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September 24, 1900 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-09-24

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IlLYARS uS f nntnational pol itial firs xii
HFYF~' cUR[* announced later. Negotiatins t
_______under way with one of the mstt famot
statesmen and orators in Aner
ATTRACHONS SECURED BY STUD whomu the directors hope to secure.
ENTS' LFCTURE ASSOCIATION. The sfficers and direcors in chat
ot thi yars course ar as follows
U'rrsideit-C. Van Keuren.
Seven Numbers Secured. - Winton Vice Presideit-S. B. Lowes.
Churfhill on the List-F. Hp- Corresponsig Secretary-iF. Eng
kinson Smith Appears Again iRecorditt seretreary-I.1. iSch.
-lna Band and Strauss' Treasut er-A. i. McDougall.
Assitant Trastrer-E. C. Ksnapi
Orchestra the Mus-5 Directors-'. W. Voorhies, H.
ral Nnmers. Bailey, T. AV. Raton, S. W. Utley,
11. tinury, A. IRoStth.
Theoficers lote been tost act
1iso utany yetrs past the students of aitd eergtic atdtiavecorresponi
the University aid te citizens of Ann with nealy every politician oft
iottl rputtattiont. -the oveshadow
Axrbor have htsi, to tn unusual degree, imtporrance of t coming ntional al
ie eopportuniy of seeing and hearing i n is astorbitg all te timtea
the ablest and et known figures in eitergy ofthsiertieit rie sres
the United States, asowell aoshe mst itie, aitientitte li-ttOt-iettetI
distinguishseilprsonges frotm abroad leeutrdiitio, to 5postonte their
nmcmn.Br.poiehaebwho have visited in hisa country. Be- ricived-ltelict etable ie director
ctassa of te stnintg of te University certtitlyasutre tle tlppearace ofc
taud through he acivity of the Si- at the leadiing iter-t in each of te gi
dnas' Lecture Association, the moot hatcies anprbably o nan of in oietfgrsiltentoa y ainlrptto.A h ud
tirminsitfigresit li naiotal yecittie aclitibe ot-or two aexrtsus
from year to yartrhave hon induced lit-s x w i iesicutci.
o come to Ann Artbsr, until noxw te Itheispeakeis thulrs fir secured
fome of its lecture courses htsseraoeisbord tiasesought nto only those xv
so extenderS that there is sctrcely any- giceat reptitit ti,,liut sclh tsfeats
itoifaiiiisis iattble sfter cdili
where in the United States a platform ii~tr tct leetrs-Ii
sos much cught by public speakers to etirieaciitutnd es-tuebexecaiont
that rut University Sal. No other ISecial pis lrhtve ben te
Unixersity anid only ta fexyof he larg- Iiiatioionit,~sitec-trcpotstiuui
i-teites can offer such large rnd d- ;wuas noit lisly o staotini it mii
itable audiences- touing the past 50 'bliencgged.
years the greatest figures in the xorld-
in al spheres of tctivity hae appeard «I\S'CiN SPt;ERLitCIl 1tCLtS
tee-. Tiii-tote:inteothiy civetts ii
fTiese celebsrities litteebeets brught wotrldt duritg teSpast ytarhaveixi
to Ann Arbortaly through rho I spirin sul ItiAfrica in tettit
-gency of te Student' Lecture Ass- Siesti hut 1iititand tetie
ciatisinThe tssciat in is caitissed I1heliiteityttisn-sitambiiin at
of all the holders of ceason tickes. Boerstsaittd te iotves oatheSitehtg
These annutally elect oficers and as Iiivei'bitei a cotaxnit subject at
S-sr atof drlcosr, o womtois en- c 5 'n ndualy tll ts- -suoit
trisaedthSie tiiantgemenitttof the cutse. iof ll naionsiatie eehottiAtoetse
The aittof atthesassistien is o secure itei cl --i tierieicase of s
torits sietbrs lisa benetis frospithyii5fot sthees ohtettof
herinigscctiletditig speakers tadci- 1Btilti
tortinerstiasay besecuire raitsyer 5Of all thses-xxwh ht e xwineedic
i-sic,. With this tutu in ie-x, iti c aisricSstrutis-tisse lis<ts oi
hsitcbr-cn ite policy oatscce-diniug itiat-such aitiltitiec tr be sritisiNvielyq
gitig boassdes to expendi, s ar tiatisIt> x Sti-listlitit-ihil, its- xer
iosaiblsie tll tee ctinnigs lliatlrtctiostitspos-etsst f the iiiiii -Lst aiiiIsly Ti
for i snuemsets. SThe pastoage ofathesite( s elt-ettt tisties-.- hetitlsuethtyhsuulybe olb ilcue vl e"oP eoiii
sialthatsit ha sixbeenpissibl ito siueitt<IOtts- ut is tivsill (ru-saith ss tesia
thexemtsttg-pcite its- si sa at use oflt-heswisthe ligts adioieevrlyasiatoeot- o h h ol ~ ties-, sand ite('I
speakersolits-eessn11itisut to ici-ptig i iis-i(s-I th-5 -ar.
ris enotimritto-tssaii riesedi ipotsand 1isse iti si s ~nit Slites-c Cluti
hasvetisixlft abslncsecIii ibseteas-.isto ive litii lstiilittiss, lists
itey oathe stecciit issiThis listsbeen stmuch i ite pusbic sye at re
pent its establtihinig Schlarshrlis, ty rsthlits t-simpt(ketatechsof
contribtiitg i-tinrdtheii ytinsiun, elist butticroswdeIdsii-reethtunatat
and for other ilesivittis seeds of ite',nte wit hiostt iteres-t Ie is
Univetsity. lse st statoite le Lrd Sand
Tile ascecistisisi xisixorgainized in Siturth-ll, std ilsioter isshe ist
185-, tanidin 7803 xassaisorporaed tersitfte ae Laxrneseoiss
untrth ie lasxf thle Stteoof ids- Next Tak. Se wastobrn Noet
ga.tle constaitutions provides taS 30, 1874, etucaed at Harrow and S
anoy -i s i, wxheer matle or female, hurst, sutered te ritishstim,
in r riy -l. isttictttotfitthisUnivrsity, 189551(Fortht(que's Oxin -sinai
uwto pucs teis a seasons thcete shall lie senridso a olnnteer inste Sits
he a toss soarcosthsis associatiosn and sosy it Cuia in 1895, receiving
miay xiii and htld ashies therein. Spanishs Order of 'Military Merit,
PRIiCE- OF TCXETS cassaxss attached o ta regimne
'l isSice oit icesis only $200 for tPunijabinsfatry xitste Malts
tir itite course, or less than 20 cents hield fres187; xass'mntsniondl in
toT ech bnube, as probably eleven patchits, and recivd a mdal,
or to-ilhesnissibersxiil be given dur- cat, fr iis coduct at She opera
tng te year. Noxwhere esle can such xwar in tSouth Afri ale oas set
attractios be hard at so small 'a Sir 1V. Lockhait -with the 'first
price. peditonary force, 1898, and was 0
TIBS YEAR'S COURSE. tennt in this Twenty-first Lance
The Iboard of diectors has already Lord Kitchene's f-rcs in te
decided upon the foloxing numbers yar, being present at the batS;
for he year 1900-101: Khartoum. With the outbreaka
1. Winston 'Spencer Churchill. war in Euth Africa he was sot
2. Snesa Concert Band. w-ar correspondent by the Li
. SRev. Newell Dwight Stiltis. Times. His career, his dispatches
4 Strauss' Royal Court Orchestra xiha his capture and Sliillin
cit Vienna. cape from he Bors are now cn
5. E-Gov. Robert L. Taylor of knowledge. He is a man of vig
Tennessee. build and constitution, a sron
S. Oratorical Contet. pleasing personality, and accordi
7. F. Hopkinson Smith. all acounts a mst interesting pt
Besides these, two of the mot prni- (Cnined on fourth page.






