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March 28, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-28

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U, ~ Junior Social in Barbour Gym
_ The I3a1rhour otottootoom so'%ill IOe
Pubishd Dil (Mnda s eceteddurng thlcott 11 optItot:)the .1 221w oto Slttr-
THlE UNIVERSITY'Of NMICHIiGAN (A 2% V21itll'i '1 01 av Cot3t0 d";1
MAIN OFFICE. HBRANCH OFFICE .thtt het' event Nvill Ie to' 1110150 ir ooliNse
Argooo B1dg,lainooSt. .3b S. StateStreect. kle
Both 'Pthtos 03. -Newt Stowe 'Phoneot182.0)(.
Phto is otitototototo loot heell opletet:
MANAGING EDITOR, ittle tis. tl~tI'. ttl the jli'sfe
0. H. HAAS, '0 qitte oelatedlto a t itot otIsellredit.Th
BUSINESS MANAGER, eootootittee s003 they owt11 he "20t.1 E
V'. ENGot' D, '01 L, ostill toe not' ox 01o thOte'flcoortasoloi
EDITORS: 1t<ioll'hietilteto ot fewI' stocks a.t.
A TLETIC:EITOR t - Coots. itOtoto'1 a 1d l.)otti't' 0311 1N i00l110 lt ltt rs.
oTtO tootis oestof i io' tos willOt
A.H.1MCo.oc c,t'ltE. G. 0. HCDKLco , '500 to ikthotoomusi'c ot' to- as toto t 1
Moot L. K. SocBINF.'03 0W. A. Kotot,HT5'1 I.Ltt'totOt'0101 3111.0 td
3a H. WOsowo,'lt 00. P'. CHoAooco'l L0 jutst beoreot 'toje tgI 001'ctl111011.lt
WA. OloFoCOooc,'0 13 2. 1. Hot TOw., '03 0010101 10e1'outttltote it2101011110.
_______ _________________________________ Io 100011 10Iht eeocov l t 00000

S. L.A.1

lTte sulbcripttion pr1e0-10100e0I) 11011.0 50o
fc ote otgSar o with .o regulartOelivey
befocre rols.eo onec a lo. tltlo, Oootltoltlw-
Hun muostl tot betnded otn a c hoboAILYrC
beoroe coo. lo., orcooattecotoote or be4W
p. tror 0 il t as00001 ool tool loot doy onl
Ulri'h otoc otl e tt t ooetc to a.
Sutloc'00t1100 010000Ice0l0ft1att'00,00.0 ot-
to'., 'llyco''.. 00 totito nt 0000 010r0 with
13oocotes Manauerc. ooooscibersowill eooo eooo
failure of carrierslo Oetpap1010.
Altlooooones ioo tt tetootot mtootert' m0s0000
10000e office 011:010. 0m1010toe 00100p0100001100 to
ttat oll 0 loootheyo'atootooa0p1010.
Bright Outlook
t'otltoo too 00001Firtt Onogo..
11001 10r00000110 0t1a110i00. ',t o (m ht00010'
011It 1 11 Ii onttho toil to 0 i t at II 'fl
gan illto l 11'e t1'ol 'fists.O Ito 000100 lit
0111011 01 otoo tnot' is11olo. too too'111110
I r lr t'lo t ,11 111 110. I o tlto laWt
I)rt:;leny or Ili o ti toll tot tot
he0,11ill t Ottooi te1101110to' firs t to'''. tt
toI oter 01s11 toott nco oftt ottoe r
ill tho .et 0000 0011 lot It IllofIt ll o s s
the fOorlto'as tl't has oll 1tl.I'11)
'g'ioo oove tt.o I oos.I~
A liti o, are Itll _:o' o o e 2
toot' Ioyto'vtot 0111' nr I ih St 0
01001 oft colttt'o n t t0' n 01 e'.101
01001' t a h m y etuf''t to Itt I a 0'
IrircA f'1 to its Otwt o t tiny,,,t
00. I s l h hl nl. ' tho w thlt t
010 ' 0 l.as ye . i t o idtaowo t al
un no or t les lri ot I a i troot 10 gi
stials Il Ibl t)Itllt1 aIllt'
tot to 111er le I. nn tdo 1'. i0
ihin: forhis in 11100 In0001 n

I In It' it tt tlloII(t 0ttod t I ol 'o °t.j
T1I. lr. 000002ld ItiIc.101000'IM
TIbc \Ittltc0 001 tto' Ittitot'''",111()-
0e1;" t ,l(011 ( 1 110' e sootol -oool. It
to c x1too'' toolI t Iott' botw 't toti Ott 1)
too' 0001' ot It 111 o t h Otto' ~ ut.

