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February 26, 1907 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1907-02-26

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The MichIganDily
ANN ARBOR, M II lI (JAN.TlKI.Y llil\IY a, ).


NEW MEN SHOW Six v: lt M yd 411 _ E
Preliminary Meet Opens the Season'meeing 14 RoomC,1at114111X1 t..C
Satisfactorily-Relay learn 11141 IInI.l ThI 1114 1114 of11 theI l
Breaks Record. i -141ia0 %1 XII I 11551 h ier Ie. h las
- p11 411 to h in11 1114of 4 .lng a Istu
XXXII IX noI I XXXiti) 11111' 111111 IX ill teXind I 11 1141111actin ll prohab)I ly beI1 III 11, is
t1ear411 aew material, not111\%X;I lls 11111 XII. on XXI(h i n te. T e CIXIs sXIIvIXtiI- 'iiI
conrain to11 i nter1tdill \ -[tllaso dicusedand t I ,IXl liXXrIXof 11
11141111 athlet1ic fu1111 The11 111 11te 111 111tion11 nni ttlel11111w 1ill lbe 4heard,. of
III 111an,( te seior 1111 XXi X) 11111T( NV V.I XX111 X i .h
XXeamI XXXi XIXlIg of fur1 "W1 me1 .111n
tr111' 1aser had he desr1,11 1i it is 11stl ci1 l l Wng he la II
The atnouccmen in he cnt~e f I1'Igll la111111 in 1ilt, histoy ofthelir I
theI XIIi g that lX 11111111 had11111r1111e1111(111 \4i of tlXIXpaps.cc I
XXitd o t"i 1111111 Ini cI 1 11111111 I 111)1ma 11 Iln s hee llX wogIrk1111111
Irr1n11 forh1 marXIIIln111t111ant IIIc n1111 X d sadv 1an 11111 t illIXIX 1 1
nine ra 111wor 11111 1fr111 111 IIt1 1 11 or1<1ether the XIIhoIteXs;11manager,14 srXaXII- 11
1a111for14the4 1111rdI of II IIXIIl111 151 111 1X ditor, or nett1114s eitor: 11wit1111111 I
'I'll(,relay) act,.X ereI a m st 1/1t1n, a room1t whichIhe 1rep 1144111uld XI
11 Is of111,me t. 1ut 11 XXim It II 1 11-X'Im" c sllrtp r ter sories; XI
CXXXII XIII 1111 I Ill Ill III 111 IXs 1.111 XIt
1111 nuin ol: pae1ot1r1 14 Xh n tcbne o ei : wtou i
recalof1h111 IIan tc 1id11o1tplc XXora Iieofit I.own1f1 re,:4wi th- h'.1 ,
colietitioll ath 1ug not 1, th lea t, I n l"n w esB ildig1111111 y i
01XXII 11 1co pee gan IXXeod , Il liIII,_Vr v1 1Xgr n
11th 11em.1111 o111 the1111 I.tIeritlI publ11 ici onIIl iX I ll helI
e111>1 ill 1111c 11111111111 igib II 1 1111 I 111111114 1f11111i ls 11111 Xodern XII 111
at Ito feet tI inchesIX ll M l hotte11 l1 Ii i ck ansd1111 he entIX i r1111111uidig -
1.1111 ha .1 II 1111 11 IIIhere1I i111 1111 II 111 111141
1 1111 Ils 1111 1111 111111111dIwi 11114e 15 i~h i n11.1 o_11,n
.tyi ,o11111 tims e.111 1111 111 :, 1o1f 1Chi-1 IniI) 11,[ale 111with '1in1e III 1)oal 411
11111115 II 111111 II 1 111 111 l 11111111)1 II 11n
it is 111 XI - lls III 11 sII , t r ' , t e D t ot M r e n n h d l y d t e c m le- I
11111 4.11 Icho lsa o pr.fie t Iof te b ilig 1 11 XXXIIIerXXII
1111III 1111 111111 11111 IIn
114 IhercodIfsi cc, hug1t, eetrcan111111er, ae o (i
d n n ai t oi11,1,.1i11c111111w11th i l parts Iof 11111111o Ill
I 111111 11111111111
at:; la11111I iI form11 as gI -1Ithou '-.1 IXil tenetm nth weetings111
histe1111t1n t i4 1e ece t il rgh .cm b I ndth ily1111 will4>
fo ta iin1111 l i ie1 it '1114;re ocod i teb Xeen.I'll(,111ground i
ru fiX sXX ds H tfr, Iad Ii h lt(rtiI lll hl 111cu 1ied byX XXXfiXc111a11d441
1111111ial. tlirc the 1 me1 cyXl I srI llprs 11111.11111i, 11of 1 1f11114e lrgestg (
ThemniaiII Ihe'tli\ght 14(d roo Ims Nin tat.It4
11ot-ut-("OrelXII ira41411111ecb111.1xh r s 411 l trI c 141en
07 1111411, wII thXXeIIdsIani froth aXborveIby
XXXI t_51~f1o1fl1111morns.11ll1TheIllil111111111)
Xoi 1411414111414 -C145 IXIIr;f tic ~lioiX 41N1d-lbrXil-1I 11d4paXItments4

