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January 08, 1901 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1901-01-08

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1T !1T v y A l T I r A it Tl A T1 l{ Ir T i-w TT m TT'T r. ra "



No 75

S Our special line
of foreign and
domestic fabrics
For the Fall and Winter of rgo has
arrived and is arranged for inspec-
tion. The same careful attention
is given to the styles and finish of
every suit, whether to e used for
business purposes or for full dress
sob E. Washington St.
FOR LADIES: Wane Cress Wre, hand
painted with gold trimmings
that nverc tarnih.
POR'GENTLEMEN: Ebony Toie Sets
FOR EVERYBODY: Lowne's Choco-
ltaes i: bulk and fancy pac-
Wilder's Pbartnacy
YOU KNOW where to get..
R. 1E. Jolly, 308 S. State Street.
SFOR 1g0e
I. in bindings of cloth
.l and leather, some
¢plain, others with±
+padded covers a:d
,p gold edges. A var
i. ety of sizes fronm the±
C smallest for the vealt4
25-' pocket, to the large
to desk ook. Each
diary contains, be
I.5sides the space for
1 each day's entry, a
vaiety of very useful
items, arranged in
convenient form for
\ reference. .

ATHLETIC CONFERENCES wanted a:d okd fr each yar. The.
co:venttio::'adjoun ed1 witlot pssing
Michigan's Old Grads and Prominent any resolutions
Athletes Talk on Plant fr the ANOTHER VETERAN GONE
Betterment of the Athletic____
Situation. Asst. Law Librarian Vanes Succumbed
to the Inevitable During the Hl-
0:: Friday evening, Dec. 21, ce, day Vacation - He will Be
who, among others, are prominent in Mse yteLW
h ackiing Michigan's athletic interests, Mse yte Lw
gathered to find out where we are at
aindi inre properly to discuss where whe During the tChristmias holidays the
are to he at athletically. The confer- Uiversity and Ani Aror lot one of
ence was hield at th~e Camnpus Clu, its old officials ad a respected and
w-iere a dinner was given y the host, well-known citizen io te death of Jo-
The questions snhiitted were dis- sp .Vne sititlwlhain
cussed pro sind con ciitl the midnight spiH acassatlwlbain
hour. Among those present were Mr. Vance was taken sick a few days
Regents Lawton and Deant, DeanwlHt- previos to the close of college for the
chins, Profs. Pattengil, McLaughlin, holidays. lHe was sffering rainaan at-
Lomnard, MMurrick, and Hunher, Di citk of typhid peuonia fruit which
rector Baird, esides Mtessrs Bates,ic
Maicilan and Browninsg of Chlicag; liecnecerinecoiiiediidying Sunday, Dec.
Messrs. Codd aiid Murfini of Detroit 24, aite age of M: years.
snS Farnthani of Toledo. Mr. H. (G. He was tic'gne-al libiraia of the
Prettymnan. Secretary trentiss. ices. Uniicrsity for iwo: years. fruin 15.4 to
Verdier, Niel Snow, ('apt. Hugh: White, 1850. Several years later. in 1 9. i
Manager Crafts aiid Treasrer Rlobin- ntered the law dea~rmientf and gru-
soun represenstedl the local contingent. atfed wiiii the ciass itt '1.
It was not intended that the confer- He: then iokup: tlhe iprctice ofth te
encc should sap out ii ptlicy io hie fol- sci:w~e i oe u eea
owdhtrtetogvteiusag- lyear in t. forhcce:::'aredsort.iisveralc
lowed t rte ogv h mng-yas uof our athletics sosme ideas tutu tire uas tot tis smrilianlt u success, hi :1ra-
opinions whirl: might e of cs in get- though he w;as ai inly ediated "'anii.
tiug-ourselves on ai imure:'firs: antupir- Ini1883 he n-s eleted to fih' poitio:
ititneitly stron~g batsis iii athldetis. o it l-ibirari:n,. andtIlewas s'ldom:
Spteechtes u-rc made iy altmtst ivery
prominient personasge present, anid al-
miost every phase of the: situation was-,
dkis!ussed to some degree. The srng
slimtai tkent hy the Daily in its edito- z
riol columnis ti ten- days before vact-
tin: icts uphieldl tnt,.in: fact, adviciated
t the mieetin~g.
Th'ie'coachtinue:::stitit uisustssed
cit-c fulls-.Ti:'etcetsus of oiinws a h.Di doae)tatitiso
t titlelst interests fto get oir:::actint-ttg
ont ti sysit ti :iii a lter:cnt:fead, -
fitd if itossibleefliiiout thei:staff swith
Sit otidtheni C:::go lto otherfils for
Coat-les. icitti Sin:,Michigan:or inii:-
A mtost butter tiraigiiiict-wait:wute
of Ciihteiimers Nfsit nilnthlii'athletic
hoard anld fighftilut fci tinalIfeesi,
iiidSic so doing butchier tourtathltici
seemedcilso strina ngithe3 i'giauates
citfsiimtiiiug sill a:oidiiibttresuliitst5
etogical ou{:ciumei'of t l iulgnationiiiec-
pressed totuhby grt:::tis anth tetder-^
Perhap:is the motitsrikingitettre of
tih- wholes'Confere'nce were the rmaitrks a ,
directed aithflutytof theBunier-
ity. The olil gads ClaimedithaCltitour
fatculty tailedto i:showusvantiinterest missitg front is lost of dutty iilt'e
tither in: t' meni or teamus, suit thatt it ilriry. Becuse of his deicliinig yeirs
dlliintot semtoii:ralize' low- nucithcite tl'rgents lhit yeir titdl:Prif. V. IH.
tiionit:ittthe:'publicis formtedl by the Lanit-libratrian,. butl)Jr. Vncei-i'iis::rc-
it-it-i our athlei' teamis sli. The old twnaii s tassistanut.
gradshsa5lu idtttthey (id not ask that fehi' siiibeen': itel tutudtfamiitrly
flue sicholarshlip:he loweredin an tuy tay knotwn: by mantiy lhudretsiofitltststi-
t: acceomumoa~te athletes, ut that udets.lBec-auis' itthis accommodau~iltig
theusiue :. who fight for the glory tad ways tatdrusady responiuse t ll maunnuler
fame ofitttheirulma ter ttC cshould e ei-sitfuquesionus lie lod cimeicto le ell
ictugeil rutter huanl:disc-ouragedl as houghtf of hb' studentsc and1thfle lgal
fteynow sre mu somie departmoents. It -proessionuu aliks.Hils ueuuiry was al-
is Clauimed tat the muost loyal, success- wilys of hic best adu lie alwuys had
fil and enterprisig min::among the numiuerous citatlin t iltingues emit
:luui wee those persons who, when uponit almiost ay leding qiestiol.
ini the University, either took part or The fueral servies were held Wed-
aii tctive, interest ii: ttletis. This nesday, Dee. 20, Rev. J. WE. Geston
wcas anmother point strongly and first ofiiating. The services were attended
advocated hy the Daily. y President Angell, memlers of the
It wan urgedl upon alumini to look up lawr faclty and the lar of Ann Aror
newv material and ee that it comes to tind elsewhere.
Michigan, also hat Cle Idea of an The following ieek, upon January 4,
athletic club house at Ann Aror be Peter Vancue, Cle rother of Joseph
pushed along. The conference asked Vance, commiteed suicide. His st Is
that one or two games he played each atrihuted o the fact that he was
year in Chiago laimin; that Mihi- .lrooslbme over tie death of his brother.

