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March 20, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-03-20

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- ~~ any Iecreek tions of sahinery isRA OI R 0 SPH5I N F
Ijt.. o ___ . ?-'IJ.I.~J, Oteestn different kis of business. I/
_______________________________ 'Iottrak n te etrit Ypitsst & The'0' $3.00 Shoe is the shoe
Published Dily (M dass"e~teddrieg AoAt alsaywl ltlt 5 to wear when the weather is under- '*
folinjeseor, asillen onehalf ai aott trs, as 115t a A ltterindes'ihnt t /
will, the lpreselt tII ig ars as withtheItis ,wiei Aafr itl l an t os'
TlE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN lrittle ars. 1 erse of the ponding 51wiei fod lnyo fr on
1f trmOrsBRltNCHiOFs~IC: tlt l)'srk.1A istakle is tooade o such the warm et of days.-
Argus Brd. atsr St. tlt e s )5 treet. uow ete trrie 'sods is estimntisla But of course we have light shoes- ° _
ll~n5 PissI 513. News tats 'Phase 55s att tnig ll iss e h.r o hih asadhayshoes for
MANAGIN E~iTOR 11days ands heavy~ somiehing asie for rainy days if you prefer.
0 . HBOAS,.he at i fl 1)1 ear. If there is not il tell
BUSINESS MANAGER, or flieefrfireal theiaeral "s-masd, GLASS'S SHOE STORE, u
. EN r 1 I. latL IIeto e I' ~irep t (Itud tesmnyait I O9S. [ainl Street.,
wou11 ld ankrupt. 'I) ttfset this wear Uen evenings uni
EITaOIS i nd teIfron aell)5 ne1wIt' elecml oa s d P P ANN All Mni~IHa
A..Mltt's5),ll. . .. n '' ' s vt )51) ttaxl sil _______until_______________
A I n ur. H . n rss s t ' 1 1 r. * P t t-s , ' I 1 1 5u e . . E u R V * n
~A. 1s~s1.'rta. 1 E.I Htt'o't It (ill (toiBi ng __ o________III U I L ! wiLl
Chemial Students Prevent a Big Fire M N Y T L l
];_________________________II I aftOl And we wisht to say to yosu right liere +
'he subscriit ion ((rcle lte to I s 511111 11)5 t tlebchfi' nicli oatrt s yoo can obtains H ORE VALUE fo/
fthe slisse. tro t'lht trgular' dlivery lt 'ittriy's trhgs~ your smoney l a t r store tI a tiywlle t.
51515,5)1) 5)5rut) tr~ tolirI tr o f 1t0'it( 1 (ills.fMician 1111w 'ohu'sit ''
hissto shly NlI rp.'t51115il" 'ovlw il an . _lud onn else If yotth venever tied t I w r j
liou n (1' 0)ebares e d , tt e l ab v ' (io c ets 1 1 511 of1) ie (lI iz erl~di r otlllId. )1)a1nd o o t
be 're t'pIII, r rie ttt) editor b1)5. i lt. A 11I-l 1111ll I isis ioodlli' 111'to beginr
nolIs dy s r lott lei ou-ttS rt yonIl 1r511l. t i ' a 1551Io li 'll I. I1i.1 lspeof.
orbr rie l~ l~ th551 e D y 1 A55 fnllIs(,l r 1ll51en1 1111i 1,I'~l'
lirhosr esl Ir a l ftI' 0 5)t It) 1S 1) i 't115 'l' it~etstPrce "Irof
Illthestst.it IIp.51.0) Sedayprsios 0 il~lIh Al Wit ruiOvercoats 20 e enl F F fro
fi S o, hir )) ort fle ' s i nd, or wnb liqid ov er :t l d tla I ir' i scIIt-(I1
'aorI rpt tl ( If prom )1)1) at l t'li t ayll't naf ly' ti'll))) the(I (itilli O lit aae r M nufctrerstilt,
