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May 16, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-05-16

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ATNN ARBOR, AlI1h.. " THURiSDAY, MAY 163 1901

*. ..Our Special Line of....
Foreign and Domestic!
has arrived and is ar-
ranged for inspection.
We have the largest as-
sort nient in the city,
lob Ei. Washington St.
Artists' Material
1A Complete Line fur
Water Color, Oil
China Painting

Mlendelsschnos Elijah Will Be Render-
ed T--Night--Fameus Artists
Will Appear-Choral Union
Chorus Takes Prtini-
cent Part
Whien the C'horal Union inl 1894 an-
noinll1a festival! it was looked 1u1pon
its a solewvilat loolblflil exierilnlt,
a11d the 1(lotst inlIk i' (1d(1 llot 1oo0k
forwuardlto te 0uccess '11)01 1(a0
crowne~d tile (1f0r1s 0)1thie'to whop)
it' uoeptloti woo, 11ne. A lpl ee at I1ill'
ll')isswhio havebens ea1111 rd111 1 ot se
concert"0 and a11silldl o)1 ilhe'lisitlof
wo)1100t1a111has ieeli glvn) l ill 01110 :
Hie re111101111 ts10i10lllcn11 s 51111".
FeTivll listlllll l liii' en toriptii llly"i
111010 ty all 1at 8 'clc.\ all
(11 1111(1 of, 111 oplln'11 p 11111in iI' 11could

tating 111thetrules tif tile 1associ-1tio1.
1v~r for'. ,b1for11111 e tile1111110011111'to 1a
Rollits' lrjuiy May Pieove Fatal
lIosepli A. Rllini~s, '14,1111111, 0011
1102111 11111110ast)01s 11(11111 11o110e111h11
sible1' 111111 1110s 1i.j1ries0 (Ilpr)100
I t, .Rllinst' 1h1111etOi l Mlltllll.
'011 iar.tto 11(0 1111n1tel-lpilfotll.
0 l1eh' Gun's Yesttrday

No. 169
Varsity Defeats Chicago In. a Ragged
Game-Chicago Plays ths Bet-
ter Ball After thu 3rd
(0Coacli Seoli 01)11: "1 11111
0(0o1'. ITie?ie p)1 0000looselylydtruhtan o.sif
ore ilyit'rioilptoilt 1111 0111 will
be tieatt 1111stiff.'"
liii I ' it t isted bath)1'1111i110
1111ed toi see'11110' rasediti11)11eMould
play. to 11)01)ond to eutiiie
ic11 0E100)0 - io l '. 0111(1 Iti theeorei'lost till
11111 0111 1110111np1)1t1111101of ilot runs
11n1the'eond and 1 'i thdinig n
Iion ot'he tip 'ilm tot' ii tt''tit 1 ' let-
to ie t' in.' d1a1 lt 1111111' lip(,X
1111 l ' It o l l s is itto<l tI il lii.'
Thetitottii' 110111ic i'a' ile-'111011,
A it' li' ndit ii 11)111)10 ie WWIi-op
loo i i ii~n tti 111 o l te it e " oilo
i.tie pe imp toip lad. st olet looso111
ti:t jms eo hei hatill,-to l yf~' in c:o"'un*
no .11)1 soiil.l'ld ill oitip otbig ex
'flu' n1)01')'l11he haslnrevi' olioi'0

________________________MRS. KUNKIM--IIMMER0AN
Alave11seen00ma1de1't11011 ltedelssollll's OFF FOR THE' EAST
AS)) oln o iIIs Ie(iiltp. T'l t per1form-'1
r~s aneioftill ooirk 11 illn tro, 011011 Base Ball TIearn Leaves Mithloan t
LO n y00as1896, I))aroousedl-petit'enthuslasmotti, t 01Depot at 9:43 tonight-
I litii is fotoitat too' is no-oited owiit Brown May i e Played In-
Choolaes intret: 'hefollhowoil"sioloisto-will,1 ste-sd ef ikanhi attati-Ne
appe l . eanot at Bttfi'ala
SReeved fresh 0001)-oveek j} I 'otilsito 11. ttlwt 1A. 8)01111'.
of (ose llill'0l11f Plt0-Iiot L eslie IB'roo'n Ti h~e Lou) . 111 li :tit --o lenstosto ioalptt ti'o
but Illtiing ilie liii a) Iiss Fioloi4p lloollo'. Il - . 'i
ll. le n 1,1LAT; vit,1he 1-)1)111 'loft-the li)tOO(('' 1
K Chorus in, Otlis't ando0) 1 -11 1.ti 0 tt-i. '
I -c , , 1 s h~tf -- c tt' r I
CAMPUS DRUB STORE ( Fresh Lawt Kick Out thu Seniors . " lotr "ooto'oi 'i1polw' iill lhe' ill
oi (n n i(, ''tiitttt oil Ito
. tie 1" ie to lieto' lays,1