Every Student, in the University
Must Be Vaccinated Before He
Enters Upon His Work-
Bequirement is Absolute

Every Student Must he Vac-
Gyms Close fur 'f-co
*Get Certificates fri-u:: ecretary
of your department. Thi-, entitles
*you: to free vayard::


jiferar- aind Enuginee'rig Stsu-
*dents (Me)-Dr. Yutzy's office,x
State street, or Homeopathic Hos
pital. WVomen-Barhour Gymna- 1
Luti Students-Dr. Burr. No. G
tHennming Block, opposite Cook*
DO huse, or Homeopathic Hospital.
-r Medicial aund Phasrmacy-Stu:-a
abentus-D~r. Arnueill's office, N.
Un:iversif3 tyaenune.
Dlentatl Students-Dir. Hutch-
-: s a -t -:- t' : 1- c. x;

The Official Order
'mo ite IEtlifor of thin Daily:
'Tii' tauthourities itt the Uniicersitc
letei: iftnecessatry for te rotectiont of
ft- st~udent~s atuthue city aigmuiist sutmall-
piux that fantysttudntuwoto oitbenu
vticcintiueud withinu fle lutst mouth
shonulSib' cecuiii:tnd at onc-. Thnic is
nut iii o-case hknowi-uti Cit-ity-. Butt
pesions trave-llhing dturinug ihu-e rect
ic 4-havetbton:expmoseidus thueudicase
icsvile-tCitt uuttny pacts oithCli'stuite.
'~Tere is its cause fur talarmi, butf
eve-ry- precauttionu shoulu lie tatkenito
pru-enu:u t ttladmisslionofitthCii disea~se.
Atcicrdinglyi-tifhashut-n:dusculted to cc-
uu1iti:.every -stiudnt to fhie u sttement-i
deiiltiuiiug tut Se'hutssbeetnsvuu'u-h tedi
is-itihit: thpatnt nthl, if siu-li is the
u-tin:. At itue samttunte ts'nuiveritv
hawuprovided fur te vuac-inattion uoftill
iWhotinmuei it itihout expense Co the
ittuis. liiie iarticiultrur urau~s-ueuts
fti cs-hSideparttmeunut are posh-u in: the
hitlls. 'liil' reqtuiremn:tnsltsthiulSue
In comiancetuutu'wsith the:-advice of
ftie meicalh auSuiuthorities it htts btn
Sluuuughlil.juduiciousts o close bttmth le
gytuiitsiums fur this week auitd next.
It is hopedl thamt althiestsudes-lwiill
ceuefully co-operate with thi n :iver-
sity author~mities in: these ptrecatutionatry
itumusurns, wivh aliure asdoptedl for the
geutural gotod.
JAMES B. A { hEfL.
Dean Vaughan's Statemnt
This moornuing every muedica:l studsenut
still his'examimneulandumnustbSic-ticCle
uiuscit ittret-emitiaccminationu. Acstsu-
sdentlstice comuinug fromu every- hart of
flue stutte, every precamutiotnmuost he
takeni to prevemut any nec ases.,sand a
vigilanse still he kept over any sums-
picious onues.
Sitfair, we list-chatd v-sry goodu suc-
cess ansd time nmbner limited to Chue one
caise discovered in time hospital. Every
precautionmillibe exercised shout the
hospitals and all students entitled.
after examination, to work thmereini isill
he nmarked by a red cross upon their
arm. We intend no more canes shall
arise. Dit. V. 0. VAUGHAN.
Dr. Dock and His Patient
My smallpox patient is progressing
admirably. He is out of all danger
and takes his daily: exercise with In-

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