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January 10, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-01-10

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Our special line To Be the Result of the South African
War Says Winston Churchill-
jp of foreign and The Contest Bitter Fought Out
domestic fabrics Will Aid Reconstruction

For the Fall and Winter ofrigo00hns

arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to he used for
husiness purposes or for full dress
0, He WILD 00,,
so8 E. Washington St.
YOU KNOW where to get..
it. E. Jolly, 308 S. State Street.
Supplies t

5Ii spite of a heavy, driving onow at
large audience vesitured out lasot night
to hear Winston Spencer Chnrctiill
speak on tthe Sontti Africans War. The
specaker, though having soniclhesita-
tion in spieechi, was entertainig iiid
hieltd the atteutioii of lisa hearers to a
renmarkahle extesnt. Htis narrative was
interesting and at times thrilling, and
lie had the happy faculty of selectiiig
iiicideiits of moat iiiterest. A ary,I
native wit served at times to distract
attentiosi froii somewhat tiersosal at-
luons anal to enliven his niarrative.
ftc stad a keen way of chartacterizing
mien snd eveiits aiidniaking atpt coin-
5)arisouis that made sit for a certain
lack of grace in delivery.
The earlier part of the lecture was a
isarrative of his piersoiial experieisces,
pireceingsait after lisa capture. His
simuiiesits cii some of tils experieisces
aniiiil o sosie of the aictors in the drama
ofteii ctlleid forth apphltuse. He com-
neda with rather hitter ironsy uposn
tie extreime mosderiiiess anti efficiey
iif the artillery of 'Ithose siiiiple pieis-
ants.'" Sestatde a keeii thrust bysaiy-
ig thati Englandal Was 5espeiillyIsrouid
'if lhi ert iansport service ini ciiimparinig
ir avil Iitheiuexpseriecioi-i l trha ion lsii
rci tly. Thery iadi trntisported 203.-
0i0 iiien 7,0)111 milesuiflioiit losiiig
oflere ii -atnri-'11sis uibsiiiicit
aibanidoiiiieii:if Spiolcisonj. the fruit-
less attack ci V,1i-i1 lraiita 'isil use
firaf defeat if issleusis.Ikhe 1ariiiv-wiis
iiisit idejectled. Aid thIis n-as lie turns--
ill- poiit ii11intwr. 1mm 11thecaoi
Fiullers crin tiche iiTfugela. ciii Rni-
irts ill tir west. hlniisiered lishrirway
forwairid iiitil-wiils tle captutre of Pre-
toria it otily resaied, initliin ioniiiof
thii spicitaxr, a isetiiiim ef hlanemucth
time aid iiow '1ans11-e11'1) woul hit
nedeiliti est t V e war.
"AS thiise sif i1.sewii.i;iil Iakenii l-ti
ini the citpailgns saiclithellrits Ha
iN-aviiig aitove lith-oe iiiiis'eiof Iprlia-
mnat. Clay .ill vosveilthai it stiiild

