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May 21, 1907 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1907-05-21

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_The Mlichigan Dailly,

Nou. 168.

........... . ......... . . . . . . ............. . . . . . . ................ . . . ....................... -

ARIMOIJR INSTITUTE Anwdaai raiain ekn
will soonse Itolexistence. Ihis is
Martin Pitches Good Ball-Sulli- the iprophecy imade yesterdlay by mem-
van Gets First Home Run of hers of the Coedylyutb, Freseenitet,
Seasn-Sore5 t 1, the DetitseceVerein, the Cercle Fran-
Seaso~cor 5 t 1. caps, aisi others itrested ill dramatics.
It is genterally' felt that thse Comedy

Armounr I nstite teeltldowntoitsde-
feat ill a wsell ilayedl -game o asbl
withtie svar sity yesterday t ilIe tIee
(if 3totI.
The victory isas due to Martin's head-
woerk at crthical timse s, Paterson's great
stork st sleet, ndsonstse Iheasy hittig
lbv Csoach Lotie's pupils. Siullivani
itigdlotteflesthomsie trsitsof tile
se<sstis, whlile IKelley,IGidinsgs, tLoell,
anid Martinseelttsieahnetedlwithithle sll
list as twro-bagger. CvrsTmtitusnothle
testislitteedIshisstinug arerageiw-it
on iti liexeepttig D tue atsInI u garily.
stnryione A nr isiiasr s ats dtuie a loing liii
-us idossble by'Alierns.
NIliigasiiisosl: teleadilatitheii-slurlt.
gettig -srussascrsissi thla ltie intheli
fist insisntg. Inthle fithbly bnIin
lit te vaursitsusade fistrs msore. Ar-
ionsisneslly salsot eamte itsthis inn-
isig. '[le C'iclagotbotyssisesitsngerous
itsotiher stage- of te gamie.
Mareltilpthedilgootdl sall, ullowsiniglists
list'lills a-dsit iinsg istlight isesi.
Oni11 thst-litle lie swissintgist-sn goodi
suppttt.fouirs-eii-srs lu-lng made.i Pater-
stutthoerer,stasrre-ilintshslt-field,. smak-
tu to oerl-fusl pickupls ittilreov--
eies o ificulesitroundtiers. Cidns
Kells-v ansit atuintalso ist dliIthirshare
of lteinfild-lwt-rk.
liusssirldnxeisst lst -elttgamsie forttrhe
Chileago sicIhool . I le Ifannied ile Mists-
isis-tiesitunI allotiedsilset-i-its.s Alt-r
Iis liss stnt s foutrl tinitig Triillisiis
listadisdtdown iand ihe lie varsity
Ih ets-Iris-as itseal. The sessie

sht), sthile ittills us placee, is at presenst
is-~jat.'lThis fuslt ste siewsorgant-
tessilt, sihils- nut scotflietinig itt' aniytesy
ti-ilhtheiiisocieties mstioisnedt sbtue, seill
entitt-useto tsremedsty.
A tiltsnis etiisg 1toidiscusspulily
sit-dtailsusofst'eitprojec twill, it is sasid,
stilibe helst.

Wheeler. r...
btslgasi-il, If...,.
Stillisass, sf-..
Kelley, 21....-
IGiditiigs, 31)...-.-
DItue, 11.it-.
Ptssersoni, ss.. -,-.
Ntusa1ti, - 1. .. .

