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January 15, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-01-15

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o aiI


I~Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of 1900 has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The _same carefl attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to be used for
business purposes or for full dressl
6. H. WILD CO.,
soS E. Washington St.
YOU KNOW where to get.,;
it. E. Jolly, 308S . State Street.
ยข Ian Hamilton's March with
extacts from the diary of
Leut H rankand, a pris-
S oner of wa at Pretoria, with
,, portrait of Gen Hamilton,
plans $120
,. London to Laysmth j
4. via Pretoria
S Anacconut of Mr. Church-
S ill's experiences as a special
4'correspoindent with the Brit-
i'sh armies so South Africa
Ifrom ihe early days of the
war until the relief of Lady-
smith Cotaising alsq an
account of the armoured
train Mr Churchill's deten-
tion at Pretoria as a prisoner
of wa, his escape and suhs-
queint service iii the Natal
S army-$I 20.

Men Dressed Up as Co-eds Fail to Trap
Him-Some Red Pepper that He
Did Not Get-Co-edo Still
Tremble When His Name
is Mentioned
Jack the Hugger' hue seemisgly
ceased his aniioyaces iii the region
south aisd east or the University cai-
Not a case of his misdeeds has eeis
reported to the police since the holi-
days and it is probable tat hie took
a tumble to the traps set for hin sd
desisted fronm his cray actions.
The doiiigs of this myterios per-
sonage have beeiskiown to the Daily
for some weeks- bt in order to give
the culprit fisl sway iid thus furnish
the police force an opportunity to take
Jack' red-haisded, the news wsp-
pressed for the tiime. Bt Jack" is
us commoii "Hugger." He not only
lisa a finesse about his art, ut lhe
knows wheii to stop and get out of
harmis way. Ie rely seems to have
enjoyed thle game of tag lie has beesi
playiing with the co-eds aid Marasl
Gierstners mes, aind along with isi vi-
tinis can iow read the glowing ac-
counits of his dariiig deeds.iand this,
too, with no cause for worry.
For six weeks previous to Christmas
ilo womani was safe from being ap-
proached by this mysterious mni if
she waked out without a escort is
lie evening.
The wives of two professors of the
university had reported that they had
been stopped by the imiscreantand
compelledi to listein to tie' imost i-
s1ting propositions.
One promilnent sorority reported
niumerosus occurrences of the same ni-
tore while oui one occasion the ian
suddenly csamie up behind three wonems
who wiere walking together andi tap-
ping one oiii the shoulsec. grossly an-
stited ter.
Everytlsinsg possible was issne to
caplturlce li'fllowiwho aplespeuas o
bei more o1 a mosnomnaiiac tisili a
fiend as nlo violence sas ee attempt-
ed by him.unlss iis sosot astounding
prcoplositionis could bei considered vi-
let.Ie was5 describedO s a tall sled-
or young-111111libtIis fae sas ilways
cio concesalesd thatt exact idetiications
was inlspsssitie. 'Tiie poli~c set up
well dsressedst11 i selsessclothes as
deisoys lioping to captue him i this
ioiaer hiti-very time sne of these
traps swas st for the fellow lie fail-
ed to appear. The officers worked on
thle ease faithfully aid Masal Gest-
ier says that lie feels certain thilt he
knows whse the miai is. "Btut," said
hes, 'ste cannot get anyone to ps itive-
ly identify kin. If any of thle ladies
sihli have beein molested caii do so
see will prosecte bin to a finish."
So numerous did these molestatios
become that co-edo prepared them-
selves to get even with the felloow.
Nearly all the occurrences took place
between ft and 7 o'clock in the evening.
oue young lady of the sorority which
seemed to receive the majority of the
young -man's atteitions prepared her-
self with a most effective weapon in
the inature of -a handful of red pepper.
She walked about the neighborhood
tsr three successive eveiing and if
the fellow had approached her she
inteinded to throwv the hrning stuff
into his eyes and face. t would have
temporarily blinded bin and the pain
it caused would have compelled him
to cry out and capture would have
been certain
Another young, lady of the same 'so-
rority nerved herself up to carry a
revolver and so, Indignant had she be-
onethat she w- , uld certainly have