IIT tlo

1:.IIt, tU.
H oti'iont, if -... ... . ii 0 1
Place.i t' {'),, 0 1 14
Sliotit, 5s0. . ......... t (
)frl' olii, 21) ...... 1 1
Hooter.11)- - -..... 2 0 10

) 1
.r i

A Wernicke Sectional Book
Case especially sailed'
Handsome in appearance,
grows with the lirsrary, es-
iay moved, eanily purchasbed
One section. holdinlg s.5
books, complete with Itop
Firt ght paid to any point
east of Rocky Mts.

o'lte0ti't iil hie)10 tll ipoe t is ,, 1 (WY , iito ittll l eIi'11 1 1 iii ( t ),
('0)00 0111)1l ItIIl' orderi t halii t the 11 01010 r '?e'a.uh ili it lttio t -' e(tio d
t l o -oten il i i movit elio, b lltly is ,'0l 110 i vil e Ii il o'i [lo t.ooil i
1o'u s 00ill-I' esti dti'il issiii e it' i'ht'Po T !-oIlel r ie 1tltl''o 1P itl, Sut-
leun ' os'11i n tt lnt'ttl 'ott io. l l ll>tiht o(' 1):0 00311 3ni ille tititonol llon i ll
thy 801tltord.iii tiittli' iand seiOlIo-i''t1;in1to-ottiii'81on-us (aell8-00oue
ttio aeito<I l lii' i-' od llo t le el' lo'e bpttt at Ithlc,liii to
tout freshtmen. Hloooeerliih' fresh- l''lti e 0 1001111 1,-i' e lNi'o 0)11' 1-11
11)0)) il tohe pi tornter hiililiiip 11ve)0') - ti ii - t herIutiil'' 1111 0101111 0)10)'
a) champ ll0llslil ip i'eebzzng hirg 11$11) 11101('i" (. (('Iiit lelssfio tXi iiIto)'
iole lll1 t11)5''Ilte i' lligt h) h lllti 10 0)10'di sthlibe 11111t on 00edniesdoiy
ill eli' series. They d1d 11)11a1e110)' ly0111)1 t(li' tooll. Nep otlltliolls till a1 P)111)
to ills' re'arks'l ,1)1d horfions of Osenlir00 ilt 1r11)n011 1'' 111)0' ll(ill;l, anti)
wvisdom hatiiie'ilosul, 1)1111 i'1lll'l 11111(1E0Itl-ososl 110'liibel(played illProvoidence
lh' doer.,'t'le imi )11 p111 soill lii' oith i Itonord
Itwa cOlaimed 1 by ll'the ilt~ll'i;PI'o i o ilFida1' . (1 he'till'hob osill retu~rnIto
oihlehl'os ofthle sliltioC lo 1lss thiolitti llthe nnXror' 011Satui'idai.
111)0-0w01010 1li'illllll'il against loist I i h 1)-ail'11-s 1100111111011firspiall
fall i1n till'foo~tball sellednle- by'Bell - tlelonnl by)1' Illlllpa1nd thes'eowill he
law Itw 1 was also urged that the laws Rugnts' Flid if received ill tile,.

111111out1G11oilh1111' f111111 ts.s

_I'ouhil. 1I, 1..... '1 )
l),ntS 4 11tit ....I .. 1 1 I
*1)100',li-f ,44 .......2 ( 0
C1i-odon- ',,, 11) 1)012
Weber *i'o of ........- 1 ) 1
ltleoch' ...........__ _ ? 0'



Tolo., -....---1)) e 27 115S
(1)11011lonletoo 1l'lesii'o
Tooo-hoolot'hit-Snow.5 hl'e-o heIit
Stolen 1i0500-tOerrlifil)111, Ioo.Sonitit,
Slilderllilll, Mc(illis (21), 811)000, 1-1
eoo, Davoies., Strnukout-tBy Solth,x
G: bly 'tley, 4. Wild pitich-Ut1ley.
Pased bothl-Hariper. H its'y1pithler-
Fleoller. ,tteild(uclO-)0.l lllpire

LBase Ball Team Leaves for East Tonight at 9:43 Standard. TURN OUT!

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