-4 Oif
--4 ii)0d ii
4 f1 13
.3 05f55
----3 I 1
4 0 1 ()i

A. F.

Atheilisriistory litsas-en asdsedstotsthe
list asrea-ywonl y si thue fre-shtlit teamst.
IHayiiig ian errotrless gise, te fresh-
mit-i setrked u thue topi-hseavy sesire ist
7 toia 2 ttsgt ite '08Illsits Insesets
inintigs. Asitesamstimlise ltefreshs
sites feliltituwis tsoste siltsr lasebli
th etrscoretio1 7 ito4. Plasyers its
Itllsgamte s smere severely thampteredt li
ise setld indi-is Iblowsinsg across the filit.
Tiully suiitc us sissrsig gamte for slit
fits Ilstsriksing suitItillitten. In thse
killer paritiof lie gamtelise permttled
ihe:mntsostalk, sitiedilessly, oeefor
t stile puirpotseiif strikinsg outssthe
net a 5tt. Rotte pitchedt a fairly
sitong gamse flisthlejuioirs, liut Iis
sepor as extre-sis-y see-il. Iltestrew
diest iksesfroistsst-vs-s tena, hut lii-
twetsbasitujigglinsg iflt-esbll ity the
" 1ac lisnd t-e fsssssiisg sitthe flest
iis in trs-s iflistm-isadtissie irsbsase
ndsecore-difor liet-Its. Olie fasttsout-
it play-, Craiwfordl tWillikams,asuithIle
-oo hi titting if IEsvans, Itse juior scaep-
-itiethui lon ly goods Ifeaures itn the
itperlaissteamsi swotrk, urrinsg Roiwe's
Tihes- th s llt- y, ~-wosrksesdintshle first
isissg, ii-jels- fre-shssmens hioose settee.
Intse 311111t'tior' k lit1the first, Evas
imadte aus liieruts, .Rouise us tswo-bagger,
--tit I N ugifits usa sige. Tieirst twit
sis sitted it s--lte isly (stesofti h te
same fist tistil -siui lssgtfflsi wesst osit
teslisig se-test. Ftor this inninitg the
_ite tuu i ssitititwereahleade,isitust tn
isis itimeite gsise were Itse fresh-
itenti s sis gin iidantgert-oismaksle the
seiter esig. I slly's suppotiiwus
ll thatiiliesiteuidIshsse sskesd fur. The
issttigiorders :
t0o1His-DI IPuiy, ss ;Antdersont, e ;
11111,it;IFehr, 31);Fliteraft, ef; Yake-
ley, If;Atkins, rf;IIlhist, alt;Tullty, p.
nil Iis-Magofflin, cf -;Braskanat, so,
Kites p ;'tvasitb;ltWrighti snitReedt,
rf ;lt-Bisop, 31);tkWiliamss, ec; Crawfords,
If; Cite -std Wrig-hIits.
-liscsitre isystasins:
10 1Fits..I.... t1 3 34 t 2--17 tO n
'o its... 0000oo -2 3Itt
Situttaies: ITwo-biase hits-Rowe,
ttas, L Ielse.IThree-bause hits-F'literaft,
I ili. IHotte runs-Evaso. Bases on
tals-fOff Roiwe 3, off Tully 4. Witd
)itch-Rowsse. First base on errors-
I liii Andersoni. Streek sout-Bly Rowe
1, bsy Tulily so. tDoublle ptay-Crawford
_o Wilkiams. Sacrifieehts-Andersss
--Aikinis, Flicraft.umieW ne.
SEN itu toWSIses lftMN
[ilie senslor laws wonisas tlaceeits the
semii-fiasby sdefeatinag the first-year
miess is1sialtsdepartisent sy thse setteeof
7 toi 4.
Th[Iotsest was clserthsan thse fittal

Scientific Treatment Has Proved
a Success-Facilities Are Fur-
nished for Research Work.
"Many issaetpatietstaee beigcuedses
its the tpsy-ehopiasti war"sasiMr. I.
S. Gimoesueittedsetisitthe sts-
lustl, yestersay. "P Iersosshavueceesie
it the swaril seemigly hopeessly e-
mtented,andsiteteftlliso its soissns
The sessk 5f te istittiiont, ttosugt
f ontly sone ye-'s ittration st.bteuen
sccessfulstndut saoattasctes thettenit-
ts f teuensstry's isaigmsticals
mjut. Mietilgusn is tte first t sroidse
forste ttsreautent sitthe isanstely sene-
tlic mteautres. Te funttinissithfle ir-
sisary sate istittionssis ratetht
of sitsasytumt.
Ist s ee te csstm tsilacs' i this
varioitussytsmssomay persnsiton the
bordrsntdsos f intsatty, soutthattla ge-
numbsihersosithItise whittmigt ave re-
coes-est usnder faveorble srrundtigs
hitsi' seotme- topeessly isae. NWitt
these cesses esteciatlyhais tte wsrk sit
the pychtic hosp istlutbeesuccss-s
'Te psycoypls~atiIhosp~itat inits 10witk
co-opetsseseewit[hisearuts seasy-
littse patete setig exhnsges fruststie
intitultiont I tshisuer Tue a lsge
nsslumber f ptisletseaee retet it Ant
Arbosr kisses atee eontducte fist sy-
isis emplouyd inst hesteate tsyluttms.
Assn sut te pricit tinon-restdetlles-
trers ee tsueritedetsslof Mih-
gunsstses ylumssse IaRlamazo,onl-
its, Trtverse Citytusnd Newer yDr.
Albhert W.VarIt tlIpsrofessssit nerouss
dsesieee is sdireetos f the wtest a tid
lD. George NM. Kineisoluuse pysiint.
Mainy lpatiests vutauriy cumehis the
hiuopita fuse trelatmet, fusethe isylumsu
featusres hatve bset-tieimintiie. Ised
sit seetng hisessrs und uifrmts, ths
paientut eers -a quiet butilisg, Iltie-
like is apherntce. It is only we this
tiatienti bescesvilusetitthat te is con-
fises.fle griattest godu is aceomplise
by the tpsyclostsgicatrteeatmuen. As suite
s a sdeisite udignosis is rechedusthus
treaitmsent is cmsmseceed. Certaitssttks
lusy ause the tpersnsits forge hi
iroublhues. Crefuly plantet scsisvers-
tionss andsinisteresting boos so fei f-
forsesiIsedesiredt susluon. Meical tret-
mlent of the diseasedl is rarely stecific
but smoire often gesera.
The hostital sakes a steciaty o
hygiensic treatmaest. Tus the lives of
he tpatienslasre reguae as to exer-
cise, foatod, anth rest. The wart is ure-
vided with excelest facilities fuse sct
btahs as sre used is modesn hydro
The ste r. WiliamasIHermsna, tint
fessore of nerousit lsease, was sue it
theIpioneers in thinsudy of apyisg
eleticiy 15o the treatmsetlf isease
Sos successful has een the use of ele-
trotherapy is certain types of insanity
that it forms a distitctie feattre eaf lb.
The psychsupathic hspital is the firs
he the country to he utilized in fle stuy
f isaity. Besies the exesded re
searches caniest out Iy the fauty on
the ariosnmesstahsdiseses, the sts
dent at Michigasn is a chance ts se
unit study every ksown forms of mosan
ity, an ophorttnity denies to stuent
sal other medical schools

