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March 27, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-27

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Cv lleg. rea . c
Ar isM in . 33oH s. Stt Sre. tli"<
A.H.\IAi-ic iss i. alL . D* . IIi is's ",'-ti1
'NisaiL K. avias vi Is \. . 5ivss L

at isssitiiv-l sisia ULheI'ia-; A1.O 5 tINF _-
Ills 11weitRAINV UI( 11"(11fllh1t)1
tle S 111the :bus vaia Ia 'I -; he ''0(0''$3.00 Shoe is the shoe -
ho te iild d ha)ill ; I o il
il the poperi'is a Hr I'l tos wear swhett the weather is uncer- r
t 1a~ kuw",t~it te Illi tai. A litthe ra in doesn't hurt it
tt~ \vll irht~~llvvlt Ills-shile it affords plenty of comfort on us-
t~l l~l )'11t (ns~s l iv ]w the swarruest of days.
1111 to1t (1 niz t~lt ti r Bu ofcourse we tiave light shoes
- for f rteht days aed heavy shoes for
IllTHEli rainy days if son Irefer.
ll 11 d Inm ~ is' u en l GLASSSSHOE STORE,
l fie I viutl s"stiiilli 1 BO9So. Main Street.
ii ii evenings until ANN ARIBOR. MICH
ile il ae' ie llsa I 1 .WE BEG TO ANNOU NCE OR.
dd - <ii i ili-ir c .1 h 1( 1 ) t e "a 'e l

h. ti. \% > I)NO . 04 t

Theis it-i i o 1("c
bons, andiiiii i 1ii w- i ,
tiii 1- is w ,1( 't l
flas, i ( ',(rS e a
fao e wil- p N'o
faii1re f cil~ti l , o cl~ii
that 11 ii( th a rtoit
itll ill isis v s 1
iti - s. s.i ill I. sm Ill
15\-11 si h it s*lil silala it
Pis. Schitratan See'1s a~i
I' i i 11- fI ll( i- 11
5\1111 is isi111,' -s-h l iitlt
tll-a )1 ni11 i i l
Presi. Su in esa
5 ll f 1x:1, sill1 55 555
ii iii I -lili~1( sli ~l
lu i it. i-s The 1ii 1-
milltli: 1,(°c t~i ' ,

I_ .5 ) U,- 1~i it I i via s -- I tsi ii s ll~iil. ii i-vs-via i i U t I II d p ii J.l
'a'- Is a -si Iii. i-si I is 'vi III('.
Il5 5 a tl I - s- - 0 cssli ' lilaa isl i
lelvo al !Iti 1!- " L E " C (t ie tlciis(t~isi i' ' ~
- li a - -'1. -)leii i - li51t\"titC "A L L
tfttl'lIttp~ll l- Ili !.\ it Il1;\'l ~i M en, Boys and Children
l htI l i.}'Iilti tis vs i 'aii.Wefha ii lS s o e viili iip c
Si ILsi [llilHaerdahery Hat,'Cps fr Sping
I r~l c; th-- 'ndSTA'e f h eLERWemotcol & WUiv InlERlltoHnpc
tkrr I, iifer iVtVO O
willa 1)eiiiio-v tiiii NI Wii (iss A a5 a (-1 J , ~
11( 111 t11 l't l 'I ;t i il)t i .mii iiii 1sia a 1i 11- W
IW_ _ _ _ _ _ _ N sv 1ti iti1
ailt''oliiil l i~ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __M ST HL O ERT R E
ii 'so[t1t 1 nt iiioftOii sp' ii waiiINSillii ii li iofiI i
gea r -
liii iiito llc lii1ai)i ri liiiiIt'ii eal liirc1llurof. ii axtil I..iii". N
Wei-ih]" aite--- as0HMS Q. SFPO RO I
11(IN ilta lii1lui7a1slavIa a liii iOULDIiIii lvii I N
Ni1iII-ii' iAROsLtiNiii)S[iASN) I 1[1ff. JjW 1]'1N 1) . Ia. s''
eii Ii ii() rets e.A" R lP F '( AD WN D N E "
N() -IW-sNvi1'is.)NN 1i1111':
liii~iili' v rll,; ieiwn <r -~ ~n 11'SATURDAY, - ii MARCH - -0
BrgtStI8il. i~itll iai ii s-w1111 - lsasasC3 THC O M50 A7c. S nd$ E50 A disae iilril1
I'e -11' a (oStis A i a Nti Iv(')..> A''IIAVtl7 A A GQ;A 1JA A t
l1Pil W rtIa lu-is11'i' -1'.iIN IIi (R1_''":i 1 -~ l1 111: - :1 ',O L(lA' P (N '
lti ii lvii Univeret. I)FITO (e 1( S e'1 B I L,. All.. Star I 1 C o m panyi f:) 65 FPeople~2IDF~ ~
ill 1) i1 1111ili iit) - iit i }",l eI Ti i 1',i S i A I cNilS
iii, y3iISiS

sIlsIIT( iv ( 1(. v a ll l :111 1".11 -1ni t tisNo ii i ii IIii-110Prz a d(w ( Nvl lalte ais x-a i iii' (( i A '',s 1i)l
1hi Fililills, lila;trysill-c I'i. D4\7\r;1,11-~
I-a. - -
the l~l clnise-v 111:1-i theiv-ii I ii ( 41 Wall Street, New York C 4,j, TU 7 u FJ14 4.TE
sll-aite(. 01 hi sl ls l '. ii0\\ i-iai-iHer (iv(-depsita s slsievi no dcus ii. iiI i-5hnui E I D A N D E F( ,Siiai ' adInees.cllceaisrmttd'Ata
11'i]ll 14'1011t)( '111' NN'11Ij)FisausiAesin ts v iii ian oiat h e l iv IP ofi o"-jTATE
ralrad dolesiu \\" i h 111,l- i-s-ii Pii'iichia et5 s lls vl i ia-oildi' Cl n 1Aiii si , rt. etc.**3*,JNT11 A--
lroas b Inc 111 EYN LDSTR EET
Si iia ss-ss I i' 's's5 s-aN~aa'sn iuiiiia2
is's' in tote1I J Jr'ivte ,1 brsNw5ol xhne. rpr,1 & h.oIr~is 11s e S H H E SANITARY P U B N - PLUMBINGd I'l-eii(1 cudh r IG-RD GAE NETETIMETStUIfS H"',0 T~I(TO 1 S '11
sal I-suss s is'Ii-SV i
(:1:,'(1(rfv1 1jlu i f ((lii ahr hG A E INErvEN E RI t-i ii C lti IIsN ~I i 'ii a
Lbist -(t1 curre na)teiir 's -a'iA\aSM I) itis' A S uT i.i1 bliN6.
1111Itii ord IF u~d -i i v If i 11( ILA(tit-Hiti IA itiR ESPOiNDEN'. { 207 11. Washington Street. AtI, T aI ii ' ;1 SN)I',1its s{ ti's12vi ba-'tIt+
a "1i(l StaIsis t 1114-111,e thlii si m ixi id M E R &SO IH(t lat I.I.- ANDti Il S.
thl us's el 111('11s1stolii111e l v (-4GRAHAM, RRr& CO.\r___ ______ _____y___
Yot Ctnt iti _Iv th1e.A U.
h1( iss- n ,(o 111\ 11(1 -i1sis (I II-h " 111U t
ls~'ste\t1 '1 eo le for ,E"11001,.;111(1 the IU THE JHOE N
l iitn't-lrak Throiiugh 218 S. MAIN ST
n i iitiw.l o-rlI)(I f n.ild ill ori I re- ias

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