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May 08, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-05-08

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....Our Special Line of.... TO PICK TRACK TEAM
Foreign and Domestic Annual Varsity Outdoor' Mleet Takes
Place Today-Close Contests is the
FABRDICS Hurdles and Sprints-Weight
Events Well Fepresisrted
FOR SPIN G At 4:1011. in. today elic- track mein
mill11esere their first tre'-out. The cii-
has arrved and is ar- c-its seats used ineetier greea sieeeedeer-
ha$arive a~i s - iktheliindesoor Seaeson e beenieeeset set
ranged for inspectione. 'r-lice -ide- of lice traerk neaer tier jumep-
W~e have the largest as- ineg'ptllsted see sec-Awill ice alioned o
sor; imeat in ties city, the tie-id. Tie learchrers juest west oef
lih-erailietstand w eill lee oppoisite tier
finishescithlie- dasleesceend ihuredies ceece
licerefotre will hetecen-et erectfcttrccc-
G" " IL Ctes ee lieserite s eats ceillglee- tics
G. . I~ ~ pieotple .eec opptortuiy to c Itthe-l


io8 E. Washington St.
received fresh
every day.:.. .
-0 JOLLY'S *'
Is a convenien~t and
comufortablo gasrment,
handy to slip on, at-
ways looks well.
Spalding woisted
jerseys in any color
01" cotubinatteon of
$2.00 to $4.oo

jtiiiiei ndeceDoiee-N
thands. Thr eismanege
there trill btee- ieede
cccii seesonetickets

ellenct staees thacet
diliittaeec e oicclesase-
ciii thacitis thpiei


eot admeeissionee Iccs teeeec itt delticto 251
ce-ees so is tee give evesroleaaice-e
lee comcc et cmed see Michciganicsatreec
Evcery errelltill tee totiy coniiisleet.
espseecily the dacshces. Leitelee is
pcikiedl asothe tfavorit-e ic e- 100-yaerd
edacsh. cciii HliccndeelNetter fightig
feet oc-eeccedlacet: . treite-icscnd
lilisti-ill noet tee tar lbehcind. ice sacince-
resultou;.-gicttet thke icerace iiihe2211-
yrdcldacshi. lee the 44i-ysire i-eee a
goodlety bunichictlit steir.,cbul t ce i-ieee
tier firs till te-bietecesenCcaii. Hiteys,
Netter. ltritecieses-lli. Its81,1111cccii
tnee ice lef-mciie(Caiii. Haesitill try
tolee e stehiseowiic recild of 2013-5.
foere. erry, 11,111. Blaille cciiiCali
ctittlemacie ace exciticig tighcttier secondce
plce. Ileelihe-miile- Kelog g h ctctto
set ciiup te so enet iguitres, cccl ie masy
tee putshcedl iy usdlceil Pe-rry. rice
twoe-mcile i-ieeeis thece i e et,t.cnciiif
Klloicgge sees stacnde lbothevretsilsie
ictil tee t- icc tuis evect ealso. thoeutgh
Icier. oes, ire. Veieenee acccii1 illtey
iete e'ccieticitig "goo o rk c-ec-idcciimey
pisic lec.
Ini lie cpcli etti it-secpels codee11
fecIteil i-8ictcigic ccciiiUdler aviet
ci11dle10iifeel (>illc.. s1sohtihis
iecit ctill bleeoc cccloese-ty coneie
hnlstsiyeceh. Nonici er i ice- jii
cecs hccii leesecgeciceg cery ileihsoe iar
algiii seeit is-c-cniseqetlty chile til-ic
lice- ciie c. At icsirceig. WitClir arkts
Iice iii itmcciii'T-mio}wteliibteilicehtu
ieelt. lie- broadeetumpcecillceittrobablyti
se- tee i'slsceigie. t-lo liss dcciinecver
21 t. (i) ice. Neeter 4ies else asemceic,
cecil lie-conessi tlee-llc thereetwse
ece-tete c cetopdiwe soec tiiiitre-scrds.
Ci silecicic ccciiiSitucciechaeralsie
leen-scli cii-lg 1citelcilceltidsecccii.
Ice tier iighe iurdeis liitelc it-ill
tleir lst NvtllIii setcieaci-icersecidie,
suince l11cr lowe hurdele Netter ctitt ighit
it ccl tillsi isictegile twhilie leesleccec is
l ciicit u fthlii ecunt icy cally ncerces.
Neil Scece-tvce-litset eoec-cirececil ier
lie-discsteelrowc. cus lehic e en cci
tileecce ist oer.1i5 feet c-cery daey.
81ecece ihkoilccecianccciii eel-ty ctitt try
lee caieerlie tigeicecfieeehliceosleute
eiloeie 40- Ieret. Forcret ccciiiShorts
bte s-cebeeen ttcicgin.lice himerececccii
115 feet ceci eceey exceedthlie-ri-eceldcit
12:3 ft. 7 ill.
Alt ice sll tics iceel ipreomises to ee eea
tgrect success, andliete-rymo-shoueil
i-oiice out.
W. I. A. A. Recoird.
100-yacrdl cash.... 10 1-5 sec.
2201-yatrdlIcicl 21 4-5 sec.
44et-yarcrnce .. 50 see.
S8tc-ysi reruc 2:01 1-2
1liil~e-ruc..ii....4 mnt. :32 2-ti see.
2-milie run- - - cciiw eelt
12i0-yacrdlhurdlies 16 1-5 sec,
220-yccrd ihurdes. 25 2-ti seec
IHighi jumep .... 5 ft. 11 icc
Bradeljumip.... 22 ft. 7 1-2 ie
Pole vault- - --.... 11 ft. (lin
tRamebeer Throw 15o ft. 13ier
Sleot-put- - - - ... 41 ft. 8 in
Di.scue tlierow 115 ft. 11 iil