lDtA e e uu u~IY B A D : C O I N:t Cu': I L A R K A S S U R E D , O F
sThielstitn fstudentthsmlembsersstotti UNi ION PRESIDENCY
sttisu,,sgeneleslie kunostn as IslE DAeILV___
BoarudstsuofCotsrsol, sill he hest isIRoomesWithdrawal of Thomas V. Bird
f', Uit-u-usity- uhil, tutuSuiatrday imorns-
ing Jiue , finsisu t 1 eo' elk, Averts Warm Contest--Agree-
'Fle folishsnesg namseesere l-el is met Between candidates.
sssusulsuiuti tby 'HssDI Lst-manatitgemetiul
tushav suiebeenuapprovted byhue ti'Nonu- The eectionutsit Herbert W. Clark as
Athle-tiuoarIduofitsontol: EssoSIn. preiet of stte NIihigans Uiona tst
(isle, 3ssnuh SItowman Ius (;- . Kae,- ssuedysterdatuy by the withdralesw
IR. S. lisbhssB. Itss I s-uusrsu, W 3 ilttutu f suitsthis'csutst o f ''tous u VB id.
Itry si ,S3. 33. Merr il, J.- fuss isI Ibise, ts ihe lyoppsisntg canduisatse. M. Brs's
(r.sOutf Iis iss ts- lutistnisill its resgnsstsiun, folowigthaut sit J. NW.Me-
selctd 'adls russcaidacsststuy fusethe secre-
------- ---- unsh iplastshSturasy, simupiies in-
'ElS H-SOhhh I'I'lRAfCK NMIT usmesutllyuswsha tss slutextrenely u-
3311,1. F Cfl CO'KSf II - iuautions. I sees comspetey
si-wht Ifuse ustimue spromtisel tos he suie oh
flesss thus soph1 ussssrt-s Ibuecomle it thesstoutly s-itutesetfigts ilth~e
itid ithmr th -s iiiasus thi s lthi snusofucleg' paoliis.Thineetioni
mestwi-ll uprobashy s-tsw tti-nsdas'u uuss-slhssh eutvie-presideslis
tecatirackhmet allh t ris ains-sssis tshut decidesat sext
The briliansu t itry us;this smaitsbutS trdy's elctionu. NMr. MCanssu'ts
itrsastile ,i i u- uhi u c np tugs ag inst tushrwa Isft Ills seetarsiysip Is
i) . .S tsrai ndi sushi its s trengt hi.rg 311. IWeeleIr, 'cue.
of NI:cassthes irs witdaluuct iessly afters
hi isinal Iru lsit ueruitf Iusothu- in1se-alhdys sit gus-st ansxiey amonags
Sattuuridauyi's-u-i t may Le 1u- -us-syht hissemisis ousuf sbothi factions. Cmsspaigns
sophomress n hos hve 1,-a Livigstonsusweuru' uari-fully organuizetdu, sanducavsese
has usIIusaus f i thils I, us tan hicushissIsrsisluts-wetet-ussder way. Mtay cuts
isugisstus iIhiio.sBtsh metnu scusitsreah fiu -n-s-swe-us-ltd, anssheh s'balace us
I5scns i thiesevenst I itrtushorfusavsuto ssssedtousfal lst its onse pluses-
Ise alfthe isssle, sandlte tuositIs this thenisn theossu t-sr. Efachssie claimsedsa
shls hivStoniut, ithisswlutsond ssuIits ;nod Ichancse- f esi-tory.
the is'iotush;nsNIills- nd est, CCNVteystueisy the twit candsiatesefit
issetushLivinsons. 'Ihey sill hivsit he hpresidecy tutu-Iass, -it is said,
c tipoes litsthnsSihfrout and May ssahed Iattu ugesue-. 'Frusttashunfolowte
amuonig otitlsts. tg sts-isis-sts, i is apairetI that ill-
Wol~is inadtu tii-li-nlllnteIthe roadii hcisuiissus hidu hess-uslasgeyqusil
uits.3Wolin s dutshatus-21 Is-sts6ichut tos of ptiniptle,uandl te goadofst its
and iliunnis oo raoguut us ut'lst 2 ffee itus
Wotin ssisiiis -lusenerd h til httesist "SsisNince . Clarkehscqusiessced ithIt
DIunanss, Fbrsseu-u, Wallh sand WViiamsn nrnits pleu s ussfusswhihs I tas mstassisse-
sthu-e220 uhashes, oppos iseNd i-tosregosuandtdsiisg onuly tsIhavthosse psses
