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April 27, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-04-27

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i..Our Special Line of.... STIFF PROPOSI TON TODAY Oator Maxey to be S. L. A. President MUST HAND IN SWEATERS
Foreign and Doniestic Blot Freshs From Other Victo"i's Will heilct''ioo elector who are to AtltcBadClsF "o n
FA R Cfry to Dupicats Perfo. maice Ithe lerfori I(ol(ge . whIch elects the arity Colors Worn by Cass
EA I Sof Last Week-Ack,ns othbes for the tude nts Lectiere '- Team. MBen-May 4h
to Pitch11nitiCnlfor mite ensling yer. were
FoRk SPRINIG oPthselected this smoriii '. Tlt, nmber the Linit
Illl~is e taicoe ~iof vo1tCerlls in thetlt Is'1cCtie Cdepar~t A. meetilg ofthe thetic tBoadte as
asas arrived a d all] 15 Ci- CCoi( T e literary de plIIsCCtiIC'Ct 'soil- hel Is"I ' .. : ic. Is Cill le felt y
ranged feeCr in- actonIC~. Mco~x.~ o. 111111 CCCtoCtil leCictorsthcc*.mles c 115.CCl~
1 1CI G NI8 B L MtisCnlCCCCdisele alo"17 l luo; trc los itth Uicrsity.
W\7e hlie c tle-larorst al- 5' CIIIil c~i' 1C. 11CIC 111 ta
CCw i CI CICCIIIC (l' sCCp rI theC I 11C'sCor CIe IC no,1 1IC' urbanCII oCfCthe11'receits
eorlieiil ill thelitiy, iliEGENTS FIELDii~i I'ibi ill lI~CC Ti till ICCIs, wChCC Iront11Cls nas 11C5saCl goCCtICthe
'C.i C 31 iCC CTIOC'IDAYl.CI ieel s IiIC 111C rCCI eCs til iene'C e' loCC'C'sCCC or1 a lcle to
iC CIIO1.1) igsCC '' (11.. o eli lii' 51f 11CC'CCIIrceipts wi15 ll'i
IO8 LE. W~ashington St. 1711Mr. s1 " 5"' I" 711\C''s115111IC riCCIfaCCCI 1 1111beCtaro 1e11o11er111o1be 117ilel betee
do itB lit,11 w 1h 'chCha l()iICII 'll 'CC''n iprse t ''~lCCCaI ICCf' 171 C i C rtIC - y e c ls. N
Ah[As.S 1 beeCnIIsseC fli' tli'ntC send'CCit 11 111 CC' CCC in iltII' CClie II' Catth11lele iclll lehart-
' mac cC'C' ry' to sty1 hatIC 0 h17 e1111 i CI'll inCCial 111ou 71 't ls v711a. I It, 1is 1ur t e ls 1111' e lses 111i 1711a10de-
SA LT E Dl CC II IIIto duplilcte hIllstiC perform111711 CCI 1111117' 1ti'llfr 11C stin nl trtI II' 111h11111 CCI hl Il I"1'' of couse
P E AN TS ante Crit1o11 1111117 i CCo tCCIe frhin .11 a',~'lI C Illc''tionCis15 assured'C. 17111' indents 1117 "11 'l C'l.'' 1i111 1111 ltleless liable to
1111 5111 . l g rb i' 17'hll' 5cre o f 1: IIto 1117'i II'be 'p'rtainCofCC godle011111ctueC CCC' 1 11e 7I 117' "1l'wlcngers fo' "Varsity
received fresh t111 ht.Ils IIcsclr 11he'Mi cr11101 mn -_____--rd __tit___ edc Gra
ever uget int111o theCCCgame illl C'emClnghCC1inC1r. ,CCOLE EY DAY ORATOR C HOS EN m CCIIshnIll11177 g 1'Icu 11s 11111sf
CC ItaC I11lchi ga'C wlC eol hon'CCI eCCC' lieCthill 1 u sit's 1 Cite . 1Ms 'hewo11111
W7ILD ER S Illnls 1111 11111 nIluIIs CC u11r1 de111Reg-'it Roger XW. Bttefiltd fGrm li 11117i1111't''14'' tierInu 'C'als 111
AT A Ch'J11CC. CCCIIthellWren11 11ve71'1oe1t1 lhCC)'CC.C Rl ids vill e Speate oft lie '171 shllt IPlrther CIIIclass 011111
mu 11111ersi c CChe sing 10 CC1"IC CendCI Day-Date St Fti' II f e ll,adlC'11CCiCIhe Isigi.