RSDAY, JANUARY 10, 1901. No 77
W. D" Hadzits Holds Scott Fellowship The Death of Prof. Moses Colt Tyler
The wisiser of the Johnti W. Scott Duritig the Christmas vacations cc-
travelling felloshlip this yeirisr 15 l-estres ftie adeathi of a well-knowin formi-
tes D. Hadzsits of D~etroit. tte, ac- cc professor of the University.
compauied Sty his brother.,I(eorge Prof. Muses Colt Tyler, LL.D.
Hadasits, left for Europe Setit. 20. L Hi..,lied at his home ;u Ithaca,
They are at piresetit iii Rouse. where N. Y., Dee. 28. Prof. Tyler seas tiorn
they will reniain till Febiruiry.ini usts itt. Consn., cii the 2tt day of
Mr. Hadzsits is stuadylig at the .tueri- August.,i1535, aiid was educated at
caun School of Claissiecal Studies, of Yale Utniversity, where he graduated
which Prof. Kelsey is director this in J.857. 'takitig up the stutly of the-
year. troim Rome they will gio to sducy. lie troceeiedi to Atidioser, aiid in
A Xtietis, suit in Mlay to soite Germatn atti tiiie tecamse the passtor of the
University, probtably 'tottiiigeni. Dtur- First Cotigregational estecli in Potugh-
lug next August aind September they keepsie, a positioii whichthelield from
will travel ini Fratiee. REiglands anti186to t 1802. Five years later, iii 1567,
Germany. hi'wasapposiited hprofesor t the Eug-
Tue chief spurposse of their tcoir is to hltpltatgtuage anis lits ::."k, inii the
tsty tirt, architecture, andscusltpture uiveis ty of .SMiiganii))nitestab
in the muitsesms ansd ruinsa. lislied a high reptitatioit .. a pais-~5
Walter D. Hadits grtadutited from ttikinig, accuirate, tnd discerning histo-
the Detroit high school ini 114,tatdcin hut stt.witth a keesi appreciatiosn of the
'09 took his matsters degree at this valve. propoirtion sad significasice of
univeersity. Ltist yeaur lit'lda the fats, andtis os ct comtpetent ediutcttor.
Elistia :Jones classical fellowsip. Tue tte remitneilin t Michigant snntil 1881,
Johnut W. Scott fellowasi is ai recet -twets lie ressignted toattccept the chair
oneis, offeraed thirisighitheiigen'erosity of itt Auterienii Hitosrv at Cortiell.,svhiich
tthe widiow of the lat5 lthnIV Scott It'h eticuitedat-t this tints of his diesthi.
of the (his-ago Timies-ttertaldi. hiscithimt lils life lie was ai fee-
sus it conttributors to the le'adinsg re-
Michtgan Engineers Meet in Ann Arhor via~t stud maigazsines cit tll scrts of
hisatoriceal topsics. tie was55 lstithle
stuthssrs tf5 siisusier of putblicattionistic-
The'Miclilgait State Risgineering tSo- leshoarlisais t
eiety rannied is sessions is the engiss ti is tia es-s tHe received the degree
erring tbuilaisigyesterdsaya. nm. The it-sitfILl..'1it)slitsm\Wsoster University its
tenanuce sit thur meetinig ans s,.mall 'ta 18,75. stat scfL. t1.I. ft-oitsColtutita
moat of flue umembers have nsot arrivesd. in 18(
The umornisig seas devoted to the pre- CnsadPpsFr'2Lw
senstations std discussions of papers o ansadciisFr'0 Lw
cia-il eninueerinig anal surveyisng. Prof. Ths-2 ttJusnioriLaw, fslhss\vsng the cutc-
J. C. Knsowaltons of the laws depasrtmntstosiof fosrimir hsaachta hsse;= airede
readsi aisharup sadforcefaul lpster on55 i~tat istthey, tao, mustcs-my cans.
"'TIhe Sturs-eyor its Preseunce of the I. itithandleif thi n'ete is ..itisitust- I
Coiurt"siad saserednuuumeroaus quues- by siasiesigns in ails-er, i huthtis cii-
flosis iuu the disacussioun thast followed boiedss thie letter "M,'"swhile jutabh-'
shout the sursveyor's legall auties, andal tedssv sicroo thereIond-sedin gosl-
the relatiouss betsseeun thur surveyortiihssiaiu.attotdsttesusfi.
aitd the court. andiuslsith stbacskgrosunditof slick itus'
fte stas followveadby- Prof. 5. C. Ins- uTilecomvmi-h itmutehs msil L. ~ o
sell, seho talkeas ibout flue uneadal topo foe Ihssanist dsirinlug'caesnbty pti i
graiphicasl survey of Michigans. A reac- naclpiett b lofvh Iha
lotiounsassoffered fby the mes-tiuugto pa pls-s l i uicthi ds iss ao ilt ti.:ls
thur state legislatmure requetinlug aun at)-jisetussisfssscigstsslitif-t
- itluitths-5-icas.
prsrsssistious fticarry suitChic sork in iits-cras-ll aeavrtatit"
cousjunctionu saith the UnsitedStatetsk i'cr iiccis
survey. ler. A. AV. Barker of Wsh- tiii C hutiisledtfs- ihsiss otanausis. Thi
iuug tous, )D. C., JsbswssSo b havelresataa,btpiperths-iiiiitiIi rels-isssu-n-
out Cut 1Glsei tobabydIl aer stumrbttles, 'sic thet' an stnt Chic site.


