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January 17, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-01-17

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No 83

Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to be used for
business purposes or for full dress
occasions. u
roS E. Washington St.
YOU KNOW where to get..
R. E. Jolly, 308 S. State Street.
++++. ++++4... ++.. *
I. Ian Hamilton's March wth
extracts from the diary of
Lieut. H. Frinkland, a pris-
oner of war at Pretoria, with
portrait of Gen. Hamilton,
acolored map and several
plans $1.20
London to Ladysmith
via Pretoria
Au account of Mr. Church-
S ill's experiences as a special
correspondent with the Brit-
+ ish armies in South Africa
q. from he early days of the
# war until the relief of Lady-
smith. Containing also an
j. accoun of the armoured
S train. Mr. Churchill's deten-
tion at Pretoria as a prisoner
of war, his escape ad subse-
quent service is the Natal

Schedule Arranged for Cotest to 1
Bgis Immediately After Exams t
-Capt. Hayes Says 1h iere is e
Room for God Men c
The liVarsity track teasn will have a
more)5 work laid ott for it this bea
than has ever before been mapped out
un any one deartment of atletics.t
The msid-winter mseets are attracting t
increased attestiosn each succeeding s
year and developing many good ath- f
letes, aud succeed is reaching their 1
anticipated efficiency in bringing out t
raw material Therefore the masage-c
ment had paid special attention to the C
arrasnging -of a well balanced schedule.
The dates of the mseets and the places
are as follows:
leb. 15-Prelhiaiy Mle, Water-I
anl Gym.1
Feb. 20-Mlichigans vs. Chlicago. at
C hicago.s
Felb. 23-Freshmen- Sophomore seet.s
M\arch 2-High School Relay Meet int
connsections with an inter-frterniyt
March 9-Asnual 'Varsity Mcc.
Marceli1(-1Mchigan vs. Chicago.t
Ann Arbor.s
Biesides these there will be an lot-
door meet with Chicago, the Western
tntercollegiate is) lne. and possibly
entrance to flh- Pai-American gamses1
t Btuffalo; also the 'varsiy otdoor
This is the first tine is) the history
of dual mheets at the Uniivroy that
tvo such events as the Maroon meets
hmve occurred in one season. We meet
tChicago twice this year to cotest for
indoor hoors. The first uiet will be
held in Chicago annd he scodi in Amis
Arbor. The Chicago teal)))hasi)been
in training since fTan. 2 and In- get-
ting iii fairly good form. As our gyml
has been closedat this critical timec so
so(on) befoe tliese- meets the seen will
iave to work very haid to get il form
for the 5prelimina)riessvwicitak1)1lac
in about four weeks.
There has been soiie cisuges maidle
in the western athletic mets which
will go lte effect this yea. Somle old
events have belac) illaside alidlsome
nien-nies imtroduced. The inile walk
hias lbe)neliinated etirly and the
bicycle races lma~de ai sparateev est,
nd the fons lwill lit iblcosideredl
amonilg those of he regularly cotsted
Ievents. All inn~ovationl is thle two-mile
rum. Miciigas) has two or three prom)-
sing men) who will enter this las:-lel-
tiolled event, adt its introductioi will
bec greeted witti atptroval. TuCe otler
evts will renmhs the smel as form-
P i order t iscrease thle iterest
amug fraternity senm a special
lfft is goig Ill be msade
thils seasosi to get the society
silos out to take part in the maeets.
Withs this i view a meet eclusively
for fraternity mn eihlsa been scheduled
ad will be given is conjunction with
isheihighiscshool relay meet. It is trust-
edby the sanmagement that the frater-
litltes will take some action on this
matter at once in getting their repr-
sesntatives out. A banner will e given
to the society securing the highest
number of points. The preliminaries
in the relays will 11e run off upon the
d ate mentioned.
Thse gymnasium will be opesed again
n iext week, as the probation tme for
te smnallpox regulatiosi will have then
*expired. Capt. Howard Hayes, speak-
ing of the coming meets, said: "As the
gymna sum has ben close just at the
time when the men need the advan-
tages'of it, they will have to work with
*inl Clp norsvnre nd nnidevt

