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September 30, 1900 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-09-30

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If you are particular
: FALL about your headwear
* buy the Varsity fiats
Maesand Sole Owners.
"The Niagara Falls Route." 9 EB R OS%.~j.V1 . 0AT71.~
Taking effect September to, 900 Now 01n the f1ogr at a StabreMscSoe
Detroit Night Expess......../ 5 A X 8-N41.VibrtRS, nnAro
Atlantic Expess .........7 40 + We have ol our tables an Entirely New Line j _________________
Grand Ras ids Express..........11 10 " aof Pa11and Winter Sitins.t
Mail and ]Eprs..............3 47 r a7
N. at s EaternSiat........589 443 It Will Pay You to See Us. 0j
Baton, N. Y and Chicago .... 1 43 "1 A %, U' 1 f.ICI . Pin with every
ail a'snd Expes .... 01.25ENY R O S thIhona'. Alarm Clock.
S.R. and Kl.Expresc ... o S ARTITICTAILRS Drig' r ober.
Chinag oNightExpeon..........9231 ATSTCTALRS"Wm ArnoldJwee
PaiicEpesck........... 1 3SA a , Jeweler C~tC'
Steamship Tickets,'a11 Classes to and fromi ________________________________________________________0 _________ ________
Europe'a palnttoatlowet rata. Fll Intar- U-
matlon on application. Vi 2W . ( A 00 ,"(n 1, o ktu1,. 11 lii Ii rtillsof" the Ii logi , a. (- T P !!
. F. RU LS .W HYS ..&T. Ag't, Chicago. A't Ann Arboha s' 14 iiid n1i' l l_ :;t) to I.,1 3100Mifrf, irola itI. Itolor: Iol oif CI NE
scailil of hI nn ro-A lo . Sir 7oolo :medicl prt 101 iere re th isi'e91 ~ NEl '
0 w11w - - .,ill looa l ea rc a sh . ifi.ront o tir l i Eu rope.Theli 1110
01pent Iii.. titsl l~iglly Inthlro Id iSTU.D[NTIS
$t111130sia Solid CGold otalinl taelaat oriro ".Ilii0 nsAc
1W 11 ~Sliler's IBookstore, A1a1110St. _ --lEO-)O~ lo
1 1 i Ioril. 'liii Is lot lo : 1 W Xe are heter prpared than eve
AS HTE~.AMS2tI' 32aP ; 'lr il '111. . ~ lliioo111 oIn lricr - r iili1to gie the best of .carriage service,
IT TIME TABLE in l I ilI":1 1111e 11 (1111 1 , l oofo. r..'ri irrli orslilt1issil0111'l.
TakilngEffeen, Snd~ay, May 21,1899.corner S. i~fili irr. :il lEaso, Vlli~itn - having added two rtber tired
Trains leave Ann Arbor by Central Stand- Stl.10:0. haurln, wolrshill. u~o01j 11' 1 .1"1o1 Cloks at ll~llr' of1l101 hi coaches to our stock.
and Tine.-
SO T O T l cl of 1hristo l t Srrir:''11 :C,
OTHNR_____Ilc c11 < Inoo d Soday tol o 180 l'lird y. (hi. 4-1 11 1110 11111ct f, Hojlmes iL.ivery
.No. .- t:25 A.M. No. I.85610A. X. lImi . :. .1. s. C.1 ..,n,:31. rroono. iirrrily : pool of M12i1. 'PJE16 I'E IET T
No.21-11:10 A. a. io. 5-12:30 rP . 711111,l ui.l. 71rlt i''PROE___6__15_ELIBETYST
No. 4.- :35 e ht. \n. .- 4d56tY.r. s
INo.102-05 . . tNo. 10.-9;05 A X._ ________IIX1'1'.71,E0A AII NAT'l'l S.
.Ran btweeAnn Arborad Toleda only 1'.of _. Sudcentls hluy their Station- 111)1 d li 4l oday OtIn. will(1 OPOOIOIT ' l
