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October 03, 1900 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-10-03

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U , Fulmbling Citaracter ret Praetice. Shoes goincg
___________ Piractie es-4rdiy stas of a nti r0
Publisbed Dail, (Montdays eeptet) duietgilit h s, inediot ie uoW ure. The sefirdity fa a rf
Colleiegeaerat 1.1--i eiisitill ru init t he 0 l iiusi iiot ie'(- a a r r
T h a u hesae E UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN *olttit 11i1ip,1111.-Ir. 1, Rilng iptheli . h Y or hesar oing will
11ait- i 1to 1BRok-it OFT, t liiii p sitits \ i1light tre,-ihis lCot-li surprise y oti,and the prices that
iut ,l~,.iioat 5si 33S. Statie Street. 5 ,l aie nmaking thenm go trill surprise
tt051eii NiStteP11 1s italls si thill 1 itItsllllilllt0 u-serr ryou stilt muore. It stilt he profit-
MANAGING EDITOR, souiinkon..t11clt(,useimhe, ltiir tie vt' able for you to be surprisedl. Drop
o0 so11. HAN,. ( 11 iiy if sill htl1i 1t isilt-ll woli S f in to-day anti try it.
BJSINESS MANAGER, Ihardlslyio nih tn goodsi-rt-e
ink c Iool It\\ a,4 l HlllandGLASS'S SHOE Iu1 L
rtti.t-t li itiitttuittut-li uiluliltig1 O9So. Main street.
EDITORS: t ili:1uati-iii-ii-t4lit'1)il11 t, tell Its i- Open evenings until AN AR O ,M -.
A x t~i5ics. - 1. 0. Hri tr It. ill:.* t yfi-on itle tart itftttll it lito n1'n- - 8 P. M. A N A B R IE
bientt'ie lgunts. -romitisiring tit th1e
A. 15. Mutlr i.. III 1 . 5A . Kttii r. .111 1. -worko yesterdaty it is ev-idlel ft that
1511 tiiitat '1 ttu Lit tut;uhs-l ieteiioi-lt-elyrA Waste ofIn
Woonl~~o\\','04 i ltigttusOilpith 1ilIdpn ltr yA icl it-ns C it-esis ill (,liolt l
til itititslllt thIli is t 1.1%illt ill an o
loit illt ,Hone aIleat i t iut tiltell t to tell you our's are The Best.
frthe stco rttlic. l terewithitie l el iver ll11,1(1 tns t(.1' . -V ll t ~ts1115our eyes stilt continue you thn!t
beoeno ah(a- oie stllt ia e tdo not exaggerat e. See our
li 1111-inte hanidedil Il l the DIsL ficeCalesndar.e Strong line of
befor x 1) ti o t ilt edll t o the1 editor before 3 l
ilityre tuetdto perle d> e i t ta ~t r Wi FALL SUITS AND OVERCOATS,
tietru)s. ttor ttt-lt-- v tell 11 or11 11111 111 liersity Sitoolitt ii(sl. Every garment ste show you is
f t r t-lrepotil- ing riltntl t thits ofic at 5 lii 5i Itilioy.-)tn. (i-Iilt lt sits I tilt-enest. Giynm.and Laboratory Suits,
A l l tihaer itt ad iii.ti itt-O~tt ler t t in t _t. i . ttiSweaters, Golf pasts, etc.
e~t Whch he ae t .,lea.ltoli ltl olctl(h il'-try l it tre of a tiitioiliinkhSTAEBLER HATTERS
illt luouOt.ttl fsi- o f'tit .i 1 1 111(1ie-tis ( rj-slltdpi AND 211 South
atllrtllhasitllieI trut ctl(18 1>st 1-rir-iitir c- UERTH FURNISHERS Main St.
itpl titill IIt iittiistorielg i 1ti-lfirtlito ___________ v\,j1e1 cI INct.IIIJI&/13FilII.
lit- Dttlsi sittiu-lli i-hls titII 111Slileii illtl J1 NJIf. SEA4BOLT, Lessee (t(l 1f
11111 (, iii thesmalrii("Ire-no\- ii toitlsitit Nt terisuliidne f, Ittt'. ONE WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY, OCTOBER Isl.
411tt11titI,-aliiitoit ii ithe JU* D7DiliNINofUjIPnsIIII NorthUI lltlei xty llyllI}
- iii-re ( i n Is- I iliu l i111 I 111i---in a "l D s. I ;1le a d 1 t1," t he i - i t v l t l i . l ei-re
-'l' )1 - o 11( t --- s 1"_ - i 1- - ilia', ll l ll il 1 1 1" t i ol Cle( ) A A, lelen s Imib i l $iii C m p n
i l ix (t'-i-ilc- ItiL th i t i ll cor- 1)i '. ii tlt i - - -D . oli ll - f l a or P a s
flit-it- 1 i tlt li a lt eis. ii iiii ttar- I 11. ' ti1 .r i e - r : 1.
11. iilc i 1- 11 it iiIit iipii I1;111 11, tlt til t hs wEs s I ti is itu le n oli-'Pn r% '
I rtii i -t ii-cis tl ol-ttlItu eitto-..ao e ns un .i sis

