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February 10, 1901 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-02-10

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a,. THE ;UYIYER~31TY 0 TMICHI(AN 1lh11:x,
I mayor Jotnes Speaks Ae.<i- '7~if t / RAIN OIL SHINE
i contiuedl fom f1irst laoot iThe "100" $300 Shoe is the shoe
Pttbisthed Daily (Motito eet eotd)tturieg wlotlI SBelieve. Now I betliet hat to wear when the weather is uncer
Cotgera tt.Aatlyt'relgiontt iii h t I (1. ta ii . A little rasn doesn't hurt t
THlE UNIVERSITY OF MVICHIGAN We it aeciot etd(')e tlovotot ix while it affords plenty of comort on
I;Maxtiouttot eellits e ti atgloitet tthe warmest of days
Ar n tlgOrlitot. Ocis tte stt. tti iu ~ oyo li ol teBut of course we have light shoes
loth 'Phoett3. NetstSteo nettttti2. ttat (t attt'ttiwott ip ntittitots.XIve for rght days and heavy shoes for
_______________________- ttttt I t i t 1 in thtltlik t f teuh
MANAGING EDITOR - ttti e intiti a.v rainy days if you prefer
so soa, s Otol tti 'yttiittit' el. t tGLAS'S SHOE STORE,
BUSINESS MAN7AER, lonetoutin eghorsotarid theyre done1OSoMantre.
EDITORS I elivit he gi'oltdeit tile because open evenings ,until ANN ARBOR, MICHi
ATHLEOTICS, . vt. tits . t m it ,ennb et uhbttr -
MisUr'0 __g___Illl ~tIlt ttt(o lly itonian toSaeo
NH Wao iaaw,'04Hil-.aP. oftits If30 DAYS INVENTORY SALE
H. . lntoatt,3 f P. t. "itA- r L l re tt oldu%; In[lit gootdltf te whole.
_________________________ 1-t.Mus ttt l i ttt It e tca te mtas of
iott-Lr ad oss I 'itlt iltl toudoite Otr entire stock of all 'new Cloting at greatly
Thesbscripioantrceoftt.DAilY itaO.t leer ily s at ttltlhave timte to rtt ad rdie rcsdii ot fJn aypirt
for thecoslesayar, whart tresa iotrdcearcsduigt~fho aurypir2
before neon each day. Notice.acuitfmho h ttttittt'N~e
ions,anedother matter inttendedi ot- patica \s-e dotnot hvitit livo, We invoicing. All Suits antd Overcoats at less tian
tests mst be handedint at the DIrYottice~
beore 58 . t., or ciiled to tihi' i tititibefo;3t al:a i t oe littitet iterestaoatAlaiufacturers pice during thislesale. Avail your
I). in. oathettday preisto1114 t , nthe i triti Titt hat doet't necessarilysefo tie pprtnt atd av uoey
whitch they areexpetedt t,i iir tesl fti p otnt n aem ny
Subcripitans ttay ho et t i i' 'th I itt it I Itt' titt lail it lt of ian.
Bses Me r', tu-,ttotei'0ti-in0 t afea titi- t v vt".iaAll Underwear. and Shirts at reduced
favor by relirtist itomttyitit il.: Oti tan' shd0 i o e tttlerithanttt te are
failure of arners to divter coter. nw prices, vr thing new.
All ehasges ittadvertittag matter otit i. v r
In the officc by3p. . an te day preiousto F'ii" i toublie oitthe dty tos titi-
thtt ottwhticthey are ~tappeltar. hI i t'aiotiti'of it aetnt'wto itlay it
__________________________ - all toiolefe'~iIllet. If you are iwont to
HoeLife and Wages. ' in t-tttltledte comtmtaon igntand T AB ER AN
Hems ppy ititiit)ityorelf: "lar Sl:-Inttt
liii' t'i'tit'oottiliii'ill(' C itt o.Mnt leIimDien.l(ANDisW VERTHi~
CouuIonutthis year kilititltiti.tiailotthe the Book.,.
qutltiio of itihtild pretsi osati a re tI-i liti'ie si- i''ti candttiior. Bl t'
th~c e. Thiat isltte iitiltl ii'eitite sitkiiinil. Ittep et. ousef atATHENS THEATRE
titi'bretot 1tiunieen..Of course.athe die iiit Iii) thi tornon,.i RETURN ENG3AGEMENT AND FAREWELL VISIT
tils ittr;:11 waty ittwichiilttheinst-_ _1_th_-_SE SON_-_11t
Prof. Re . Wenly t eai esTUFSDAY, FEBRUTAY 12
reprt ecetl ELER .YAN4CLS Realistic Railroad Coimedy IDraima
Meoia_ evieA___aie urec t bout the campus that Prf. I.X.
TheItti'iliof te Ittiity 1M.'eiley oult letne duingthe te-Al.'1~tg
