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May 25, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-05-25

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VI 1. Cle veland V. S..51at1c1, Vail; Ann Ar,
P, adt 1101.y ootbl ~ther, Ncholson01; Grnd RAIN OR SH1I NEF
INTERSCHOLASTIC TRIALS I""""1ni11"' b rjup (IS ftot 10.tso The ''00' $3.06 shoe is the shoe
111111fy-etri I11.t.. Osborn; Lan- to wear when the weather is ucer- z
singDai111101:1)et10o1t H. S., 1011n111 ain. A little rain doesn't hurt it 7;,','
High School Athletes Compete for ille:IerbrSmr:11)g.N while it affor ds plenty of comfort on
Honors in a Wintry Blast- 11 ) .,71 tss eik (mroel. the warmest of days.
11) II Sb 11.. lerno.But of course we have light shoes - -
Goo Ma hoMad is t~)1 ill 12lb.0111 24 eelto ll~lliylfor right days and heavy shoes for
Som El to -Orchro l e. B trewer I11110111
(11111-0: Detrot . 5.,lviorl Rn: re, rainy days if you prefer.
1C1u1111)111111gr'll lrtis: ToI~ledol 1 blatre nArb, 1 LSS' HO\TOE
A cld ort vet wnd reeetlthe (ooding:t(11(1011 .>o . 1.. 514; GLSSSHE TO ,
you51thful 11111e100,Iwlh) 1100'1111d1't Aesev-- and U. S., obnoorn, ail; 1De- 1 9So. Main1 Street. .
Rtegents Field)1 yesterday 1 aftrnoon 1to rollt 5. 11., ller: De rborn, S Oler. open evenings until
run1 11f1 11he j0)111111111i10(f the1'Inter- Best pll. Speck40 1-1.710, i. 8 P. M ANN AAnBu, MniC
-11)1)11101 irt.1 Thew' ther1111wOasot___________
to oiklobut oill 011111 (111'.Ilhe~t 1)111More Fun Coming
cll.tunrwrend<NA4IL IT....
schol hicag111 ortho-edlup sirisong i Ien e Oil at1this1afrom F r y a.] leforE the other fellow gets t all,
the ('101 ht event10 fie' 101) 10511ly 1put plnting hsd or110 s ill no longel- ((TR
1111 shot 401f 1 1 11111ud ')rewthle 111x1.1home)tans over(the M1011f1111.1111.10OURlFLANNEL
h1u mt1 2511 11 ffIt. -,1.n 1n. 1111the 1prints, Like '(Ohi Anse" ho'will leave his TROUSERS SUITS
mrd La-ke ooenIBolow ,InldIl r.bloo11)1)11SHIRTS an MSIRTlWAITS
!it .102-5 I til ' 2oIi 24 2 th Itirlo he 111 tie) -is Io. oleo n 111 have beens the innovation of the 1
2. In Ithe ibrod umwi n naIsl of the1 111ea~tingtll ac" 1- t1) at1the11111 111' 1 :;10)R ie yosurs at once. The Noew Things
0)-ri l vrst 1') '1 11 1)1)1)s11 firs. h i f icuty in d( i)) 111the111)1 1110 ha1'lle Sor
I'll 1 1t 11a1 sin111111 d Osborn1 o ill) v} II ntot h o-I e oilled 0111 ld. 'Il111vea l I. e) "~
Invi0 itldtaudifiult n.win 'gllsn i Itiss701 ,111I1r) o- i ll lsilf XI buv ~atters
Nortlhwelst IDivisionl 1.I.. 'hi-og. I),%. 1unlap an1Al11 nrsn.1 1''1l.Dr andV'Haberdashers
f7inlg 111eir (011 ill (((ost I 111110)1 t(1h11.vef0 n iep tmlell -1(having Ipiched o1111
If 1111'pondls )aftoI rly )'11 lll ri- l t1-110 team1. Altf. And1erson( of 1111e1-Igi *O O @ OS O SO .OSO @See S@ @@ @ .
utri S I''te lh l l i rrit loe s- -dprm ent0 is) selected1 to' ti11011 0 1(11
111' 11 o oll ""1') I'1i11(111111111 1'rldlooIl7kh-*..,: ATHENS THE~ATRE
17111'1race at t111' firron dl, (11.g ) lO~ 10 1'10. .... H PP...."U~i
0fi11(11) ie lb- 011)111,1)1-11e1l(0II'l)(1 o ... ".
If --otI-heyswlllo nr(10) 1it a11ll nIse- f l hs ieA.. h s e~i ieae 0)1e17rPi1 pynTrlEf1tcIIErTo m~, OLa st e
Ike )1((1(1 11l11ll1) I I lb ~ il(lI theI 10-il ls I 'lo,1) 111 0(-1-1-for11 1(7 10