All traln a l y ecept Snday. cry 117 Srlllllc's- 0tlo k . , Main t. lein l1113003cc 1 73lllilsim lll.Cr0111n'c1
Iaondays oly. _____and____4 to J7 p 1 ~ i. to soak' h c"1 x-
. . ILMORE, Agent. -
W . BENNETT.0. P. A .71111111311'o r ane ilR110lt'lirr tl ani uo I I
{/ill1Pylio'owill ihc' rasa11n1111 'Iloda 1I ENF 11'7111TIK
Ht( IG A LLEYR and '111dtins, 111t4It. 11. 11t1111'p11301' :11:1,100t i 11-157 JOIIolletst w
VVF'tll~la 1 LL a jc19abotraIoy. 411El'. . Pltt' tI ESS. 011100 10:11blok frn nnsoe$ h alodta ae h (}ekwt oils, 1'ils$3O011.er
Business In and Ouat _______________0d:
of Michigan. 'IllEIRE .7illE; O''II I s ll1 l' NO NE' l iiIi: o 1 ll'' 101
4 SOLID VESTIBULE TRAINS I I'I"l'I t \ _ui ______a._1_____ r t'lr.
4 DAILY BETWaEEN 4. Itoid ligh'' , 11(7k";i 1 1'l 1. . .7iriiI'l:ik i -Illlo' .1d
TOLEDO, COL..UBU~SlLrCocst1111teJcw"y
an AHES.iterllln Foltain Pen t lSlt$1 117tPMahattan alldt Wilson Bros shits
adA EN. Solallr's iBookstore, SMain t. Ifi 11'a diiS tya el 111 i 1'OHEliEE i 1'S:11
WH Fsbe, I W. Laodmana,_________
Colambu40i. 10. lD tot. li. 'lie'A~ti t rol. 3 :(1 . if l 11ave., M sclC-a.I 11:
Detroit, Ypsilanti And Ann Ar- 110as 11 th'e1't 1111111nin 04r11110in11 .7111_______ ':111lold ltrto g,1t::'O:r o 01:11:1 1111 1hlt
Cars leave for fDetrot and Ypsilanti Ii'. Il ':10111. ii I i (loci-.,rl. ''l'01,:ow '1( u,111and :11 ,11(,bll So.11
every half our, oeginning at 7:15 a. inmo. RuelFlpfo ~rpa1,pn fsdnt e~ u sitn 'at pt
unti 7:45 p. in;After that to Detroit Consecrvatlory', (tcrliian3'. tacher of n111111g1r 31o1 1:11:1 :r of he I 11ol:lin ________
at 8:45 p. 1i,7:45 p. m. and i1:l5 p. m. Plano0.orgimandi 10 l c~(' omlpoitio: chubi. F. AIt.317 ,IN. Pcwc ~ladPros
Waiting room, corner Ann and Main al1s0 thic art of tahilog. Studio, 32
stat; Detroit, Ill Griswold St. S. lDivisiionS. '7.11BOAD. Rv ).lm ionl' ::Tible's,
MONEY LOANED-7'AAied--Svenlludtsll (bioy111s) 711 fill Evrti.Nean
on Watches, i mIondO.VhdcIOslnd other Pecr- The T' lodo'd: . l y (l3 'l. 10Itl:'lSut-ou'.clu b 1111of 1 for bord In priate' Eeyhn e n
onal Property.* Offce at reidlccr,8:11E. Ed'in I ,711 Arb1o( 1119C rl+1V '... ss .1111 11110 Prie17so,t001 lcee 7(11111 ressStrictly E,{ --ae
Liberty street. .A11 hbusiess conidetial.p- af,
Hlors. 8to 11:30 a.m. aand .Ito 73:30 and 7 to 11 ff o'tu:14' 1\ ie \ '.'. 1o411'M' nS. "S,1" I t 47f1A L ily o1fic1. 7 07N I7 eot v n ro
p. IM. IlIEPH C. OATTS.70N.UvriyAeAnAbo
-- of - SEPTEMBI1iR27 and 281;
IPURITAN SHOE C00 veyn Cordially invted.
___ -- ain Street

F,0 Y B re rc Masoame a' Embalmer and .a 3 East Willilam Street
U. oc" are aialty istEOHDITR FnrlDietrUniversity datst ne-hale bank west L IFhW
Sho and Bath Class Work and ENC DITRFaerllrcr of law building. All kinds n~ a
ROOMS, 300 STATE. J RiToaoshl 212 S, Fourth Ave,, B~th 1Phones Shoe Shop p E. LnAS io R a* na Photo

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