itt 1itoe '1 ItHorace ttRset, atha diediati nil titpatemoodat h i~oity that the
(t. an I, It IhaaN.Y. wer h "I~rtwa wthutfoundatieo, atdle OITH THE WONDERFUL BE'ATRICE-
w a th iterl sttarN.y.,ofteeClie will lctute hero to announcei tlibe
ttu .tlitti't-oas fon to- ern iinn t ltti ti tolIOtit ItMost Wonderful Play of the I L
it to licettyfthlaerr1iof IYli a. i ( t _________u r Greatest NSestionof te
A. -idtitIill heiii i'oita't dttn'tby titoall ittf tAlittly ittn till Ilease ietttiIl taio oieal S ces o h
itti ae't''l~i'yat tt'I'.ittXi. . I lotdty tnItta enoI G ea S ccssoaf the
iii' iupper' ltsm o t hetiitt i ersiity. yn :tI4t'tiyfo h irttm
I n itt hIir t'wont I tiee nt. t.hoseart. i t.OSSIA I gr",Ai. The Ono Supremte Novelty of ia Decatle. Oveil owing with
tid(a iitcae11itttthui nuot oliog i I I~ ~Surprisecs. Bubbling over owithi ,lerinent
titt in 0t ' ittiralsoai itt ' ciie I'0 at lENT totm; ite lresuit e' Crotded with Excitiitg Incidents,
wa'to help tut 01tttit.notiiouri iiever- A Glorious Latghiig Panacea for that veoty Tredtl eelita'
kntoiiliwtttiithim ttsttolore tiTiei.a oal TSiOerst Soe;KgtEIsS 0.PRICES: ioc, 20c and 3oc No Higher
ieiort ttuldiis wi illbe h argett. ii t lylofen o t' nebaS.Seats notv selling.
tv-i' iii tt ioil Dei Iitoiittgiit r __ass- __________________________
litttit o nfIMitos. athile t aBeloitt Ciiil- r it ues Ian tudets'roosn, at
Iee.Tti' ' iii i t t ill beihltlitte Sol IIll'n 5Baostnsoe, 1.16 So.Smain t. ---
tiotith iotn,,pIi. i., ii tliia l~li' , __ ~EVERYTHING NEW EXCEPT THE NAME
andtil reIjiled o i UUChf 'ouve do AT
-TEit ilI I) I OAl."I'ExjioSitflnUniversele
cental fgur in Fie Unfied.flil," ADD ESS,303SOUTHP STATE STREET,
ii t ri t' lift'is Ilottii-'Valise, taito The pblielters f this worh rcived the
ofist It' utll hindtutuiger oftta t lGtrsnd Prie atd buld Mda at te Pars Exfmol)aypsionortseclne.Awrk odonOEI
- tutu ItittiI. Newi' 'ioit'ttilt RemodK"err's'& (Co B IL LIA R A
aittitnof tt('itlty ito 'liilt't'it. tit- BANKERS'3 ~i * I f I ''U
e it roraid nce'tttiti ofii'it "eLimi litedtit 41 Wail Street, New York
l il,"rai upn 11 etrancetof Be- HIGH GRADE CIGAR1S, TOIIAI('O AND CIGARETTES
t ti re ( yt hey s d c d d y l a s c a e e a b n i g u i e s ii tl ia ti a d r ltl ti i l ) - aua ~l Le e c depo sits s ubject to draft. Diide tnds E * ~S U C CE SSO R S O T H
ittti'iiti'tiand iteretcollected ad t thted.A tens E ' 10
i rittedtit Ihtie ro tt cti ritti iititittilotcuAgntsttfor tnd feotiato the itse of To__ -'
ailroads, strrt railtwnys, g s companies, et. E V (I1 RoETl
tu /' LD31 g teeSto teityt itttSttit iinn ilrthi )Jani, eurities tughtatd sold oncommsstitn. RSNAA
intl a a ttie e ordes t o bt o ttthi laftti. Matbert.Neat or Eschage.
gen 1 t'tra c t d Augutui ttti utsthat -- - - - -______
le tmtusit pern beforethe lat'gtistotDEAL IN i fl.Iu SANITARY PLUMBING.
Gerry . at 0otlork iiie folloin-tg ott-I G-GRADE INVESTMENT SECURITIES. F.- fl flELECTRIC hCOSTRUCI'ON ADSPLE,~n.Iftn urn teii-- TA AND HOiR HATN,
tImagaie thatt highitiand itighty libell- PHILADELPHIA CORRESPtONDENTS. 207 E. Washinton Street ARTISSI GAS AND ElUTRIC FIXTUtREa
fte's surprise iwhen,ituitnlenr apptear- GRAHAM, KERR & CO HIGH GRAlt MANTELS AND RATES.

ance at te tappoint'tdhourt, thei 'ciilyam Et ~
inbbtrced htir cha r ne uid gtuu'-
thai.tts ''lly' li1soiitin td liu ignde, u c iCnill Buy thie...
Mr. V ttice," tlan tleilarwiitth a irry
twviititle in her eye, l4htt7i tun aidrin O
thri - eytt oo." It itunellesstsayitnach ot qLethrUIIU 3450THE JHiOEMAN
tl5 1l irhitnof "Jima I~lid,"thII...ThaI \ oi't Break Through 218 S. MAIN ST N
.a to11. j tu l as n a ted bythe~t
W. }2tn stt d y i I lts tI flfl r

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