j v vy f n ster s-suie(ihiiiiii. ashd I.aa ssli tg-
AT Bttas filt-Eug'lishaIisut.S h, it isisy
e mis-i's-ue-c I isiy lseruni ss-ts it ui;ii ;just-
ltcu-u. re st asstivei- gssa's-tuiau.nt , timi
this tCtmmoni Laststo this-pele of
Sish tAft-is-s. Thesrei s rooiitsfir sill to
a lits in ts-csworiukof rcs-gi-uustiohui. summI
+++++ ' +++. .i irlie theira essut ush ymihisti ii -
is nof tSlUnCisteidhsiate"Acill ixiet
SEXCELSIOR 'liiblefoconbt aiisot1(
.. ! ! i -isroersy.
'IR ES-ilei'aumis usot iia'i-. 'h 1esssi
FOR i9 itugelibeluSr miitr hil utsiu
+ V iClith resiult is immcshtsitbe. Sincei it hasiio.
+' ofc oth *1 usa'rgilg es everuy lift, estry hiltsit
* in hinidings o loh+ tleessuili thtfisnowts cerihiecitfur tie
+ and leather, some A.lihatm-citatutugrudage uuuneasonaluyuliri-
plain, others with l' tilmg. uit it seeumasiiest Cii lusve
. padded covers and c suclssotiststh loroughlhyfotughutsuit.
+ gold edges. A var .1s NCas thle eaise sviths theicitvil uwar, if
4' iety of sizes from the * i-suts huma better undelsrstainug siusd
smallest for the vest masskesClue ws-rks of rcosiuctionmumore
~25c pcet othe large s tu (easy.'
desk hook. Each "Iht is sI nesv white naiums country,
t o andmmiiI cannmot tlhink, excit swithi inalan-
diary contains, be-.1. elhy miwe, if Chic extinsciounof uu free
1 $i.5 sides the space for iat ancd the crushitug of ifs libertihs,
each day's entry, a Stit it uuuust ihiCle priigress of hitory
variety of very useful give stay to fair stronsger, greater guy-
items, arranged in irnsumenut anui mu broader systeum. There
convenient form for + waill Sic iraswntfrouthCle clashu of arns
reference. thi nieficent uarsmony of comnmerce.
Anud the inspiring memosis of Christian
W1 Set and of Joubert. may be the
patt force to draw together the wvar-
I ___________ run , race s into a happy, prosperous

sented by Mr. Shermmanm.
The uneetinug closes thltsass imformnsuh
diarussions of Clue precedinig paperosummit
coumsmuuicstlsus receivedi by Chic cc-
a-ty. Theim ter'inoniwsi-spntiu uit
hispecting Chiceenginseerinuganal other
idelimrtmenats sit the ~i'ui-rsity.
i-hti'inest- of a ih' iuiimmlssuu m in i ts-i
tendmwuuie fuoumaall parts outClahsitu
sadtSCii mesaetinugs pruumilsi- Co it'ellhihly
Tonight's Faculty Concert
'The Jasuarusy Facuultytutu-er t: ftime
STii-srslty School of Music smith be
givenu this eseing. 'i'hus' foloswing sid-
nmuirabe irogramiill t btteicgivien:
Wolfgaing Amauittts Moizart.
Cotucerto No. X, op. 83, for twvo
pianofortes; Allegro Andaitme, tRondio
Allegro-tuth I. IturthitsandtiAlbmert
Aria," of thin Satih fromutFlgto--
Alice'11"tilcy fRolfe.
FruazPeter Seliuiieirt.
atntausie op. 15, C-Major; Allegro, Adal-
gio ("Thin Wanderer"), Scherzo-Attn-
gro-Alhmert Lockwood.
Der Neuglerige, (Gehreimes, Staendteiin
-Alice Bailey Rolfe.
Masrdlii Xtilitire--Albeert Lockwood.

Pint. Steere Goei to South America
tDc. ioausephIl. Steereaoitthfle funiver-
sity lwsbeleus 'h u-s-s au omsmmuslsioss Si
ts- gsviis''suu-m it ossolectstutle etlutuol
losgic-alasecimesoniisthinAumazons risver-.
ta-lihtssun C Sto exhuibitfedist Cthi u1f-
t'suhi Pallu-Aiiil extuositint.. flu
lisssi spoialutist- titus-out this s-sIns-
grouutd summit is.,Ctherefore-, Ossr of til-
sma iluit'riti'ut1mmmcmiits usml lift' its
ltist loityhis. IleeisshhbCiiaseicit abtosut
tsstwo Iortirem onmiiuths.
lDr. F. C. NewscoumitsuIdSDr. I. It .
Pollocka attendedsithur umeting of flue
Easternm Society of Natu~ralists of
Uinited States sit Baliuuusa , Dee. 27
aimd 28. Thus' meetinug wasaheldilthmChc
laboratfories of Clue JuliusStopikinms Cliii-
t ersity; Di. Nesscomab rmast m piaper out
"Tine Effect of Miechaicaluu Shock Upons
thin Grotan td thin Length of Plst
Orgsiuss." suitDi. Patol-ha resist hiapers
oil Thmnotropiouuof Hoots'"stud out
"Thuiginotropisma of Hoofs."
Chuas. St. Aldih, '75 L, is onseiif thin
greaut legal lights --who is employed by
the plaintiffs in-the famous case nuts
penuding in thin United States sutpreme
ciourtt ti to the statue of Porto Rico
anud the Philippines.

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