" I
r .
z ,

EIYNESI)AY, MAY 8, 1901 No. 162
Plague Patient Released CLASS SCHEDULE
Cas. ti. Hare, lice studettwhio caineFoBaeal ere- nirLw ad
electic withchutbonic iplageona April 4Fo aealSres Sno;Lw n
lhes just bseene releasedl franc lie Ueil- all Four Medical Classes not En-
rersity hocstital tpest ihouse as perectly teired Have not Complied
cuoed, snlie icvi at oce resume lilt With the Rules
ttudirsestfjuegglig wcithc germse, bust
ecilI te ecore-cacrefulinicethce futtere. tilt
ecumc (ieici lg, cc-lo sacriticedt his :assistanit Manaeger S. WV. Utley has
ticme et give ehimectier attentiones of a givr utsethfle leloccing sciedsulce for
curse.wacr lsco relresedlantee p iest the rcass bacsebacll games. The icoee-
leolsee tets bee fcceigatssl. Not a signc oposteed edicercics sire allotted deteart-
cit inetectione resulitedl freome Hares case. cmedt teames. Tier sencior ilccaw st all
The-ecicyiil effects thact tHare cwiiistuf- thiedecciealclassces haeeneot enteredl
fe-c fromece licciseseeis cc cc-eelsheart. teames. Tier Atletic Boasrdt iad Isent
wich-calwcays mcaniests itself ice recoc- I ouit tier sltimacetumccthcat cunless they rr-
cry cases. Hoevecer. this f-ac e leover- mcocved itce obelct-ioale-features frouc
coec clit eteatet. thce-irclacss sweaeters they-taceighst not
takse pset ice tiercass ceries. Thus facr
"OPEN DAY" tiery hsenot taksr ecy stes to coin-
_________ lly. 'Nice-haesecthey sattemnpted to he
entereciccthouect compiicee. Tue senicor
At the Barhour Gymniuasiumt - Great iass aieeapipoineteda. ccommeeittee to
heterest icc the Amisual Event- concfer critictier Boacrdt ci Control. The
Basket Ball Game will be medclsihowcev-er. hae-taenecneeither
hpositire eeocneegetire- actiaon. Betefle
h1otly Cottests dlateiyrs ice cciitichesses havce a tacit
undcer-teeeiecg thaet nceonaer schllyieid.
Tie-anenuals"OpeeniDay"er tsthlie Beer- Ice tie positionecthey satpiear to haea
seduce:gymnsieoumeictakesslisue tis eeven cnside-rale if itaolccmasjerity stepdioit
dulg. This is the-ondicsueetyof lice yeace amonccglice mems-ertuesf tihe clcsses.
t ien he irs' y.Ilasuii casss t'herre haes ibeensome tadlk of forming
ita lescie ecyteieerriyralulc,-ahe-aceaegeramonecg tide- classes ice qusestione
itliswiheahsucedngyar- foe-ti-theeurposeoferunneing sift ccciice-
souecccgrrsctcr eveunt. -Tide-invitationsdepes n eiso onet.''h d
Ice ied sire- maost egerly sougiht, adl
vo teie of this extr'ele iilen seem,
forunae fte hevotng en on i cowts-tr, to he ccitheouct ccciieeege fai-
sri enwca secure oserof lthem. Tieer1r- loctig eccccudeg lice rc)-ire-eeucetice meu
reuses havie alit-ss eu interestineg of tie-clauss. Tics-attituer of mcost of
fidNl c-imanccgced sltadccpromise to ece-h iem semec, to ice thaet tie-ciass athe-
thecir desualchexcellenice this yrer.Estec-her ietile-siscirsietcirigt
ically so icill her th e bset ll eigaediirto cc ressoecedtte cxts-ct. Btthliere is
betweenc thee*%VII-Stars" edntlie seuihisi slsocc straong edispositiolest directlt-
)notees. Tier seopomoestecuec use i- to ectegouize lie AthleurticiBoardticeits
fcihsccllihe- cust of theenneeisi. 'lice steeld foerthee p-euerr coccusof 'Veersity
senio s havet beenh defecciedibteth ie- aithltic-s. tt its unielyrthaet tier
sophomeceores ealoin uee ee eica ieee-eilssccill se- it tee seedly Nii th ie
pcioncssire- teeiciest cedsetleacoal-rced prese-nt sctinuce of cthlie-Atlici
pocseslocutthe-steels oflice dicer thereeeBoard. 0cc tichie-ctherciael it itsc-talic
celastes Tis inures cc gaosp irited thast tide Atlhelic- lisru eill cot cs-cede
contcest fromuecfirst hue hlast. Tile iro-fronee its poesitions. Tie-boardce sil
g4-ldedtcue glue atl7:141iscas followecs: coceeecielte-cir e iuu lesssr
tI'_ f t' . out unlees thecy lice- lie ucsrts.
. (heedd rchceieani ldu. Blt ed spoeusition occiherepaedt t 10 Od-
2. I- eu- sxe-cis tesoaed on Swedsishetl-c-l uicui u citiec ei cc
pinecipltes. fiendlyuetrwdic.,The ec-ice-li sniies
:>. Clude suticgileg. git enoutedictucisesedou-oeiioues foe tier
heelSe-cest. first-yeaserchese. sceleeislts elicit the-useeius. Arcrt-
(1cl)) Iueec yse-uic-s, Ihiess ile}e, tug leetlids sceuclite fiinaluistl ee e
ccwnSlucrdtIanciiIledges. pidhuiutaceD ec-oratioencDacy ct 9) c. cn.
1. d(a) Swcedishe teeth.ace-.
(he) iNadcyeltes aniideiachte(ley 1. 02Di )v.It1). ridacy, Meey17,
com nd.4 p. ui
2. Poesdtrill. firsl-yierclshes. 2."die2 I.,i-s. '(:y L. Satlurdacy, tcy 15,
sreeul reese rcheese.3. "iiivs. dt)".Sr. cy IS, 1()
PlcT ll.n. id.
- 1 si-its. 4. '02) se.i'04. luuuulcy. S claed0.4 p1).n
2. AJi, , ts t. . Itceeoue vs. Phescrmie sTue: ddy.,
eu-c lictauicucee ork.ueis clilay0 2,4 tp.cic.
7i. ine).: of 2t 8,4. IiI iiSchool, i.Mccl-
:1. Ihsicet cbaii gaeee. Sophomreue, ceictSet2 c.ce i ci
Csiiced tehei rntse ~lle - Iiol, iieeiuAue 22u-tpen..a Fi
________scilior __c___sses. _8. Icinncerus set 1 caniii3. Thsday,
Dr. (Conradeeo erg.'I)(ch ') _tIheed sSleey23,8 ,inc. c