shot the man if he had ever attempt-
ed his Romeo act on her.
Two prominent young men who live
south of the: campus patroled certain
streets niight aifter iight ut the o-
currenees wouLb reported the fl-
leing days at . a different part of
that sec-tion of the city.
ea'rly' cerything:hur; a comey side,
anld so in the case of "Jack the Hug-
ger" Oue eveninig a certain prominent
young society lady was going along,
unssttended, when Jack appeared. He
approached her with his usual method.
She screamed and thein became de-
termined. She flew at him intending
to fight him with finger maials, et.
Jacek turned and ran. The young lady
was nerved up by we coward's ac-
tioiis aiid took after him at a pace that
would have pushed Leiblee for a hun-
dred yards. Seeing that she was gain-
ing on him, Jack deftly jumped over
a fence. The young lady was handi-
capped iii handling her skirts and
Jack got away throughi a back yard
It is to be regretted that all the ef-
forts made to capture the fellow prov-
ed futile. There is io crime ois the
statute hooks that would cover the
case so that he could have been se-
verely punished, but so indignant had
the entire south and east portion of
the city become that the fellow would
at least have a coat of tar and feath-
ers usider the mackintosh le usually
" John Marshall " Day
rise irst cnutenial celibrstin ii
the- twve-ntiethmentury wiill tbe that hel'd
Fe'-trusary 4. in homir of JoniMsrsasll,
flh' emsinesst Amesiricsanijurist and chust
Trhe idesa of hlinstiigaltiaselebs-
fios originated iitiig Isast smmeiiir.
It uasaoriginalily theits-ntiuntmasiske
it ,imiply sa basl sfsir bsult tii'plims
has metsl withi suits favor itisat i hsi
nsisosusedissainstionsc el. Cehi-
lirsitss isill bliielsi-l a sll tel-tssrgs
ciiessosithlii-coisitry anit Iy thse- iss--
liisrssitf conigees tissan isay ioflh' stste
'hla w sso si uioit sfssi yisthliesi-
lg icisligessandsuuiersitiis isiss'alsi
ltses up tleiii- ims.sdssthtis is Iii le
s-issiisli'il liforino pirsn oulilonssg
bs' a sussensi ifthsslwindnsst islrsass
ssevrlo s'sthels- sss'fil ss'gsu'sis iof
.siohn OMrsalsst. I sssscs. Y'sl sassi
solhes liasvs already s eu sed ithesir irm-
hiesslorithis cs'sss- ",Issli. nWts-Assilis-si
gate? W'uithlihflarIsest Isaws'si-ol io
thei -ounstry it ousll e esmiinently ti-
hung isit swe soulisaes'a ceibrstiosi
f ausi-me sskindeisn though itbl ii-siipli
is detsail,. Perhassis aiss Is' .~sis
liei of the facultiy o this-Amis Ar-
Issr lar scoiul e scrd to gie iii as-
dress upons thast occassiosn. It is not too
ate to miake a start if we beginl Iriar-
ations at once.
Law Building Closed
Nio exercises siera hellusllthe hsaw'd-
partument yesterday umorning. s there
oas io heat for the bsuidig. Sundatsy
hitght istreak sic-curret iusthe late
ovhich counects the biulting system of
the lasi building with fle manuinhe
from the power house. aud. as a result,
iso het cohl e secured.
The repairs to the pipe hosiev'ur,
were quicdy musts- aui work iui this- se-
patm'ueut was resumued yeterdasy af-
The report was circulated by prsct-
sal johker that the buiildisg was closed
oun accounit of the smallpox. The re-
port found soisesho were wiliug to
believe it, but the hoax soon lesked
You Know the Place. HALLEW'S.

