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April 30, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-04-30

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a.uss '_~ s2. 111 lustre tluts'ssimillRA I O S H NE
sil laiti s 1 i'tss. s issue osuit's'lsi-ill1111 $3.00) Shoe is the shoe
~iiiii'iit i l'ssVs ilil 5151 tu' ii I nnii' Aris ii' is slt tie iisit I11s ;111(1 to vs ar 'sf en the weather is uncer- /
i'its'' li'~i~'iiu sailt for lPi'ssii't'si'siAsse.1. tain. A little rain doesn't hurt it ' "s"s
'siils'ii. rs.itiii ltuu st is n1lauiuis the wh_____________i s le it affo (itsplenty of comfort on '-
Iisis-t s'iiiiiiis'ss1ni iisii ss'ii' tl? £i'itlEi'- Track Athletes Are Very Bus y-'trs the v'arm est of days.
111,,t111( silolittlles' issss d its' suit lWisirtlMenWanted But of course we have light shoes .
tuls''<isusii'iew les' iii ussuus isu sut io1ssfor t1,riht days and heavy shoes for
of 1111!sius 11 sstt l Iss's' 1 s Ii lt y isyusrraiseyvday's if you prefer.
's's'ssssto l 11 is's''tii'i. Theniii u ell' ' s's-st A -rint Issit of''I'titii"st i's b in
'sijti aI uigitiliss hnt iiis' \51st lie'a inkills iii li'si's.si'l' 1siu1ilthelIii si't's"s I I~ ~ 1UL SH E STOR ,
triatto Iiii.l iuisi o ln i's''sisoliiA sl i sl on sit Ilti'ss s' su' It'l is's't 1kisssisi-in 1t 109$ . Main Str'eet
tihe ''ssi< i'iiste llstsi. i iittii usitsn N 'i's' ull eif1Ioi:e, 's o o srice for fsis'illss' Opesn vvr'elis until A N A G jvic-
fist heiii 'si so el fit te s oil is s'siiiisit. i i8i'1iii'ilNNil.RBOsRs'' sil
The titlsl is iii lls'n iii iistskin's i t is u ol 1e1 v r ltr on r
'si 'sihm* 's'1, illcts'$'ss oi i ll hn l enthuhy os it issifossil s1isis 51 lT'iere seems to he no let op io
a51'11( Hei'slli Is'isslss~' is i s'is''st tisi lii 'ss t i io. ce11 h eii' -ssti'iulil ' 111('s r the denmanid for our
and is t l sl:"s iisti'iii'tip e.'Dlsts's Il
Jitge usn'sn W its st- i s''lss I ssmll ,114ithlis's 1c ' 1"Sha! eleigh and Sack Suits
1l lrc s ' i lll t oll.asisn Si's 1 clothing on the ia-ket in years has
('sssstisiis'i t'sfrolsl) tr'st 'ie] ini iiii'"s i(,rI'lls. H ltssiiiiii'i' i - is's3niet wittisutch instant ansd sustained
fns i}I o ,11vil itfi'l'iis'' t '''s u 'itllsli wilissslsisi' success. Ttiey have inspired eco-
ilsit 11lilili n i'ssfor tills1'sit's' 'i111'1l ttusiasnm aimong the best dressers