1Legs-u, atuseo-usitsIothues. 'hiesstlles ussindicate, I believe tat tha nisteu
isudit t lllsier his-tusesys sh. t ftheUn~linuswithlhe etter sevee
Thus-htrssu i tilhusrkr nds, uihea s-tiby tlie en-luig Its silial lgit in thu
t ohopsidtoIshutursunTusI I s s gs Unitsn. 'h'seefore- I.sdesie Is atnnuc
slush Swsil],reshsit-u, ouughtl to u 5 Itusmy seithdralustslfroth canudiacsy fssr sits.
tri-nusg. senth sitthe is- h liganusUnionist. ''hos,
Wheati, N:Markletushd3Volin wilsethn tsr ian esues whicls sy sanoiatsos ashes
le sehighjuts inIlppos~ ist ust I Pster-nate11(1fuss whihsI thwIbeiee th
son1. fistrk stsutds, asi nus iisvestigatios is
' hess-Weigles inist stillhis- hut-its-n uu-it imptuia-lsh estitstee, sue by the Su
t esenshtds fur ss umbsu s arsi-euun-- ht ush nciutl, of thus presntatmesthodusto
r'sernsedu,hby thet sophs. LIfsh, Rusy,tnomssiatiguofficesrs fuse te UIiotsansit
hs rernd sulsuiutill upold ustulsu- thise i suiig o uhlsusrehort lii
I mre ssnr,, nhlls-thus-freshmsutsuswill sotutu Of this-lmt-siters eof thi nhita.
probablyshhavitu-sArnilusr, uAllie andei hehses'thast tie vriosFuion apspousit
Lelse.ntsus tshouss uedusesmade reresetaieo
- The comptesui-ulisiteutrisswill he-theisvuersiy st srge, faonsg a
pulihedttutomossurus. patiularhudseaurtet, class,,sue orga
-- - uizsao. I believe, ftrtnhe, that a pli
f MICH IGA~uN 331NS DUL, fosseng te interests alike oef the auma
f 'l'ihf°I~S I If;fI' AT l' IRlh,IN iiandussuthle uudergrsdsats should 1
purtse.--]hh sutsas V. Bid"
MiNhinu'eiss t isuemwnthiss-distl -"]telievung htin t piiaip~s aboves
It umeet wills Obueinssplayuedllaist Sasutuy, -ut by Mr. hBid-iz., exaninaion: in
bhte- se-tiesit 4 toits .he nomuiatigsystusuhs by a ompetes
Fonur singe- ihathes -undI teo ulesteommsitiutees anulthle shutisisass of as
w ees-laysed,tevsetly wtinnsisng hireechansges lit isuy tan suggested to A Wo
sit ofthis singessitnd ie osit he-shubtles. tof te htiiiand shfull regiton
Nluehlinuserses i-tniu s i own st alli deatmrsens and ushieres; and 14
Obherln.u A25lsrge rowdse t ssesndedthe hg salwayshbelieed that the Inion
satch shelnd shouludbeha udsemoratic isituito
[Ise stihnnuinits : iateil alike in aihsssiusneso and ge:i
e Sinige s:tuiuss (MNItwustsfrour-crtal-mvnt uaigmetn- asi a 0hA to, se 0It
rousghs (I), 6-2, I6-, 7-5, -Unsionsssveduthelstrife sit a canpai
ttHusag ICNI wills IrustsLauwsonuu(O, by- Mr. hBid's twitharawa:hebert.N
y 46 -,6-1fi. Clak."
IHoupksu(OI)) twos ntmsiduy (M),
Glss (I)NI ost-sits haCsse (C>), -i.-3. ,t1L RFSO
C 6-2 WI IV1,hhC'h'UhKE ON WEhMA
hrsDouls: Stronssg andssughhusslsins111
sudefeatsidIHoaug as uss ciius (N), 9-7, A lectssee suit"Wemar, thin.bHaun
4.6 6.4 st Goethesal Schiller," wiltIbsei
(lass asuitdu-uy (N) defealtedIfhits-u-sest us the Uiersity, WVedesday eve
kinsusaund fChaseI(), 6-I, 62 6-fl-i lgNty 22,hby IDr. J. erry Wode
Bsuslruutori orlastnts sgsages at at
siuueso clege 'he letue willI
a hits 5155 teWOMN'S to 110a,5. gvnus ndettr thin ausptics sit than Ge
Mrs Woodwaterds, telomanl's clet tthis-anisi ocssiey sit,-thein fiversity .D