eWe hose JOtreeivdcotaof01011line....
ltore Femnione IFeel ona"'nn - u .. . --n

111(00. 01. 01. 011.0it tot'. SA tIt "11111 besot the sidewaolks AliMUISq UHIINTAL HEADS,
lit lIt\ Ni .." of Anon Arbor in the SERHASE
101e illltt0''hlollt I ~tlt' ItlollI FanmousSorosis Shoe SEA H AD , ET
01010 l i ct t t '11 'oIo 111 ttttllicit 1tothoun tony other shoe 1'0 t '1olfes. lio't I'.
00010 10010II1 i< t~ot 't '"o r ol sotttototerdesigneol foe womn t 1o s. Thy re ju t lt ot
u1 2lyle h 110 1 1.oft teot Oto ot0101. All Stylest. Dressor00Street $3,05 want
toot tO tt'tolooto~t t : 1-2' 0 010 o
11('11Ott I oo o 1 G o. . lli r, DE FRIES' ART STORE
to tok' theo'etolit o otcoot 'N eol 212 s. Main St. 217 S 4th AVE. ANN ARBQI
tllli111'tlelIle- SATURDAY, MARCH 30
,n.itI etire 1o eo~~lt li miu., THE S TH ATR
,IilIstitcT;e]ltol l ''. I THOMAS Q. SEA BROOK
Otli o te t isof e1t t.-whoreI I'll 10'e P ~~1 N ~ E J.S
10.0olttl ts 0 ll tot' llleil sltooTH' to N D R S
I''l trodlict'tttiostt tt' I'o 0 0 1 0 0 i, cbLu tt't~~ttir ~irtu i lrrNB tuih
001wll ,0wi il coo lr1110 iileti All Star Company of 65 People
Lowri. 't r lw otlo' lo'. Nellieo 10
litrt .1 II\ Iltlol 'ol lJo'.oott 't o wie.0010. NotlieI.' t t.-
1.0 il, Fr'tt. i't.'to' lo'1tootto. 'llbto~o 0 l oot1I '. VitItot toto t ilott JI~tt,,' toooto. lItl l 0' 1110100". 4
Mlolo Itoto'. 011'..ll ( I.'ooot's tto' $ to' Til Oi''olo,tt .00 0 otCa1001.1 0ro dotw o 01omplete'
tot '~rrt '. ', Ittoto.u~ dutt1l~ PRICES: 5e, 75c, $i oo and $1.50. Seat solo Thutrsday
Itf00 youosee th oo'l oS tt lie 'Islie to0 1 NIGHTS COMME NCING SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 31St
lo11dttio C Io. 3000ou t11i t be o ott e(IRE U N FTH>VE 4)t'IA
to yiton 0000 0 tnooter. .O-eoo s121 S ©41 I
MainBonTon Gc o.
1tt 0 otto 0 'tottHEo' 0 t 'toRN F:\ ohl1'FS
11ileil10 0". t t' reeiit rt;i 1 M. B. STREETES C. LILLIE MORREL
Wottdiltotoo. I ~l&R.e' loot'.tre Otle' > Evening Prices: io, 200and Soc. Matinees io and 20C
oo't to l"li itotot ttt o .o' 1


Toeootlotes t udy' is theot tcodo Latin-
odry'. 'T''y'it. 'Wor0k callfor aot d o-
lit'e're'o. 1.o'tt o'Y'ooo' oteoeatt 121 S.
'1 : otlt. ishould .otIl lo t

BILLIP 7 'i vVRD Pf\©^rr'a s 4r r rLRS
1 tl~ti t 11 1 1 i 0i1' i t N I
it I"1li ' 1lt 0IiI l .0 1

:111V 111;111 0012'' tttto tt 11011 to l '.tttH'l lt'li tfoot 10 10' 100 1111 ONR t rF 1iNN ITII
001100 11r00 110100 31000 iod o ooills ''111 __________(( _for _____)e_'1 r. IIIIFL N L1' Y I~ Pi IItOx'111
I~il..11111 w s c lt o ott o i lt o I0 ttll o Chef d'oeuvre de .lilt II 0 to Ottl
Otto' bO 11 1I. bOO Otto 0111 tot L1-li- o oillNsellell'Csiqi4( I11Se T084 PJoiton rniers~fEC~~q ESE
_Walton, Saglio, and Champien 01 .0. 11.0 o IIN S it A L 1'I N ( 't. V01NTS.
AlIIIOISS, 113 5703 U H STAT'Ill SO'Ii "T)
Minolsota Will Play Base5ball at Ann 'the Iooolbeo f t hi's'o ot Ottoe te E D N CFSRSQ
AlllctilIr" lrborttttoO lt o ;Itl totth lttto tt Otolloc' El N O Dt 3ot2b' T AET
Re m n ,K r oAIi 11; ~(!jiio.e It ,I5t: BANKERS'ttcocSANITARYtttitR E Y MLtBiNInt it
Ott;o11 ' s lO be 1)1ho ' t ll t t'pt1'ttsoIO lht't' I :I 1I A 0N 'O'.OCr AN It t11EATIN. '
tprn tripI Iotottot dot I tt O tof' tt eos;at 1Otto tottot Ott~ , tlt0000 t t' 000 0 7to . W a ntote noe Sot1r0ee 'tt e eo ''I'eo ' IC (to s too be Ob e tot Ioto' i tt
or tt l'too01 ' . '0 tttooto11y I1)oo.0 andooitees o1101 teettt and reitted. t~tOle'ttastoteto0-tl~t
_____t to teco Ncw or oeh ocootos'. L MtPS, (tOO. CANS. OI1t)TO) IAC.KS, SHAtDES
"IthOt Ot I b A ite'I(,totto. 0010 0 0.1iI otheO L ON ASTE I P tPERI BASfKE',,. t't'.7SI00 1i~s.
Oito stttt.iitoil' ' t1gon' O ttob r tot O to Ot eto IGII-GRADE INVES'.TNMENT S[CURITI[S. (1010 PricersYttoo 'Wioth Always to Oiothte Lowtesot,
t<ot I'ohtoo'oo;itt il li orim <111ch t I o' to O t ctirr t ooootootttoo'ooso '''' o lt1,1o011, M A IRK H A I\,''S BAc.ZA AR4~0
Sot a too 0 Drt IIn t .'. 1 10 000 0010101 I tHIA Ctt ItoSttI)ONDE T .E TTE P O E6

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