awlts. This applies to the distance
ne0n more particulalry tha)) to the,
)ole vaiulters and1)1jusmpers. There is
Iio polsition oil the teamo that is pos- T
:iely filled or cisiedc, anld there is ii
0011 chianlce for good mess n every
ent. Every mllan will be chosen ac-
-ordilig to his merit. There will be
many)3 newv men to comete this year
md e-aih)one will lbe give)) as mtuch
lersonlli attention as thie timie will pes-l
lit," in
"Wei-huve great confidesce,' said s
1)51. Harey, , in the ablility of Dire- o
fr Fit-paltrick to get the teams In rc
shapelS withiii the limited time left be- ce
for- thleseets, and if the mesi will hr
tn 11u1tprompttly aiid co-oerate with t
le men ill i-arge we feel confident we t
cnmake- a favorable showing in the
evenits." cl
"We re espeially weak in) the ham- t
nec throwl and discus events. There is t
not1 11 lai i)llsight fos these events atw
presnt, andiloagood man)1h111 ll))excel- i-I
lout oppollrtuity"
Puttinig the shot a1nd(1till distace ce
runs have good opein)gs for capable ci
men. Six years ago "Bnck hall made ai
thie higest recirdin ithe wformer evestT
thiat is been gaieinl the west, anldD
Michigan still holds the record. ti
Thle track teal)) is esecially in) seel
of qualrtir-mlile runnmers to enter us the s
relays tol compete with Chicago.
last year Chicago wo) from Penns- li
sylvalila and Georgetown ani the Mlal
roonlifolur wias0)1e of the strongest ill c
11)1, west. There are two or three mencn
who are ectced to s1)01 up well i t
tilene lie)) nt11, the two-milie-iun). Italli
t1 e winnelr of tii crss-conltry run;),
J~oes, 11h)11scurdi cIscod lace; .s
tKnolx mallFstr a-eli-y 5pris~lig r
11)1) for this el-I-lt.
tPerry, 1who)1ran11for Pennllsylvanlia laIstw
year,. is registeriid ill te ienior lawo
ilace111 if hei dil) beinducedli1itl (11)1)0
1-isleigh ii-a pomllisingyunlg at- n5
liite, 1and11)11111t1111team llfor tll 11sf i
timela1)st yer. IHis el-i-lt) re tic-
brcoadil3)1)11, 5pole-ault and 1hrdles.p
1al- will in1 ll lprobabllility fall itltei
place1)vaciateid by Mc-tean ill the lastd
vaclitoll he I-lteIredIlI iirtl-l11Cevent illc
loca1 lieet-s 1an111o11)twelve irss lull I
onelsecoid, mkig amfne holwsinvlg il
lap. Ha yshs bee iu il1lcrespond- I
0111e withl John tRobinsln for some1 time~d
returnltiieter till events tlispsring.s
M111111tolthe surprise lull plesre lot r
literlary detartment. Mus is expectei
of histin iltiheents this sring, asdi is
will be at close rival utfbishleigls. Ie
will lhaindle till so-put 11111 troadl
Neuter in ll sllprobabiity will hanlee
thsi srints said iii be Cllt. 5Haes
runinsg smate ims the qua~lrter-mile. 1
Arsmstrong will be out sagain for tie
high jump asdtDvorak wil e in evi-
dence with iis pole.
There is a. bare possibility thait Lei-'
lee wiii return in time to etutr the
events, but nothing deimite cams le;
stated as yet.
At present the outlook is a little dark
for the track team because of the de-
privation of the use of the gym, but
upon the persistency of the training
and capability of the material will de-
pond Michigan's honors for the ensuing
"There iever hasiaboomsnschsaimop
portunity for mom," sad Capt. tHays,
"to secure places on a 'Varsity teani
as now. There is a vaancy is each
evemnt to be filled by those who were
not members of the championship team
last year. Aetive training will begin
Monday afterneoss sd we trtst tie
mess will he oxo hand ready for bus-