J, Uuiveroity sit Wiseconsiun, test arehire- Worenu is um 'ntuertaininug lectuser wl
esesntative if thse luten-susnusrity c(ssfer- lissplenst several years int slushy itt C
is ene beardl, us stayinug isnuAnnsiAnror umuny, usundtis thouroughhy conveersa:
. tsar a fete clays isi thle untereolsit she, withs the details if the stibject ot ti
conaference.lie will lecture.


,34 5 7 27 14 4

Fey, ef...
'h'eisktuuuss, 1)..
frsonssIf ...
Smuith, c...
MclCasuley, is)..
Niesussut, 21)...-
Ahern, so..
henuil it ef.. -

3 0

11. ().
O 2
1 O
I 9
0 14
0 1
1 r
1 O
0 0



32 I1J527 It 2
hut iing-- 12 3 56 E7899
Nhleiigast ....I o004o0 0 000-5
'lAmour...0..0. 0 o 0 o 0I0o0o0-t
Sitummary: '- Tt-base e ltss-Ahen,
Kelley, GlddingsILsellN Martin. Iteame
rn-Suslitsn. stolhenusbiss-Wheeler.
Pautersns f UtsnI e saussss. Bases sit
tils-Of~f NI rts 3,tiff Trnkhttise2.
Dosublse hlayiT Irinkhuaus tsNMcCuley.
Struck slush-his Nartinsa fT''risnkhus
o. Fassoedh balls-Loell, Smiiths 2. Tisse
itt gamue-2hurss.CUmtpire-isckett.
The varsity lays NotreeDname this
afternoonsu. Oeitz anid Luseth twill Slithtie
battsery n-crls.
I huerebsy witihraw tauysnaeas can-
tiedate foe literary vice-presidnta of the
MNicigan Uien Ward S. Bowman.

settee woauldl lidicate. '[he freshmnaa had NEW MEMBhERS ADII3D
sut suiesash inaning, whles two passes '0 hBARRISTERS' ChUE
andis three sash infield errors let in fotrie-
runss. Rfecklessobanonrunnuisig also con- The folloawing junior laces were subu
tributsedh ts thin defeat of the [tst-year poenasethby than tarristers last night
maen. In thse ninth witha Iwo oust Taylor PHerbiert W. Clark, Frank F. Itelsetl
beaust uhIu shaortiinfieldt hit and Rodgers Stephen NV.hDowney, Oscar L. Boots
lasndedt ous the saltsar a three-hase Oliver Starr, Fhilip T. Gleason, Franici
drire, buat then freshmana catcher was B. Keeney, Thomas Gould, Clarence Ws
(Conitinued on Page Three) Diver, and Arthur F. Friedman.

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