--- -11 - -111111 II I- -l1 ofIII- th11 e1irX ew ho se(,tSotl aest'1 I441114 reet~l
The 4XXXsno oni t rneo n idi'a14111 patybegnnng Frda




ornell Aione Opposes Re-entrance
of Western University into the
Eiastern intercollegiate.
Ia llXll lle it s 1soiaion l XXin New 11 114-I
liligIl was11111 i141111111 I~s a11-ilI in v
llblIXr 1411at111o11dI againXstIteXIIItis
111111en41enerally assignrd ~lis 11at11'141
ell Illrs N\ici-11 's dstnclX 5r-s
1111r1y1V.XXXIIXI 11111 1president41114 of 1t1 e
111111 \I a tigXen nllus'te se 1 sson o
beI 11111r,11with 1111he ICorne1 ll repr111sI II-
ill is Chief.1. quest15ion r.I l
tline Ill . Ills g n 1111d tobere
nstate after1111l1a 41111 bcIlldropped1111
I 11 111 IflIXo IXtinud n n pernire"I
III nII 111111T4eII XIvI-I 111111 d1 bred
mt XXIldiI C111t1inI reg laions by 11 its1111111-
'iaX 114o1 tack IXtsbe 1111an
hat, 1o1 tepat41141'rha f c
;uaIv deardI t folllletn ,a
TIrd bXIII asocatin.111ad


IheS 1411' 1 ial s<) s1411is
1XI~ I 11111to 4sivc1111111111 11111111e41 iI
ofl an-I addIrs, 11111124 111 4y41danc11i
XXIIIhe rIleX'iX1X' II III 44111b1 .11 is XXX
11141414111 IXWs Il-14X Api ~sl 2,41)III AXi ceI
icl ( pat e t lXXsl 41111111 11Iailt~l tls 11an1
intrtr14 in' theXXXII oratory1ofs lalll-
1111111141 1114111of 'ush Medcal1Col
Ill nd hsenas'o111 cXIIX iated withXIII 1111
41141~ c in t11 e wm-X ()It11 1 ), 1m11 lac .
4\a114 411rak I.1441 1 c0 \4Xs r \V
441441 4. t >1/I ci ry I S(4(1 IKU
1111 1411111114111IV II s.AIXIII Ills nre
II.111Agn1111' -, IIf XII Ihm l. .C.Mc1 elan
l :ll X I 'I S111111 41 T 445 I1Z 41F 1S( 111
The II oXII nlritt11 of student11 s app111 144l1411
' day 1X-riX g. The11 114' XXII th114 XIII
wil al ledI inX' theI nearl llltliro toXlcIl-I
Niews plnsts h pese1 e attht tm.