iree Stndets of the Sophmore Class
Must Stand I ral on Saturday-
Trouble Has Been Brewing
For Some Time
For some time trouble has been brew-
ag in tile medical department and the
l.msilm.)olicla55sss y be-minus three
f is miemlbes hbef ore Ianother week
Ws1 --around. The s5w' rlilimg lci.
ent, amm accounmt of i-tv appemrd
1 estercavs a iily, iui illroule ib)over
lie red cross badges in. vi- brought
imgs to a climax.
Dlesims Vmighsamsapisa-v -h1 fore the
lass an gave them :, "-.ring that
soy uill not soo) forge. n--otified
soe msembers of the clii,.- at they
iiouldh mot be0 admitted to aisy more
lasses until the damage of broken
imliow panes had been paid for. Al-
ady hy iry-three members of tie
lss haihplamimked down a nickel apiece
ad~ obtafinmed i receipt for the same.
I'is receipt wvas deposited with the
)lls anmi5tie vere alowed to on-
in'e their ork.
I am glaid to see thse receipts."
id ID. Vaughanm, '-mnd I only wishI
lad 1)00) in 'Mr. Wsade's office. I -woud
cave gottemsesnoitgh with which to
mtid it mnew loratoy." Themn le be-
gmeic more i-serious aud said: "But
hest' ri-nothlt iiwhio participated isi
he smowbvl fight. Whesn I was younmg
ike yolu t enjoyed smobaling just as
nueh a) s youl do. I dom't blame yo for
snwblling bst I do censtre youm for
of acikmowl-edging if like mie."
It wams clainmedithat sedil-mi studemnts
were- allowimgthe ilaws,Tihts a1111engi-
sers tosvear their red cross badges.
uinI ins this wily the latter gtit ho fle
41m110s. lDeamnVaughasn was romr much
icemued mt this amsd said that if any
neilinsldentf was caught doing this,
Iwould m)10a1)imstast disuissul. The
,pea-kr said he haid rceed i letter
foml Dow-h's lieutenatmt (tie Ziomiite)
mm wvhichstie deartment was urged toI
dsist in 1111 work of vacimatio.smnd
011)1'leaves were5set for whi etisni-
-inlandiilismcrdm powers were climne.
It is said lthntie whole of Zioms is
piayingihaitmf Idreamdfulmieptidemsic of
mmlllox miiiflylmi upon tie university
Ill-malse of thei foced vacimatio.
At this junmctur-eemanlVaulghn sal
lit a v'ry onosxiouseleuen-t had
spranilg 111ripitime'c-asss amndfithtthee
me-mbevs wold be1w asked to appear b' le-
fore 1111 fmcuty Ill)Saturdayl- iiriiils'
andc stmasdihtrial. Sid e:
"I shamll tell the facuty3 that
youl mre no lomger fit to pursue the
study of medicimne. I do mot criticize
your ability, but if you want to knowv
why I say you are no longer f to
study- Imedicine csme to me and I vill
tol you so that you can have timie to
preparc your defemsse before the fac-
"This sophomore class," he comn-
tinned, "is the worst we have in the
University. All the deviltry can be
traced to it. It was a sophomore who
stole the skull cap. It was three soph-
omores who stole the dead body from
the anatomical building ad placed it
in front of the literasy idepartmnmt.
And another thing I want to tell you.
I am going to fimd out who it vas v-io
hit the janitor if I have to expel every-
body. upon whons any suspicion ests."
Dr. Vaughamn occupied 'fully three-
quarters of an hour in roasting the
class after this manner.-
When seen by a Daily reporter last
evemning Dean Vaughan said that the
exact charges upon which the medical
moms must stand trial would not be a-
noneed, and also" indicated that
these men will have much to think
ahout between now and the time for

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