C'I'

Ii:A' fiiK (iAi FNilS-
-iiTere i iint I tcld it p nt
)art )f i vers11 i tilts i' i to p it If1'r'ni i t
M ilne tttii titlsti ihei I
the nc i it- tilt i in l s cl- t' i 'its in 2111
Iii titlistcer til nt pry111 titnt ion
t-')ttinew andlisi'12ing rhtuio state
c ' titsi'iittiitt iAi'o Ill fo liti lands. Spin
it lwy arc harren ah t is 111 o sthene
li lt t ry in it i t en..
41iiiit)il i th tilt iu iha)iasa
sit trli. lii iti- i-ii'i ii i tl
liii 51 utu tittitsiii iii 11112 iitiit i ii
stat S i a'torney in Cool:tutu' it ii usuwill
Unvesiyhal,(it-iiei New. Crusade."i
Mi , etiRos11wasi l targer iitmntali

'Ten Concerts Will Be Gived on
Christmas Trip-New Mem-
bers Selected.
lctorcyeriltetiilticlays and Isitt
11111' iii lone in manyuveal's
Te I '''trr tg- intltrs ' iiigoo, dtesPt
batk ui l i-i' rr n ne oitChicat , tfth
is lus i iii- aothr hcncet in
l'hca2oi 'T' iltofiialst oifftheIllintotis
tclt iilra -iroa itt-tcmiteirestted
in the prpostuetritindi;ir
ii''e nd e vo r -1 c f or c onlct rt i ni Si it ieP al t
t h i ittititi ndi dedi.isThieti lubs
will malk ihtir frst ppera ce aittit
Mic iln I\Iion I'iiti f Iu strr
I'l, irgr m thsiarlsl e e
ilirttiti fo tos. f or er yers
'" l iii t ' C ll " tiil he te m i
car asitis hI ei ng Ridifret fro th
prcc ot i o hesetit ltiitlt, b fre Chiutst-s
1 ai lie ei t glts tiie igth o lningwa
in, Itchu-Irotpiktieu-ill h i tiandoils
ir i s i el oies-I . S. Eaitmitat, I,.tsiA
LiscsJ. . C <'ghtn. 1.S.Iii our Pt.
Seclo hid s M itido sin ill Ku iiir itit
tItii-rawn11( i I;it.miitc itmibr to.iuita
Vi, dili N.'t selettes
jT I,'i ii Cit . LU B u
tutu' so Paso'ut' n'uu wu' i ithll iiread iaitapit
), h ittihihRes2archlubiioniitiug tuithiM.

ihle t t. irr no iii ec rse t 1 li ututui f
Qulls hit ci av gea e wo tr i the 115 iii-
hi adis still pinig' ins)n eiahirg ~
ills 1.122
If t- ti-u-itthu- i s -'t t here I i t ill iii tit Wing i 0) the
Phll tult hiins u tii cetilt ii ~u ii h h h sxsw
Im I e Micigan r the ourth silt h sse, h
cessi, tirrrn cMAYNI itt ll ig uttut nenru
flirh t n ilhut o efe t ()t C I t 11 i
the sie of , crs"A as the iii Th' 'I li
scnst hutaut1112~~ o oethi-sca c

I t C'\'C 3 i )]11: ><r('i.tl lull[\"
i r . . i i


an mdwrsof the cass m he i hel, ' skt'ing, prtythei nnua
iii 11111 i .Mon ay erig o hace res pa ty, and tateld2fdayp-cou
isbengan in ovtoninltuOl, the ntuitage id
an - rB n in., will heltt sociallyi itit iha hs tuter uha m fur util
tt ii tilH ii f eurn, f t ltague lluuh behh funh edutuuiu sm
to he lass mI mberi ofs ort11 ofii 'u'uuuuuu tilA'ctureceptotell
2 1111im 2ila 1o'' ill not ~u'in fago pla e n ite
of the m t w iill b l m tietutua n t al, re la ned byth
i11111 'gi-it-ratlty .i'-ii-h 1 hullcT v~A s ''I ro js eah-ith i n t ry oii utdth e i
Milt WENS'2s-i'2ti5 Fischer iititthh fort dncing
s1tdets' club tll tuuinpe h lage lso execets to repealttihe
e~con hi evrrngIT vry ucessulpaiy dance that it ii gave:1
's m tutu- n n th r n . Thr ill 'also b seera patie

Woman's League Candy Sale
Todlay---University Hall

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