Con c Sexton has 'enthuC~sdICCCIII Ciii May 24 1111C C CI 71'CCs~~tC~511017
1 11111.1711 Ilis 1CC'1115 11111 _________ l 17 111IlC''i "''
YOU ,1KNOW swhere to gt... 1elit CI' CII lto ightl andIIfCihilharICIrnl CCC intlrIto15tho11se'of tilleold
A GOOD LUNCH 1ICC'to 111CsIIhu Isn I lCls ike11a1'elrII 'CCIIIid h to h ls 1111 n 'Iscnted Mis IC C~sICCl'IC CC1117 h ti~~
AND CCIle ul. fo1r teer h ree11 CCI ICCI'CCI l'shCC'ClsC'C'r 117f Ci 11117'for (ICly I N.
It. I:. Jolly, 308 S. State Street. 111y'11o1g1'c'CuntiCs 'foCr 11117111110(ltleant 11111 Cii 17111' ivt' C'ClI unde.tiCC l C i'rs. 1 ~1
0_______ ______________ 11 111111 Ipul'I'well'tllet'herCCIICy 1cfmuCIIto h publisIIhhed C'.llatr te inli th CCIIthe
( aChoCe'l 1CC CII. 'for' Cf'ICt~IC i ke 11s to1 111ll 'eaemnrg Cnsiti onCC I -CahI' andCCSon11of
The (n ue.i arhe
I Cs Cre ifr t 51nu ICICoi'.RoICgerC'171'IiCCC i1117 'Cit, 111 ICIoCC( isIC I 'l''' C'C'''5y
PlCb o l ph h rt I tCC' i'C l'Cl 'el''. .1thouC'eC hasCi ieills CII 1l'C'CCl1 I ll ,,Il 11IIII CICIC 1C 11 ''71517
an W tsnfist CatI lneec' o cCCI I lls CCicICICCnd C'Ch C es 11he ld s el p stoCCCI"IIs lit th re ysH v
et s O i me C lit11}'CC0' 1CC CCI's 11f 11 C'C'i C'ltrust and C'r'5'C'Cibi CC iiuple ''C' sCCnd intI te' "1 1 C'CCiCIC
OFC 'CnninCel.h 1115CandCCI ICCI' paigCCC it itaseetdisti. a otn o , ~trIll1 1n
F511CC 110111 CCCcI'r re, at eastCo t Co'Ct the toICeCCCI111 l 11111 CC'' 5CCCCC upoIn CSe'Cl'C' r usChnilIs iCCCtCCC 1
al.wh a creCiti CICC1 11CCChe .hit tchCCi o iCIC ill11117'i'ltl forCCICCICIC. t i C ThCCI'i C Ill' CCs
1.p111cC'N C in 11;1 ICICIC' 11117. 'bo '17'', ICC Stont,, tSf 19 102 Snl 11 rT1'01CC l t 'eateCs11111 CtimC'pr CCeCCCd ICC lie
Q U A V 9S IC 'Ctone, l i C o ICC IICCCilc o l seICiC iiC t C C C .i l ,05'SCIC' 11lrC '.iis, I n, IooteCCI' th s iiina so
C . IiC Is'e C CI e II CIill leCno CCC'dh iII CCin'[lac11 an. sCCCC.fi'C 'i' CisIe mdI Ips eil 111111 1 he CC, 11111CC 'C sw Ca1e71
h e ICII Ci's 11111CC llChtc ool(" 111111'111 1 ill Io or C 1 ,;t\%C' 111'V'".C' s mo;1I rte CCslC 111ma1 lC l,"iCC theCC pC rp' osC
P l a y;i1n lc 1'e 'bIbl ofCC'l'CCI' CC 'CClllo e ht i cC' im lC'CC i iC' ere C'C'IIC C it.o CIC 'fI C ClI CCCCm 1 'Ci; C're mot i C
'ps C:l o ro f er eopleCC' il theC CI CC lt C'of '.'1 105, CCi I ' Ita lon( C1wiCll'pen111,1 I IC 51 CCInC iont I' '' 1111 a rule'1155eCCC