Faculty Intends to Enforce Rule Re-
garding Vacination
Alt studseuts sihsehsme n.ot
beeus vacciusstedt must nsten -
ter lasses.
Bty order of
- JAS. 11. ANtGELL,
- Presideunt
It seems by this plarir 1. w huch.ap
peared tupoms the outer ii",-,'; sitthe law
buildiung, and also tlie u it"rs t the
vsarious class asmissi h ee room5)asi. that
tihe tsaculty umee setermui -o iieusorce
their edict regarding vs.'-:. -iou aud
mit timrecogunie amny us a ines So
they havue msadue it am cuiioni prece-
dent to attending classes.
There are sbout 20th hu the lsw de-
parmenmt ahoe whiose namses ae
hben posted by Secretary Johnsn on
flue bulietinm board who haoe fuiled to
coumlysiiths the reguations. It is diffi-
cut tou understamid hy auy stdent
shuldihu disregardtsums-tma precatutionay
messure s hus beens so prompty ansi
thoiiughtfiully proviede by the faculty
fec protsectionm of the sftudent body.
The gymainiasiumi has beens closedh just
tefusue the sprig indor meets sihess
eeery sthsete feels tie need of its ad-
vasntsges mmmnd free vaucciuation fur-
nished, s soas t reventfle sread of
a disesase wehichu, at-flue least, is very
odiouus ns well as uiersally feared.
Tie lsasvschol at Wisconsin.owiths
40th stiuli-uss ini atteundance. has beeni
forced to cose ifs doors hes -s-se of fle
smassllpox iun thast school. au-sd fuheelso-
abilits- is that shsoutuhfle infetios
resuehitiuther the entie mmssssits soil
his scsosed. itad"it nst his- I fusethus
hrompshtandsut sittiet sactions iofur as-
thouritiess tere- it o-ight hasve beens neees-
sry tos slose this'doosmo f this institu-
tion,. limt theysre tos he coiiehneted
fuse their tiumel-y action,. smutes-iy stu-
lu-st shoulduheah-srily thasnk thismisfr is
rasther-mthansushit anuyhinig iii thu s' ss
toiiss mpede' stus-iomnussubslsslworiki..
tiknsis fish'this' studen'ts' iprtestison.
.1-hsiri- siuumsbis'nsisrueasns swhy
enshi inst sissy stumiesnt shosuli ussrs-si
opets'itw sitishisiefactm-uhy iithei-is -s
iii suuus'nll hl5Iihi i-s sutir--
usout assy fuarthesr- -uutssgissu. sudtshosuds
sulsisuttso fit tionce.
Wbster Society's 42nd A~sil BUa-
F~roms "timse immneumorisl," teoi.
fory-wso yeairs.fle Webster Literry
Socieity f thus Ilaw- deartment saund
thesir friendss siveanualluiy conveeds
an asutsqueted.
Tie ibanquetfistsyear bhuslatsir to
eqhuali sany effort of tie lst aonsg this
line. evoery preparaions havuing been
msudst to insoure- thouse uatendsingsnusen-
joyablie, timie.
Tie Websters, siith their usuasl c-
dialit-, havue extenssedt amsinivitatins is
their rivalsh ltaw'societies t banqmue
wsiths thiem, uundtmuamy hae lprosmisesd to
attesid. A ike insvitations has alshben
extemded to the members of the lass
faculty and they will be tie guest of
honor of the evening.
A womne insnovatonisitnsthe lie of
music usually" rendered at maffairof
this kindi, will be maths this year. au
excellent harpist havimng beems egaged
fee the evemnhng. Elks Hallfle hest
is tie city for tie purpose.ihas beens
secumredh. vere tie banqsue oill he
heldsIuet Thursdasy evenig Janu. 17.
Hansgterfer will do fle caterimng sand
this fact alone is a guarantee of a
sumptuous repast. 'piket- fer the
:banqtuet may "be obfaiied from thom-
hbers of the society at T15e per-plate."


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