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September 27, 1900 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1900-09-27

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VoL. XI.



\O. 4.


Announcement k
__________________________ New Course to be G1'iven in this Line '11let- rowd remlaininig behind tilt' tlll Membership in It -'Its Objects and
Orspecial line ataMcliigiion1 to11much better, lf2ti01t1"l' Pursoses Outlined for the
of foreign aid h ~~lltit 1 tle illllt ltrOlieltit'01001tl-rConming Year.
cI1]1) eIil~r.Wil i throuhlycolip- cstby ,turino u too t aeiithe piay
domestic fabrics t'1t iInat11 hit ied.tt '1eis'ei11g but o nt bosn tiere ln be it 1It' A' TheWolilt leaguie, tit- oiii1- ott-
For the Fall and Winteof itg1900has , lilt step n e.011 w011 ich i ahples t on b111 h own llltl t) "jis1thiellt'illOtll ilay- of the 15l 'lvesyly .be rIl i'lllbd, is
arrve li'artiieno1 t ly i tll 11 tm th st OEll''-e- er tbuyll i illlillg it worktof tile'Cotlinll
arvdand i Iraa5 for insperc- 1i1l 11sc loo lso til-, country1Ilil t 1-illt.5iitt vaI s i(l ittIbyItt('tlachL I ,011' ready11211000 -lnillitlelimeetings
isgvn0ote tls tn id h o haithtil'ihaltt'er to deidel' arlt ' to be)con- 5playedl110 f10111w0: Wilsotn, center; ]I'111'till' s11ke'of 110hos etew corners
every suit, whether to be uised for It-ltitl'lI iuponthe li'manner11' i Oill iele ande- 11M1itso, gosaids:Witilt' 1111n111lilt're0asyetsunacequainted ositli the
titti't'ii been pushed. Waihtr, tatckles. Bro feldit111d0Sinos, isortiig of tlissorganizatiosi, a fews
business purposes or for Ifill dress itPlof. i. $' adler, tilte head11of this 1c11 i egllt t'iit eliiit 111"5-b t1 0 tt as to its cha 'ater may be 11el15-
occasions. Ilell I-nois(il a011 11n11ail torouglte lrbacksi~; Swcrltey,1It. WlistieWeber fil.
-I 1i'litlt in tliii' 511'll aw'll as5'i 10andlt itrriitetin, bankls. Thisio tf Loter -girl toin tie lunivesityl is in-
6.I.WLD CU ti110theoretlail work ofhOis bljet'.eouirse, but a1first lilns-tipan1d11indlicate's ited to joinatheAWoniens League.
G.Hi W I i I> ere hs pretiehi ilon oter-ittl1111,lthouighitheroach s'ee h bj ftello'rgn iain isoto1
og :. Washington St. f l i f i'(11110 111liul eastled ons 1h Wilsoi's torklilt 'ilroli' te soialilife'anmong the many1),
11 tere also.,is'eoworkedt'ti eveery blanch eb l'11il'r, 1and11it15islosibi'lt'e sill tbe 111100- oomeiiof the tollege, anid to
I~f the olipbillling idutrtiy. (O itlilet thet'tl' tili ifelt till'glieil' titil"bring them iltohlpfoil eontaet otitli
_________________________________ other__ i ndl lie il'is 1a grllltst'of the it' illy 1at latI, if hnlt loiger. Duirinsgtlithle latdies of the faenty. The 10119510
BAH iurvELS t i ttrt''il'htwr 01011i' Ili'tlut'ell 1)111'e iellytiall Itt- juioilr a111Oildeior gius. Each group
ATOR Ill 8ti'lVo tdofti m tsar ine l'll i I I I-,. a- 11111 I la i I - 1 k be1111' in1110 t. ll al e1'i'. ' 1111 112I1111'1101' 1 1111 inaiito
ALL n t pet c11 nsuXl'tig'i n1111101111111 110 11t I ll tl i-i111w15 it'11111'ssii' I tiiiltillll'i'i1 11-11 10 la socin'l. tit'1e. 911
FOR n icl helt le ''In tisil'ilii tlnlt11 a1111 l la11'. 1' 11ffoes lilt: tI'11112toline111 eIne titn 11I 011110111s r eielle le i ' ll ndi'0Illiy