1-10-yr dih had 111)kv.bo- l adt,)- -am'11 is' a,1)follow)s: X00- ...II V tb r.0
ler - Detoil. 1 .5..1)viltoin:i ('1(0110)1 .... The Iorigial 'hcag"' Aladin IDre m of Gtly, ,".00
An :t~m +[nat.Roet.: os in" " """ Tie specIal poucticon of mirth and nelod11y, ..,, *
011Ba blr S)(1 bloow, 1)011 '>-:.01((11 Sbowll 'll 1''v~. soed to represent 'Wesern Theatrlicl t(tthe .. @
I21-ord 1(11) 11-.0o.11)1111 1 (e, w " Pan-Ameian Epoition durnthn kecmin..g slm-
- SAn rl~. to n t: 1Det1-it It.~ llh int11 ... 01(o)11 51 011151)1 p ... ierse on 01(111)
(';till l01(11 0(1) . i 1i11.1)1)1(1 11 I' :::::" Prices: - 50C. 75C, $1.00, $1.50 ::::3
I' 5., Va'il. Hutch. kst )(1' Sisll 5)i1(1 (1(11carIIt,11 .." __Seat____ Sale_ __Thursday____
171see)1 0g...-
Dlim 1Detroil11 . ; I, Ante: T'ledo, *;:;. HELEN BOVEE, The Lady Hypnotist ;:;;"
I ti., WallI(onll.M011ph1y(:l tther,1. -11111- Chef d'oeuvre de. ::
.1) 1111 1100 l'll ude - tlollit1. S., Waltonl,Sagli, aid Chapier - -
Af~cl;Detoi I , .un , etrit ADDRIES, :11:1 OCT11 SlATE S'I'EET
'(\ HI- .. tinom. Rboc:tl ('eeland, Te pbishes of thisw01- ee ied lltIe
nil. Ilob-k:. (rlmI IRaphid. es,1) or- Grand Prize sod Gold Meall at tiePais o Ex-1
psition foe its erelesce.-All wosso ld o(1 01
ci ietII :042 R O S E Y 'S'ire11s it" ubeioi ny
A tt-7i hely- i. R 111(011shOrcltIh1rd11111'IIIr- Redmond Kerr 8(Co- l THlE OLt) REIABLIE SITIENTS IHEADIQUARTERS,
'oledo, Iiomo-Il : .nnI A0t'Io tU at: BANKERS I I (Ii 7fXr J-'
so~h1n',1- S. elks:(Qronie'as)Ltd. 41 Wal Sree, New York
Eltterer:I Detroit I'.S. I lcil,:tsI: 1D)'REMODEED, REFTTED EVERYTHING1 NEW,
roil H, 5. ,1.1'e111t11)'ime-!ranklin(g Trnsac a general bnking,,bsines. BRIUNSWICK IAIKE CLLE1'NDERk TABLES,
:4Reeiv deposits sbjet to drft) Dividends wT
s2+oad interest clleed sd remtited Act as TE (NIT MONA I DN'REB
I lalf 1mile)' 11111 1l1(1 IS..1117)aresFisal Aentforand negotiate the Issue of ENtINRNE AROH CUSHIONS DECEIVED
(em IDdl.1)111'Tl'lI1101,railroads, street raiwa-ys, gs companies, etc. 111011 GRADE
( t nalIt pid Dotau, '' i do IL11" e, Serties bught a d old on commis ion.
;OrchardLu1llke, A1- l-, ,a ~I 11' (ilb- Members News Yrk Ehneisge.01 4RS o c ,C 9 RE rE
s(11: (leveland1T'S ,. Sutphen. 1 st E L I
'Irao-n 1-l. onir 1(1fet ~List erent oflerina A,u pe c 5ttno, R ElNLDSAND I~ S ffEnSOt 0T
Illllfy)-5)I'tt'011 II, 5.-( lulItrl: lol- P ILADELPHIA COIRESPONDENTS. ]' ~Li TO L) STATE
hiua, IIttglIIs: Orehard 1~tlhII'Brener: GRAHAM, KERR 'UsCO. FEROLS losoa'rnAoEnTREET
(I ree nll~eFerris; S0 'rns,hllo '')-
111i110el: ('Ieoeluisd I1_.111)111) IBen) Cosing Out Sale of....
to Hrbr.Bnt Daron oler: BICYCLES at COSTS N AR PLM IG
Lanlsing, ('idls: IDet rit II,0 0 ID 1 sF LCTI ~SRCIO N UPIS
.nn Abr ktII, ooi~l icago111 N '(S. IT) H 1 SEAM AND IHO WATER CHEATING.
Slit shtl throe,'ies.1-1 2,LS V RAEfAN.L AD5RAES
Pole valt t0) flet 1)11(( to u ify -L ther I _________ -____________________

Nicholhson : DetroitlV , 5,, eena o- 5.
41(111 hIN WS., Sstson dlI'il l too1': TEST... <
I'mIi' 11, Qtil:( SImm,10, l JIOto ~
1H11E; FREEif01 S$3.50oIEl-l;218 S. MAIN ST.
DeItroIit 11WS.,0,;oooo Ilil (iI 0':0..1 tI .EaRE

It., QsattnrelJ: Defroot ,.B,. huller; I-


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