tue-cue u-ce ueii cei se ilt co leyelie eat
alif cetier liiituet.eitegc icracese
lo e- ct-cutiaicici osutes surgesecto
the 'lctersity liousiihetier theea-sec
hdh-illll t Ie hees sincre tunicaocilice site-
gi-Cech steef.
L Mihuh Recocd. Holerechid. lnuecctd
t(10 suc. -LeiteeeWeslfdli, 1101.
- 22 sec.. .. .. T . Thicon c, 'hIS
- 511 sec. .... V.'..Teetzel, '001)L
t 2:0)01 3-S see.I....1. Haeys,1011 I
4-:318 2-5 sec.. . Ii11 Wood,'10
-. 15 2-5 see..... . IcLeac, '011
- 25 25 sec ....1J. cLeei, '111
. 0 ft......... Arcistroce, '01
i. 231ff.... .... t...eLeace '00
is 11 ft ........Dvoeak,'(11
121IL ft...........Avery, '02,
A.44 ft. 4 34 ie... F. M. Hall, '9o L
i. 107 ft. ui...... , Avery, u'02

9. VtWinneerof., Electnd Stuuirdayv Slee
10) Wi'c ccuc oft7 cedd 1). Theursdayu,
\I cc . ill .i.e
ll ocithliese gameecs ccill b leeaeeyed at
tieAtleutic-ilet, except 7-etcueec
lice cc eucceucug lawcieli-aced cthe-high
seceool-cchich ciiPrwibecyredat lice
Alii enctresutcitplasyers frc tisiesercies
ust tee Iddewcith a55ssidntianager
S. W IV tley lbefocre 0o'leckr Thurtsdaey,
Prof. A. A. Staneley ccill thcis after-
neoone at 2 Wocl in Rooine C,UPivcer-
sity hluaugive thefirst oteIls lecleures
oie lice May Festival perogtrain. The
other twvo lectures le till give at the
saedeilace Fridaey, Macy 10, 3 p. ns,
and Wedneesday, May i5S, at 2 p. in.
jThe puhic are invited.

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