Y u i iuumOpTEacm it lt11)1itelln t ll' IIlrli Ity ht ipol citl 11 11a. e be1fo iltheii' i llp,,illil 111t tIfunc Itti ll' 111ed.Thel att (Iti
ORlTE fe11 11,11111101o0 lctilie l-i 1121 t llt w1110ith i'1 Il 111 lI l10 io il ii 1111 1f";1 ii121-'il,111
WO R R O GYe S r a M y 1111111Illi 0-111t- 01ig 01 III li tffens i play ill be11 it till 1 place1 0111 ilil-i 11121 othe l' 111 It 111121
I th 01mo11 modernl deil elopl nelll1' i n .' -'Il III 11011 o11 (1111"011111,tl 1111 iltoiTiei l ai t .1 11111 ad1 t 1111 Ilie.opeafol
naill-1111. tru ti l 12 11 0111 lollt Iil' i tlle 11p12s t fe 111111 hee, f11vry1111
" P arS aidy10- 11111 1 offered'11111 1 'rot'. a111011111 l i'' .'ll IIeIdeense ilil lt t 11 ig i t 1- ''lAbolt thfees'lenib ot riens, n
NWi BACO-evn'th stre horouhly r11121 hu ll' iv 1\-11111:1 11) eitnThu)Itt I ittllni 111f115 0111~ tckt 11,1 eha a Jl
3,nd i isspct Swate tai. Y s c 11. ' - 1I 1 111 110't 110 0liii' 1110 "'i ll'h 11111' Ii i' 01 (.1) o )1 ti 11o111 1y 1 )J e:Il (I nel' l file 0 1 d11 111
l' ship buldial: prcede IllillI 11111 111111121'out: scoing, tolmtterlhow dint Room
b s os LU C E -111111' pI .Iblt isllt' i h ill. ?rie01111' 1 11 Iltilil.t11111Ill l- 11 011 th1C1-1
EVERYTH 'ING ur splndd lneof 5s lhaif. III 1110 litl 11121 11b0tiu or e111Mll i pates1' ~t t 11 1-l ~l 11 l~ii 111 lill
NEW IES, CGL~n ARSan T- 101Abou t the TennisCou1ts.
sineel iii Ilo hue f 1 2c 111' l tloi. ,11'til tiit 'l'for1 petl Wore1 tc1 a11. itch111,1s I ] ill' 1a l i lt Itsil(. 111 1111I:11 i 11
- Iili 'e1111ive. 1 111 Ill 11010 111f1Bo1s- hulleI1'111101101 Hi' 1111110 111101-li 11111
p laadivia lo ur Sfriends J to ca l lli' 21111' h rlt til'Ii aplli' 111 01'ti-irt 1111It il' 11t e 1 0111.111 1111' It ilt i I111 11 1 -0
''ltv het osh ol 1luiill' tlt- tl J e l'' I I s' He ry I 1otf
p111:15o11111\ !'' I'a e ie 0
W E H AV01T.11' till- lisf; the o littn ' i-l 111 tl111l'ly', iii1il'tlsft111'tterI1Itltifly11 110 11 il 1 1 t 11'I1 I llE h'
a1 (o ltin ti li. '1'111 olndelost1:11 tl"i s Iwl1 o lli the111 tioll' 111'1111
'111:1'(l;11111: "I,1t~tI
W h.~' a ~ aa ~.tev r iil' s orsei idi I tt' o1 hl'll't~Ikl I s l 1110 i'Iift ortefis i( inc111'g]ter11i-,tall 1' 111 110 tr.II ll t i hldiltl 11111'l11p1fo'1
Nit1l8tO-11111firs(-c1'1a-,sl" brit II 1111101 111o las11-' oil'
1101Il h ta N0-. 1']Ie t i l i lt re i 11110 1;t -, 1111-of i'lt 111111 il' 11 - i t 011111' 112.
tak t e tI~t wo ollws ll u1 v;1 l I r.I 1 II' 1 is t ie oo ;ll'rin t 1111
C .S l t an u NIEIYAE . ii ~l111t'll'tlg tl'ttlilliit't S---iuet'r. 110' il telt fherself ist sl- Il li iltll Ill11110t i'liili
I ilt 112 111 111 1111 -111 XI tl 111111 i i'i thetoli 5 11'eeste1111'is l 'it l l'i'rlts 1 tiluau lt t lIloi hIll
BAVOTO TQILE orasystae o ok aild 11011]' '110rry
s'he has di111et1' 'I'l li toi'llis 1)lttliln otthe eoipars 'Ihirals
T OI ET V fwok ffr 'rdl'ti71, o ppyif t1i lllb 110 tO I 5112-2''t ot- -l t't21 1111 tit tli 01' '~1't' b 1t'i l ist bbsts'itos,10 11aE 111. y u
0Tsr1)11 1111 llgil I 'n se"sti,-e. F ra ol the pllatittt ig _i___isolso,_________ -i
- - - - - 0~ ittitito lit hips. ttst-li' ~ lie 'Il111 Asf1 dnlo o ita e C tt-i tlt illi)l e 111'itllt1111 551''