I l :11 )~ I mp d 111.11 it fi 'let' i-i Itt t i
I tI1N i ll ii st-lt edit i le m r
Wliii leit;.ititit iwouldt1 tltli tt ,it eit i
d i ts I-tfor it-11e ' S1 t tll i Illsll l t
the cileti-It- ,!il~liii - l te stilt141t Wlt
liii i I iil its11 .I lt e It- wti ek i i-to tou
r1t o 'In,- ot It-ts i t 1Ilt ll-\vil ill\ il
the ii i is oil-t ti itt ~si 11111Iws
it sel it ll s Is t le ii t ig t. 111111 Ill
iril t -i 14) I h i in_ l ii tie l )tI.s It
he lisi ll-t'I., oo itt tlle ttt z o1) li t o
sill. o1}-.''111,is I toI i lIt. n 1(itlt ei
atlck Iti lilt (.I1 olliAit. ill l
i' l iiit lt-i nw\t kest-I o i ti il ititils it Sti-
tIo l ;igtItIlii lt to t- letup tleit wl
fo 11the sutiti li4)1 w1ituh('ltg 1)i, cn
thlg. ip ilit I tIenist 1111ti. x~t l lt:
h-i )1,ip itiltehit ulil i ii I, sli
Ilts slcl tn li t i llts shitt l til lto
poi de the-ItI, 111111 1 l iuss tittig in ol-t
i,:'t he- ii-s-o ld ln k f cli

NWeiliiesilnp Nig-lt-IN '14E I I1.AI% lOtt'1' SlE SlVlM.
Iliiixrs(Inp Nighlt ;11118 V I (TOI EAN CROSS.
I-'riulnx Night 1)Il dEli XI AN:\I) 311. 1-Y I)E.
rtiiriltsp Nir">;-hi 1.SF IN NEW tV tltiK
All New and Special Scenery: Enlarged Orchies~ra at
Every Performance.
St L. A. Tickets ons tale at Wilder's jt 1ti1 ('l1:.:-Is veIuitg G1e, 20c, 30e. Zultlitt-e 1c oa it 20e. Iilies hre
Purcke-s Plitit ig h', Salte ittseats uttetus Ii lap i Sept, isat lII stun jewoel-
Saturday, cot. 6 at 8 a, m. i en stoune.
114ectiires IEII Z ,N1 I->T1IL) , t{El 'TT ), Is stttT r1 IIc _,
Printout lectures for all itel-art- lhtiZNSWI ICIA 1> iKI .( 1ENI)L.l TalILES.
geunts of telivienu rsity. Typhe-551 W Ill
writtig-int l tiuieoarathinn. htt.IINt i.AM r nAmm '1 -uIu1~~hlthl
Redmond, Kerr & Co.,CIq4qs, Toi4cco, C~q4JjETTEs
"BANKERS, I \lIt 11111 1 lS()It' ALI. s(i't l:Nl N~iINTS
41 Watt Street, New York EI AND iSt ruCESItS OUT H
1... nitTATE
rr~teefo rndegisthe issueIUfSAi ITARY1"LU BN
ral~roads, iot s tir La i t utl I ctili et . ecuitestogtunrod ncm i -eu.ot siiotnI u ~t l
tes.u L i t ,iu ttleii tl et On a 207i IE.Washlin tnstreet.HT Xt Iti G,\1,00\_N it I-1.1:t I Gilt1 '1NU11ti
1111ti rron iepi re ocece m 0 tt 11 11 RA tE 1PIN. S lANDtI l E-',.


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