TIel iIllIllIIi . it 1trll hul I ca1 r,111 it111I
dal fr111 II ; It1 m.t,)deide'X the s
it 11, 11111 X\\ XW.)Ic i III 1111 \.111. I
111111 1', s r\l 1will IIf t e11111 -
1111 XId <) i t 1 r11 11111 1111 I 'ci XX-IvI
titr 1he 11 ci lXtrel ll he.11 I I nert1)111
II 1111111 I 14 t e 1111c1nn itec to 1 XnI ' .
)c' II 11 I-Il 1e1i i; \ c h I-
SINS lPl1K\'lII srXX\Is
Prof.4. 14. 44A4'il~iI i'XXXsIXIXofIhe11 111
1414>414\ 114 14'111*1114II Ilill XlX1114 ill SrahIX
'I I 411>11ig Il 11:1111at8XXX S k m
14. 144141114Mil illXt XXXIII X bXyI i nvi
Fr I XI c III g". The -e 111 slr< l XXXa,
I1',fse., X14s ill ' ,(II i' X i' d retI )
Il 1141-sIul- 44ihl.llsIIIisll td wt
.4 ml 1111 411 . 111- iXlllX P-14s. htII birth,
\cII ieithe l ay'XhiXmX 111 111111I, 'Ill h IIac-
111,11 lia ge~c rIXIX 111111 XI III 111111
III I fs t or r mpls111re
Thel 11:1111 11ur1,1xXX 111111111 t i
hu m , li 1.1 11 44 141111 iI 111111111
1111 s1111 % X;, XII he l)X lectedh.11111 f
IX r~l, hare beIIIXIX IIII 41I11 XXXII 411t 111
to IlI m l XXXa I (he IlXl inlorde
,ith 1) 1t e 111 ,) th-XXII y
"I,,,1 1111 IIwi- sXXXX is- IhXII'Ill ' f l
IoIIc I t Is ;, 111111p111 a11d1 m1111
c li XIll s 11(1111 I Ii(' (It'll 11) 1 tit' It 111'.
artst, 1h) 1er 1111il Drnch11 IIII it
XXXIIt atthe layX I , a111 IIIXXIIXX,.fi1111
t1111t,11: 'c bII 1 111 rece ive I lc IltI
the1 Maill ); ]-111I dc IThXXX (i,11111 d~v
\I.1111 i-di 11 1 X'lc~i. \ IIXXX 1 1 ;11
51.111 IIXXiII, -, (1111,111 111'I,f \I. 4 Ih l
I XXXIII 44. S. 111141 I 11111 .1111 1 ,l1111
XIII 11I'tia W h ell; I w (le <nt
in11111 XXX s 1)im n ,F, 1.N 6 1
1.41111. XX,; i lll\laitre ;tX i l,I ,S Ii
S1a1d>1 X III IIIX tiX I I dIX l rilX I . .
1111 Il l it e T ile l, 1 2
tell,; ill (ta colXXX III I 11IX I.1S)X ""k1 .
1111 111,1111ic 1 XXdani k,
tailor,"I- 11111 Il-X' >1111411' XI., .ffi
ba41)l 1111
\ 4114 111il,1 44111 ip Iic l" iltt
1 \11 X XXI414 111,[ 11111 4 4L , 1?1' .
TIIX 1 114 1111.14 1111XLiterary 114111 tril


F1re toAct Stude-nt ' Iitiom
Hlais een Startedi.

111111 111 (' lil ' \ t
11111~ 'tl k1111 111\\ N
XXIrI +f (tI t" . T
11111 ' I (" 111 i(( 111'il
111 t ai n ll n lt
w(l'1.11 1 i1 1( ll(rl
il( cl 11t11 I' tl' r(11
W i4411 lrl. 1 ",1(
tr C (l l r(11111 I III(-I
XIII 11111111 .

1111ti a fr m tl-
Itl I - -~t 1 11 to Il
11) l i,111 t 11111
f it' 11 11r 11 I111 a

Late-- an -- .Ke1- t - ha.y .1. -ft'I.

i ,

I. tl I II
4 . Imo ~

form 1
, li--
rt' '1'

I XX ( III)' ll



Jr - I l-I-.

141-11111141 S I tX i ll XIgII c
N>1111111 lIaE 111111
I<XsXIIIXI vll 1111 XIII'-
XXX(IiIg- cII) sXXlsla Il
411114111 Xl lcr ri~~~t ''h ly
!;prc --41111 lc
1411111 d e Ihrttrc C itc

I'lll' 4 IIIIIII'1'l,1lI
tak1 11 caII 1(l'1 '11 13'1
I-itl Pcl' I'l I11lv11

XXXi is ; I'l 1111 1 iriti ' IX')> I'IIX<<u n1
C I 1111 1 II 'l1111111

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