faiitc ni arrtls to et'lli.papr.ttabnia llt b d sl h lnllls 111111f51)))h1)11)at1 EquallyRL W R O BS O N
tilA l.lluretil si u 111 a'tt11e('r 111) t 's AtPt'trs foItlel'roei, ~
'1hin t ' 1111'b,) p1nsloirthelay' fu 111' 1but05.theialr's lks l, ii So. St'ain ti3 PAYTATH [NAPPLAUDED BY MORE TaAN A tIIILION PEOPLE
tht rnwhcr t aetoi't appearII 5. l't lvtt'r t''r5 hi flett irerp tte ad o okver theii~la . . fIAL C IE' te
sot-ti ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Il hall))'05 a lltttiltd i I for poltlbd i-ir. osPit1511e O
5 tilto lrt l ' r t' oral \Vse riy. Al style es. reh1alde tion
Sotill' o1 '111)1 tcntli 1)111l'1l t l t'eadrtn aie h v1l ao~-S A L RA D T
50111rlofoot 7ll11tenni)51is ea, Sruttttore1 sit'. 11) 11.; in us.n"ukebt h
((1)'. ((11. 1the lntll ll. t rill l t t'il lsitltattoof sid Vloftefs tus. ehits H E"
tlild. G 0t r~Will i oll for saIt 1111l l e 1 'Wsd hdstyasling ulC . S Alt T H ENt1)3 S 1) T HEA0T R E50 5'i 01
'tlt~f t Hlil la r it ile tis rm Chef , d uoeur a xout i auerle Ie - 5 0 7 , $ . 0
tiillltli t tt't'le ('a101 l tll1 (ltells t)i o"e W alt he ag ri edotto111chamio alpDa aiiEet Thertig ihd o ati co
lil( priood nI l t e llil ls 1 o15 f fhI))l1)0 tsh r. andt e i h e
MIicigan ' I li iId hr l ios. I ttttitooi ailrr le t fo e vlen e r al ter asa
10' intlisslYtar, when o1i-s ii (l'')i nt'iINCosststeLeS 'soesstNoss tas'iy-tstPLon
of I ttsolit~ttilII (If I tic ll~llfi't I'- a t-i Ssituulr.h hp ee d thle~-f
111' siif , til l I tel tlel In ' titl -o tb, Iel' t'.$10 ~.D ae' h u .Y
1151 sslk.bar n ls it o tssistt V .2 'i
thalitrt tootllall atu esnl S i c ago it i
wlithtelocailtrl it eIttitt li itciii hal s B Akso eR16So Ali st PLYT THSBEN PLUDD YMO E HNA(ILON EPE
Thi ate ttIl'Ii dil Sils))the SIc t thl)a1talStet N w Y r
ltin, f tle lslul i 11)1llIisfsnlllrsBIhtGTHlE BlSTIACEVENDT'GRTE
Tesinst noertaliand othrslneseI
1)5e' biSttis' tilit'sic51111,titttltIn s etsdptliuty t phrc an dr inibe hC.sSeb~iideod EPr oductiot ofH LOUI$SGe t HPa
wl-ee]ordlolrti ct tt' herae ityds, sno tyaltts. Sch lles B o. _ __k3 2
with a 'f to l (Vtitt r ira I5T.eFiossentslor 0 3an sgtis6elttro "T HE0 LDS ROSIST A N go ALER TREETui r nilIo
on a n . o doubilfitl t .'t'' is l be r io ltys Ire- uranht 'lt and toldson euntu irts
Chfiieurid Pol dtt i- t-'om s i Itsi it'os Itlitof itca sf(Exosi. in U* s i
Lotfof urrst ser iooo'51.a tlitalli, 7 51 SSxNDreoeWATdP IBASN -
titln"5l ittNellgoieisedilli 11'the it, P111 WlAonDSaiIadCREpONeNT EVRYTI207WE.XahntnSret l~SiCPT5 ANDES'NAMEs~us
L.ti(irIeItt lt r oit l lil S. ialit is t'5- GRAHAM,73 KQTH STER S&co.EETF CAIT 5 NESA DOiT
but h t s f i rsstt'taken sill e sso-slle' T e pbih fti okrcie h
littlif ati tlss lly. ~ Itle a Ystoan Buyt thelene.....orssoi)o
to t~lrw otiSsbs rpio nlry. uaw no vitt
troutl onroru ttter Tlehadis ets rert:a-UROP

ef th~e susieess of the Cstrijegie eosss-(

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