We are Drug gists. Our Prescription De-
partment is as complete as any that you
will find in the large cities. If you have a
difficult prescription, brkig it to us. Three
of us are fitted by college training and by
long experience to do the most difficult pre-:
scription work. You take no chances here
ard cur prices are reasonable. This is our
business, but we are also headquarters for
the following lines of supplies such as stu-
dents need: -





Lab~ratory Supplies
For Bacteriology.,SHis-
trilogy, Patholssgy, Biol-
ogy tuandis5 tsecttion. Our
hictes are very lair and
M re xil psy cats fotr
jisythuinig tShinSti s us-
Dental supplies,
We do not hate con-
plete outs~, buttissorty
Inont-cominasttionu goods,
wrhichaare bhurn sdsi
jcheauper thIsaniislar
articlessuitS by te cog-
ultar houses. See us.
Kodaks & Photo Supplis.
Everytling tint Amo-
ateutrxwtants ft-ant iy-s
hi' o"osts.
Combs and Brushes,
t irsi0 nots tili xxhast
visit pay ten-ishasir brush
1 st. a yisoiutget tar
yosur moisney. Tise bet-
ter tir brush this better
t e invstent. We,
hsave geasd solid-baceks'
troSoi ic upwiardh.
Combs ot sik kinsa tt

Shaving Tools.
Warrantted R aoors,
shtampandu ready for
use, at $1.25 and. up-
xwards. A toil lines of
Straots and Shaving
Soaups. Same very neaut
mugs at 25c eachs.
Tooth Broshes,
Warransted not to shied
their bristles, 25c.
Almuost every kind at
tooth poxvder, paste or
Lowney's Chocolates
in packtages of sall
izes, freshi and good.
Sated Peanuts-1ths
best in toiwn"' they say.
Oar EROYALS ate btg,
tbec, tdelictaous Stssce-
iota Crenis,litke Alto-
gretti'x, butt 30c her lb.
ISoda Water.
Thits is this hissesSo
meinet yaur friens. Ous
is te SodsaWater sit
tis town. This is te
placttSo get a goad Egg

Whisk Brooms-
They a r e highs thsis
year, hut we have some
usn ouest at 20C to 25C.
Bath Towels,
5c Sti 15c each, Cotton
or Linenu.SBath Brushes,
Bath Slilts and Spjonges
sre here at reasonsable
Toilet Soaps.
1st-rge variety tram
5C t 50C per rake.
Hantud Scrutbsftram Sc
to 5aC.
Nail Brushes, z 5c and
Manicrure Seals- of sll
Bath Caps.'
Masde of Riubbuer. Keep
the head dry, floc each.
Shoe Blocking
a nd brshxes. Ttan
Poliast, etc. A conmplete




... j

REGISTER HERE. Many a telegram is
not delivered in Ann Arbor, because the
student cannot be found. Leave your ad-
dress with us. No charge.
POSTAGE STAMPS. All you want dur-
ing business hours.
We are ready to do anything in our
power to make it pleasant for you to trade
here. Unsatisfactory purchases are gladly
bought back.
Calkins' Pharmacy
320 South State Street.



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