tio s -sll 1w sts. eI\ fi liii' rust that siss itmsit-sho i s ill ' sllmlul s- iss h ll san lreiu lll l ly'.'"L'~s elll'''l'
liii i'it ' i '1e~ s 's'.' si'i, s''Indit lii's'' of s is thsir is' s's'lss t s j \Ve hy not drop in and see them.
's ~ i's's' e is 's ssrssssls's sll silsist. streat. 's's sssi,' ' 'isssl ic isil isLarge Stock of Trousers, Giolf
lilt 'isiti is s ss'sy's psaidsto is sisissiil's lii' lii hi'ii'. liiily iii stit a ts as C p n F r ih
ficns is s llli" whc \evP ns FatC p an rns-J sro ldiv sI piilil' itlt sui i ' s 's'. s11, illss iiis-si ioves'ill orderitos'i' iiliigg
"'"'),i's' sitis l iiith 'sl i ii' h nss' 1110
ofi11t0s ru' ii Atys. A'ihsi ' lits l ist's i plo ,l 1t aso. l New' me ss id com
builin t n l,.hr lii 'is ii ihlsw Th:i s c1e wi's '.-'111w115. - -
'5i'tlloicrs.t'I it t i's s ilt ll i sl Ityf1'etaktilili' sl 's u's 'ii 1111il-ATH ENS THEATRE
(lid htlildili": the preseltt i lillissi sisold eppa-i"fe vstl ota h i ' hiss'r a , a 4h
fin c"iink- i1i1lch I tookiliii's drSve.rday,
'iis ll I.. 1 uts i ii s's' i llsi lls s itliis 'l'il i' 0si1 Isulsss i
i.A.iiii'ii''iil I'ii hlii shi1lls'thi1 'sillhe idi suh i'if-i 5 P~ipQ 5Th~) hBY'
sit11sillstusheiha''s'illr'. 111 fact in ;illitilsit
Ii 55a ''ln i iii ii'i'sto 1ii I ii ui thel s I
'tat uts is's u o till's s t stl iiarc01aked careiof uifh Nt~ LS IfilI'S015 4
hi pss' 1 111il li s s t sioili lii' aneii s' l at I i s c' da 0d1l u t.'lii' s ho lds. ivud' 0l1 w t ti
Visitd ho s' an sits ilt' i lit S'sii of us'f ususo ussis11t1 usA\'ilDii lii' I slut'Liii'
ii- i u s .1 I c ldssiiuii~ ui Th'sills'lii li' esisuiequ'ssheIpeopsule "P p a s W i e
[Otuluss .s i It 12rdeirlesI' .tayu s hrhoisuu s' is' l out toi 'istiu 'iuut 't i' isis'1101
AM i l i' le i this' AI. usI sie''s tiss'. uiss50 5 $W0 ,i 15
juhi l's tu Iist ' t sililis'''si 11111 sis .tls 'ill the -.1'iilldii' ls'ilcl heah rdi.Arlti 1l-~onot Dsn:tt h :'~ lld tn.SeI)(\t'
);t er i ii'he tliei' ilds ilditi.ii' lea'sui s' i to heius'. iu ss lst hs k oi t hei
I'o' 11 hsue i' ie- i i li'tssssir i' isusiissul's 'sii ine 110et to h sl lld t is u i ntisu t he's
lolie loushs s 1itadr'seid'sthiseutsi 115- i' Se iis iisC MI G Vm .BatSlThdy.
us-si tL' 1hii lo iil s. h o omistance. hhsussis nt t'sis uiuil ut-s's ( -. - A' -. ,"EA N N A'
'Apr' il otis h sul\naeln lio h tsats IhrANileoflnVisit 5amt 'llI hlui's thi ds' OM N!1m.AtB ad'
hi' Istiuus u sn orel si tsp~ ildtfss~iir; o i'
of ll- .o n o tos'' i the lii hoiu'iiistie ofrep ei' 1. i .lu stiis u's luh t it s'splesi ll ot________________________
Thehoi patis' l o'fSiili t iri st i oni ii>1jt' h let ohti di th-f) d 1.% A V ~ s
(io'u s ix 'u. Wacclnitts laIs hifirs ~ t l"xo)OtWn V ivere
by 5~ ic-snsit's. l ih ' sluhu t (m '' Ille Ifr~elvo deI1
duT'he tisi rs-it fur Ithits istiss e- i'- Al~tbS, 51Siii l i ~lE
er-s tlutii 1ucs. The tpubtlishesotiShts us r re'ci liIlthesth'lI,11 11,11) h:L t 't1'III\(t NEWiV
"Is. Slss'slsu'r. tuiui and sui t s5len555g5 5Position fuse its excell'snce. All wors 'i' solsun Ilist N-li ItI t's hAI I I+: C sut I )I 1Ii 'AtILI!iS,
Is-h helshti'Avi-is lush tale ustsimsre ofsirubscriptsion 5only.IY \/IONIA R WIIH()LS I-II([(4 15N' BE
'yousr blueus.l)s)IIs'-Ave iniy n' riii's's-c isisNT'NEs'S IO N IECE
ar:stsu suldIt 'ull lli-hisocslusets' l's Re'mi ond, Kerr & Coota H10IG tAlu
suss isncidets-shi 5 a 5ukito55a)155t itorhuutTotusulf0 rs'X
is * thsiht5'il'- Il cissuss'oi us ss. itsvSBANKERS0q44 f 4V T mw
thatl hissiisS ocured' tos l ehis o-i le-t~'his' 41 WaillStreet, New York
nsususrni. '5'suis satll is:now the us- bhle sAILtY sitsibTINS 01 ALL SPORiTINGi EVEN'TS
Eiiith'sts suit ~ss llic Trn~sactuageneralsbansinbiu inshn s -DO T
thatsl2 thu -l ndtePi llRciedeposits subject to draest. D~ivie N Se :s~5UTT
Fasitii-el sul ha ils 5tse I usuisus'sin hIs's5- anud interest collected uand remitted. A.( ss , TO___ __ IE
eiuti'sh' i t5'llit'i~is hn Fisesal Agents fsr and negoiate 'she isfu vol R YNOLDS Iii'ss InsiAt I5 (REETtf4i h aryd1s v~e alods tetrilas a omaise
IIillsuuu en cli'ttld the I ttin shuts-'Secsritesbosughtsand sold oeensceomm is i.
tMemsbers New Ysrh's Exchsssge.___ __
fass us1111 h esss i d, 'uhu 'I Nsill sut 'silt yui - ____ _
btiher"s. I \villlut evnill ll 55 EAs. IN OlIU SANITARY PLUMBING-
fr'i-iinds. suit is'''s-rehioneis-st h s sIne HIGH-GRADE INVESTMENT SECURITIES.' E'l~ LEliCTICttu(sn'r'sTECTI'uiND PLIS~hsfw'ts,
huts'°. fl'shso, esi lne l-'iu'tsshiluul l l'of List isf cursenoternirs''e-" s isr1IVius, J' W ' isF ii lshs'sW T~i I~r~o
flu 'siussiliisuuool. \i' sirs houndsti lstby t'HILAtDELHtA CORRtESP'ONtDENTS. 207 [. N'ashington Street. ARtsri'c GAS AND tEsxvt rust-'FIXTUESt
a lisshssill rsgishtweak bs hy GRAHAM, KERR At CO. 151011 GRADE tsANTKLS AND it tATEs.
s m ai s l ts'slsofst'e is e 1' 'au
i'ouunt)'f.'Wllit ilstthis- Insuis eit sd atill 1 0 q~ m
Iuussi sa s.'tiss susdhihis- isuu uis susisul ALL 'STYLI+S IOPL STlPITCHEXTENSION REIEL Tl ~OMN X
'iiu sily trulst thtisui to is i ve s'HIts A
stsig'thts-r11hi 'riss'siiits Isusfoiev stuisig N PRICE $3.00 & $3.50 Shines Free 28S.MAINST.
situh ether usi issisl good."st (Is.iss:it
l"ssl'ss 5' ussul l' us it usssl irise)

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