Students will find either of our
stores, Headqutarters for Law
.tud Medical Books, stud all Uii-
vursity Text Books.
We offer some second -hand:
books at Low Prices.
White Wriing Paper 15 and 20c per lb
Linen Writing Paper 20 and 25c"
.Ream 12501 ................ 25e
Box of Envelopes 2-0........25c
100 Cards engraving and plate...$125
Beat Student's Note Book..... 20c
First-class Fountain Pen-...$1.00
We sell drafting instruments and
supplies at Special prices.
Sweaters anid Athletic Goods.
Before Buying Your Needs Try Us.
Wahr's Boksores
Up Town Down Town

prlsion, a5111 s to-liltasIt I '19111fect o
g,,sowIsleinolt of longssg'ltlohlisimnit said
ttose' inIlis Itlitititr1111flbtill 511150
ilat pest,'1iiand 1511'Avorklthtbere'
isisst of aiinecessity1be tIll' l tfa.11'e
vtiewtotheliislbeil'sti'ol'salready1 ins
Mlenay ttil5I'ttt 5te's0t sericItII'i it t
bei'haditfromiifgetsihIt ilt110111a111111lea
bitis 111o1kIIIttisl' Mel llbli illtI'y9'of
I hcisolist slal-it bticariod toilts i
DAuivriLy nF:rE of.SdAY.i i

tilit itit to llbrim;gi' empl2'IoyelofthIeit'Calendar.
Ieri "11 fo1relil anthfrieiti"to<astit it
the Ipelll'51tof9ltbill'n11w0'Puitan itShoe lhrlota21 S1111258, , .111.ti-Otini
Stoe.11 S M. il .. -hckour t- R c.ia'1a21 1-llt 211 lhi thtli assit ll-
Football Candidates. ess'let
011ltt"'11j121S01111.29 11l't'1115g (illssss
__________ Istciatil ot Uiritt ty T'.' 5 _1 '. .5
of l mebis' th fll~i o otball I1'g21iaretX' is- 811 10-0-, it 8 is syVit. Trck
petdt b rs lIIt.te n ferenc1e11 1 Ilof ll-lt ok t y, 11111 0. 1' .5. 17111tt'-
ofi)I csitl s ld obsstts 10"Y105ls 11.1 ott ity 1 A . C (lit 4 p.iI1111 ' tl i-'t
11 nig,0t111 lc. ho sx iidI1 bo S 111111 11'Se l -t:'0 Ili.,S It u~i-t
tobilti iit111'A0 tcl as" us'15aye-l geat'I ihs'out's'tield

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