111 t bech. ll[' te;, clC. CCI 117. 17 Clhas shu(.11,CII111' 111 101' 17Gerge 1'. MaxyCC 1tCl. , lls Iltl~cs matters foll' tie
C'17'CCCC' 1e1se'.shoulCbCC eflh C CI C Cit to clasICs Cl sICI 'Ills. CC pe i eIC asCI' '5 111 CII
C CI' the 'silCC teaCCCIItCIIa111y'aC,'C COCI '1711.CCCC'iCC'over111'CCCI IC' CCIIdi ls.Th 1 1 mot7CCiIIn1 at11 11115 CIoCI n17C rcal'I 'CClr<g
elsi yea'? L foio ...'Clr gC is 11110 finerc or'd'CC'l for1711 1'ie tcC' e scCCI' 1CC CCII'S CC g'fontilaCImell ands '1117'forC'ClC'CCe CCCIIIan C'ins a CI
thi11er'Befre1he r'cies 11011 Cli ' ICteam,. aCCCi I1115 dCICCCI'b117' iatlshuc ilC' c las 1 C,,, ll C''reeiC'C' C 1y'llowC'stips11
b y 'o i n w sICCCII l i'1511111be'..1 1 Cls1oe l i 11e 11'x . IIClpaCtiotcC.YluCCuy iCaroundCTCCCI' CCCII 11111 11111 cif oflIts117 10
clubs eonle n and orIas.1 oon11111 r ht l''11111 111117 11 ossible11. 'rlI' Sirilof11011.1 :a nmrll c h boardl'C'Ii CI no'. rthi 1 o h if t17C I eels of
our 110 'I'll( '-li-up Co 17111'two1 teamsli~s 1a s ICC CIII" 111111 llimiiiiCt ofcI IinkCingcC" ls cntests15 111ill' glell fto the
look at orlieof 11111ows:11111511111il ccCCl~ heCCI'ro'CgrmC. ll e inC 11t1'helclss 1111111 I-ilrilg the
Golf Goods.Ce. Spald ICC_. P sICI. MI'~i~~. Till' 5 Clilnil tir 1111 t11111 117 s~llie- Ci' a111roCCuts mCIfoICCbCall or ICaseallI
A. 11'ri'll .1 CtI'lnr ......IhlI pCiCCI . sgo CCCIII al 1icligallI11112 inscr'lipltlion shll be' 1Wen1 5c'CeCil. 1111nd (1111s 'it
ing clubs and caddy \Cllk is ......I..' tChlC'i' ..0 11117IIof CCfit edt. lalrlo rialhCC CsigllllthelimClillerlbeing
PIilllee Ilolelli I' llt, lilittee cI igr e are 1Fre1d1-iinllied tIC 117In footballlld . l0 72 ii
bags, and thle beet lte' 1r .... ..lIrt...... WatIsonCIDewey, 1. Caldw111ell 8S1th.IIl t1ry NV.1717 l 'll.s
Ilakes of got bals. I-. rown: Cp.11.. Se"condliC..... TOIi~CI Wli..1111 3"il,.o n 11'. 1717'111111111 1 -MCC il011o.____________
It. rown'C., .... o ch..... liMoser S171711101. D l 01111R0. Efinger will give 0110
J. lRupee .... Crili'C........ 117111 -_____noon_-'--lc'C~ ~ture tomiorrowCCCat te Unlitalrian

UPI) Cel r..... atl ti~ls'I ie North Sille ciurchi Suinday7Ces'eii of C llrisfialiity." His sullest is "Tile
j W A H R MIle~y .........OtigIt.:.... .. IztlIieO 111g. Mr. Clotss'orthiy will sing. ICathiolicstt Retio."
Michigan vs. Be..^,* on Regents Field at 3 p. m. Today

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